Is the Green M&M Trans? [Why Many Think So]

Is the green M&M trans?

Many think so.

Here’s the backstory.

Green M&M History

As an American candy classic brand since 1941, M&M’s are widely known for their six multi-colored characters: Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow, which were introduced in 1954.

On January 20, 2022, M&M announced a rebranding of its characters to make them more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ movement, encouraging customers to create a world where everyone belongs.

While Green had previously worn high heels and had more of a sassy attitude, it now wore flats and had a more casual attitude.

Is the Green M&M Trans

Consumers and the LGBTQ+ community speculated that underlying message was that the Green M&M could identify as trans.

Looking at the design history of the animated icon, some suggest Green may have been trans all along.

Evidence that the Green M&M is Trans

The first thing that supports this claim is Green’s change in fashion style.

In the earlier days, Green would be seen in heels and dresses but since the 2010s there has been a shift to more masculine clothing such as jeans and shirts.

This is usually one of the first steps many people take when they begin their transition as it allows them to express their true gender identity without fear of judgment.

It should also be noted that Green is voiced by a female actress, Janice Kawaye, which lends credence to the theory that Green could be transgender.

In an interview with Vice in 2018, Kawaye discussed how she approached voicingGreenand said “I never played her as super-feminine or super-masculine—I just played her as a human being who happens to be a green M&M.”

This statement seems to back up the idea that Green isn’t bound by traditional gender norms and could be transgender.

However, it’s important to remember that this is all just speculation and we cannot know for sure what Green’s true identity is.

Ms Green and Ms Brown M&M’s Are Trans WLW

FAQs – Is the Green M&M Trans

What is the Green M&M?

The green M&M is one of the six multi-colored characters in the M&M candy brand.

When did the Green M&M come out?

The Green M&M was introduced in 1954.

Who voices the Green M&M?

Janice Kawaye, a female actress, voices the Green M&M character.

What’s the big deal – isn’t it just candy?

Yes, but the M&M’s as animate characters is something that helps increase the appeal of the brand from a marketing standpoint.

The video below explains a bit more.

What’s Up With The Green M&M Outrage?

Conclusion – Is the Green M&M Trans

At the end of the day, we don’t know for sure if the Green M&M is transgender or not.

What matters is that M&M’s is continuing to move in a direction that is more inclusive and accepting of all people.

By changing their character designs to be more diverse and representative of the world we live in today, M&M’s is sending a powerful message that everyone is welcome.

And that’s something we can all get behind.

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