Instagrammable Places in Austin (List)

Austin, Texas is a city full of vibrant charm and unique character. For avid Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts, this city offers a plethora of picture-perfect locations that are sure to elevate your feed. From stunning street art to picturesque parks, Austin has no shortage of Instagrammable spots that will capture the essence of this vibrant city. So grab your camera and get ready to explore the best photography spots that Austin has to offer!

Instagrammable Places in Austin (List)

Key Takeaways

  • Austin, Texas is a city renowned for its vibrant and quirky atmosphere, making it a haven for Instagram-worthy photos.
  • From street art to hotel pools, Austin offers a diverse range of Instagrammable locations to suit every aesthetic.
  • Old Austin neighborhoods like Hyde Park and Rosedale boast charming corner stores and historic sites, perfect for capturing a blend of nostalgia and modernity.
  • Hotel pools in Austin provide stunning backdrops and luxurious settings for your poolside Instagram shots.
  • Austin’s vibrant street art scene is a treasure trove of colorful murals and landmark works of art, offering endless opportunities for unique and eye-catching photos.

Old Austin Neighborhoods

The charm of Austin lies not only in its thriving music scene and vibrant culture, but also in its historic neighborhoods. When exploring this diverse city, make sure to visit the old Austin neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Rosedale, and Pemberton Heights. These picturesque areas are filled with beautiful bungalows and cottages, exuding a sense of timeless charm and nostalgia.

But it’s not just the architecture that makes these neighborhoods special. Along the tree-lined streets, you’ll find charming corner stores that have been a part of the community for decades. These local institutions, like Avenue B Grocery & Market, offer a glimpse into the past and provide a unique backdrop for your Instagram photos.

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Elisabet Ney Museum is a must. Located in Hyde Park, this historic site was once the home and studio of the renowned German-born sculptor. The museum showcases her works and offers a fascinating look into the life and art of Elisabet Ney, providing endless photo opportunities.

Whether you’re strolling through the neighborhoods, capturing the charm of the corner stores, or immersing yourself in the artistic ambiance of the Elisabet Ney Museum, these old Austin neighborhoods are a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy spots. So grab your camera and explore the beauty and history that awaits you.

Explore the Old Austin Neighborhoods:

  1. Hyde Park
  2. Rosedale
  3. Pemberton Heights
Neighborhood Key Highlights
Hyde Park Charming bungalows, quaint cafes, and the Elisabet Ney Museum
Rosedale Picturesque streets, historic homes, and local corner stores
Pemberton Heights Beautiful architecture, lush gardens, and a close-knit community

Hotel Pools

If you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, Austin’s hotel pools are the perfect place to capture those envy-inducing poolside pics. With their extravagant designs and stunning views, these pools provide an idyllic backdrop for your Instagram photos.

“A dip in one of Austin’s luxurious hotel pools is like stepping into paradise. The combination of the sun-drenched surroundings and the shimmering waters creates a picture-perfect setting.”

Whether you’re staying at one of Austin’s upscale hotels or just looking to spend a day poolside, these are some of the most Instagram-worthy hotel pools in the city:

  1. The Infinity Pool at the Austin Proper Hotel: This rooftop oasis offers panoramic views of downtown Austin. With its sleek design and infinity edge, this pool is the epitome of luxury.
  2. The Whisler’s Pool at the Austin Motel: Located in the heart of South Congress, this retro-inspired pool combines vintage charm with a lively atmosphere. The vibrant colors and quirky decor make it a favorite spot for Instagrammers.
  3. The Crake Pool at the Line Hotel: This stylish pool is defined by its modern design and minimalistic aesthetic. Surrounded by lush greenery, it offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Whether you’re looking for a poolside oasis or a lively atmosphere, Austin’s hotel pools provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable photo. So grab your swimsuit, strike a pose, and capture the essence of Austin’s extravagant pool scene.

Hotel Pool Location
Austin Proper Hotel Infinity Pool Downtown Austin
Austin Motel Whisler’s Pool South Congress
Line Hotel Crake Pool South Congress

Street Art

Austin is known for its vibrant street art scene. The city’s walls and buildings serve as a canvas for artists to create stunning murals and artwork. From colorful graffiti to large-scale murals, every corner of Austin showcases the creativity and talent of local street artists.

Exploring the street art in Austin is not only visually appealing but also a great opportunity to capture Instagram-worthy photos. The vibrant colors, intricate details, and thought-provoking messages make these artworks stand out.

One of the most famous street art locations in Austin is the Hope Outdoor Gallery. This unique space allows artists to showcase their skills on a massive concrete canvas. It’s a dynamic site that is constantly evolving, making every visit a new experience.

