359+ Korean Boy Names [With Meanings]

Korean boy names have unique characteristics and are often inspired by traditional Korean culture, mythology, and values.

Here are some common features of Korean boy names:

  • Surname First: In Korean culture, the family name is placed before the given name. For example, if a person’s surname is Kim and his given name is Min-jun, he will be called Kim Min-jun.
  • Syllable structure: Korean names usually have two syllables, with the first syllable being the surname and the second syllable being the given name. The given name can also be composed of two or three syllables.
  • Meaningful Names: Many Korean names have a specific meaning or are associated with a particular attribute, such as strength, intelligence, or beauty. Parents may choose a name based on their hopes or aspirations for their child.
  • Honorific titles: Korean names can also include honorific titles such as “sang” (상) or “hyun” (현), which indicate high status or respect.
  • Gender-specific suffix: Korean boy names typically end with the suffix “-hoon” (훈), “-jun” (준), “-tae” (태), or “-woo” (우), while girl names end with “-hee” (희), “-mi” (미), or “-kyung” (경).
  • Popular Names: Popular Korean boy names include Min-jun (민준), Ji-hoon (지훈), Tae-hyun (태현), Seung-woo (승우), and Dong-hyun (동현). However, the popularity of names may vary from year to year.

Overall, Korean boy names reflect the country’s rich culture and traditions, while also being influenced by modern trends and popular culture.

Korean Boy Names and Meanings

Korean Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Minho – means “brave and heroic”
  • Seung-hoon – means “achieving glory”
  • Joon – means “talented and handsome”
  • Jae-hyun – means “bright and shining”
  • Woojin – means “resourceful and talented”
  • Kyung-soo – means “humble and obedient”
  • Sang-hyun – means “respectful and virtuous”
  • Hyun-woo – means “wise and enlightened”
  • Taeyang – means “sun”
  • Jin-woo – means “precious and admirable”

Cute Korean Boy Names

Cute Korean Boy Names:

  • Dae-woong – means “great and majestic”
  • Eun-ji – means “kind and merciful”
  • Hae-joon – means “ocean and talented”
  • Hyuk – means “radiance and brilliance”
  • Joon-ho – means “talented and generous”
  • Ki-tae – means “strong and big”
  • Min-jae – means “clever and talented”
  • Seung-min – means “winning and clever”
  • Soo-min – means “gentle and clever”
  • Tae-hyun – means “great and virtuous”

Males Names in Korea

Male Names in Korea:

  • Sun-woo – means “pure and innocent”
  • Young-min – means “eternal and clever”
  • Dong-hyun – means “east and virtuous”
  • In-ho – means “precious and harmonious”
  • Joon-sik – means “talented and strong”
  • Kyu-ho – means “standard and rule”
  • Min-sung – means “clever and victorious”
  • Sang-min – means “honorable and clever”
  • Tae-jin – means “great and valuable”
  • Won-ho – means “great and admirable”

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Korean Boy Names That Start With… A-Z

Below we have a list of Korean boy names that start with each letter of the alphabet:


  • Aiden (에이든) – means “fiery one”
  • Aaron (아론) – means “mountain of strength”
  • Alex (알렉스) – means “defender of the people”
  • Andrew (앤드류) – means “manly and strong”
  • Austin (오스틴) – means “great”
  • Adam (아담) – means “earth”


  • Brian (브라이언) – means “strong, virtuous, and honorable”
  • Benjamin (벤자민) – means “son of the right hand”
  • Brandon (브랜든) – means “hill covered with broom”
  • Blake (블레이크) – means “fair-haired one”
  • Bryce (브라이스) – means “swift”
  • Braden (브레이든) – means “salmon”


  • Caleb (캘럽) – means “faithful, devoted”
  • Christopher (크리스토퍼) – means “bearer of Christ”
  • Connor (코너) – means “lover of hounds”
  • Cameron (캐머런) – means “crooked nose”
  • Charles (찰스) – means “free man”
  • Cole (콜) – means “coal black”


