237+ Medieval Knight Name Ideas [Knight Names]

Knights names are not easy to think up despite how prevalent they are in a variety of games, movies, TV shows, and other entertainment.

So, in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best medieval knight names that you can use for your next D&D or video game character.

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George R. R. Martin on how he comes up with his characters’ names

Cool Knight Names

1. Lancelot

2. Gawain

3. Kay

4. Tristan

5. Galahad

6. Gareth

7. Bors

8. Agravain

9. Lamorak

10. Gaheris

11. Berrant

12. Gonnored

13. Hector de Maris

14. Girflet son of Galehodin

15. Peredur son of Erimon

16. Sagramore le Desirous

17. Dodinel of the White Shield

18. Parzival son of Gamuret

19. Gawain son of Urien

20. Lancelot du Lake

21. Ywain son of Urien

Unique Knight Names

1. Astrid

2. Gunnar

3. Ingrid

4. Freydis

5. Hilda

6. Sigrid

7. Torhild

8. Brynhild

9. Ragnhild

10. Gudrun

Unique Knight Names

Creative Knight Names

1. Adrastus

2. Aegis

3. Aeneas

4. Aethon

5. Aetion

6. Agapenor

7. Ajax

8. Akestor

9. Alastor

10. Alexius

11. Ambrosius

12. Amphion

13. Anaxagoras

14. Andronicus

15. Antoninus

16. Arcadius

17. Arcturus

18. Aristides

19. Ariston

20. Arkadian

21. Asclepius

22. Asterion

23. Atherton

24. Atlas

25. Atreus

26. Augustus

27. Aurelian

28. Aventinus

29. Bacchus

30. Bellerophon

31 Brutus

32 Cadmus

33 Caecilius

34 Caelius

35 Caligula

36 Camillus

37 Cassandra

38 Cato

39 Catullus

40 Celsus

41 Cicero

42 Claudius

43 Clement

44 Commodus

45 Constantine

46 Cyrus

47 Decimus

48 Didius

49 Dionysius

50 Domitian

51 Drusus

52 Eli

53. Emrys

54. Eurig

55. Eustace

56. Everett

57. Gawain

58. Gereint

59. Goronwy

60. Griffin

61. Gunnar

62. Guy

63 Harold

64 Hector

65 Hildebrand

66 Hughes

67 Ivor

68 Jaufre

69 Kay

70 Lamorak

71 Lancelot

72 Launfal

73 Leodegrance

74 Lot

75 Mark

76 Meliadus

77 Merlin

78 Mordred

79 Nexu

80 Owen

81 Pellinore

82 Percy

83 Peredur

84 Polidorus

85 Rience

86 Rowan

87. Rygar

88. Taliesin

89. Urien

90. Gawain

91. Kay

92. Tristan

93. Galahad

94. Gareth

95. Bors

96. Agravain

97. Lamorak

98 Gaheris

99 Berrant

100 Gonnored

101 Hector de Maris

102 Girflet son of Galehodin

103 Peredur son of Erimon

104 Sagramore le Desirous

105 Dodinel of the White Shield

106 Parzival son of Gamuret

107 Gawain son of Urien

Funny Knight Names

1. Sir Prance-a-Lot

2. Sir Dance-a-Lot

3. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

4. Ivanhoe

5. The Once and Future King

6. Don Quixote

7. Hector Hyena

8. The Black Knight

9. Lancey

10. Percy

Female Knight Names

1. Brianna

2. Katherine

3. Alexandra

4. Gwyneth

5. Aislinn

6. Fiona

7. Meredith

8. Rowena

9. Gwendolyn

10. Siobhan

11. Maeve

12. Payton

13. Skye

14. Erin

15. Keara

16. Brenna

17. Campbell

18. Quinn

19. Makenna

20. Nora

21. Shannon

22. Caitlin

23. Keeley

24. Shannon

25. Rebecca

26. Carolyn

27. Jillian

28. Natalie

29. Danielle

30. Chelsea

Best Female Knight Names For Fierce Female Warriors

Best Medieval Knight Names

1. William Marshal

2. Richard I

3. Geoffrey Plantagenet

4. Bertrand du Guesclin

5. Jeanne d’Arc

6. Robert Guiscard

7. Charlemagne

8. Roland

9. Godfrey of Bouillon

10. Reynald de Chatillon

11. Tancred

12. Bohemond

13. Saladin

14. Ivan the Terrible

15. Attila the Hun

16. Ghengis Khan

17. Timur the Lame

18. Vlad the Impaler

19. Brian Boru

20. Robert Bruce

Knight Names Generator

These names were generated from a knights names generator for ideas:

