Inappropriate Cat Names  

209+ Funny Cat Names [Puns, Crazy, A-Z]

Funny names for cats are used for naming personal pets, characters in stories, or for jokes.

Some popular funny cat names include Mr. Bigglesworth, Fuzzbutt, Gizmo, Precious, Pumpkin Pie, Mittens and Snuggles.

Other unique and humorous choices include Captain Purr-fect, Professor Meowingtons, Chairman Meow and Count Catula.

There are also punny options such as Garfinkle or Muffin Top for a fluffy feline friend.

No matter what type of name you choose for your furry companion, having an amusing moniker will always bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Here we take a look at different funny names for cats across many different categories.

These include:

  • Funny Cat Names – Girl / Female
  • Funny Cat Names – Boy / Male
  • Funny Cat Names (Puns)
  • Cute Funny Cat Names
  • Best Funny Cat Names
  • Inappropriate Cat Names
  • Crazy Cat Names
  • Funny Cat Names (Celebrity)
  • Funny Cat Names (Minecraft)
  • Funny Cat Names in Spanish
  • Funny Black Cat Names
  • Funny Orange Cat Names
  • Funny Gray Cat Names
  • Funny White Cat Names
  • Funny Brother and Sister Cat Names
  • Funny Kitten Nicknames
  • Funny Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s check them out.

Funny Cat Names – Girl / Female

From classic to whimsical, here are some female cat names that make us chuckle:

1) Ms. Pawsome

2) Fluffykins

3) Princess Purrfect

4) Professor Whiskerson

5) Missy Muffin Butt

6) Queenie Catapilla

7) Countess Catrina

Funny Cat Names – Boy / Male

For our male fur-friends, here are some unique and humorous names:

1) Mr. Bigglesworth

2) Fuzzbutt

3) Gizmo

4) Precious Pumpkin Pie

5) Mittens

6) Snuggles McFlufferson

7) Captain Purr-fect

😺 Funny Cat Names 51 FUNNIEST & BEST & CUTE Ideas

Funny Cat Names (Puns)

Why not give your cat a punny name?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Garfinkle

2) Muffin Top

3) Barnaby Furball

4) Kit Kat

5) Purrcy Jackson

6) Romeo Fur-tune

7) Tabbytha Kittyburger

8) Meowana Grandee

9) Lucy Furr

10) Tommy Clawsome

Cute Funny Cat Names

If you want something sweet and funny, here are a few cute names to consider:

1) Sweetie Pie Paws

2) Cupcake Cuddles

3) Snuggly Wuggly Bitsy

4) Tiny Fluffersnookums

5) Mr. Cutecumber

6) Cottonball Poofster

7) Sir Fluffybutt

Best Funny Cat Names

What could be better than a funny cat name?

We’ve compiled a list of the best funny cat names to give you some inspiration:

1) Sir Fluff-a-lot

2) Chairman Meow

3) Count Catula

4) Professor Meowingtons

5) Fluffy McFlufferson

6) Captain Clawsome

7) Mr. Purrfection

8) General Whisker Biscuits

9) Commander Cuddles

10) Dr. Pawsome

Best Funny Cat Names

Inappropriate Cat Names

We all love a little inappropriate humor, so here are some funny cat names that may push some boundaries:

1) Chairman Mao-Meow

2) Dr. Clawful

3) C’atwoman

4) Captain Kit-Kat Killer

5) Colonel Furball

6) Duchess of Meowness

7) Major Purrkins

8) Sergeant Scratchyface

9) Pirate Puss in Boots

10) Dr. Giggles and Purrs

Crazy Cat Names

If you’re looking for a really unique name, why not opt for something off the wall?

Below are some crazy cat names to consider:

1) King Midas Touchfurr

2) Lady Litterbox

3) Sweet Tooth

4) Hairy Pawter

5) Professor Purr-a-lot

6) Mr. Fuzzypants

7) Darth Vadercat

8) Lady Meowdusa

9) Pharoah Furball

10) Dr. Whiskers McGee

Funny Cat Names (Celebrity)

You can also have some fun with celebrity references when it comes to naming your cat!

