207+ BEST Photography Business Names [Name Ideas]

Photography business names are one of the first things in the process of starting a new photography company.

A good photography business name should be reflective of your brand’s identity and what you hope to achieve in the industry.

Your photography business name needs to be catchy, memorable, and easily found online. It should also be unique so that you can stand out from the rest.

The following list of photography business names are some of the best in the industry and should give you some inspiration for naming your own company.

Ideas for Photography Business Names

1. Aperture Photography

2. Camera obscura Photography

3. Captured Moments Photography

4. click. Photography

5. F-Stop Photography

6. Flashpoint Photography

7. Focus on Nature Photography

8. Framed Exposure Photography

9. Lenscap Images

10. Life through a Lens Photography

11. Light years Ahead Photography

12. Pixel Perfect Photography

13. Shoot the Moon Photography

14. Silver Lining Photography

15. Snapshot Sensations Photography

16. Starlight Images

17. Through the Lens Photography

18. Time Capsule Photos

19. True Focus Photography

20. Unique Perspectives Photography

21. CameraAngels

22. CandidShots

23. CapturedMemories

24. CreativeImagery

25. Expression through a Lens

26. LifeinPictures

27. MemorableImages

28. Moments2Remember

29. NaturalExpressions

30. One-of-a-KindPerspectives

31. PersonalizedTouch

How To Chose Your Photography Company Name

Good Photography Business Names

1. Open Sky Photography

2. Limitless Photography

3. Life Through A Lens Photography

4. Creative Eye Photography

5. Picture Perfect Photography

6. Captured Moments Photography

7. Aperture Photography

8. Focal Point Photography

9. Shotz By Design Photography

10. Flashpoint Photography

11. Snapshotz Photography

12. Memory Lane Photographs

13. Reflections Photography

14. Life’s Journey Photos

15. Storytelling Images

16. True Expressions Photo Graphy

17. Imagination Station Photo Booth & More

18. The Camera Shop

19. Lenses and Shutterbug’s

20. A Moment in Time Portrait Studio

Photography Business Names Unique

1. Bokeh Photography

2. Aperture Artistry

3. CameraFancy

4. ShutterLove

5. Lenses of Life

6. Snap happy Memories

7. Exposure Expressions

8. PicMe! Photography

9. Fotografia Fantastica

10. Focus on Fun Photography

11. Captured by Design Photography

12. Reflections of Life Photography

13. Caught in Time Photography

14. Just Shoot Me! photography

15. Once Upon A Memory Photography & Videography

16. Enchanted Moments LLC

17. Treasurebox Images & Gifts

18. LifePrints Photographs By Dixie Reid-L

7 Essentials to Start a Photography Business

Creative Photography Business Names

1. Aperture

2. F-Stop

3. Camera Obscura

4. Flashpoint

5. Shutterbug

6. Snapshot

7. Picture This!

8. Photo Op

9. Capturing the Moment

10. Life through a Lens

Cute Photography Business Names

1. Fiddleheads Photography

2. Sugarbug Photography

3. Bumblebee Photography

4. Ladybug Photography

5. Dragonfly Photography

6. Firefly Photography

7. Honeycomb Photography

8. Beehive Photography

9. Snapdragon Photography

10. Dandelion Photography

11. Focal Point

12. Flashback

13. Picture Perfect

14. Pinpoint

15. Precision Point

16. Prime Focus

17. Proshoot

18. Real-time Image Capture

19. Retrospect Images

20. Safepics

21. Art of Exposure

22. Best Angle View

23. candid

24. cameras R us

25. click happy

Photography Business Name Ideas – Fashion Photography

Catchy Photography Business Names

1. Aperture Photography

2. F-Stop Photography

3. Lens Flare Photography

4. Lightbox Photography

5. Negative Space Photography

6. Pixelated Photography

7. Prints Charming Photography

8. Shutterbug Photography

9. Snapshotz Photography

10. Studio B Photographs

Catchy Photography Business Names

Baby and Newborn Photography Business Names

1. A Newborn’s Journey

2. Baby Steps Photography

3. Bundle of Joy Photography

4. Cherished Memories Photography

5. Captured Moments Photography

6. Cuddle Bug Photography

7. Cutest Little Angels photography

8. Heaven Sent Photography

9. Miracle Moments Photography

10. New Beginnings Photography

11. Once Upon A Time Photography

12. Pearls & Posies Newborn & Maternity

13. Precious Cargo Mobile Studio

14. SugarBabies Boutique Maternity, newborn and family photography

15. The Duckling Effect

16. Tiny Toes Baby Portraits

Real Estate Photography Business Names

1. Architectural Photography

2. Artistic Real Estate Photography

3. Boutique Real Estate Photography

4. Commercial Real Estate Photography

5. Creative Real Estate Photography

6. Editorial Real Estate Photography

7. Fashionable Real Estate Photography

8. Fine Art Real Estate Photography

9. Luxury Real Estate Photography

10. Modern Real Estate Photography

11. Residential Real Estate Photography

12. Traditional Real Estate Photography

13. Unique Real Estate Photography

14. UrbanRealEstatePhotography

Best Photography Business Names

Wedding Photography Business Names

1. A Wedding Story

2. Blissful Memories Photography

3. Captured Moments Photography

4. Cherished Memories Photography

5. Forever in Love Photography

6. Imagine That Photography

7. Lasting Impressions Photography

8. Love and Laughter Photography

9. Once Upon A Time Photography

10. Picture Perfect Wedding Photography

11. Precious Memories Wedding Photography

