Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

Are you looking for a delicious and comforting vegan dinner option? Look no further than our Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie. This plant-based twist on the classic pot pie is filled with flaky puff pastry, savory vegetables, and a creamy sauce that will satisfy your cravings for a hearty and comforting meal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie is a delicious and flavorful plant-based alternative to the classic dish.
  • It features flaky puff pastry, fresh vegetables, and a creamy sauce.
  • This recipe is perfect for those seeking vegan comfort food.
  • It is a homemade vegan recipe that is easy to prepare and enjoy.
  • Try this classic pot pie with a twist for a comforting and satisfying vegan dinner.

Ingredients for Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

When making a vegan chicken pot pie, it’s important to have the right ingredients to create a flavorful and satisfying dish. Here are the key components that go into this delicious vegan pot pie filling:

  1. Onions: These add a savory base to the filling.
  2. Garlic: The garlic provides a subtle hint of flavor.
  3. Celery: Celery adds a refreshing crunch to the filling.
  4. Carrots: Carrots bring a touch of sweetness and vibrant color to the pot pie.
  5. Frozen peas: Peas add a burst of freshness to the filling.
  6. Butter: Vegan butter is used to sauté the vegetables and create a rich flavor.
  7. Flour: Flour acts as a thickening agent for the creamy sauce.
  8. Vegan chicken-style strips: These plant-based chicken alternatives provide a satisfying texture.
  9. Vegetable broth: Vegetable broth contributes to the savory base of the filling.
  10. Cashew cream or plant milk: Cashew cream or plant milk helps to create a creamy and luscious sauce.
  11. Poultry seasoning: Poultry seasoning adds a traditional touch of flavor to the pot pie.
  12. Puff pastry: Flaky puff pastry serves as the delicious crust for the pot pie.
  13. Salt and black pepper: These seasonings are essential for enhancing the overall taste of the dish.

When combined, these ingredients create a mouthwatering vegan chicken pot pie filling that is both comforting and satisfying.

How to Make Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

Creating a delicious Vegan Chicken Pot Pie is easier than you think. Follow these simple steps to make a homemade vegan pot pie that’s bursting with flavor.

Gather Your Ingredients

Before you begin, make sure you have all the ingredients you need:

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Vegan butter
  • Flour
  • Vegan chicken-style strips
  • Frozen peas
  • Poultry seasoning
  • Veggie broth
  • Plant milk
  • Puff pastry
  • Salt and black pepper

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. In a large skillet, sauté the onions, garlic, celery, and carrots in vegan butter until they’re tender and fragrant.
  2. Add the flour to the skillet to create a roux, stirring continuously until the mixture is thick and smooth.
  3. Pour in the vegetable broth and plant milk, stirring well to combine all the ingredients.
  4. Add the vegan chicken-style strips, frozen peas, and poultry seasoning to the skillet. Cook for a few more minutes until everything is heated through.
  5. Transfer the filling to a baking dish, making sure it’s evenly spread out.
  6. Place the puff pastry on top of the filling, covering it completely. You can create a lattice pattern or simply cover it with a solid layer of pastry.
  7. Bake in a preheated oven at 375°F (190°C) for 30-35 minutes, or until the pastry is golden brown and the filling is bubbling.

Enjoy a Flavorful One-Pan Meal

Once the pot pie is done baking, remove it from the oven and let it cool slightly before serving. Cut into slices and savor the warm, comforting flavors of this easy plant-based pot pie. It’s a satisfying one-pan meal that’s perfect for any occasion.

Ingredients Measurements
Onions 1 medium
Garlic 3 cloves, minced
Celery 2 stalks, diced
Carrots 2 medium, diced
Vegan butter 2 tablespoons
Flour ¼ cup
Vegan chicken-style strips 2 cups
Frozen peas ½ cup
Poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon
Veggie broth 1 cup
Plant milk 1 cup
Puff pastry 1 sheet
Salt To taste
Black pepper To taste

Vegan Chicken Options for Pot Pie

If you’re looking for alternatives to vegan chicken-style strips, there are several plant-based options you can use to create a delicious and protein-rich filling for your vegan chicken pot pie. Here are three great substitutes to consider:

  1. Chickpeas: Chickpeas are a versatile legume that can be mashed or left whole to create a hearty and flavorful filling. They are packed with plant-based protein and provide a great texture in the pot pie. Simply drain and rinse canned chickpeas, and then mash them, leaving some chunks for added texture.
  2. White Beans: White beans, such as cannellini or navy beans, are another excellent protein option for your pot pie. Like chickpeas, they can be mashed or left whole, depending on your preference. These beans have a creamy texture that adds richness to the filling.
  3. Mushrooms: If you’re looking to add a meaty texture and umami flavor to your pot pie, mushrooms are a fantastic choice. Portobello mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, or a mix of wild mushrooms can be sautéed and added to the filling, creating a savory and satisfying alternative to vegan chicken.