  • Daniel (다니엘) – means “God is my judge”
  • David (데이비드) – means “beloved”
  • Dylan (딜런) – means “son of the sea”
  • Derek (데릭) – means “ruler of the people”
  • Dominic (도미닉) – means “belonging to the Lord”
  • Dustin (더스틴) – means “brave warrior”


  • Ethan (이단) – means “firm, strong”
  • Evan (에번) – means “God is gracious”
  • Eli (엘리) – means “ascended, uplifted, high”
  • Eric (에릭) – means “eternal ruler”
  • Edward (에드워드) – means “wealthy guardian”
  • Everett (에버렛) – means “brave as a wild boar”


  • Felix (펠릭스) – means “fortunate, happy”
  • Francis (프란시스) – means “free man”
  • Finn (핀) – means “fair, white”
  • Frederick (프레더릭) – means “peaceful ruler”
  • Forrest (포레스트) – means “woodsman”
  • Fabian (파비안) – means “bean grower”


  • Gabriel (가브리엘) – means “God is my strength”
  • Gavin (게빈) – means “white hawk”
  • George (조지) – means “farmer, earthworker”
  • Grayson (그레이슨) – means “son of the steward”
  • Graham (그레이엄) – means “gravelly homestead”
  • Garrett (게렛) – means “spear strength”


  • Harrison (해리슨) – means “son of Harry”
  • Hunter (헌터) – means “one who hunts”
  • Hector (헥터) – means “to hold fast”
  • Holden (홀든) – means “deep valley”
  • Heath (히스) – means “heathland dweller”


  • Isaac (아이작) – means “laughter”
  • Isaiah (아이사야) – means “God is salvation”
  • Ivan (아이반) – means “God is gracious”
  • Ian (이안) – means “God is gracious”
  • Insoo (인수) – means “kindness and excellence”
  • Ilhan (일한) – means “achievement and prosperity”


  • Jackson (잭슨) – means “son of Jack”
  • Joshua (조슈아) – means “God is salvation”
  • Jason (제이슨) – means “to heal”
  • James (제임스) – means “supplanter”
  • Justin (저스틴) – means “just, righteous”
  • Jacob (제이콥) – means “supplanter”


  • Kevin (케빈) – means “handsome, gentle”
  • Kyle (카일) – means “narrow strait”
  • Keith (키스) – means “wood, forest”
  • Kyungsoo (경수) – means “clear water”
  • Kyuhyun (규현) – means “great wisdom”
  • Kyeongmin (경민) – means “respect and brightness”


  • Liam (리암) – means “strong-willed warrior”
  • Luke (루크) – means “light-giving”
  • Logan (로건) – means “small hollow”
  • Leo (레오) – means “lion”
  • Lucas (루카스) – means “light-giving”
  • Louis (루이) – means “renowned warrior”


  • Matthew (매튜) – means “gift of God”
  • Michael (마이클) – means “who is like God?”
  • Mason (메이슨) – means “worker in stone”
  • Max (맥스) – means “greatest”
  • Mark (마크) – means “warlike”
  • Miles (마일스) – means “soldier”


  • Nathan (네이슨) – means “he gave”
  • Noah (노아) – means “rest, comfort”
  • Nicholas (니콜라스) – means “victory of the people”
  • Neil (닐) – means “champion, cloud”
  • Nolan (놀란) – means “champion”
  • Nate (네이트) – means “gift of God”


  • Owen (오웬) – means “youthful warrior”
  • Oliver (올리버) – means “olive tree”
  • Oscar (오스카) – means “God’s spear”
  • Omar (오마르) – means “long-lived”
  • Orion (오리온) – means “son of fire”
  • Osmond (오스먼드) – means “divine protection”


