Cool, Clever Landscaping Business Names

379+ BEST Landscaping Business Names [Catchy, Good, Funny, Unique]

Landscaping business names are critical to attracting clients.

It must be catchy, good, funny, and unique.

In this article, we cover various landscape business names across various categories.

These include:

  • Best Landscaping Business Names Ideas
  • Catchy Landscaping Business Names
  • Good Landscaping Business Names
  • Cool, Clever Landscaping Business Names
  • Funny Landscaping Business Names
  • Unique Landscaping Business Names
  • Landscaping Business Name Generator
  • Landscaping Names (Not Taken)
  • Catchy Land Clearing Business Names
  • Business Names for Outdoor Services

First, let’s look at some ways to choose a landscaping business name.

Tips for Coming Up with Landscaping Business Names Ideas

If you’re starting a landscape business, one of the first things you need to do is brainstorm a list of good landscape name ideas.

It’s important to pick something that accurately reflects what your business does, and that will be memorable for potential customers.

Here are some tips for coming up with landscaping business names ideas:

1. Keep it simple

A lot of businesses make the mistake of choosing a name that’s too complicated or hard to pronounce.

This can make it difficult for people to remember your business when they need your services.

Stick to something simple and easy to remember.

2. Use keywords

When people are searching for landscaping businesses, they’re likely to use keywords like “landscape”, “landscaping”, or “gardening”.

If you can include these keywords in your business name, it will make it easier for people to find you when they’re searching online.

3. Be unique

There are a lot of landscaping businesses out there, so it’s important to choose a name that sets you apart from the competition.

Brainstorm some unique aspects of your business and try to incorporate them into your name.

For example, if you specialize in sustainable landscaping, you could include the word “green” in your business name.

4. Ask for help

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, ask your friends and family for help.

They might have some good suggestions that you hadn’t thought of before.

5. Do a search

Before you settle on a name, do a quick search online to make sure it’s not already being used by another business.

You don’t want to choose something that could get confusing or be difficult to find in a search engine.

When you’re starting a landscaping business, it’s important to choose a good name.

Keep these tips in mind to help you come up with something that accurately reflects your business and will be easy for potential customers to remember.

Let’s take a look at some lawn care and landscaping names ideas.

Best Landscaping Business Names Ideas

Below is a list of landscaping business name ideas that you can use:

1. All American Landscaping

2. Art of Landscaping

3. Best Foot Forward Landscaping

4. Bloomin’ Yards

5. Brown Thumb Landscaping

6. Cleverly Curated Gardens

7. Colorful Gardens

8. Delicious Lawns & Gardens

9. Earthly Delights Landscaping

10. English Ivy League

11. Garden Time! Landscaping

12. Garden Variety Landscaping

13. Gardener’s Supply Company

14. Green Dream Landscaping

15. Green Thumbs Up Landscaping

16. Growing Greener Gardens

17. Healthy Yards & Gardens

18. Hidden Springs Landscaping

19. Homegrown Gardens

20. Hometown Harvest Landscaping

21. J&M Landscaping Services

22. Just Add Water…Landscaping!

23. Lush Lawns & Gardens

24. Miller’s Nursery & Garden Center

25. Miracle-Gro Landscaping Services

26. Naturaleza Muerta Art & Design

27. Naturally Yours Landscape Contractor

28. Nature’s Art Landscaping

29. New Leaf Landscaping

30. Nutri-Lawn

31. Organic LandsLandscape Management

32. Paradise Found Landscaping & Design Services

33. Plant Parenthood Gardens & Landscaping

34. Proven Winners Landscape Design & Consulting

35. Rooted in Nature Nursery & Garden Center

36. Seed to Table Gardens

37. Simply Gardening Services

38. The Conscious Gardener Landscape Service

39. The Flowering Edge Florist & Landscape Designers

40. The Garden Gate Nursery & Garden Center

41. The Green Thumb Nursery & Garden Center

42. The Growing Company

43. The Natural Gardener Landscaping Services

44. With Love, From Nature Florist & Landscape Designers

45. Yardbirds Landscape Maintenance Service

46. Your Friendly Neighborhood Gardeners

47. Zen Gardenscapes

What Should You Name Your Landscaping Business?