Here are a few famous namesakes:

1) Jennifer Purrsiston

2) Elvis Presley Kitty

3) Albert Scratstein

4) William Shakespaw

5) Coco Chanel Cat

6) David Bowwowie

7) Paul McCartney Paws

8) Iron Manx

9) Cat Damon

10) Simon Cowell Meow

Funny Cat Names

Funny Cat Names (Minecraft)

For all our Minecraft fans, here are some fun and funny cat names inspired by the game:

1) Endercat

2) Creeper Kitty

3) Ghastly Meowers

4) Zombie Paws

5) Steve Purr-ker

6) Woolfang

7) Skeleton Furball

8) Herobrine’s Feline Friend

9) Blaze Tail

10) Piggy Pawkins

Funny Cat Names in Spanish

If you prefer something a bit more exotic, why not opt for a funny Spanish cat name?

Here are some ideas:

1) Señorita Purrita

2) Gato Loco

3) Gatito Bonito

4) Felina

5) El Rey de las Cucarachas

6) Sr. Pelusón

7) Chica Caliente

8) Félix el Gatito

9) Bigotes

10) La Reina Del Rascador

Funny Black Cat Names

If your kitty is sleek and black, here are some clever names to choose from:

1) Midnight Mischief

2) Shadow Paws

3) Onyx

4) Blackbeard

5) Licorice

6) Jet

7) Ebony

8) Mr. Midnight

9) Darth Vadercat Jr.

10) Inkwell

Funny White Cat Names  

Funny White Cat Names

For our beautiful white cats, here are some amusing names to choose from:

1) Snowball

2) Cotton Tail

3) Marshmallow Fluff

4) Milky Way

5) Blizzard

6) Sugarfoot

7) Cloudy Pawprints

8) Arctic Prince

9) Snowflake

10) Winter Whiskers

Funny Orange Cat Names

For our brilliant orange cats, here are some fun names:

1) Pumpkin Pie Paws

2) Orange Crush

3) Sherbet

4) Carrot Top

5) Ginger Snap

6) Marmalade

7) Foxy McFox Face

8) Rusty Spots

9) Cheesepuff

10) Butterscotch Furball

Funny Grey Cat Names

Finally, if you have a grey kitty in the house, these funny and cute names should do the trick:

1) Smoky Eyes

2) Steel Wool

3) Wolfie

4) Smokey Joe

5) Silver Shadow

6) Charcoal

7) Grey Poupon

8) Mr. Grit

9) Ash Cloud

10) Glittery Greyfurr

Funny White Cat Names

For our beautiful white cats, here are some amusing names to choose from:

1) Snowball

2) Cotton Tail

3) Marshmallow Fluff

4) Milky Way

5) Blizzard

6) Sugarfoot

7) Cloudy Pawprints

8) Arctic Prince

9) Snowflake

10) Winter Whiskers

Funny Brother and Sister Cat Names

If you have more than one cat, why not give them names that are related?

Below we have some funny brother and sister cat name combos:

1) Snowball & Sugarfoot

2) Marshmallow & Cotton Tail

3) Cloudy & Arctic Prince

4) Midnight & Shadow

5) Butterscotch & Ginger Snap

6) Blaze Tail & Woolfang

7) Ebony & Silver Shadow

8) Licorice & Marmalade

9) Jet & Onyx

10) Glittery Greyfurr & Charcoal

Funny Cat Names Based on Food

Food can make a great source of inspiration when it comes to naming your cat.

