Pretty German Girl Names

147+ German Girl Names [Popular, Unique, with Meanings]

German girl names are filled with beauty and grace.

In this article, we’ll take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • German Girl Names and Meanings
  • Traditional German Girl Names and Meanings
  • German Girl Names – 1800s (Old-Fashioned German Female Names)
  • German Girl Names – 1920s-1940s
  • Unique German Girl Names
  • Traditional German Girl Names
  • Pretty German Girl Names
  • Cute German Girl Names
  • Popular German Girl Names
  • German Girl Names for Dogs
  • German Girl Names That Mean Fire
  • German Girl Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s take a look.

German Girl Names and Meanings

1) Anna: grace, or full of grace

2) Eva: life

3) Sophie: wisdom

4) Clara: clear and bright

5) Lena: gracious, kind

6) Helena: light

7) Julia: youthful

8) Amelie: work, effort

9) Emilia: rival; laborious; eager

10) Maja: great

Traditional German Girl Names

For parents looking to honor traditional German names, here are some of the best monikers that carry a special kind of charm:

1) Adelheid (Adelaide) – This classic name has been used by nobles throughout history and means “noble and kind”.

2) Gertrude (Gerta) – Deriving from two Old High German words for “strength” and “courage”, this name carries a powerful message.

3) Margarete (Margaret) – This classic moniker means “pearl” and is perfect for little girls with a special kind of sparkle.

4) Bertha – This German variant on Margaret translates to “bright one”, making it perfect for shining stars.

5) Hedwig – Meaning “battle strength”, this timeless name has been used by queens throughout German history.

6) Hildegard – An ancient Teutonic name meaning “warrior”, this moniker perfectly captures the brave spirit of little girls.

7) Gisela (Giselle) – A variation on the name Giselle, this German moniker means “pledge” and is perfect for girls who are full of promise.

8) Wilhelmina (Wilma) – This classic name is derived from Wilhelm and means “determined protector”, giving it a strong message.

9) Freya – A Norse variation on Freda, this moniker carries a special quality of softness and femin

10) Sieglinde (Siggy) – Derived from two elements meaning “victory” and “fortress”, this timeless name speaks of strength and protection.

11) Adelisa (Adelaide) – The feminine form of Adelbert, this moniker means “noble and kind”, making it perfect for a sweet little girl.

12) Theodora (Dora) – Meaning “gift of god”, this name carries a spiritual edge and is perfect for faithful children.

13) Humpertina (Trina) – A rare variation on the popular name Humbert, this moniker means “bright warrior” and is perfect for strong-willed girls.

14) Helga – This ancient Teutonic name translates to “holy woman”, giving it a special kind of mysterious power.

15) Reinhild – Meaning “wise counsel” in two Old German elements, this name is perfect for little girls with a sage-like wisdom.

16) Gunhilda – A variation on the Norse name Gunnhild, this moniker means “battle” and is perfect for strong-willed girls.

Reviewing the Most Common German Girl Names 🇩🇪💖

German Girl Names – 1800s (Old-Fashioned German Female Names):

1) Augusta/Augustina — majestic/ grandeur.

2) Christine — follower of Christ.

3) Friederike — peaceful ruler.

4) Gesine — pledge.

5) Ida — hard working.

6) Luise — famous warrior.

7) Marie — beloved.

8) Regina — queenly.

9) Selma — helmeted protector.

10) Wilhelmina/Willemina — desire to protect or defend.

German Girl Names – 1920s-1940s

1) Adele: noble and serene

2) Elfriede: peaceful elf

3) Hedwig: war/strife/contention

4) Ingeborg: protected by Ing (Norse God of peace, fertility and plenty).

5) Karin: pure

6) Lieselotte: God’s promise

7) Margarete: pearl

8) Ottilie: wealthy in battle

9) Ruth: companion, friend

10) Traudel: powerful

Unique German Girl Names

1) Böhme — dweller in a gully or ravine.

2) Elke — noble and kind.

3) Fenna — fierce protector.

4) Gerta — strong spearwoman.

5) Inge­marie — Ing’s fame.

6) Katherina/Katharina — pure.

7) Leni — light.

8) Mitzi — summoned to battle.

9) Natascha/Natasha — born on Christmas day.

10) Ute — riches and prosperity.

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Traditional German Girl Names

1) Agnes: chaste and holy

2) Emma: whole or universal

3) Gretchen: pearl

4) Hilda: battle woman

5) Ingrid: beautiful; the Ing King’s daughter

6) Johanna: gracious, merciful

7) Lotte: free man

8) Magda: mighty warrior

9) Ottilie: wealthy in battle

10) Ursula: little female bear

Pretty German Girl Names

1) Agathe: good and kind

2) Elke: noble and kind

3) Frieda: peaceful ruler

4) Hedvig: peace or combat

5) Ilse/Ilsebill: God’s promise

6) Klara/Klare: bright

7) Liesel: god is my oath

8) Monika: adviser

9) Petra/Petrae: rock

10) Trudi: spear of strength

Pretty German Girl Names

Cute German Girl Names

1) Adele: noble

2) Elli: other form of Eleanor

3) Freya: noble woman

4) Heidi: of noble birth

5) Ilona: light or torch

6) Käthe/Kate/Kathe: pure

7) Liesl: god is my oath

8) Nika/Niki/Nikki: victory of the people

9) Pia/Piah: pious

10) Ulla: will and helmet

Popular German Girl Names

1) Anna: grace, or full of grace

2) Emma: whole or universal

3) Greta: pearl

4) Hanna/Hannah: favor or grace

5) Ines/Ines: pure and chaste

6) Laura: laurel tree

7) Maria/Marie: beloved

8) Nora: courage and honor

9) Sophia/Sofie: wisdom

10) Viola: violet flower

German Girl Names for Dogs

1) Alice – noble one.

