Is Rare Carat Legit

Is Rare Carat Legit?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Rare Carat, the leading diamond marketplace in America. If you’re considering purchasing a diamond or upgrading your engagement ring, it’s essential to ensure the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the retailer.

Rare Carat has become a highly respected and trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will examine the guarantees and policies that establish Rare Carat’s legitimacy, explore customer reviews and testimonials, and highlight why Rare Carat is America’s number one diamond marketplace.

So, let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about the legitimacy of Rare Carat and why it’s the perfect choice for your diamond purchase.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rare Carat is a legitimate and trustworthy diamond retailer in America.
  • They offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for customer peace of mind.
  • The Rare Carat Guarantee ensures authentic diamonds or a refund.
  • Customers benefit from expert advice from GIA graduate gemologists.
  • Rare Carat’s positive customer reviews and industry recognition further solidify their legitimacy and trustworthiness.

The Guarantees and Policies That Establish Rare Carat’s Legitimacy

When it comes to purchasing diamonds online, trust and authenticity are of utmost importance. Rare Carat understands this concern and has implemented a range of guarantees and policies to establish its legitimacy and provide customers with peace of mind.

One of the standout features of Rare Carat is its 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. This guarantee reflects Rare Carat’s confidence in the quality and authenticity of their diamonds.

In addition to the standard money-back guarantee, Rare Carat offers an exclusive Rare Carat Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that customers receive the exact diamond they ordered, with no compromise on authenticity. If, at any point, doubts arise regarding the authenticity of your purchase, Rare Carat will verify its authenticity or refund your money. This commitment to genuine diamonds sets Rare Carat apart from other online diamond retailers.

Furthermore, Rare Carat provides insured shipping, offering added security and assurance when it comes to the delivery of your precious diamond. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase is protected throughout the shipping process.

To help customers make informed decisions, Rare Carat offers a unique Ring Viewer feature. Using this tool, you can visualize different diamond sizes and shapes, allowing you to find the perfect diamond for your needs. This interactive experience helps you make confident choices when selecting your diamond.

Another aspect that enhances Rare Carat’s legitimacy is its team of GIA graduate gemologists. These highly trained professionals provide honest and objective advice to customers, free from any influence of commissions. Their expertise ensures that you receive accurate information and guidance throughout your diamond buying journey.

Rare Carat Guarantee Summary

Guarantee Description
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee A full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.
Rare Carat Guarantee If doubts arise regarding authenticity, Rare Carat will verify or refund your purchase.
Insured Shipping Secure and protected delivery for your peace of mind.
Ring Viewer Visualize different diamond sizes and shapes to aid in your selection process.
GIA Graduate Gemologists Honest and objective advice from experts.

Rare Carat’s Trustworthiness and Customer Reviews

Rare Carat has garnered a strong reputation for its trustworthiness and commitment to customer satisfaction. The positive feedback and ratings from numerous customers reflect the exceptional experience provided by Rare Carat. Let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say about their experience with Rare Carat:

Expert Guidance and Assistance

Customers consistently praise the helpfulness and expertise of Rare Carat’s team of gemologists. These professionals offer valuable guidance in selecting diamonds and provide advice on settings and styles. Their knowledge and assistance ensure that customers make well-informed decisions.

Security and Reliability

One of the key aspects highlighted by customers is the security and reliability of purchasing from Rare Carat. Customers appreciate the peace of mind knowing that they are buying from a legitimate and trustworthy diamond retailer. Rare Carat’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further reinforced by their stringent policies and guarantees.

Affordability and Value

Rare Carat’s diamonds are frequently praised for their affordability and excellent value. Customers appreciate the competitive prices offered by Rare Carat, allowing them to find their perfect diamond without breaking the bank. The combination of quality and affordability sets Rare Carat apart from other retailers in the industry.

Seamless and Enjoyable Buying Experience

Rare Carat strives to make the diamond buying process smooth and enjoyable for its customers. From browsing through a wide selection of diamonds to receiving personalized guidance, customers find the entire experience seamless and hassle-free. Rare Carat’s user-friendly website and exceptional customer service contribute to a pleasant buying journey.

Customer Review Rating
“Rare Carat made buying an engagement ring a breeze. Their gemologists were incredibly helpful, guiding me throughout the selection process. I felt confident and informed every step of the way. Highly recommended!” 5/5
“I was initially skeptical, but Rare Carat exceeded my expectations. I purchased a $2.5 million diamond and received it safely and securely. Their professionalism and trustworthiness are unmatched.” 5/5
“Thank you, Rare Carat, for making my dream engagement ring a reality. The diamond I purchased was not only beautiful but also affordable. The entire process was a joy.” 5/5

Rare Carat’s exceptional ratings and positive feedback from customers demonstrate its legitimacy and dedication to providing a reliable and enjoyable diamond buying experience. With Rare Carat, customers can trust that they are making an informed decision and investing in high-quality diamonds at competitive prices.