1. Sir Lancelot

2. Sir Gawain

3. Sir Kay

4. Sir Tristan

5. Sir Galahad

6. Sir Gareth

7. Sir Bors

8. Sir Agravain

9. Lamorak Gaheris

10. Berrant Gonnored

11. Hector de Maris

12. Girflet son of Galehodin

13. Peredur son of Erimon

14. Sagramore le Desirous

15. Dodinel of the White Shield

16. Parzival son of Gamuret

17. Gawain son of Urien

18. Lancelot du Lake

19. Ywain son of Urien

Tips for Coming Up with Good Knight Names

When you are creating a new character for a story, game, or any other creative work, you need to come up with the right name for them.

This can be difficult, especially if you want the name to have a certain meaning or feel to it.

If your character is going to be a knight, you will want to make sure that their name sounds suitably heroic and gallant.

Here are some tips for coming up with good knight names:

1) Look at real world examples

There have been many knights throughout history, so take some time to look at some of their names.

See if any of them inspire you or give you any ideas.

2) Think about the type of person your knight is

Is he or she a brave and noble warrior? A cunning strategist? A skilled diplomat?

The name you choose should reflect the type of person your knight is.

3) Use a medieval name generator

There are many online tools that can generate medieval-sounding names.

This can be a great way to get some ideas if you are struggling to come up with anything on your own.

4) Use a foreign name

Many knights came from other countries, so using a foreign name can add an element of authenticity to your character.

Just make sure that you choose a name that is not too difficult to pronounce or spell.

5) Make up a new name

If all else fails, you can always make up a new name.

Just make sure that it sounds suitably knightly and you should be good to go.

FAQs – Knight Names

What Are Some Unique Knight Names?

Astrid, Gunnar, Ingrid, Freydis, Hilda, Sigrid, Torhild, Brynhild, Ragnhild, Gudrun

What Are Some Creative Knight Names?

Adrastus, Aegis, Aeneas, Aethon, Aetion, Agapenor, Ajax, Akestor, Alastor, Alexius, Ambrosius, Amphion, Anaxagoras, Andronicus, Antoninus, Arcadius, Arcturus, Aristides, Ariston, Arkadian, Asclepius, Asterion, Atherton, Atlas, Atreus, Augustus, Aurelian, Aventinus, Bacchus, Bellerophon, Brutus

Whare Are Some Tips For Naming A Female Knight?

Some tip for naming a female knight would include: making the name sound suitably heroic and gallant, thinking about the type of person your knight is, using a medieval name generator, using a foreign name, or making up a new name.

What Are Some Good Male Knight Names?

Some good male knight names could include: William Marshal, Richard I, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Bertrand du Guesclin, Charlemagne, Roland, Godfrey of Bouillon, Reynald de Chatillon, Tancred, Bohemond, Saladin, Ivan the Terrible , Attila the Hun , Ghengis Khan , Timur the Lame , Vlad the Impaler

Who Is the Most Famous Knight of All-Time?

The most famous knight of all-time is probably King Arthur.

He was the legendary king of Britain who led a group of knights known as the Knights of the Round Table in Camelot.

They were said to have fought for justice and defended the weak.

The story of King Arthur and his knights has been told many times throughout history and has inspired many other stories and works of fiction.

Conclusion – Knight Names

Choosing the right name for your knight character can be difficult, but it is important to make sure that the name suits the character.

Think about the type of person your knight is and choose a name that reflects that.

You can also look at real world examples, use a medieval name generator, or come up with a new name yourself.

Whatever you do, make sure that the name sounds suitably heroic and gallant.

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