Last Name List

707+ Last Names List [With Meanings, for Writers]

One of the most common uses for a list of last names is when writing fiction, such as novels or short stories.

Having a list of last names can help writers come up with characters quickly and easily.

It also helps to create a sense of realism by allowing characters to have realistic names that could actually exist in the real world.

Additionally, lists of last names can be used for non-fiction writing as well, such as for historical research or researching family trees.

Coincidentally, genealogy researchers may find a proper list of last names extremely useful when trying to trace lineage back through generations.

Furthermore, lists of surnames can be used for creative endeavors like naming your own children or even deciding on your own name if you are considering changing it at any point in your life.

Top 10 Surnames in the US (Most Popular Last Names in the US)

Here are the top 10 last names in the US:

  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Brown
  5. Jones
  6. Miller
  7. Davis
  8. Garcia
  9. Rodriguez
  10. Wilson

Most Popular Last Names in the World

Below are the most popular last names in the world:

  1. Singh
  2. Zhang
  3. Wang
  4. Garcia
  5. Nguyen
  6. Li
  7. Martinez
  8. Abbasi
  9. Khan
  10. Adams

American Last Name List

Here is a list of American last names:

  • Smith
  • Johnson
  • Williams
  • Brown
  • Jones
  • Miller
  • Davis
  • Garcia
  • Rodriguez
  • Wilson
  • Martinez
  • Anderson
  • Taylor
  • Thomas
  • Hernandez
  • Moore
  • Martin
  • Jackson
  • Thompson
  • White
  • Lopez
  • Lee
  • Gonzalez
  • Harris
  • Clark
  • Lewis
  • Robinson
  • Walker
  • Perez
  • Stewart

MOST POPULAR LAST NAME: Probability Comparison

Chinese Last Name List

Here’s a list of various Chinese last names:

  • Wang
  • Zhang
  • Li
  • Liu
  • Chen
  • Yang
  • Huang
  • Zhao
  • Wu
  • Xu
  • Zhou
  • Sun
  • Ma
  • Guo
  • Lin
  • He
  • Shang
  • Hui
  • Xiao

Jewish Last Name List

Below we have a list of Jewish last names:

  • Cohen
  • Levy
  • Kaufman
  • Roth
  • Friedman
  • Miller
  • Schwartz
  • Kaplan
  • Greenberg
  • Klein
  • Gordon
  • Friedman
  • Silverman
  • Saperstein
  • Weinstein
  • Einstein
  • Shapiro
  • Wasserman

Japanese Last Name List

Below we have some Japanese last names:

  • Sato
  • Suzuki
  • Takahashi
  • Tanaka
  • Watanabe
  • Ito
  • Yamamoto
  • Nakamura
  • Kobayashi
  • Saito
  • Kato
  • Hasegawa
  • Mifune
  • Matsumoto
  • Kawasaki
  • Suguira
  • Ichikawa
  • Endo
  • Murakami
  • Shimizu
  • Inoue
  • Hara

Most Popular Last Names Around the World

China Last Names

  • Li
  • Wang
  • Zhang
  • Liu
  • Chen
  • Yang
  • Zhao
  • Huang
  • Zhou
  • Wu

India Last Names

  • Patel
  • Singh
  • Kumar
  • Shah
  • Khan
  • Joshi
  • Sharma
  • Gupta
  • Reddy
  • Mishra

United States Last Names

  • Smith
  • Johnson
  • Williams
  • Brown
  • Jones
  • Garcia
  • Miller
  • Davis
  • Rodriguez
  • Martinez

Indonesia Last Names

  • Sari
  • Wati
  • Putri
  • Dewi
  • Aini
  • Astuti
  • Kusuma
  • Setiawati
  • Purnama
  • Mustika

Brazil Last Names

  • Silva
  • Santos
  • Oliveira
  • Souza
  • Pereira
  • Rodrigues
  • Alves
  • Ferreira
  • Gomes
  • Costa

Pakistan Last Names

  • Ali
  • Ahmed
  • Hussain
  • Khan
  • Malik
  • Shah
  • Awan
  • Bhatti
  • Chaudhry
  • Dogar

Nigeria Last Names

  • Mohammed
  • Aliyu
  • Yusuf
  • Bello
  • Hassan
  • Ibrahim
  • Sani
  • Musa
  • Abdullahi
  • Abubakar

Bangladesh Last Names

  • Islam
  • Ali
  • Khan
  • Hossain
  • Ahmed
  • Begum
  • Akter
  • Sultana
  • Chowdhury
  • Hasan

Russia Last Names

  • Ivanov
  • Smirnov
  • Kuznetsov
  • Popov
  • Vorobyov
  • Petrov
  • Sidorov
  • Vasiliev
  • Sokolov
  • Mikhaylov

Japan Last Names

  • Satō
  • Suzuki
  • Takahashi
  • Tanaka
  • Watanabe
  • Itō
  • Yamamoto
  • Nakamura
  • Kobayashi
  • Katō

Common Last Name List

Are you in need of a common last name list?