Why Rare Carat is America’s #1 Diamond Marketplace

Rare Carat offers a range of exceptional services that set it apart as the premier diamond marketplace in America. With expert-based input and a commitment to quality, Rare Carat ensures a superior buying experience for customers.

Expert-Based Input

At Rare Carat, customers receive personalized guidance from a team of experienced gemologists. These experts provide expert-based input and honest advice, ensuring that customers make informed decisions when selecting a diamond. Whether it’s determining the best cut, clarity, or carat weight, Rare Carat’s gemologists go above and beyond to assist customers every step of the way.

Premium Quality Check

Quality is of utmost importance at Rare Carat. Every diamond listed on the platform undergoes a rigorous premium quality check. This ensures that customers receive only the finest diamonds, meeting the highest standards of beauty and brilliance.

Free Insured Shipping

Rare Carat goes the extra mile to provide customers with peace of mind. Every purchase is accompanied by free insured shipping, guaranteeing the safe and secure delivery of their precious diamond. Customers can rest assured that their purchase is protected from the moment it leaves Rare Carat’s facilities until it arrives at their doorstep.

30-Day Return Policy

Rare Carat offers a hassle-free 30-day return policy. If for any reason customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return it within 30 days for a full refund. There are no additional fees or complicated processes involved, making the return experience seamless and stress-free.

Laser Inscription Verification

For added reassurance, Rare Carat provides laser inscription verification. This entails confirming the authenticity of the diamond through the laser inscription on the girdle. Customers can be confident that the diamond they receive matches the one they ordered, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Diamond Price Matching

Rare Carat understands the importance of value for customers. That’s why they offer diamond price matching, so customers can be certain they are getting the best possible price for their diamond. Through the user-friendly chatbot on the website, customers can request a price match and Rare Carat will strive to meet or beat the competitor’s price.

With its comprehensive range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, Rare Carat continues to excel as America’s #1 Diamond Marketplace.

Services Offered Description
Expert-Based Input Personalized guidance from experienced gemologists
Premium Quality Check Rigorous inspection to ensure the highest standards
Free Insured Shipping Secure and reliable delivery with insurance
30-Day Return Policy Hassle-free return process within 30 days
Laser Inscription Verification Confirmation of diamond authenticity
Diamond Price Matching Competitive pricing to ensure value for customers

What Others Say About Rare Carat

In today’s digital age, online reviews and testimonials play a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility. Rare Carat has earned a stellar reputation among customers and the media alike. Let’s take a closer look at what others have to say about Rare Carat’s exceptional service and diamond buying experience.

Reputable Media Recognition

Rare Carat has received recognition from renowned sources, including the New York Times, Forbes, and the HBS Digital Initiative. These influential media outlets have commended Rare Carat for its innovative approach to purchasing diamonds and its commitment to transforming the engagement ring market.

Rare Carat’s 5-Star Trustpilot Rating

Trustpilot, one of the leading consumer review platforms, serves as a testament to Rare Carat’s exceptional customer experience. With a remarkable 5/5 review score, Rare Carat demonstrates its commitment to delivering top-notch service and high-quality diamonds. Customers have lauded the company for its transparent pricing, expert guidance, and overall satisfaction with their purchases.

Review Platform Rating Highlights
Trustpilot 5/5 Transparent pricing, expert guidance, overall satisfaction

These testimonials and reviews affirm Rare Carat’s reputation as a trustworthy diamond retailer. Customers can make their diamond purchases with confidence, knowing that they are dealing with a company that consistently delivers on its promises.

With positive testimonials and media recognition, Rare Carat continues to solidify its position as a leading diamond marketplace. The testimonials from satisfied customers and accolades from reputable sources serve as a testament to Rare Carat’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Rare Carat’s Social Media Presence

Rare Carat understands the importance of connecting with customers on social media platforms. With a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, Rare Carat keeps its followers engaged and informed about the latest jewelry trends and offerings.

By following Rare Carat on social media, customers can stay updated on the newest arrivals, exclusive promotions, and insider tips for making the perfect diamond purchase. Rare Carat’s social media pages also serve as a platform for customers to share their own experiences, showcase stunning jewelry photos, and engage with the wider Rare Carat community.

Here is a breakdown of Rare Carat’s social media presence:

  • Facebook: Stay connected with Rare Carat on Facebook to receive updates on new diamonds, expert advice, and exciting giveaways. Join the community and engage with other diamond enthusiasts.

  • LinkedIn: Connect with Rare Carat on LinkedIn to explore the company’s industry insights, articles, and educational resources. Keep up with the latest developments in the diamond market and connect with professionals in the jewelry industry.

  • Twitter: Follow Rare Carat on Twitter for real-time updates on diamond news, industry trends, and promotional offers. Engage in conversations with Rare Carat and other diamond enthusiasts using hashtags related to diamonds and jewelry.