2) Bella – beautiful, lovely.

3) Carmen – song, tune.

4) Daisy – day’s eye.

5) Emma – universal.

6) Elli – other form of Eleanor.

7) Freya – noble woman.

8) Greta – pearl.

9) Heidi – of noble birth.

10) Ines/Ines – pure and chaste.

German Girl Names That Mean Fire

1) Adara: fiery, flame-like; from the Hebrew word “adar” (meaning fire)

2) Aiden: Irish name meaning “fiery” or “little fire”

3) Brenna: Celtic name that means “flame or torch”

4) Ember: English name meaning “spark of fire”

5) Ewa: Polish for “fire”

6) Ilsa: German for “consecrated to God”

7) Iris: Greek for “rainbow; flame-colored flower”

8) Isla: Scottish Gaelic form of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God, fiery one”

9) Layla/Leila: Arabic name meaning “night, dark beauty; dark-haired woman with fiery temper”

10) Vesta: Latin name meaning “hearth fire” or “burning fire”.

German Girl Names That Start With… (A-Z)

We’ll go letter by letter with popular German girl names alphabetically:

A – Adele, Agathe, Alice

B – Bella, Böhme

C – Carmen

D – Daisy

E – Emma, Elke, Elli

F – Freya, Frieda

G – Gretchen, Gerta

H – Hedvig, Hanna/Hannah

I – Ilse/Ilsebill, Ines/Ines

J – Johanna

K – Karin, Katherina/Katharina

L – Lieselotte, Laura

M – Magda , Monika

N – Natascha/Natasha, Nora

O – Ottilie

P – Petra/Petrae, Pia/Piah

Q – Quirin (old German name meaning “counselor”)

R – Regina (Latin for “queen” or “ruler”)

S – Sophie/Sofie, Susanne

T – Traudel, Trudi

U – Ursula, Ute

V – Viola

W – Wilhelmine or Wilhemina

X – Xenia (Greek for “stranger”; also a female version of “Xenios”)

Y – Yolanda (Spanish for “violet flower”; also a version of the Greek name Helene)

Z – Zita (Italian for “little girl”)

German Girl Names That Mean Christmas

1) Christa: Anointed; from the word “Christ”

2) Noel: Born On Christmas Day

3) Geschenk: Gift; from German words “geschenke” and “geben” meaning to give gifts

4) Ingrid: Beautiful Daughter Of The Ing King; derived from Old Norse term “Ingwaz” meaning ‘The Ing King”

5) Mirla: Miracle; from German word “Wunder” meaning miracle or wonder

6) Natascha/Natasha: Born On Christmas Day

7) Ruth: Compassion And Friendship; derived from Hebrew word “ruahh,” meaning friendship and compassion

8) Frieda: Peaceful; derived from the old Germanic name Friduwulf, meaning peaceful wolf

9) Weihnachten: Christmas; from German words “Weihnen” and “achtung” literally translating to holy night

10) Yule: Happy Winter Solstice; derived from Old Norse term “jól” which meant

FAQs – Names for German Girls

What is a cute German girl name?

Some cute German girl names include:

  • Anna
  • Lena
  • Sophie
  • Marie
  • Emma
  • Lea
  • Johanna
  • Lucy
  • Mia
  • Annika

There are many beautiful and unique names in the German language, so feel free to explore and find a name that you like.

What is the prettiest German name?

Beauty is subjective, so the prettiest German name will depend on an individual’s personal taste.

Some people may find names like Lena or Marie to be pretty, while others may prefer more unique or uncommon names like Johanna or Lucy.

In the end, the prettiest name is one that the person bearing the name feels comfortable and confident with.

What is the most popular girl name in Germany?

The most popular girl name in Germany is currently Mia. Other popular German female names include Emma, Sofia, Maria, Hannah, and Anna.

These names are all very traditional and have been used for many generations in the German-speaking countries. As such, they continue to remain quite popular today.

No matter what name you choose for your daughter, it is sure to be a beautiful one!

What is a rare name for a girl?

There are many beautiful and unique names that are considered rare.

Some rare names for girls that you might consider include:

  • Aurora
  • Luna
  • Willow
  • Juniper
  • Ophelia
  • Scarlett
  • Anastasia
  • Genevieve
  • Seraphina
  • Esme

Keep in mind that the rarity of a name can depend on a variety of factors, such as where you live and the cultural context in which the name is used.

Conclusion – German Female Names

Popular German girl names include: Emma, Hanna, Maria, Sophia, Sarah, and Lina.

For a more unique option, consider some of the rarer German girl names such as Leonie, Kimi, Mira, Jette or Melina.

These are all wonderful options that really showcase the culture and language of Germany.

With so many beautiful choices to choose from when it comes to naming your daughter in

Germany you will be sure to find something perfect for her! Other popular German girl names include Frieda, Gretchen, Helga and Tilla.

These traditional but timeless choices have been around for centuries and still remain popular today.

Whatever name you decide on for your little princess she is sure to grow up with a strong sense of her German heritage.


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