Catchy Landscaping Business Names

1. All American Lawncare & Landscaping

2. Art of the Yard

3. Atlantis Lawn & Garden Care

4. Bee’s Knees Landscaping Co.

5. Black Gold Lawn & Tree Service

6. Blade Runners Lawn Care

7. Blooming Gardens Landscape Design

8. Bluegrass Lawn & Garden Care

9. Borders & Beyond Landscape Maintenance

10. Buds & Blossoms Landscape Services

11. Creative Gardenscaping

12. Cutting Edge Lawncare & Landscaping

13. Earthworks Lawn & Garden Service

14. Emerald Isle Lawn & Garden Service

15. Evergreen Grass Lawn Maintenance

16. Outside In Landscaping Services

17. Over the Top Lawncare

18. Paradise Found Landscaping

19. Rose Petal Gardening Services

20. Sharp Scapes Lawncare

21. Southern Green Lawn Service

22. Spring-Green Lawn Care

23. Stone Mountain Lawn & Garden Service

24. Sunshine Lawn Care

25. Sweetgrass Gardens Landscape Design

26. The Grass Is Always Greener Lawn Care

27. The Green Thumb Landscape Service

28. Topiary Gardens Landscaping Services

29. True Blue Lawncare & Landscaping

30. Turf Masters Lawn & Garden Service

31. Under the Sun Landscaping

32. Weed Man

33. Wee sprouts Landscape Architects

34. Your Friendly Neighborhood Gardeners

Good Landscaping Business Names

Here are some good landscaping business names:

1) Nature’s Touch Landscaping

2) Green Thumb Landscaping

3) The Lawn Rangers

4) Creative Curb Appeal

5) A Cut Above Landscaping

6) Heaven’s Green Landscaping

7) The Garden Gurus

8) Plantastic Landscaping

9) Growing Gardens

10) Blissful Backyards

11) Pro Lawn Landscaping

12) Garden of Eden Landscaping

13) The Yard Doctors

14) Best Foot Forward Landscaping

15) Flower Power Landscaping

Choose the RIGHT Name for Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business!

Cool, Clever Landscaping Business Names

1) All American Lawn Care

2) At Your Service Landscaping

3) Bone Yard Landscaping

4) Bushwackers Landscaping

5) Cutting Edge Landscaping

6) Garden of Eden Landscaping

7) Grass Roots Landscaping

8) Harvest Lawn and Landscape

9) Lawn Envy

10) Lawn Love

11) The Green ThumbLandscaping

12) Topiary Gardens

13) Tropical Plantscapes

14) Urban Oasis Landscaping

15) Your Perfect Yard

Funny Landscaping Business Names

Funny Landscaping Business Names

1) The Grass Is Always Greener Landscaping

2) Above and Beyond Landscaping

3) Absolutely Garden-Fresh Landscaping

4) Ace in the Hole Landscaping

5) Action Packed Landscaping

6) Addicted to Dirt Landscaping

7) Adventureland Lawncare & More!

8) All In One Place Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

9) Alpha & Omega Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Service

10) Amazing Grace Gardening & More!

11) America’s Backyard: The Great Outdoors!

12) American Pride Lawncare & More!

13) As you Wish Lawncare & Landscaping

14) Backyard Getaways Lawn & Garden Services

15) Bee’s Knees Landscaping Co.