Another popular spot is the South Congress neighborhood, which is filled with eclectic shops, restaurants, and stunning murals. The colorful walls and creative designs make it an ideal place to take memorable photos.

If you want to explore a specific neighborhood known for its street art, head to East Austin. This area is brimming with murals that reflect the diverse and vibrant culture of the city.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for unique photo opportunities, Austin’s street art scene is a must-see. These landmark works of art contribute to the city’s character and provide countless Instagrammable moments.

Tips for Capturing the Best Shots:

  • Choose a bright and sunny day to enhance the colors of the street art.
  • Look for interesting angles and perspectives to create dynamic compositions.
  • Pay attention to the details and textures of the artwork.
  • Experiment with different poses and expressions to add personality to your photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to interact with the artwork by posing or posing in front of it.

Famous Street Art Locations in Austin

Location Description
Hope Outdoor Gallery An open-air art gallery featuring graffiti and street art on concrete walls.
South Congress A neighborhood known for its vibrant murals and creative shops.
East Austin An area filled with diverse murals that reflect Austin’s culture.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and artistic expressions of Austin’s street art scene. Capture the beauty, creativity, and message behind each mural as you explore the city’s most iconic and Instagrammable locations.

The Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Located at 605 Azie Morton Rd, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden is a hidden gem in Austin that offers a serene and tranquil retreat from the bustling city. This picturesque garden is home to a stunning collection of sculptures created by Charles Umlauf, a renowned American sculptor.

As you wander through the garden’s pathways, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flora, providing the perfect backdrop for your Austin Instagram photos. The combination of nature and art creates a harmonious ambiance, evoking a sense of zen and tranquility.

Each sculpture in the Umlauf Sculpture Garden tells a unique story and captures the essence of human emotion. From graceful figures to abstract forms, these artworks provide endless opportunities for creative compositions and greenery shots.

“The Umlauf Sculpture Garden is a hidden oasis in the heart of Austin. It’s a place where art and nature meld together, creating a haven of peace and beauty.” – Local artist

Whether you’re strolling along the scenic pathways or finding a quiet spot to sit and reflect, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden offers a sense of tranquility that is sure to inspire and captivate both photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. This idyllic retreat guarantees greenery shots that will leave a lasting impression on your Austin Instagram feed.

Zilker Botanical Garden

If you have a green thumb or just love being surrounded by nature, the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin is a must-visit destination. This serene and picturesque garden offers a multitude of opportunities for creating Instagram-worthy photos with its stunning collection of plants and flowers.

As you wander through the garden, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant blooms and lush greenery that provide a beautiful backdrop for your garden-themed photo ops. From colorful tulips to delicate roses, every corner of the Zilker Botanical Garden is a feast for the eyes.

Take a stroll along the peaceful pathways, capturing shots of unique plant species and tranquil settings. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who appreciates natural beauty, the Zilker Botanical Garden will leave you with a serious case of green thumb envy.

Exploring the Zilker Botanical Garden

Within the Zilker Botanical Garden, you’ll find various themed gardens that cater to different interests. Here’s a glimpse into some of the garden’s highlights:

  1. The Rose Garden: Immerse yourself in the delicate fragrance and elegant beauty of the roses. This section is filled with different rose varieties, creating a colorful display that is perfect for capturing romantic garden-themed photos.
  2. The Japanese Garden: Experience the tranquility of a traditional Japanese garden with its peaceful ponds, lush foliage, and serene atmosphere. The meticulously crafted landscapes and the iconic red bridge offer countless photography opportunities.
  3. The Hartman Prehistoric Garden: Step back in time and marvel at the prehistoric plant species that once roamed the earth. This garden is a unique setting for capturing striking photos amidst the towering dinosaur sculptures and ancient landscapes.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect backdrop for a romantic couple’s photoshoot or want to showcase your love for nature, the Zilker Botanical Garden has it all. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the beauty of this botanical oasis.

Visiting Information

The Zilker Botanical Garden is open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Admission fees for adults are $3, while children under 12 years old can enter for free. There’s ample parking available near the garden entrance, making it convenient for visitors. Pack a picnic, find a cozy spot, and spend a peaceful day surrounded by nature.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Zilker Botanical Garden and create memorable garden-themed Instagram photos that will leave your followers in awe.


Mueller is a planned community in Austin that showcases the best of the city’s new developments. This vibrant neighborhood is perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments that reflect the essence of New Austin. With its artfully designed parks, charming homes, and bustling farmers market, Mueller offers a variety of picturesque spots that will make your followers green with envy.