  • Patrick (패트릭) – means “nobleman”
  • Peter (피터) – means “rock”
  • Philip (필립) – means “lover of horses”
  • Paul (폴) – means “small, humble”
  • Preston (프레스턴) – means “priest’s estate”
  • Phoenix (피닉스) – means “dark red”


  • Quentin (콰냥틴) – means “fifth”
  • Quincy (퀸시) – means “estate of the fifth son”
  • Qiyu (기유) – means “rare gem”
  • Qiming (기밍) – means “bright as light”
  • Qianfan (검반) – means “thousand sailboats”
  • Qilin (기린) – means “mythical Chinese creature”


  • Ryan (라이언) – means “little king”
  • Riley (라일리) – means “courageous”
  • Robert (로버트) – means “bright fame”
  • Russell (러셀) – means “red-haired”
  • Raymond (레이몬드) – means “wise protector”
  • Reed (리드) – means “red”


  • Samuel (새뮤얼) – means “heard by God”
  • Sebastian (세바스찬) – means “venerable”
  • Simon (사이먼) – means “he has heard”
  • Steven (스티븐) – means “crown, garland”
  • Scott (스캇) – means “from Scotland”
  • Seth (세스) – means “appointed”


  • Thomas (토마스) – means “twin”
  • Tyler (타일러) – means “maker of tiles”
  • Theodore (테오도어) – means “gift of God”
  • Tristan (트리스탄) – means “sorrowful”
  • Terry (테리) – means “ruler of the people”
  • Taejoon (태준) – means “greatness and excellence”


  • Ujin (우진) – means “handsome and precious”
  • Ukyou (우교) – means “righteous and strong”
  • Ucheol (우철) – means “righteous and iron-willed”
  • Uihyeon (의현) – means “righteous and wise”
  • Uihwan (의환) – means “righteous and bright”
  • Uiseong (의성) – means “righteous and loyal”


  • Victor (빅터) – means “conqueror”
  • Vincent (빈센트) – means “conquering”
  • Valentine (발렌타인) – means “strong, healthy”
  • Vaughn (본) – means “small”
  • Vlad (블라드) – means “ruler, prince”
  • Vito (비토) – means “life”


  • William (윌리엄) – means “resolute protector”
  • Wyatt (와이어트) – means “brave in war”
  • Wesley (웨슬리) – means “western meadow
  • Walter (월터) – means “ruler of the army”
  • Warren (워렌) – means “park keeper”
  • Winston (윈스턴) – means “joyful stone”


  • Xavier (제이비어) – means “new house”
  • Xander (잔더) – means “defender of the people”
  • Xiong (샹) – means “brave, fierce”
  • Xinyi (신이) – means “faithful and righteous”
  • Xiang (샹) – means “fragrant, aroma”
  • Xiaolong (샤오롱) – means “small dragon”


  • Yoon (윤) – means “shining”
  • Yohan (요한) – means “God is gracious”
  • Yoona (유나) – means “gentle, soft”
  • Yong (용) – means “dragon”
  • Yeong (영) – means “hero”
  • Yeonwoo (연우) – means “far-reaching and abundant”


  • Zachary (자카리) – means “God remembers”
  • Zane (제인) – means “God is gracious”
  • Zenon (제논) – means “gift of Zeus”
  • Zephyr (제퍼) – means “west wind”
  • Zander (잔더) – means “defender of the people”
  • Zion (자이언) – means “promised land”

Popular Korean Boy Names

Popular Korean Boy Names:

  • Min-jun (민준) – means “quick-witted and talented”
  • Ji-hoon (지훈) – means “wisdom and affection”
  • Tae-hyun (태현) – means “great and wise person”
  • Seung-woo (승우) – means “winner and hero”
  • Dong-hyun (동현) – means “east and intelligent”
  • Jun-ho (준호) – means “handsome and splendid”
  • Hyun-seok (현석) – means “wise and strong”
  • Woo-jin (우진) – means “gentle and precious”
  • Min-seok (민석) – means “clever and bright”
  • Young-jae (영재) – means “talented and gifted”