16. Beyond the Call of Duty Landscape Services

17. Big League Lawns & More!

18. Bob’s your uncle Gardening & Landscape Service

19. Bundle Up and Save Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

20. Bushwackers Nursery, Garden & Landscape Service

21. Buy 1 Get 2 Free Lawncare & More!

22. Checkmate Lawncare

23. Citi-Zen Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

24. Clip ‘N Clean Lawncare

25. Closer to Nature Lawn & Garden Services

26. Creative Gardens Landscaping

27. Curb Appeal Lawn & Garden Services

28. Custom Cuts Lawncare

29. Cutting Edge Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

30. Deep Seeded Roots Lawncare & More!

31. Dig It! Lawncare & More!

32. Earthworks Lawn & Garden Service

33. Easy Does It Lawncare

34. Emerald Isle Lawn & Garden Service

35. Eve’s Leaves Landscape Services

36. Evergreen Grass Lawn Maintenance

37. Family Funtime Gardening Service

38. Fascinating Flowers Flower Shop & Landscaping Services

39. Flora-Bama Lawncare & Landscaping

40. Frugal gardening & landscape service

41. Garden of Eden Landscaping & More!

42. Gardener on the Go! Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

43. Gardens of Delight Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

44. Get It Done! Lawncare

45. Going Green Lawn & Garden Service

46. Good Vibrations Lawncare & More!

47. Happy Campers Lawncare

48. Heavenly Greens Lawn Maintenance

49. Hidden Treasures Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

50. High Country Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscape

51. Homegrown Lawn & Garden Service

52. Hometown Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

53. In the Pink Lawncare

54. It’s a Jungle Out There! Lawncare & More!

55. Joke-a-day Lawn Maintenance

56. Just Do It! Lawncare

57. Keep it Simple, Stupid! Lawn Maintenance

58. Kiss My Grass Lawn Care & More!

59. Ladybug Landscaping & More!

60. Lil’ Sprouts Landscape Architects

61. Lush lawns and landscape service

62. Majestic Gardens Landscaping

63. Manicured perfection lawn care and landscaping service

64. Maximum Impact Landscape Architects

65. Mr. Greenjeans Lawncare & More!

66. Naturally Yours Lawn & Garden Service

67. Nirvana Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

68. No Mow May! Lawn Maintenance

69. Nuttin’ Fancy Lawncare

70. Paradise Found Landscaping & More!

71. Park Place Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

72. Pasadena Pools, Gardens & Spas

73. Patio Plantscapes Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

74. Peak Performance Landscape Architects

75. Pixie Dust Gardens Fairyland for Grownups!

76. Plantation Pride Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

77. Pocketbook Gardening & Landscape Service

78. Pollination Station Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

79. Pretty in Pink Lawncare

80. Pro-Mow Lawn Maintenance

81. Psychedlic Gardens Day Care for Grownups!

82. Puttin’ on the Ritz Lawn & Garden Service

83. Queen of Hearts Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

84. Rainbow Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

85. Real Men Do It In The Dirt! Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

86. Rolling Hills Nursery, Garden & Landscaping

87. Rose Garden Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

88. Save A Buck Lawncare

89. Secret Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

90. Seedy Business Lawn Maintenance

91. Sharp As A Tack Lawncare

92. Sierra Vista Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

93. Sleepy Hollow Lawncare & More!

94. Small Wonders Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

95. Southern Charms Lawn& Garden Service

96. Southern Comfort Lawncare

97. Southern hospitatlity lawn care and landscaping service

98. Spring Fling Lawn Maintenance

99. Starter’s Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Services

100. Stayin’ Alive Lawn Maintenance

101. Stonehenge Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

102. Sugar and Spice Lawncare & More!

103. Sweet Dreams Lawncare

104. Terracotta Warriors Lawn Care & More!

105. The Cutting Edge Lawncare & More!

106. The Fertile Mind Nursery, Garden & Landscape Service

107. The Grass Is Always Greener On My Side! Lawncare

108. The Green Thumb Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

109. The Growing Place Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

110. The Invisible Gardener Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

111. The Lazy Gardener Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

112. The Natural Look Lawn Maintenance

113. The Naked Truth Lawncare

114. The Secret Garden Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

115. The Weed Whacker Lawn Maintenance

116. Third Time’s A Charm Lawncare

117. Tiffany’s Lawn & Garden Service

118. Topiary Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscaping

119. Touch of Class Lawncare & More!

120. Town and Country Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

121. Tropical Delights Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

122. Turfmasters Lawn Maintenance

123. Under The Sea Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Service

124. Wagner’s Lawncare & More!

125. Watercolors Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

126. Way Out West Lawncare

127. Wee Ones Mobile Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

128.Westside Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

129. When it rains, it pours! Lawn and landscape service

130.Whimsical Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscaping

131.White Glove Lawncare

132. Who’s Your Daddy? Lawn Maintenance

133.Wildflower Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscaping

134.Will Work For Gardens Nursery, Garden & Landscape Service

135.Wind in the Willows Lawncare & More!

