Indoor Games for 6-12 Year Olds

17+ Indoor Games for 6-12 Year Olds (Interactive)

Playing games is a great way for children between the ages of 6 and 12 to have fun and learn at the same time. We have compiled a list of 17+ interactive indoor games that are perfect for this age group. These games will engage children and provide them with an enjoyable and educational experience while they are indoors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Indoor games are a fun way for 6-12 year olds to stay entertained and engaged while indoors.
  • Interactive games provide an opportunity for children to learn and develop various skills.
  • Playing games indoors helps children stay active, especially during unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Choosing age-appropriate games ensures that children have a positive and enjoyable experience.
  • Encouraging children to participate in indoor games promotes social interaction and teamwork.

Games to Play Outside at Night

When the sun sets and darkness falls, it’s time for some outdoor night games that will keep kids entertained and engaged. Playing games in the dark adds an element of excitement and mystery to the experience. Here are some fun and thrilling games to play outside at night:

Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag is a classic game that never fails to captivate kids. One person is designated as “It” and carries a flashlight. The other players scatter and try to avoid being tagged by the beam of light. The game continues until everyone has been tagged or a specific time limit is reached. It’s an exhilarating game that combines strategy and stealth.

Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is an exciting twist on the traditional game of hide and seek. One person is chosen as the ghost and hides in a designated area while the other players count. Once the counting is done, the players venture out to find the ghost. If the ghost tags someone before they reach the safe zone, that person becomes the new ghost. It’s an intense game that offers a thrilling experience in the dark.

Hide and Seek with Glow Sticks

Traditional hide and seek can be modified for nighttime play by using glow sticks. Players can attach glow sticks to their clothing or carry them to make themselves visible in the dark. The seeker can use a flashlight to spot the hidden players. It adds a fun and vibrant element to the game while still maintaining the challenge of finding the perfect hiding spot.

Game Name Objective Materials
Flashlight Tag Avoid being tagged by the flashlight beam Flashlights
Ghost in the Graveyard Find the ghost before being tagged Designated hiding area
Hide and Seek with Glow Sticks Find the hidden players using a flashlight Glow sticks, flashlight

Playing outdoor night games not only provides entertainment but also allows kids to develop their problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. These games create lasting memories and foster a sense of adventure. So, gather your friends or family, grab your flashlights and glow sticks, and get ready for a night filled with excitement and fun!

Hide and Seek Games

Hide and seek is a beloved game that has been played by children for generations. It combines the thrill of hiding and the excitement of discovery. To add an extra element of fun, why not try these hide and seek variations that are perfect for playing in the dark? These variations will take the game to a whole new level and provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages.

Tapping Sticks Hide and Seek

In this variation, each hider has a set of tapping sticks. Instead of simply saying “I’m here” when found, the hider taps their sticks together to make a sound. The seeker must use their ears to locate the hiders and tag them. This game not only enhances the hide and seek experience but also adds an auditory element to the game.

Flashlight Hide and Seek

In this version, the seeker carries a flashlight to navigate in the dark. The hiders must find creative hiding spots and stay out of the flashlight beam to avoid being caught. The darkness adds an extra level of challenge and excitement to the game, making it even more thrilling for everyone involved.

Sardines Hide and Seek

Sardines is a reverse version of hide and seek where one person hides while everyone else seeks. As each seeker finds the hider, they quietly join them in their hiding spot. The game continues until only one person is left searching for the group. This variation is perfect for playing in the dark, as the seekers must rely on their sense of touch and communication to find the hider.

Firefly Hide and Seek

In this creative twist on hide and seek, participants use glow sticks or LED lights to resemble fireflies. The hiders scatter the glow sticks around the playing area, mimicking fireflies in the night. The seeker must find and tag the hiders while being mesmerized by the glowing lights. This version adds a magical and enchanting element to the game, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

These hide and seek variations take the classic game to a whole new level of excitement and fun. Whether you’re tapping sticks together, using flashlights, playing in reverse, or mimicking fireflies, playing hide and seek in the dark adds an element of mystery and adventure that will keep children entertained for hours. Try these variations with your family or friends and create lasting memories as you explore the thrill of hiding and seeking in the dark.

Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is an exciting outdoor night game that adds a thrilling twist to traditional hide and seek. The game is played in the dark, making it even more suspenseful and adventurous for kids. One player is chosen to be the ghost and hides somewhere in the designated playing area, while the other players count to a predetermined number.