Unique Korean Boy Names

Unique Korean Boy Names:

  • Eun-gi (은기) – means “kind and righteous”
  • Dae-hyun (대현) – means “great and virtuous”
  • Bum-jin (범진) – means “wide and precious”
  • Ji-woong (지웅) – means “great and mighty”
  • In-seo (인서) – means “kind and joyful”
  • Do-hyun (도현) – means “path and virtuous”
  • Chan-wook (찬욱) – means “full and bright”
  • Kwang-ho (광호) – means “light and brave”
  • Sang-min (상민) – means “uprising and clever”
  • Jae-sung (재성) – means “shining and accomplished”

Korean-American Boy Names

Korean-American Boy Names:

  • Daniel (다니엘) – means “God is my judge”
  • David (데이비드) – means “beloved”
  • Justin (저스틴) – means “just and righteous”
  • Kevin (케빈) – means “handsome and gentle”
  • Alexander (알렉산더) – means “defender of the people”
  • Jason (제이슨) – means “healer”
  • Andrew (앤드류) – means “manly and strong”
  • William (윌리엄) – means “resolute protector”
  • Joseph (조셉) – means “he will add”
  • Christopher (크리스토퍼) – means “bearer of Christ”

Note: The meanings of names can vary depending on the source and interpretation.

Korean Baby Boy Names

Korean Baby Boy Names:

  • Min-jae – means “clever and talented”
  • Hae-sung – means “ocean and success”
  • Ji-hoon – means “wise and talented”
  • Kyung-min – means “respectful and clever”
  • Sung-min – means “success and clever”
  • Ye-jun – means “talented and handsome”
  • Hyeon – means “virtuous and worthy”
  • Joon-seo – means “talented and auspicious”
  • Tae-yoon – means “great and skilled”
  • Woo-sung – means “divine and successful”

Masculine Korean Boy Names

Masculine Korean Boy Names:

  • Chang-min – means “eternal and clever”
  • Hyun-ki – means “wise and powerful”
  • In-soo – means “precious and charming”
  • Jong-ho – means “great and prosperous”
  • Ki-hoon – means “strong and wise”
  • Nam-joo – means “southern gem”
  • Seok-jin – means “rock and valuable”
  • Yoo-jin – means “tenderness and precious”
  • Young-gi – means “brave and noble”
  • Jae-woong – means “glorious and mighty”

Common Korean Boy Names

Common Korean Boy Names:

  • Min-woo – means “clever and handsome”
  • Dong-won – means “eastern and first”
  • Hyun-jun – means “wise and handsome”
  • Jae-sung – means “glorious and success”
  • Joon-young – means “talented and brave”
  • Ki-tae – means “strong and big”
  • Seung-hyun – means “winning and virtuous”
  • Soo-hyun – means “bright and wise”
  • Tae-ho – means “great and brave”
  • Young-min – means “eternal and clever”

Rare Korean Boy Names

Rare Korean Boy Names:

  • Hwan (환): This name means “shining” or “bright”.
  • Joo-won (주원): Joo-won means “to be enriched” or “to be prosperous”.
  • Ki-tae (기태): This name means “bright and big”.
  • Min-ki (민기): Min-ki means “clever” or “intelligent”.
  • Seok-jin (석진): This name means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Woo-jin (우진): Woo-jin means “truth” or “genuine”.
  • Ye-jun (예준): This name means “talented” or “gifted”.
  • Tae-hyun (태현): Tae-hyun means “great” or “big-hearted”.
  • Hyo-jun (효준): This name means “respectful” or “obedient”.
  • Do-hyun (도현): Do-hyun means “multi-talented” or “versatile”.