By substituting vegan chicken-style strips with chickpeas, white beans, or mushrooms, you can customize your vegan chicken pot pie to your liking while still enjoying a delicious and protein-packed meal.

Vegan Chicken Substitutes Plant-based Protein Texture Flavor
Chickpeas High Hearty and slightly chunky Nutty and versatile
White Beans High Creamy and smooth Mild and neutral
Mushrooms Medium Meaty and chewy Umami-rich and earthy

The table above summarizes the key characteristics of these vegan chicken substitutes, helping you choose the option that best suits your preferences and dietary needs.

Next, we’ll explore various options for topping your vegan chicken pot pie to complete this delicious comfort dish.

How to Top Your Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

When it comes to topping your vegan chicken pot pie, there are several options to choose from. Each option brings its own unique flavor and texture to enhance the overall experience of this delicious dish. Whether you prefer a flaky and buttery crust or a more rustic feel, the choice is yours. Let’s explore the different topping options:

Puff Pastry

One of the most popular choices for topping a vegan chicken pot pie is puff pastry. The light and airy layers of pastry create a deliciously flaky and buttery crust that perfectly complements the savory filling. Simply roll out the puff pastry and cover the pot pie, then bake until golden brown. The result is a visually appealing and mouthwatering dish that is sure to impress.

Homemade Pie Crust

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can opt for a homemade pie crust. Making your own crust allows you to customize the flavor and texture to your liking. Whether you prefer a buttery crust or a savory herb-infused crust, the possibilities are endless. Simply line the baking dish with the homemade crust, fill it with the vegan chicken pot pie filling, and bake until the crust is golden brown and crispy.

Biscuit Dough

For a rustic twist on your vegan chicken pot pie, consider topping it with biscuit dough. The hearty and slightly dense texture of the biscuits adds a comforting and homey feel to the dish. Drop spoonfuls of biscuit dough onto the pot pie filling and bake until the biscuits are golden brown and cooked through. The result is a cozy and satisfying pot pie with a delightful biscuit topping.

Whichever topping option you choose, rest assured that it will elevate the flavors and textures of your vegan chicken pot pie. Allow your taste buds to guide you and get creative with your toppings to make the dish truly your own.


Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie, a delicious plant-based recipe that will satisfy your cravings. This mouthwatering dish combines a flaky puff pastry crust with a creamy filling packed with flavorful vegetables.

Whether you’re a vegan or a non-vegan looking for a tasty alternative, this homestyle pot pie is sure to impress. The plant-based twist on the classic pot pie offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors that will leave you wanting more.

With its comforting appeal and delicious taste, Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie is the perfect choice for a cozy dinner or a gathering with friends and family. Try your hand at making this homemade recipe and treat yourself to a delightful vegan comfort food experience.


How do I make Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie?

To make Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie, start by sautéing onions, garlic, celery, and carrots in vegan butter. Then, add flour to create a roux, followed by vegetable broth and plant milk. Stir in vegan chicken-style strips, frozen peas, and poultry seasoning. Transfer the filling to a baking dish and top it with puff pastry. Bake until golden and bubbly.

What ingredients do I need for Vegan Chicken Pot Pie?

The ingredients for Vegan Chicken Pot Pie include onions, garlic, celery, carrots, frozen peas, butter, flour, vegan chicken-style strips, vegetable broth, cashew cream or plant milk, poultry seasoning, puff pastry, salt, and black pepper.

Can I substitute the vegan chicken-style strips in the pot pie?

Yes, you can substitute the vegan chicken-style strips with chickpeas, white beans, or mushrooms. Chickpeas and white beans provide a hearty and protein-rich filling, while mushrooms add a flavorful and meaty texture.

What are the topping options for Vegan Chicken Pot Pie?

The most common topping option is puff pastry, which gives a flaky and buttery crust. You can also use a homemade pie crust or biscuit dough for a more rustic feel.

What makes Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie a comfort food?

Homestyle Vegan Chicken Pot Pie is a comfort food dish due to its hearty and satisfying nature. It combines flaky puff pastry, creamy filling, and flavorful vegetables to create a classic comfort dish with a vegan twist.

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