Here are some amusing and delicious ideas:

1) Pecan Pie

2) Cheese Whiskers

3) Bacon Bits

4) Kibble Kitty

5) Macaroni Mews

6) Sushi Purr-fection

7) Latte Pawlatto

8) Hot Fudge Furball

9) S’mores

10) Meatloaf Meow-Vittles

Funny Kitten Nicknames

If you have a kitten, why not give them an adorable and funny nickname? Here are some ideas:

1) Fluffy Puffs

2) Purrr-fectly Peachy

3) Baby Fuzzkins

4) Princess Lollipop

5) Furr-ocious Fangs

6) Sweet Little Muffin

7) Sparkles the Kitten

8) Kooky Kitty Cat

9) Tubby Tabby

10) Mr. Snuggly Wuggly Pie

Funny Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s look at some amusing names for cats going alphabetically from A to Z:

A – Alley Cat Allie

B – Bubbles the Fluffinator

C – Captain Purrrrr-ry

D – Doodlebug the Cuddler

E – Earl of Whiskerton

F – Fearless Fuzzbutt

G – Gizmo the Witch’s Familiar

H – Hissy Fit Kitty

I – Inky McInkerton

J – Jumping Jack FlashCat

K – Kitty Ninja

L – Lord Cuddlebottom

M – Mrs. Meowlykins

N – Noodles the Furry One

O – Ollie the Pouncer

P – Princess Fluffypants

Q – Quirky Whiskers

R – Rev. Pawson

S – Sir Meowsalot

T – Trouble the Tuxedo Cat

U – Unexpectedly Pawsome

V – Vaudeville Fuzzleswag

W – Wiggles the Tail Twister

X – Xavier the X-Cat

Y – Yoda’s Apprentice

Z – Zoey the Zany Zebra Kat

500+ FEMALE CAT Names for EVERY letter of the ALPHABET 🙌🏽| Unique GIRL Cat Names

Funny Latin Cat Names

Looking for a unique name for your cat?

Try one of these amusing Latin-inspired names:

1) Felis Cattus

2) Fluffy Catulus

3) Gato Simplicis

4) Purr-fecto Maximus

5) Meowicus Rex

6) Purreta Amore

7) Minutus Furritus

8) Nummulus Catticus

9) Felineous Grandius

10) Carissima Felisica.

FAQs – Funny Cat Names

What is the funniest cat name?

The funniest cat name has to be “Sir Meowsalot” – it’s impossible not to smile when you hear this adorable moniker!

Are there any funny names for black cats?

Yes, there are a number of funny and unique names for black cats, such as Wolfie, Smokey Joe, Charcoal or Ebony.

Do male and female cats need different names?

No, male and female cats can both have the same funny name.

However, if you prefer giving your cats gender-specific names then some ideas include Mr. Grit or Mrs. Meowlykins for males and females respectively.

What is a good name for an orange tabby cat?

A good name for an orange tabby cat might be Pumpkin, Blaze Tail or Butterscotch.

Are there any funny names for Siamese cats?

Yes, some amusing names for Siamese cats include Licorice, Ginger Snap and Midnight.

What are good names for crazy cats?

Good names for crazy cats might include Trouble the Tuxedo Cat, Jumping Jack Flashcat or Kooky Kitty Cat.

Are there any funny names for outdoor cats?

Yes, some hilarious names for outdoor cats include Pecan Pie, Cheese Whiskers or Bacon Bits.

These names are sure to amuse even the toughest of critics!

What are some funny cat name ideas based on history?

For a historical twist you could try Nefertiti the Sphynx, Julius Claw-esar or Winston Meowchurchill.

All three provide a unique and amusing way to honor past figures.

What is a good nickname for a kitty?

There are so many cute and creative names for cats!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Fluffy
  2. Whiskers
  3. Luna
  4. Cleo
  5. Simba
  6. Bella
  7. Jasper
  8. Oliver
  9. Ginger
  10. Charlie

You could also consider naming your cat after a favorite book or movie character, or choosing a name that reflects their personality or appearance.

What’s a funny name for a grumpy cat?

Here are a few suggestions for funny names for grumpy cats:

  1. Grumpus
  2. Mr. Grumps
  3. Sour
  4. Grumpkin
  5. Grouchy
  6. Scowly
  7. Curmudgeon
  8. Grumple
  9. Pouty
  10. Grumpster

But even if your cat has a grumpy personality, they deserve a loving and positive name.

Conclusion – Funny Cat Names

That should cover all the funny cat names you could ever need!

If you’re still feeling stuck, why not try adding a word or two to another noun?

Your resulting name will be unique and amusing – just like your feline companion.


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