Hungarian Slang

Hungarian Slang (List & Examples)

Hungarian slang is an important part of the language, reflecting the evolving nature of communication in the digital age. It comprises a combination of words and phrases used in everyday conversations, particularly in informal settings. Whether you are planning a visit to Budapest or simply interested in learning the colloquial language, understanding Hungarian slang can help you fit in and connect with locals on a deeper level.

Learning Hungarian slang opens up a world of expressions and idioms that are unique to the culture. These street lingo terms can provide insights into the humor, attitudes, and values of the Hungarian people. Additionally, incorporating slang words into your vocabulary is a great way to sound like a local and build rapport with native speakers.

In this article, we will explore a curated list of popular Hungarian slang terms and expressions. From small talk to casual conversations, expressing opinions and emotions, and even giving explanations (or avoiding them), we will cover various aspects of Hungarian slang. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you’ll have the tools to navigate everyday conversations in Budapest with ease.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Hungarian slang and discover the colorful language that fills the streets of Budapest!

Key Takeaways:

  • Hungarian slang is a vibrant and evolving aspect of the language.
  • It reflects the digital age and is commonly used in everyday conversations.
  • Learning Hungarian slang helps you connect with locals and sound like a native speaker.
  • Explore different topics, including small talk, casual conversations, expressing opinions, and giving explanations.
  • By understanding and using Hungarian slang, you can better navigate social situations and forge connections.

Small Talk

Small talk is an essential part of social interactions, allowing you to connect with others and establish rapport. If you’re looking to start a conversation in Hungarian, incorporating some slang words and phrases can make it more engaging and fun. Whether you’re chatting online or meeting someone in person, these Hungarian slang terms for small talk are perfect icebreakers.

1. “Szia!” (Hello!)

This simple greeting is a great way to start a conversation in Hungarian. It’s a casual and friendly way to say hello to someone, whether you’re meeting them for the first time or catching up with an old friend.

2. “Mi újság?” (What’s new?)

This phrase is a common way to ask someone what’s going on in their life. It’s a perfect opener for small talk and allows you to show genuine interest in the other person’s experiences and updates.

3. “Ez az időjárás!” (What’s the weather like?)

Talking about the weather is a classic small talk topic, and the same holds true in Hungarian. Use this phrase to strike up a conversation about the current weather conditions and express your thoughts on the subject.

4. “Mi a neved?” (What’s your name?)

When meeting someone new, asking for their name is a common and polite way to initiate a conversation. It shows that you’re interested in getting to know them better.

These are just a few examples of Hungarian slang phrases that can help you start a conversation and engage in small talk. Remember, using slang can make your interactions more casual and authentic, fostering a better connection with the person you’re speaking to.

Casual Conversations

Casual conversations are a great way to connect with others and have a good time while using Hungarian texting words for a more relaxed and informal vibe. Whether you’re chatting online with friends or having a face-to-face conversation, incorporating Hungarian slang can add a touch of authenticity and make you sound like a local. Here are some commonly used Hungarian texting words that you can use to express simple ideas and engage in casual conversations:

Useful Hungarian Texting Words

  • Szia – Hi/Hello
  • Sziasztok – Hi/Hello (plural)
  • Üdv – Greetings
  • Jó reggelt – Good morning
  • Jó éjszakát – Good night
  • Király – Cool/Awesome
  • Durván – Seriously
  • Köszi – Thanks
  • Aranyos – Cute
  • Menő – Trendy
  • Zsír – Cool
  • Megértem – I understand
  • Nem értem – I don’t understand
  • Tudod? – You know?
  • Mit csinálsz? – What are you doing?
  • Eszi – Tasty
  • Részeg – Drunk
  • Buli – Party
  • Király vagy! – You’re awesome!

Using Hungarian Slang in Casual Conversations

When having casual conversations in Hungarian, feel free to sprinkle in these slang words to add a touch of informality and express your thoughts more naturally. Remember to use them in appropriate contexts and with people you are familiar with, as slang can vary depending on the relationship and level of formality. Embrace the local flavor and have fun incorporating these Hungarian texting words into your conversations!

Stay tuned for the next section where we explore Hungarian slang for expressing opinions and emotions!

Expressing Your Opinions and Emotions

Expressing one’s opinions and emotions is an integral part of effective communication. In Hungarian slang, there are various colorful expressions that can help convey your likes, dislikes, opinions, and emotions in a more engaging and relatable way.

When it comes to expressing likes and dislikes, Hungarians have a wide range of slang phrases to choose from. Here are a few popular examples:

  • “Márkát megőrülök érte!” (I go crazy for Márká.)
  • “Imádom a kaja, de az csóró csomagolás.” (I love the food, but not the cheap packaging.)
  • “Balázst nem bírom elviselni!” (I can’t stand Balázs!)