136. Witch Way Is Up? Lawn Maintenance

137.With a Little Help From My Friends Lawn Maintenance

138.Working 9 to 5…No Way! Nursery, Garden & Landscape Services

139. You Bet I Can Mow Your Lawn! Lawn Maintenance

140.Your Friendly Neighborhood Nursery, Garden & Landscaping Service

Unique Landscaping Business Names

Unique Landscaping Business Names

1) The Green Thumbs

2) Landscape Architects

3) Nature’s Designers

4) Garden Gurus

5) Plant Whisperers

6) The Dirt Doctors

7) Lawn Love

8) Grass Roots

9) Weeding Wonders

10) The Blooming Business

Landscaping Business Name Generator

These landscaping business names were automatically generated – outside the first one.

Let’s see if they’re any good.

1) Green Dream Landscaping

2) Nature’s Palette Landscaping

3) Garden Of Eden Landscaping

4) The Growing Business

5) Plant Pals Landscaping

6) Nurture by Nature Landscaping

7) Sprout Landscaping

8) The Lawn Care Company

9) The Flower Bed

10) Perfectly Planted Landscaping

Landscaping Names (Not Taken)

1. All American Nursery & Landscape

2. Art of the Yard Nursery & Landscape

3. Best Foot Forward Lawncare

4. Blades of Grass Lawn Maintenance

5. Bloom where you’re planted! Mobile Nursery, Garden, and Landscape Service

6. Busy Bee’s Lawn Maintenance

7. Can You Dig It? Lawn Maintenance

8. Choice Landscaping

9. Creative Gardens Nursery & Landscape

10. Cutting Edge Lawncare & More!

11. Earthly Delights Nursery, Garden, and Landscape Service

12.Embellishments Lawn Maintenance

13. Environmental Designs Nursery & Landscape

14. Evergreen Nursery & Landscape Service

15. Fantastic Gardens Nursery & Landscaping

16. Flower Power Lawn Maintenance

17. For the Love of Gardening Mobile Nursery, Garden, and Landscape Service

18. Fragrant Gardens Nursery and Landscape Services

19. Fresh Cut Lawncare

20. Garden of Eatin’ Lawn Maintenance

21. Garden Party Mobile Nursery, Garden, and Landscape Service

22. Gardens by the Yard Nursery & Landscape

23. Grateful Gardens Nursery & Landscaping

24. Growing Concerns Nursery & Landscaping

25. Handsome Harvests Lawn Maintenance

26. Happy Frog Lawncare & More!

27. Healthy Yards Lawn Maintenance

28. Heavenly Scented Gardens Nursery and Landscape Services

29. Hidden Springs Nursery & Landscape

30. Home Grown Gardens Nursery and Landscape Services

31. I Dig Gardening Mobile Nursery, Garden, and Landscaping

Catchy Land Clearing Business Names

Catchy Land Clearing Business Names

1) Green Thumb Lawn Care

2) The Cutting Edge

3) A Cut Above

4) Landscape Solutions

5) Garden of Eden

6) Heaven’s Garden

7) The Green Machine

8) Nature’s Touch

9) Earthscapes

10) Eco-Landscaping

Business Names for Outdoor Services

1) Outdoor Services

2) Landscape Services

3) Lawn Care Services

4) Garden Services

5) Tree Services

6) Snow Removal Services

7) Pest Control Services

8) Pool Maintenance Services

9) Fence Installation & Repair Services

10) Deck Building & Repair Services

11) Earthscape

FAQs – Landscaping Business Names

What are some different names for landscaping?

Some different names for landscaping include:

  • gardening
  • horticulture
  • arboriculture
  • turf management, and
  • landscape architecture

What are some common landscaping terms?

Some common landscaping terms include:

  • planting
  • pruning
  • mowing
  • fertilizing
  • watering, and
  • pest control

What are some popular landscaping plants?

Some popular landscaping plants include:

  • trees
  • shrubs
  • annuals
  • perennials
  • grasses, and
  • bulbs

How do I choose a name for my landscaping business?

When choosing a name for your landscaping business, consider your target audience and the type of work you do.

You may also want to use a play on words or create a pun to make your business name more memorable.

Conclusion – Landscaping Business Names

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a name for your landscaping business.

Think about your target audience, the type of work you do, and common landscaping terms.

You may also want to use a play on words or create a pun to make your business name more memorable.

With a little creativity, you can find the perfect name for your business.


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