137+ BEST Emo Usernames [Cool, Unique, Roblox, TikTok, Discord]

Emo usernames are used for various purposes, whether it’s for a social media account, gaming account, or even just to identify yourself in a group of friends.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best emo usernames that you can use for your accounts.

Some people might think that emo usernames are negative and only used by people who are depressed or self-harm, but that’s not the case.

Many people who identify as emo have regular lives and are perfectly happy.

They just happen to enjoy music and fashion that is often associated with the emo subculture.

If you’re looking for an emo username for your account, then look no further. Here are some of the best emo usernames that you can use.

Emo Usernames

1. Gotham Emu

2. Mr. Emo

3. Emo Superstar

4. Emo Kid

5. Youngblood Emo

6. Bleeding Heart Emo

7. Brokenhearted Emo

8. Secret Society Emo

9. Somber Soul

10. Tragic Romantic

11. Hopeless Dreamer

12. Pensive Poet

13. masked_emo (Masked emos are people who dress up in all black and wear masks to conceal their identity)

14. depressed_anon (this is usually used by people who are too afraid to show their face)

15. emo_princess (this is a popular username for girls who identify as emo)

Emo Usernames Ideas

1. Black Kiss

2. Blue Ink

3. Broken Angel

4. Crimson Rage

5. Ebony Moon

6. Gothic Lust

7. Ivory Dreams

8. Jet Black

9. Onyx Heart

10. Raven Soul

11. Scarlet Fever

12. Shadow Walker

13. Silver Lining

14. Starlite Skye

15. Stormy Night

16. Sweet Revenge

17. Winter Kisses

Emo Instagram Usernames

1. angel_of_darkness

2. gives_you_hell

3. im_not_okay

4. nothin_left

5. torn__soul

6. brokenwingsxo

7. usedtobemyfriend

8. memories__haunt

9. scars__that__bleed

10. fading__awayy

Punk Usernames (can also be used for emo usernames)

1. Anarchy Kid

2. Attitude Punk

3. Badass Punk

4. Rebel Punk

5. Loud Punk

6. Proud Punk

7. Solo Punk

8. Straight Edge Punk (this is a punk who doesn’t drink or do drugs)

9. Vegan Punk (a punk who is against animal cruelty and follows a vegan lifestyle)

10. Vegetarian Punk (a punk who is against animal cruelty but doesn’t follow a vegan lifestyle)

Punk Usernames (can also be used for emo usernames)

Emo TikTok Usernames

TikTok is a popular place to emo and goth crowds to hang out.

1. emo_tiktoker

2. emo_girl

3. alt_tiktoker

4. goth_girl

5. punk_girl

6. scene_girl

7. soft_grunge_girl

8. edgy_bitch

9. dark_angel

10. depresseddolliee

Top 20 Emo names

Emo Usernames for Discord

1. Grunge Kip

2. Eboy ali

3. Punk rocker

4. Soft grunge aesthetic

5. dark academia

6. VSCO girl

7. Egirl with a twist

8. Spooky egirl

9. Goth egirl

10. Alternative egirl

Emo Usernames for Roblox

1. Goth Kid

2. Punk Rocker

3. Scene Kid

4. Emo Princess

5. Sad Girl

6. Broken Doll

7. Misunderstood Angel

8. Silent Sufferer

9. Crying Soul

10. Lost Hope

11. Robloxian Goth

Roblox | Grunge, Emo, Gothic usernames ideas

Emo Gaming Names












Unique Emo Usernames

1. Moonchilde (a name for someone who is creative and unique)

2. Dark But Sweet (someone who is kind despite a dark past)

3. Broken But Strong (someone who is stronger because of their struggles)

4. Emo But Fabulous (someone who is fashionable and confident despite being emo)

5. Crazy But Beautiful (someone who is beautiful in their own way)

6. Sad But Happy (someone who can be happy despite their sadness)

7. Different But the Same (someone who is unique but also like everyone else)

Cool Emo Usernames

1. Dark Moon

2. Gloomy

3. Nightshade

4. Raven

5. Gothic

6. Ethereal

7. Spooky

8. Ghostly

9. Macabre

10. Creepy

Aesthetic Emo Usernames

1. Angel of darkness

2. Babydoll

3. Broken angel

4. Dollface

5. Gothic princess

6. Horror queen

7. Morticia

8. Poison ivy

9. Ravensoul

10. Widowmaker (a name for someone who is dangerous and alluring)

Creative and Clever Emo Usernames

1. Narping Moonchild

2. Industrial Sadboi

3. Art School Reject

4. Moody Loner

5. misunderstood_ loner

6. Bleeding_Heartbroken

7. Broken_Dreamer

8. Hopeless_Romantic

9. Star-Crossed Lover

10. Wandering Soul

Tips for Coming Up with an Emo Username

1. Think about your favorite emo bands and artists. What are their names? What do their names represent?

2. Consider your own personality. Are you dark and brooding? Or are you light and airy?

3. Brainstorm a list of words that describe you. Use these words to create your username.

4. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for words that describe you. This can help you come up with unique words for your username.

5. If you’re stuck, try using a word generator tool to get ideas for emo usernames.

6. Once you have a few ideas, try combining them or altering them slightly to create a unique username that represents you.

FAQs – Emo Usernames

What are some tips for creating an Emo username?

Some tips for creating an Emo username include: using dark or mysterious words, incorporating Gothic symbols, and using characters from horror movies or books.

Additionally, many people choose to use usernames that are inspired by their favorite bands or singers.

What are some popular Emo usernames?

Some popular Emo usernames include: “BaneOfYourExistence,” “DeadInside96,” “ShadowLover666,” and “VampirePrincess.”

How can I make my Emo username stand out?

One way to make your Emo username stand out is to use capital letters and special characters to create a more unique look.

Additionally, adding numbers to your username can also help it to stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion – Emo Usernames

Emo usernames can be creative and unique, or they can be simple and straightforward.

No matter what kind of Emo username you choose, make sure that it represents you and the image that you want to project to the world.


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