These slang expressions add vibrancy and character to your conversations, making them more engaging and memorable.

When it comes to expressing opinions and emotions, Hungarian slang has you covered as well. Whether you want to show excitement, disappointment, or any other emotion, here are a few examples:

  • “Ez a buli tele volt húrelviharral!” (This party was full of excitement!)
  • “Ezt a filmét rettenetesen unalmasnak találtam.” (I found this movie incredibly boring.)
  • “Ez a zenekar kiborítja a cipőmet!” (This band drives me crazy!)

These expressions provide a unique and dynamic way to express your opinions and emotions, allowing you to connect with others on a more personal level.

Hungarian Slang Expressions for Likes and Dislikes

Expression Translation
“Márkát megőrülök érte!” I go crazy for Márká.
“Imádom a kaja, de az csóró csomagolás.” I love the food, but not the cheap packaging.
“Balázst nem bírom elviselni!” I can’t stand Balázs!

Hungarian Slang Expressions for Opinions and Emotions

Expression Translation
“Ez a buli tele volt húrelviharral!” This party was full of excitement!
“Ezt a filmét rettenetesen unalmasnak találtam.” I found this movie incredibly boring.
“Ez a zenekar kiborítja a cipőmet!” This band drives me crazy!

Giving an Explanation…

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to give an explanation or avoid giving one. Hungarian slang provides an interesting and colorful way to navigate these social situations. Whether you want to provide a better explanation or simply avoid giving one altogether, Hungarian slang phrases can help you do just that.

Hungarian Slang Phrases for Giving Explanations

  • Ez az őrület! – It’s madness!
  • Szaladj, mint a nyúl! – Run like a rabbit!
  • Ez kész, mint a karácsony! – It’s done, like Christmas!
  • Mi ez a cirkusz? – What is this circus?
  • Ez a hiba rendszeres! – This mistake is regular!

Hungarian Slang for Avoiding Explanations

  • Kérdezek én téged! – Do I ask you?
  • Nincs időm belebonyolódni. – I don’t have time to get involved.
  • Egyenesen az év vasszigorára! – Straight to the iron discipline of the year!
  • Ez így van ideális! – It’s ideal like this!
  • Hagyd abba a dumát! – Stop the talk!

Whether you want to give a clear explanation or master the art of avoiding one, learning these Hungarian slang phrases will add depth and authenticity to your conversations.


Hungarian slang is a vibrant and ever-evolving part of the language that adds color and character to everyday conversations. Whether you’re looking to connect with locals or simply want to sound more authentic while exploring Budapest, understanding and using Hungarian slang is key.

By incorporating these unique expressions and phrases into your conversations, you can dive into the rich world of Hungarian slang and better connect with others. Whether it’s engaging in small talk, expressing your opinions and emotions, or giving explanations, Hungarian slang provides a fun and informal way to communicate in everyday situations.

So embrace the lively nature of Hungarian slang and immerse yourself in the language’s rich tapestry. From colorful idioms to street lingo, Hungarian slang offers a unique way to express yourself and forge connections in Budapest and beyond. Start using these slang words and phrases in your everyday conversations and enjoy the vibrant and dynamic world that they open up.


What is Hungarian slang?

Hungarian slang is a collection of words and phrases that are used in informal conversations, reflecting the evolving nature of communication in the digital age. It is a way to sound like a local and connect with others in Budapest.

How can Hungarian slang be useful for small talk?

Knowing Hungarian slang words can help break the ice and initiate conversations, both online and in person. It provides a convenient way to communicate quickly and casually, making social interactions more comfortable.

What are some common Hungarian slang terms for casual conversations?

In casual conversations, Hungarian texting words are often used to express simple ideas. These terms are convenient for both online and face-to-face conversations, adding a relaxed and informal tone to the conversation.

How can Hungarian slang be used to express opinions and emotions?

Hungarian slang words and phrases can be used to express likes, dislikes, opinions, and emotions. These expressions are commonly used in both spoken and written conversations, allowing for a more personal connection with others.

Are there any Hungarian slang phrases for giving explanations or avoiding them?

Yes, there are Hungarian slang phrases specifically used to give a better explanation or to avoid giving one altogether. These terms are commonly used in both texting and spoken conversations to navigate various social situations.

Why is Hungarian slang important in everyday conversations?

Hungarian slang adds color and character to everyday conversations, helping to forge connections between individuals. By understanding and using Hungarian slang, you can sound more like a local and better connect with others in Budapest.

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