One of the highlights of Mueller is its artfully designed parks. These green spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a peaceful and serene setting for your photos. Whether you want to strike a pose against the backdrop of a colorful flower bed or capture candid shots of people enjoying the park, Mueller’s parks offer endless opportunities for stunning pictures.

No visit to Mueller is complete without exploring its farmers market. Here, you’ll find an array of locally grown produce, artesian goods, and delicious food options. The market’s lively atmosphere and vibrant colors make it a perfect spot for capturing the vibrant culture and diversity of Austin.

To truly immerse yourself in the charm of Mueller, take a leisurely stroll through its charming homes. The neighborhood is filled with beautifully designed houses that blend modern architecture with Texas charm. From colorful façades to well-manicured lawns, Mueller’s homes provide the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed.

So, if you’re looking for Insta-worthy moments in Austin, head over to Mueller. With its artfully designed parks, bustling farmers market, and charming homes, this vibrant neighborhood is a must-visit for all photography enthusiasts.

Instagrammable Spots in Mueller

Instagrammable Spots Description
John Gaines Park A beautifully landscaped park with stunning views and unique sculptures.
South Mall An outdoor amphitheater surrounded by art installations and vibrant greenery.
Mueller Lake Park A picturesque lake with walking trails and a boardwalk.
Mueller Tower An iconic landmark that offers panoramic views of the neighborhood.

Red Bud Isle

Looking for a hidden gem in Austin that combines picturesque scenery with opportunities for outdoor fun? Look no further than Red Bud Isle, located at 3401 Redbud Trail. This unique spot offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and recreational activities that are sure to make your Instagram feed shine.

Red Bud Isle is a mini peninsula that has earned a well-deserved reputation as a popular dog park among locals and visitors. Here, you’ll find furry friends frolicking in the open fields and splashing in the crystal-clear waters of Lady Bird Lake. It’s a true paradise for pet lovers and an ideal spot to capture heartwarming moments between dogs and their human companions.

But Red Bud Isle doesn’t end with its dog-friendly appeal. Nature enthusiasts and sunset chasers will find themselves drawn to the breathtaking sunset views that grace the park. As the golden hour casts its warm glow across the landscape, the colors of the sky reflect beautifully on the tranquil waters, creating a magical atmosphere that’s perfect for capturing stunning sunset shots.

Exploring Red Bud Isle is a versatile experience. You can easily access the park by car, allowing for convenient transportation and the option to bring your own pets. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can paddle your way to the park on a paddleboard or kayak, enjoying the scenic beauty of Lady Bird Lake along the way.

So whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a dog lover, or simply in search of a serene spot to soak in the sunset views, Red Bud Isle is the place to be. Don’t miss the chance to visit this hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and unforgettable moments waiting to be captured on your Austin Instagram journey.

Barton Springs Pool

Looking for the perfect spot to beat the summer heat? Look no further than Barton Springs Pool in Austin. This iconic natural spring is a utopia for locals and tourists seeking a refreshing escape. With its crystal-clear water, serene surroundings, and ample space to lounge on the lush grassy areas, Barton Springs Pool is the epitome of summer bliss.

As you dip your toes into the cool waters of Barton Springs Pool, feel the stress melt away. The pool maintains a refreshing temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, providing a welcome respite from the scorching Texas heat. Whether you want to swim a few laps or simply relax and soak up the sun, Barton Springs Pool offers the ideal setting for a day of fun and relaxation.

The natural beauty of Barton Springs Pool is truly breathtaking. Surrounded by towering trees and nestled in the heart of Zilker Park, this oasis offers a picturesque backdrop for your Instagram-worthy photos. Capture the vibrant blue hues of the water, the lush green foliage, or the mesmerizing sunset views. Every angle is a perfect opportunity to create a summer gram that will leave your followers longing for their own visit to this enchanting spot.


Are these Instagrammable places open to the public?

Yes, all of the Instagrammable places listed in this article are open to the public.

Can I bring my pet to these Instagrammable spots?

Most of the Instagrammable spots mentioned in this article are pet-friendly. However, it is always a good idea to check the specific rules and regulations of each location before visiting.

Are there any admission fees for these Instagrammable places?

The majority of the Instagrammable places in Austin are free to visit. However, some attractions like the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Zilker Botanical Garden may have an admission fee. It is recommended to check their websites for the latest information.

Are these Instagrammable places crowded?

The popularity of these Instagrammable places varies depending on the time of day and season. It is best to plan your visit during off-peak hours to avoid large crowds and capture the best photos.

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