97+ BEST Goblin Names (Goblin Name Generator)

Goblin names are perfect for all sorts of fantasy stories and games. They can be used as main characters, villains, or sidekicks.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your next role-playing game character or just want to find a new screen name for yourself, this goblin name list is for you!

We’ve done all the name generation so you can simply pick out a name or mix and match among the best goblin names you see.

Best Goblin Names

1) Athrog the Unstoppable

2) Gribblin the Ruthless

3) Grintok the Fearsome

4) Skrang the Ferocious

5) Gronk the Mighty

6) Glibber the Devious

7) Jhukka the Sneaky

8) Razzgut the Cunning

9) Ugoth the Vile

10) Zurfiz the Terrible

Female Goblin Names

1) Athra the Unstoppable

2) Gribbla the Ruthless

3) Grintoka the Fearsome

4) Skranga the Ferocious

5) Gronka the Mighty

6) Glibbra the Devious

7) Jhukka the Sneaky

8) Razzguta the Cunning

9) Ugotha the Vile

10) Zurfiza the Terrible

Male Goblin Names

1) Athrog the Unstoppable

2) Gribblin the Ruthless

3) Grintok the Fearsome

4) Skrang the Ferocious

5) Gronk the Mighty

6) Glibber the Devious

7) Jhukka the Sneaky

8) Razzgut the Cunning

9) Ugoth the Vile

10) Zurfiz the Terrible

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Funny Goblin Names

1) Dunglop the Stinky

2) Fartzik the Gassy

3) Poopynose the Smelly

4) Buttcheeks the Flatulent

5) Stinkbreath the Odious

6) Pootyface the Grimy

7) Boogersnot the Disgusting

8) Snotwad the Slimy

9) Mucushead the Nasty

10) Crustynutsack the Grody

Goblin Last Names

Goblins have last names.

Let’s take a look:

1) Athrog Blackeye

2) Gribblin Gutstabber

3) Grintok Skullcrusher

4) Skrang Bloodfang

5) Gronk Bonebreaker

6) Glibber Daggerfist

7) Jhukka Widowmaker

8) Razzgut Mindripper

9) Ugoth Wartpig

10) Zurfiz Fleshrender

The Green Goblin Changes His Name

Cool Goblin Names

1) Arktis the Iceman

2) Asmodeus the Archdemon

3) Azrael the Grim Reaper

4) Baal the Demon Lord

5) Belial the Beast

6) Beelzebub the Prince of Darkness

7) Chernobog the Black God

8) Diablo the Lord of Terror

9) Drago the Dragon King

10) Hades the Ruler of the Underworld

11) Hecate the Witch Queen

12) Lucifer the Morning Star

13) Mephistopheles the Devil

14) Moloch the Evil One

15) Set the Serpent God

16) Satan the Fallen Angel

17) Samael the Destroyer

18) Sauron the Dark Lord

19) Thorion The Thunder God

20) Typhon the World Serpent

21) Tzeentch the Chaos God

22) Uraeus the Cobra God

23) Vlad the Impaler

24) Xipe Totec the Flayed Lord

25) Zaltec the Jaguar God

26) Zurvan the Infinite One

Creative Goblin Names

1) Grendel the Monster

2) Grendel’s Mother the She-Monster

3) The Jabberwock the Beast

4) The White Witch the Evil Queen

5) The Wicked Witch of the West the Wicked Witch

6) Sauron the Dark Lord

7) Saruman the White Wizard

8) Voldemort the Dark Lord

9) The Ringwraiths the Nazgûl

10) The Balrog the Demon

11) The Dragons the Creatures

12) Smaug the Dragon

13) The Jabberwocky the Monster

14) Frankenstein’s Monster the Monster

15) Dracula the Vampire

16) The Mummy the Undead

17) The Wolfman the Lycanthrope

18) The Phantom of the Opera the Ghost

19) Jekyll and Hyde the Split Personality

20) King Kong the Giant Ape

21) Godzilla the Giant Reptile

22) Gamera the Giant Turtle

23) Rodan the Flying Monster

24) Mothra the Giant Moth

25) Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster

How Tolkien Created Names

FAQs – Goblin Names

How are goblins named?

Goblins are named by their parents or clan elders. They usually have short, simple names that are easy to pronounce.

What do goblin names mean?

Most goblin names have no meaning, but some might be descriptive of the goblin’s appearance or personality. For example, “Athrog” might mean “one-eyed” and “Gribblin” could mean “gutstabber.”

Are there different types of goblins?

There are many different types of goblins, but the most common are green goblins, brown goblins, and red goblins. There are also rarer types such as blue goblins and black goblins.

Do all goblins have last names?

Yes, all goblins have last names. These are usually descriptive of the goblin’s profession or physical appearance. For example, “Gutstabber” might be a goblin who is good at stabbing people in the gut, and “Skullcrusher” could be a goblin with a very strong jaw.

Do goblins have any other names?

Some goblins might have nicknames, but these are not usually used in formal situations. For example, a goblin named “Athrog” might be called “Athy” by his friends.

Are there any famous goblins?

Yes, there are several famous goblins from fiction and folklore.

These include Grendel from the epic poem Beowulf, the Jabberwock from Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky,” and the White Witch from C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

There are also famous goblins from film and television, such as the Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings, Smaug from The Hobbit, and Godzilla from the Japanese monster movie franchise.

What are some other popular goblin names?

Some other popular goblin names include Arktis, Baal, Belial, Diablo, Drago, Hades, Hecate, Lucifer, Moloch, Set, Satan, Samael, Sauron, Thorion, Typhon, Tzeentch, Uraeus, Vlad, Xipe Totec, Zurvan.

Conclusion – Goblin Names

Choosing a goblin name for your character can be a fun and creative process.

There are many different sources of inspiration to choose from, including fiction, folklore, and film.

There are also many different types of goblins, so you can pick a name that fits the personality or appearance of your character.

Whether you want a simple, short name or a more complex and descriptive one, there are plenty of options to choose from.


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