Cool Korean Boy Names

Cool Korean Boy Names:

  • Jae-hyun (재현): This name means “respectful” or “charming”.
  • Ki-hoon (기훈): This name means “noble” or “distinguished”.
  • Min-ho (민호): Min-ho means “gentle” or “kind-hearted”.
  • Sang-min (상민): This name means “brilliant” or “illustrious”.
  • Seung-hwan (승환): Seung-hwan means “victorious” or “triumphant”.
  • Hyun-jun (현준): This name means “wise” or “intelligent”.
  • Dong-hyun (동현): Dong-hyun means “east” or “sunrise”.
  • Yoon-jae (윤재): This name means “wise” or “intelligent”.
  • Jin-woo (진우): Jin-woo means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Tae-yoon (태윤): Tae-yoon means “big” or “great”.

Powerful Korean Boy Names

Powerful Korean Boy Names:

  • Seung-woo (승우): Seung-woo means “hero” or “warrior”.
  • Jae-suk (재석): This name means “great honor” or “prestige”.
  • Kang-min (강민): Kang-min means “strong” or “powerful”.
  • Hyeon-jin (현진): This name means “wise and powerful”.
  • Cheol-ho (철호): Cheol-ho means “iron-willed” or “determined”.
  • Ki-hwan (기환): This name means “brave” or “courageous”.
  • Sang-hoon (상훈): Sang-hoon means “honor” or “reputation”.
  • Dong-wook (동욱): Dong-wook means “strong as a rock”.
  • Young-min (영민): Young-min means “brave” or “heroic”.
  • Hyeon-tae (현태): This name means “wise and great”.

South Korean Boy Names

South Korean Boy Names:

  • Minho (민호): Minho means “bright and shining”.
  • Joon (준): This name means “handsome” or “talented”.
  • Yoon (윤): Yoon means “graceful” or “well-mannered”.
  • Changmin (창민): This name means “prosperous” or “flourishing”.
  • Seung (승): Seung means “victorious” or “successful”.
  • Hyun (현): Hyun means “wise” or “intelligent”.
  • Taehyun (태현): Taehyun means “great” or “big-hearted”.
  • Jaehyun (재현): Jaehyun means “respectful” or “charming”.
  • Kyung (경): Kyung means “honor” or “respect”.
  • Sunwoo (선우): Sunwoo means “goodness” or “excellence”.

Hot Korean Boy Names

Hot Korean Boy Names:

  • Junho (준호): Junho means “handsome” or “talented”.
  • Minhyuk (민혁): Minhyuk means “brave” or “heroic”.
  • Taeyang (태양): Taeyang means “sun” or “sunshine”.
  • Chanwoo (찬우): Chanwoo means “wise” or “intelligent”.
  • Jungkook (정국): Jungkook means “compassionate” or “kind-hearted”.
  • Haneul (하늘): Haneul means “sky” or “heaven”.
  • Jisoo (지수): Jisoo means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Jinwoo (진우): Jinwoo means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Sehun (세훈): Sehun means “kind-hearted” or “gentle”.
  • Jaewon (재원): Jaewon means “to be blessed” or “to be prosperous”.

Tough Korean Boy Names

Tough Korean Boy Names:

  • Gun-woo (건우): Gun-woo means “strong and brave”.
  • Tae-ho (태호): Tae-ho means “greatness” or “big-hearted”.
  • Ki-hoon (기훈): Ki-hoon means “noble” or “distinguished”.
  • Min-joon (민준): Min-joon means “quick-witted” or “smart”.
  • Do-hyun (도현): Do-hyun means “multi-talented” or “versatile”.
  • Hyun-jin (현진): Hyun-jin means “wise and powerful”.
  • Jae-hyuk (재혁): Jae-hyuk means “talented” or “skillful”.
  • Sang-woo (상우): Sang-woo means “brave” or “heroic”.
  • Eun-ho (은호): Eun-ho means “kind-hearted” or “generous”.
  • Young-ho (영호): Young-ho means “brave” or “heroic”.