12. Southern Charm Wedding Photography

13. Timeless Elegance Wedding Photography

14. True Love Wedding Photography

15. Wedding Dreams come true photography

Drone Photography Business Names

1. Soar Photography

2. High Flying Photography

3. Skyline Photography

4. Aerial Perspectives

5. Elevated Imaging

6. Above & Beyond Photography

7. On a Higher Level Photography

8. Up in the Air Photography

9. Top-Down Photography

10. High-Altitude Photography

11 Unmanned Imagery

12 Droning On Photography

13 Eye in the Sky Imaging

14 Overhead Images

15 Soaring Shots

16 The drone’s eye view

17 UAV photography

18 Remotely Awesome

Sports Photography Business Names

Sports Photography Business Names

1) All American Sports Photos

2) Athletic Action Shots

3) Ball Park Figures

4) Digi-Sports

5) Elite Athlete Photography

6) Focal Point Sports Photography

7) Game Face

8) Going Pro Sports Photography

9) High Definition Sports Photography

10) Image of the Game

11) MVP Portraits

12) On the Ball Photography

13) Picture This ActionSports

14) Point Blank Performance Photography

15) Pro-Am Images

16) Right on Target Photographers

17) Rough and Rugged Images

18) Shoot for the Stars Photography

19) Slam Dunk Photos

20. SportFlicks

Animal and Pet Photography Business Names

1. A Dog’s Life Pet Photography

2. All Creatures Great & Small Pet Photography

3. Animal Attraction Photography

4. Barking Buddies Pet Photography

5. Bow Wow Pet Photography

6. Creature Comforts Pet Photography

7. Critter Captures Pet Photography

8. Fetching Photos Pet Photography

9. Four-Legged Friends Pet Photography

10. From the Heart Pet Photography

11. Gone to the DogsPet Photography

12, I Love My Dog Portraits

13. In the doghouse? Let us come to you! Mobile pet photo studio

14. It’s a Dogs Life

15. Paw Prints Pet Photography

16. Pawsitively Perfect Portraits

Tips for Naming a Photography Business

Choosing a name for your photography business is an important task that should not be taken lightly.

Your business name will be one of the first things potential customers see and it can help set the tone for your brand.

Keep reading for some tips on how to choose a great name for your photography business.

1. Think about what you want your business to represent.

Your business name should reflect the type of photography you specialize in and the feeling you want your brand to evoke.

If you’re a wedding photographer, you might want a name that sounds romantic or elegant.

If you shoot mostly nature photography, something rustic or natural might be a better fit.

2. Consider using your own name.

Using your own name is a great way to personalize your business and make it feel more approachable.

If you go this route, consider adding a descriptor like “photography” or “photos” to help people understand what your business is at a glance.

3. Keep it simple.

Your business name should be easy to remember and spell so that potential customers can find you online and in print.

Avoid using too many words or anything that might be confusing to someone hearing it for the first time.

4. Make sure the domain name is available.

Once you’ve settled on a few possible names for your photography business, do a quick check to see if the domain name is available.

If it’s not, you might want to keep brainstorming until you find a name that you can also use as your website address.

5. Ask for feedback from friends and family.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible names, it’s a good idea to get some feedback from people whose opinions you trust.

Friends and family can give you an honest appraisal of each option and help you decide which one is right for your business.

FAQs – Photography Business Names

What are some good photography business names?

Some good photography business names can be found by brainstorming a list of related words and then combining them to create a unique name.

Other ways to come up with a name for your photography business include using wordplay or puns, incorporating your personal name, or choosing a name that reflects the type of photography you specialize in.

To get started, try coming up with a list of keywords related to your business, such as “photography”, “camera”, “images”, or “portraits”.

Once you have a good selection of possible words, start playing around with them until you find a combination that you like.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name on your own, you can also try using a business name generator to get some ideas.

Once you’ve settled on a name, be sure to check if the domain name is available and register it as soon as possible.

You should also consider trademarking your business name to protect it from being used by other businesses in your industry.

Conclusion – Photography Business Names

Choosing a name for your photography business is an important task that should not be taken lightly.

Your business name will be one of the first things potential customers see and it can help set the tone for your brand.

Keep reading for some tips on how to choose a great name for your photography business.

When choosing a name for your photography business, think about what you want your business to represent and consider using your own name.

Keep the name simple and make sure the domain name is available. Ask for feedback from friends and family before making your final decision.


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