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Italian Slang (List & Examples)

Italian slang is an essential part of mastering the Italian language and sounding like a local. While formal Italian is taught in textbooks and language courses, real-life conversations often include slang expressions and phrases that can spice up your Italian conversations. Understanding Italian slang is not only useful for communicating with Italians, but it also gives you a deeper insight into Italian culture and mindset. In this article, we will explore a list of common Italian slang words and phrases that you can add to your vocabulary.

Why Learn Italian Slang?

Learning Italian slang has several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to communicate more naturally and fluently with native Italian speakers. Slang terms are widely used in everyday conversations and can make you sound more authentic.

Additionally, Italian dialects and regional variations often incorporate slang words, so understanding slang can help you navigate different regions of Italy. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Rome or the charming coastal towns of Sicily, being familiar with Italian street slang will make you feel like a true insider.

But learning Italian slang is not just about practicality; it’s also about fun and adding flair to your language skills. Discovering modern Italian slang can be a joyful adventure, uncovering the hidden linguistic treasures that bring humor, creativity, and a touch of irreverence to the Italian language. It’s like acquiring a secret code that opens doors to a world of cultural nuances and expressions.

So, why settle for an ordinary Italian vocabulary when you can spice it up with modern Italian slang? Grab your Italian slang dictionary and unleash the full potential of your Italian conversations.

Italian Slang Words and Phrases

Italian slang is a vibrant part of the language, with a wide variety of expressions for different topics and emotions. By incorporating popular Italian slang terms into your vocabulary, you can connect with native speakers in a more natural and authentic way. Here are some Italian youth slang words and expressions along with their translations and pronunciations:

Italian Slang Translation Pronunciation
Boh I don’t know boh
Figurati Don’t mention it fee-goo-RAH-tee
Magari Maybe mah-GAH-ree
Allora So, well ahl-LO-rah
Boiardo Cool boh-YAHR-doh

These Italian slang expressions are just a taste of the rich and dynamic language used by Italian youth. Incorporating these terms into your conversations will help you sound more like a local and deepen your understanding of Italian culture. So, don’t hesitate to embrace Italian slang in your language learning journey!

Italian Slang Phrases

Slang phrases play a vital role in Italian colloquial speech, adding flavor and expressiveness to conversations. They reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Italian language. Below are some common Italian slang phrases, along with their translations and pronunciations:

1. Figurati

Translation: Don’t mention it / You’re welcome

Pronunciation: [fi-ɡuˈra.ti]

2. Dai/Che?

Translation: Come on / What’s up?

Pronunciation: [dai/ke]

3. Piantala

Translation: Stop it / Quit it

Pronunciation: [ˌpi.anˈ]

4. Non c’è problema

Translation: No problem

Pronunciation: [non ˌʧɛ ˈ]

5. Basta

Translation: Enough / Stop it

These are just a few examples of Italian slang phrases that are commonly used by Italians. Incorporating these expressions into your Italian conversations will not only make you sound more like a local but also help you connect with native speakers on a deeper level. So, why not dive into the world of Italian slang and add some flair to your language skills?

Italian Internet Slang

The internet has its own language, and Italian internet slang is no exception. Italians have adapted their unique expressions, abbreviations, and acronyms to online communication, adding another layer of informality and creativity. Here are some commonly used Italian internet slang words along with their translations:

Common Italian Internet Slang Terms

Italian Internet Slang Translation
ciao hello/goodbye
lol laughing out loud
cmq comunque (anyway)
xké perché (why/because)
grz grazie (thanks)
dai come on
nn non (not)
xd ridere/ghignare (laugh/giggle)
cmq comunque (anyway)
vbb va bene (alright)

Italian internet slang adds a playful and informal touch to written conversations. It’s important to understand these expressions to engage with Italian speakers online. Familiarize yourself with these terms and embrace the colorful world of Italian internet slang!

Italian Slang for Money

Italian slang doesn’t just stop at everyday conversations—it extends to our wallets too! Italians have their own unique slang expressions related to money. Here are some Italian slang phrases that you might encounter:

Common Italian Slang Words for Money:

Slang Phrase Translation Pronunciation
Grano Money GRA-noh
Bufala Fake money boo-FAH-lah
Contanti Cash kohn-TAHN-tee
Grattare To make money grat-TAH-reh

Italian slang for money is as diverse as the Italian culture itself. These expressions add an extra layer of color and character to the language. So, the next time you discuss finances with Italians, impress them with your knowledge of their street slang!

Italian Slang for Friend

Italians have their own slang words for friends and acquaintances. Here are some Italian slang expressions for friend:

Slang Expression Translation
Amico/Amica Friend
Bello/Bella Good-looking friend
Picciotto/Picciotta Bro/pal
Compare/Confratello Buddy
Brodo/Brudazzo Close friend

These slang expressions are commonly used among Italian youth and in Italian street slang. They add a touch of informality and familiarity to your conversations. So, next time you want to refer to a friend in Italian, try using these slang words for a more casual and authentic experience!


Learning Italian slang is a valuable and enjoyable aspect of becoming fluent in the Italian language. Not only does it allow you to communicate more naturally and authentically with native speakers, but it also offers a glimpse into the rich culture and mindset of Italy.

By incorporating Italian slang words and phrases into your vocabulary, you can enhance your language skills and forge a deeper connection with Italians. Whether you’re using Italian street slang or modern slang terms, your conversations will have a lively and vibrant flair.

So why not dive into the colorful world of Italian slang? Start exploring Italian slang phrases and consult a reliable Italian slang dictionary to expand your linguistic repertoire. Before you know it, you’ll be confidently conversing with Italians in their own language, using their favorite slang expressions along the way.


What is Italian slang?

Italian slang refers to informal expressions and phrases used by native Italian speakers in everyday conversations. It adds flavor and authenticity to the language beyond what is taught in textbooks and language courses.

Why should I learn Italian slang?

Learning Italian slang allows you to communicate more naturally and fluently with native speakers, enhances your understanding of Italian culture, and helps you navigate different regions of Italy where dialects and regional variations often incorporate slang words.

What are some common Italian slang words and phrases?

Some popular Italian slang words and phrases include “figo” (cool), “bella/o” (beautiful/handsome), “boh” (I don’t know), and “fregare” (to fool or trick someone).

Are there specific slang phrases in Italian?

Yes, Italian slang phrases are commonly used in colloquial speech. Some examples include “che palle!” (what a pain!), “mi stai sul cazzo” (I can’t stand you), and “prendersela” (to get upset or offended).

Is there Italian internet slang?

Yes, Italian internet slang has its own set of commonly used words and expressions. Examples include “lol” (ridere a crepapelle), “OMG” (porca miseria), and “IDC” (non me ne frega niente).

Are there slang words for money in Italian?

Yes, Italians have slang expressions related to money. Some examples include “lana” (money), “grano” (cash), and “quattrini” (bucks).

What are some Italian slang expressions for friends?

Italians have their own slang words for friends and acquaintances. Some expressions include “amico/a” (friend), “bro” (brother), and “compagno/a” (buddy).

Why is learning Italian slang important?

Learning Italian slang adds flair to your language skills, allows you to connect more deeply with Italians, and provides insights into their culture and mindset.

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