Good Korean Boy Names

Good Korean Boy Names:

  • Kyu (규): Kyu means “standard” or “rule”.
  • Hoon (훈): Hoon means “teaching” or “instruction”.
  • Jin (진): Jin means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Hee (희): Hee means “happiness” or “joy”.
  • Sung (성): Sung means “success” or “victory”.
  • Dong (동): Dong means “east” or “direction”.
  • Chan (찬): Chan means “full” or “satisfied”.
  • Won (원): Won means “first” or “original”.
  • Ji (지): Ji means “wisdom” or “intellect”.
  • Ho (호): Ho means “greatness” or “big-hearted”.

Soft Korean Boy Names

Soft Korean Boy Names:

  • Taemin (태민): Taemin means “gentle” or “kind-hearted”.
  • Woobin (우빈): Woobin means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Yoonjae (윤재): Yoonjae means “calm” or “serene”.
  • Jinyoung (진영): Jinyoung means “tender” or “soft-hearted”.
  • Jihyun (지현): Jihyun means “graceful” or “delicate”.
  • Minseok (민석): Minseok means “gentle” or “humble”.
  • Jinwoo (진우): Jinwoo means “gentle” or “kind-hearted”.
  • Taewoo (태우): Taewoo means “peaceful” or “tranquil”.
  • Minho (민호): Minho means “gentle” or “kind-hearted”.
  • Yoonjae (윤재): Yoonjae means “calm” or “serene”.

Pretty Korean Boy Names

Pretty Korean Boy Names:

  • Sungmin (성민): Sungmin means “bright and clear” or “pure”.
  • Jihoon (지훈): Jihoon means “smart and beautiful” or “handsome”.
  • Donghae (동해): Donghae means “east sea” or “ocean”.
  • Yoseob (요섭): Yoseob means “beautiful” or “handsome”.
  • Minhyun (민현): Minhyun means “bright and clear” or “pure”.
  • Jaemin (재민): Jaemin means “handsome and clever” or “bright and smart”.
  • Kyungsoo (경수): Kyungsoo means “handsome and pure” or “beautiful and clear”.
  • Minho (민호): Minho means “bright and shining” or “handsome”.
  • Joon (준): Joon means “handsome” or “talented”.
  • Eunwoo (은우): Eunwoo means “kind and beautiful” or “bright and generous”.

Korean Boy Names with Kim

Korean Boy Names with Kim:

  • Kim (김) – a common Korean surname that means “gold”
  • Kimball (김볼) – means “warrior leader”
  • Kimi (김이) – means “noble, precious”
  • Kimhyun (김현) – means “wise and virtuous”
  • Kimseok (김석) – means “stone of gold”
  • Kimsu (김수) – means “water and gold”

Strong Korean Boy Names

Strong Korean Boy Names:

  • Bora (보라) – means “purple”
  • Dae-hyun (대현) – means “great and bright”
  • Eun-jin (은진) – means “silver pearl”
  • Haneul (하늘) – means “sky”
  • Hyun-woo (현우) – means “bright and intelligent”
  • Jae-hyun (재현) – means “wealthy and virtuous”
  • Min-ki (민기) – means “clever and quick-witted”
  • Sang-min (상민) – means “bright and clear”
  • Tae-yang (태양) – means “sun”
  • Won-ho (원호) – means “first hero”

Easy Korean Boy Names

Easy Korean Boy Names:

  • Eun (은) – means “kindness, mercy”
  • Gi (기) – means “brave, heroic”
  • Han (한) – means “big, great”
  • Jin (진) – means “precious, valuable”
  • Min (민) – means “clever, quick-witted”
  • Seo (서) – means “auspicious, lucky”
  • Su (수) – means “water”
  • Tae (태) – means “great, big”
  • Wook (욱) – means “magnificent, majestic”
  • Young (영) – means “brave, hero”

Badass Korean Boy Names

Badass Korean Boy Names:

  • Minjoon (민준): Minjoon means “sharp and quick” or “clever and resourceful”.
  • Jihun (지훈): Jihun means “brave” or “heroic”.
  • Gyuwon (규원): Gyuwon means “brave and strong” or “courageous”.
  • Taekwon (태권): Taekwon means “mighty” or “powerful”.
  • Bumsoo (범수): Bumsoo means “tough” or “fierce”.
  • Gunwoo (건우): Gunwoo means “strong and brave” or “courageous”.
  • Hyunwoo (현우): Hyunwoo means “brave and wise” or “courageous and intelligent”.
  • Dojun (도준): Dojun means “bold” or “daring”.
  • Joonho (준호): Joonho means “strong and capable” or “powerful”.
  • Yongjae (용재): Yongjae means “brave and righteous” or “courageous and just”.

Beautiful Korean Boy Names

Beautiful Korean Boy Names:

  • Seungmin (승민): Seungmin means “refined” or “elegant”.
  • Taehyun (태현): Taehyun means “graceful” or “dignified”.
  • Minjae (민재): Minjae means “clever and handsome” or “bright and charming”.
  • Yejun (예준): Yejun means “handsome and gentle” or “graceful”.
  • Dongmin (동민): Dongmin means “bright and handsome” or “charming”.
  • Seokjin (석진): Seokjin means “precious” or “valuable”.
  • Woosung (우성): Woosung means “radiant” or “glowing”.
  • Soobin (수빈): Soobin means “handsome and refined” or “elegant”.
  • Jaejoon (재준): Jaejoon means “handsome and talented” or “charming and capable”.
  • Youngsoo (영수): Youngsoo means “handsome and brave” or “attractive and courageous”.

Aesthetic Korean Boy Names

Aesthetic Korean Boy Names:

  • Seungwoo (승우): Seungwoo means “winning and graceful” or “victorious and elegant”.
  • Junseok (준석): Junseok means “handsome and precious” or “attractive and valuable”.
  • Hyunsik (현식): Hyunsik means “refined and sophisticated” or “elegant and cultured”.
  • Yoonseok (윤석): Yoonseok means “precious and pure” or “valuable and clear”.
  • Seungjae (승재): Seungjae means “winning and talented” or “victorious and capable”.
  • Sungho (성호): Sungho means “bright and powerful” or “shining and mighty”.
  • Hyeonu (현우): Hyeonu means “wise and elegant” or “intelligent and refined”.
  • Changmin (창민): Changmin means “bright and clever” or “smart and charming”.
  • Hyunjae (현재): Hyunjae means “wise and precious” or “intelligent and valuable”.
  • Seokhyun: Means “wise rock”.

Korean-English Boy Names

Korean-English Boy Names:

  • Andrew (앤드류): Andrew is a common English name that can be written in Korean as 앤드류 (Aendeuryu).
  • David (데이빗): David is a popular English name that can be written in Korean as 데이빗 (Deibit).
  • Edward (에드워드): Edward is a traditional English name that can be written in Korean as 에드워드 (Edeuwo-deu).
  • Henry (헨리): Henry is a classic English name that can be written in Korean as 헨리 (Henri).
  • James (제임스): James is a timeless English name that can be written in Korean as 제임스 (Jeimseu).
  • Jonathan (조나단): Jonathan is a biblical English name that can be written in Korean as 조나단 (Jonadan).
  • Justin (저스틴): Justin is a modern English name that can be written in Korean as 저스틴 (Jeoseutin).
  • Kevin (케빈): Kevin is a popular English name that can be written in Korean as 케빈 (Kebin).
  • Michael (마이클): Michael is a classic English name that can be written in Korean as 마이클 (Ma-ikeul).
  • Richard (리처드): Richard is a royal English name that can be written in Korean as 리처드 (Richodeu).
  • Samuel (새뮤얼): Samuel is a biblical English name that can be written in Korean as 새뮤얼 (Saemyueol).
  • Simon (사이먼): Simon is a biblical English name that can be written in Korean as 사이먼 (Saimon).
  • Stephen (스테판): Stephen is a classic English name that can be written in Korean as 스테판 (Seutepan).
  • Thomas (토마스): Thomas is a timeless English name that can be written in Korean as 토마스 (Tomaseu).
  • William (윌리엄): William is a royal English name that can be written in Korean as 윌리엄 (Willieom).