  • Pinterest: Explore Rare Carat’s Pinterest boards to discover a visual feast of diamond inspiration. Browse through stunning engagement rings, diamond jewelry, and unique designs to find your perfect piece. Pin your favorites and create your own dream diamond collection.

Stay connected with Rare Carat and join the vibrant community of diamond enthusiasts on social media for an immersive jewelry experience.

Rare Carat’s Exceptional Upgrade Experience

Rare Carat understands that as your love story evolves, so too may your taste in jewelry. That’s why we offer an exceptional upgrade experience for customers who wish to elevate their engagement rings to new heights. With our commitment to quality and excellence, we ensure that every step of the upgrade process is seamless and tailored to your specific desires.

When you choose Rare Carat for your engagement ring upgrade, you can expect:

  1. Expert assistance: Our team of experienced gemologists is here to assist you every step of the way. They will provide personalized guidance and help you navigate through our extensive selection of high-quality lab-created diamonds, ensuring that you find the perfect stone for your upgraded ring.
  2. Detailed research: We understand that making an informed decision is crucial when upgrading your engagement ring. That’s why we offer in-depth research assistance, providing you with all the information and insights you need to make the best choice for your upgraded ring.
  3. Secure delivery: Your upgraded engagement ring will be securely packaged and delivered directly to your doorstep, ensuring its safe arrival.

Elevate Your Love Story

At Rare Carat, we believe that an upgraded engagement ring should be a symbol of love that reflects your evolving relationship. Our commitment to quality and excellence means that every piece of jewelry we offer is crafted with precision and care.

Revitalize your cherished symbol of love with a modern touch of elegance and sophistication. Upgrade your engagement ring with Rare Carat and embark on a new chapter of your love story.


After careful examination of Rare Carat’s guarantees, customer reviews, industry recognition, and online presence, it is clear that Rare Carat is a legitimate and trustworthy diamond retailer. Customers can have complete confidence in the quality of the diamonds, the expert guidance provided, and the smooth buying experience offered by Rare Carat. Whether you are in search of the perfect engagement ring or looking to upgrade an existing one, Rare Carat delivers exceptional service and value.

Rare Carat’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase. Their exclusive Rare Carat Guarantee further solidifies their legitimacy, assuring customers that they will receive the authentic diamond they ordered or their money back.

Customers have consistently praised Rare Carat for their helpfulness and expertise. Their team of GIA graduate gemologists provide honest and objective advice, free from the influence of commissions. The affordability of Rare Carat’s diamonds is also frequently highlighted, along with the seamless and enjoyable buying experience provided by the company. The positive reviews and ratings from satisfied customers attest to the trustworthiness of Rare Carat.

With industry recognition from reputable sources such as the New York Times, Forbes, and the HBS Digital Initiative, Rare Carat has established itself as America’s leading diamond marketplace. Their commitment to changing the engagement ring market through innovative approaches has been applauded by experts and customers alike. Additionally, Rare Carat’s presence on social media platforms further enhances their reputation and allows customers to stay connected and engaged with the brand.


Is Rare Carat Legit?

Yes, Rare Carat is a legitimate diamond retailer with a strong reputation and numerous guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction and authenticity.

What guarantees does Rare Carat offer?

Rare Carat offers a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee, as well as the exclusive Rare Carat Guarantee which ensures customers receive the authentic diamond they ordered or their money back.

Are Rare Carat’s diamonds authentic?

Yes, Rare Carat guarantees the authenticity of their diamonds and provides laser inscription verification for added verification.

Does Rare Carat provide insured shipping?

Yes, Rare Carat provides insured shipping with secure packaging to ensure the safe delivery of diamonds.

What services does Rare Carat offer?

Rare Carat offers expert-based assistance, unbiased checks on diamond prices and quality, free insured shipping, a 30-day return policy, laser inscription verification, and the option for diamond price matching through their user-friendly chatbot.

What do customers say about Rare Carat?

Customers have overwhelmingly positive reviews for Rare Carat, praising the helpfulness and expertise of the gemologists, the security and reliability of purchasing, and the seamless and enjoyable buying experience.

Has Rare Carat received recognition from reputable sources?

Yes, Rare Carat has received recognition from sources such as the New York Times, Forbes, and the HBS Digital Initiative for its innovative approach to buying diamonds and commitment to changing the engagement ring market.

How does Rare Carat engage with customers on social media?

Rare Carat maintains a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, where customers can stay updated on trends, view stunning jewelry photos, and engage with the Rare Carat community.

Does Rare Carat offer an upgrade experience for engagement rings?

Yes, Rare Carat offers a premium upgrade experience for customers who wish to upgrade their engagement rings, providing detailed research assistance and secure delivery of high-quality lab-created diamonds.

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