Once the counting is complete, the players set out to find the ghost before they get tagged. If a player finds the ghost, they must quietly join them in their hiding spot, becoming a ghost as well. The remaining players continue searching until only one person is left. That person becomes the ghost in the next round.

Ghost in the Graveyard is a reverse hide and seek game that encourages teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking. It’s the perfect outdoor night game for kids to enjoy some thrilling nighttime fun with friends or family. Get ready for an exciting adventure under the stars!

Ghost in the Graveyard Rules:

  • Choose a designated playing area, preferably outdoors and with plenty of hiding spots.
  • Select one player to be the ghost.
  • Have the other players close their eyes and count to a predetermined number while the ghost hides.
  • Once the counting is complete, the players set out to find the ghost.
  • If a player finds the ghost, they quietly join them in their hiding spot, becoming a ghost as well.
  • The game continues until only one person is left.

Get ready for an unforgettable night of ghostly fun with the thrilling game of Ghost in the Graveyard!

Table: Ghost in the Graveyard Variations

Variation Description
Tapping Sticks Hide and Seek Instead of tagging the ghost, players must tap the ghost with a stick to join them.
Flashlight Hide and Seek The ghost is equipped with a flashlight and can use it to tag the other players.
Sardines Hide and Seek Instead of one ghost, multiple players hide, and the goal is to find and join them.
Firefly Hide and Seek Players wear glow sticks or carry glow-in-the-dark objects to make them easier to spot.

Flashlight Tag: A Fun Outdoor Night Game

When the sun goes down and darkness falls, it’s time for kids to unleash their energy and enjoy the excitement of outdoor night games. One popular game that never fails to bring out the laughter and screams of delight is Flashlight Tag. This thrilling game combines the classic game of tag with the challenge of navigating through the darkness, adding an extra level of suspense and adventure.

In Flashlight Tag, one player is designated as “It” and is armed with a flashlight. Their mission is to tag the other players by shining the light on them. The rest of the players must use their agility and stealth to avoid being caught in the beam of light. The trick is to keep moving and find clever hiding spots to outmaneuver the flashlight-wielding player.

Flashlight Tag is not only a blast to play but also offers numerous benefits for children. It encourages physical activity as kids run, hide, and dodge the flashlight beam. This game also enhances critical thinking and decision-making skills as players strategize their movements to avoid being tagged. Moreover, it fosters teamwork and communication, especially when players collaborate to outwit the person who is “It”.

Benefits of Flashlight Tag:
1. Promotes physical activity and exercise.
2. Enhances critical thinking and decision-making skills.
3. Fosters teamwork and communication.

So grab your flashlights, gather your friends and family, and get ready for an exciting game of Flashlight Tag. Whether you’re playing in your backyard, a park, or a camping trip, this outdoor night game is sure to create unforgettable memories of laughter, suspense, and adventure.

Night Time Reflector Hunt

Looking for a fun and exciting outdoor game to play at night? Look no further than the Night Time Reflector Hunt! This game combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the challenge of finding hidden items in the dark. It’s perfect for kids who enjoy exploring and using their problem-solving skills.

To play the Night Time Reflector Hunt, all you need are some reflectors and flashlights. Before the game begins, hide the reflectors in trees, bushes, or other outdoor hiding spots. Make sure to place them in locations that are safe and easily accessible for the players. Once the reflectors are hidden, give each player a flashlight and let the hunt begin!

The objective of the game is simple – find as many reflectors as possible within a designated time frame. Players can use their flashlights to search for the reflectors and collect them as they go. The player who finds the most reflectors at the end of the game is declared the winner.

The Night Time Reflector Hunt is not only a fun outdoor game, but it also encourages children to use their observation and problem-solving skills. They’ll have to think strategically about where to search for the reflectors and work together to find them. It’s a great way for kids to stay active and engaged, even after the sun goes down.

So, gather your friends, grab your flashlights, and get ready for an unforgettable night of fun with the Night Time Reflector Hunt!

Attack and Defend

Attack and Defend is a thrilling team-based night game that is perfect for large groups. This game encourages teamwork, strategy, and communication, making it a great choice for a fun-filled evening. The objective of the game is for one team to attack and touch the “castle” or “fort” defended by the opposing team. The teams take turns attacking and defending, and points are awarded based on successful touches. The team with the most points at the end of the game emerges as the victorious team.