Korean Boy Middle Names

Korean Boy Middle Names:

  1. Minho (민호): Minho means “brave and handsome”.
  2. Joonseong (준성): Joonseong means “talented and successful”.
  3. Woohyun (우현): Woohyun means “graceful and intelligent”.
  4. Seungjae (승재): Seungjae means “talented and capable”.
  5. Hyunwoo (현우): Hyunwoo means “wise and brave”.
  6. Jaehee (재희): Jaehee means “talented and kind”.
  7. Seungmin (승민): Seungmin means “refined and intelligent”.
  8. Hoonmin (훈민): Hoonmin means “wise and talented”.
  9. Jihoon (지훈): Jihoon means “brave and talented”.
  10. Dongha (동하): Dongha means “eastern and prosperous”.
  11. Taewon (태원): Taewon means “great and first”.
  12. Jinhwan (진환): Jinhwan means “precious and shining”.
  13. Seokjin (석진): Seokjin means “precious” or “valuable”.

FAQs – Korean Boy Names

What are some male Korean names?

Some male Korean names include:

  • Minho (민호) – means “clever and handsome”
  • Joon (준) – means “handsome, talented”
  • Sung (성) – means “success, completion”
  • Seung (승) – means “victory, success”
  • Hoon (훈) – means “teaching, education”
  • Jinwoo (진우) – means “precious and skilled”
  • Youngmin (영민) – means “brave and clever”
  • Hyunwoo (현우) – means “bright and intelligent”
  • Donghyun (동현) – means “prosperous and bright”
  • Taehyun (태현) – means “great and wise”

What are the most popular boy names in Korea?

The most popular boy names in Korea are constantly changing, but some of the most common ones in recent years include:

  • Min-jun (민준) – means “clever and talented”
  • Seo-joon (서준) – means “talented and handsome”
  • Hyun-woo (현우) – means “bright and intelligent”
  • Min-seok (민석) – means “clever and strong”
  • Ji-hoon (지훈) – means “wisdom and shining”
  • Dong-hyun (동현) – means “prosperous and bright”
  • Jun-seo (준서) – means “talented and noble”
  • Ye-jun (예준) – means “wise and handsome”
  • Si-woo (시우) – means “poetic and elegant”
  • Min-jae (민재) – means “clever and talented”

What are some of the best Korean boy names?

Here are some Korean boy names:

  • Minho (민호) – meaning “brave and shining”
  • Joon (준) – meaning “talented”
  • Seung (승) – meaning “winning”
  • Hyun (현) – meaning “wise”
  • Taemin (태민) – meaning “great and clever”
  • Jin (진) – meaning “precious”
  • Sung (성) – meaning “success”
  • Kyung (경) – meaning “honored”
  • Woong (웅) – meaning “hero”
  • Donghyun (동현) – meaning “eastern wise man”

Note: Korean names often have different meanings depending on the hanja (characters) used to write them.

Conclusion – Korean Boy Names

Korean boy names are highly meaningful, steeped in tradition and full of poetic beauty.

They often contain a combination of characters that represent positive qualities such as strength, intelligence, luck or nature.

The first character of a Korean name is typically chosen to reflect the gender of the child. Additionally, certain syllables are often associated with particular generations or even family members.

Many times, parents will choose names inspired by nature and traditional folk tales for their sons.

These names often include characters related to animals, plants and weather phenomena.

Other popular choices include names associated with Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism which often refer to virtues such as courage and virtue.

orean names can also be modernized to sound more like Western ones while still keeping their traditional meanings intact.

All-in-all, Korean boy names are rich in meaning and deeply rooted in cultural heritage, making them a beautiful choice for any son.


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