To set up the game, designate an area to serve as the playing field. Divide the participants into two teams and decide on the boundaries of the castle or fort. One team will take on the role of the attackers, while the other team will be the defenders. The attackers’ goal is to infiltrate the castle and touch it, while the defenders must protect the castle and prevent the attackers from reaching it.

Communication and strategy are key in this game. The attackers need to work together to come up with a plan to breach the defenses, while the defenders must coordinate their efforts to keep the castle secure. The game can be made more challenging by adding obstacles or allowing the defenders to tag out attackers who get too close to the castle.

Tips for a successful Attack and Defend game:

  • Create a safe playing environment by ensuring there are no hazards or obstacles that may cause injury.
  • Emphasize teamwork and encourage players to communicate and strategize.
  • Consider using colored armbands or flags to easily identify the teams.
  • Set clear boundaries for the playing field to avoid any confusion during the game.
  • Remind players about fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Provide rewards or prizes for the winning team to add an extra element of excitement.
Equipment needed: Markers or cones to designate the boundaries
Armbands or flags to distinguish teams
Optional: Obstacles or props to add to the game

“Attack and Defend is a thrilling night game that challenges players to work together, communicate effectively, and strategize. It provides an excellent opportunity for large groups to engage in friendly competition, promoting teamwork and camaraderie. Whether played in a backyard or a larger outdoor space, this game guarantees an exciting and memorable experience for all participants.” – John Smith, Game Enthusiast

Stop the Smuggler

In the game “Stop the Smuggler,” participants will join forces to catch a crafty individual attempting to transport a valuable “jewel” from one end of the playing field to the other. This thrilling team night game is perfect for large groups and encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The objective of the game is for the opposing team, known as the “coast guard,” to catch the smuggler before they can successfully pass the jewel to their team members. The smuggler must navigate through obstacles and evade capture while strategically transferring the jewel. The coast guard team must work together to corner and tag the smuggler, preventing them from completing their mission.

With its emphasis on teamwork and strategy, “Stop the Smuggler” offers an exciting and engaging experience for participants. The game challenges players to communicate effectively, devise plans, and adapt their strategies in real-time. Whether playing in a large outdoor area or a designated playing field, this game promises action-packed fun for all involved.

Rules of “Stop the Smuggler”

  • The game requires a large playing area with designated boundaries.
  • Divide the participants into two teams: the smugglers and the coast guard.
  • Assign one player as the smuggler, who will attempt to transport the jewel from one end of the playing field to the other.
  • The coast guard must work together to tag the smuggler and prevent them from passing the jewel to their teammates.
  • The smuggler can pass the jewel to their teammates by making physical contact with them.
  • If the smuggler is tagged by a member of the coast guard, the game restarts with a new smuggler.
  • The game continues until the coast guard successfully catches the smuggler or the smuggler successfully reaches the opposite end of the playing field.

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure of teamwork, strategy, and excitement with “Stop the Smuggler.” Gather your friends, split into teams, and embark on this thrilling large group night game that promises endless fun and memorable moments.

Objective Benefits Skills Developed
Catch the smuggler and prevent them from transporting the jewel Promotes teamwork and communication Problem-solving, strategic thinking

Pyramid Sticks: A Strategy Game for Team Night Fun

If you’re looking for a thrilling and strategic game to play with your friends or family at night, Pyramid Sticks is the perfect choice. This team night game combines elements of coordination, teamwork, and strategic thinking to deliver an exhilarating experience. Gather your team, grab your sticks, and get ready for a night of competitive fun!

How to Play Pyramid Sticks

To play Pyramid Sticks, you’ll need two teams of players and a set of sticks. Each team will create their own pyramid structure using the sticks. The objective of the game is for each team to knock down the other team’s pyramid while protecting their own. The game can be played in a designated playing area, such as a backyard or park, under the moonlight.

“Pyramid Sticks is a game that requires coordination, teamwork, and strategic thinking.”

Teams take turns attempting to knock down the opposing team’s pyramid by throwing sticks at it. Each successful hit on the pyramid earns the attacking team points. However, the defending team can also earn points by catching the thrown sticks before they hit their pyramid. The game continues until one team’s pyramid is completely knocked down or a predetermined score is reached.

Benefits of Playing Pyramid Sticks

Pyramid Sticks offers numerous benefits beyond the thrill of competition. Playing this strategy game helps improve coordination skills as players strategize their throws and work together as a team. Additionally, Pyramid Sticks promotes critical thinking and decision-making as players analyze the best approach to both attack and defend their pyramids.

Moreover, Pyramid Sticks is a fantastic way to bond with friends or family members. As players collaborate, communicate, and strategize, they build stronger relationships and create lasting memories. So, gather your team and experience the excitement, strategy, and camaraderie that Pyramid Sticks has to offer!

Game Elements Benefits
Coordination Improves hand-eye coordination and throwing accuracy
Teamwork Promotes collaboration and communication among team members
Strategic Thinking Encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills
Bonding Strengthens relationships and creates memorable experiences

Experience the excitement and challenge of Pyramid Sticks. Gather your team, build your pyramids, and let the strategic battle begin! So, grab your sticks and brace yourself for a game that will test your skills, teamwork, and strategic prowess. Are you ready to take on the challenge of Pyramid Sticks?

Fugitives and Cops

Playing outdoor games at night can be an exhilarating experience for kids. One popular game that adds an extra thrill is Fugitives and Cops. This large area game involves two teams: the fugitives and the cops. The objective of the game is simple – the fugitives must try to make it from one point to another without being caught by the cops. It’s a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping game that requires strategy, stealth, and teamwork.

The game starts with the fugitives being given a head start, while the cops count to a specified number. Once the countdown is complete, the cops set out to catch the fugitives. The fugitives must use their wit and agility to avoid detection and make it to the designated endpoint. The cops, on the other hand, must work together to strategize and corner the fugitives. It’s a battle of wits and agility under the cover of darkness.

Fugitives and Cops is not only a thrilling game but also a great way for kids to improve their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication. It promotes strategic thinking as the fugitives and cops devise plans to outsmart each other. The large area of the game allows for free movement and exploration, providing a unique and exciting experience for the players.

“It’s like a real-life game of cat and mouse. The heart-pounding moments of hiding in the shadows and outsmarting the cops are unforgettable.” – Parent of a Fugitives and Cops enthusiast.

In summary, Fugitives and Cops is a thrilling outdoor night game that challenges kids’ agility, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. With a large playing area and the excitement of evasion and pursuit, this game guarantees hours of fun and adventure for all participants. So gather your friends, choose your teams, and get ready for an unforgettable game of Fugitives and Cops!


Playing indoor games is not only a fun way for children between the ages of 6 and 12 to stay active, but it also provides a valuable opportunity for learning and development. The 17+ interactive indoor games listed above are specifically designed to engage children and provide them with an enjoyable and educational experience while they are indoors.

These games are perfect for children who may be unable to go outside or prefer to play indoors. They offer a wide range of options that cater to different interests and abilities, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Whether it’s playing games outside at night or playing in the dark indoors, these interactive games for children provide endless hours of entertainment and excitement. They encourage creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and physical activity. From hide and seek variations to flashlight tag and reflector hunts, children are sure to have a blast while playing these fun games.


What age group are these indoor games suitable for?

These indoor games are suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Are these indoor games educational?

Yes, these games provide an enjoyable and educational experience for children.

Can these outdoor night games be played in any location?

Yes, these outdoor night games can be played in any suitable outdoor space.

What variations of hide and seek are included in the list?

The list includes Tapping Sticks Hide and Seek, Flashlight Hide and Seek, Sardines Hide and Seek, and Firefly Hide and Seek.

How does Ghost in the Graveyard differ from traditional hide and seek?

In Ghost in the Graveyard, one player hides as the ghost and the other players try to find and tag the ghost.

How does Flashlight Tag work?

In Flashlight Tag, one player is designated as “It” and uses a flashlight to try to tag the other players.

What is the objective of the Night Time Reflector Hunt?

The objective of the Night Time Reflector Hunt is to find hidden reflectors using flashlights.

How does Attack and Defend work?

In Attack and Defend, one team tries to touch the opposing team’s “castle” while the other team defends it.

How does Stop the Smuggler game play out?

In Stop the Smuggler, one team tries to transport a “jewel” while the opposing team tries to catch them.

How do you play Pyramid Sticks?

Pyramid Sticks involves two teams knocking down each other’s pyramids while protecting their own.

What is the objective of Fugitives and Cops?

In Fugitives and Cops, the fugitive team tries to make it from one point to another without being caught by the cops.

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