Check out this compilation of the most popular surnames:

  • Smith
  • Johnson
  • Williams
  • Brown
  • Jones
  • Miller
  • Davis
  • Garcia
  • Rodriguez
  • Wilson
  • Martinez
  • Anderson
  • Taylor
  • Thomas
  • Hernandez
  • Moore
  • Martin
  • Jackson
  • Thompson

Italian Last Name List

If you’re looking for a list of Italian last names, look no further.

Here are some of the most popular surnames in Italy, as well as their meaning and origin.

  • Rossi – “Redhead” (from Old German)
  • Romano – “Roman” or “from Rome” (Latin)
  • Russo – “Russian” (from Latin)
  • Marino – “From the Sea” (Latin)
  • Ricci – “Curly Hair” or “Curled Locks” (Italian)
  • Lombardi – “From Lombardy/ Milanese” (French/Italian Origin)
  • Bianchi – “White/Pale Skinned” (Italian Origin)
  • Gallo- “Rooster/Cockbird” (Latin Origin)
  • Costa- “Coastal Dweller/ On the Coast” (Spanish Origin)
  • Giordano – “Descendant of Jordan” (Italian Origin)

Unique Last Name List

Below are some of the most uncommon surnames from around the world.

  • Zafar – “Victor” (Arabic Origin)
  • Koyamatsu – “Small Mountain” (Japanese Origin)
  • Caiaphas – “He Who Seeks Insight” (Hebrew Origin)
  • Rakotonirainy – “The Sun Will Rise Again” (Malagasy Origin)
  • Qiu– “Highly Intelligent/Smart” (Chinese Origin)
  • Ó Cuinn- “Descendant of Conn/Keen-eyed one” (Irish Gaelic Origin)
  • Ezekh – “House Of God” (Hebrew Origin)
  • Montague – “Pointed Hill” (French Origin)
  • Stålhammar – “Steel Hammer” (Swedish Origin)
  • Osbourne – “God Bear” or ” Divine Warrior” (Anglo-Saxon Origin)

African-American Last Name List

If you’re looking for African-American last names, here are some of the most popular surnames in the United States.

  • Williams – “Son Of William” (English Origin)
  • Jefferson – “Son Of Jeff/Geoffrey” (English Origin)
  • Davis – “Son Of David” (Hebrew Origin)
  • Wilson – “Descendant Of William” (Old English Origin)
  • Moore – “Moorish Man” or “Dark Skinned” (Irish/Scottish Origin)
  • Brown – “Dark Skinned/Person With Dark Hair Or Complexion” (English Origin).
  • Walker – “Cloth Walker” or “Fuller”-(Old English Origin).
  • Jackson – “Son of Jack/John” (English Origin).
  • Thomas – “Twin” or a form of Toma “(Hebrew / Aramaic Origin)
  • Harris – “Son of Harry”(English Origin)

Indian Last Name List

We have some of the most popular surnames in India.

  • Gupta – “Protector” (Sanskrit Origin)
  • Shah – “King” (Persian Origin)
  • Dev – “Gods/Divine” (Sanskrit Origin)
  • Singh – “Lion” (Sanskrit Origin)
  • Yadav – “Descendant Of Yadu” (Indian Sanskrit Origin)
  • Kaur – “Princess/Lioness” (Sikh Origin).
  • Reddy – “Head Man Of Village” or a form of Reddy “(Telugu Origin). 8. Rao – “King/Eminent”(Marathi/Telugu Origin).
  • Nair – “He Who Rules Over” or “An Untouchables Community” (South Indian Tamil Origin)
  • Menon – “Minister” or a form of Menon “(Kerala Malayalam Origin)

Filipino Last Name List

Did you know that the Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in Asia when it comes to last names?

With a variety of different cultures, ethnicities and languages represented in its population, it’s no surprise that there’s such a wide range of surnames.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Filipino last names, with their meanings and origins.

  • Abad: From Spanish origin, it means “good” or “virtuous”
  • Aguilar: This is derived from the Latin word for eagle
  • Albay: Of Visayan origin, this signifies “victorious people”
  • Bautista: This name originates from the Latin term for “baptized” or “Christian”
  • Bercero: A surname with Spanish roots, meaning “to fence off” or “enclose”
  • Cabanilla: A Visayan name meaning “one who lives near water”
  • de la Cruz: Derived from the Latin term for cross
  • Dizon: This surname has Tagalog origins and means “split in two pieces” or “divided into two parts”
  • Esteban: Derived from Greek elements for crown and victory
  • Felix: An old Roman family name signifying fortunate or happy
  • Guevarra: Originating from Basque language, it translates to mean “muddy area”
  • Hernandez: Derived from Old French elements meaning grace + great one

There are many other Filipino last names not included on this list.

So if you have any Filipino ancestors and want to learn more about where your family’s name came from, consider researching genealogy records!

Korean Last Name List

Did you know that just like in the Philippines, Korea has a variety of different cultures, ethnicities and languages represented in its population?

As a result, many Koreans have unique and diverse last names.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the most famous Korean last names, with their meanings and origins.

  • Ahn: This common surname suggests “tranquility”
  • Bae: Corresponding to the English word bay (a body of water), this name is often associated with riches and wealth
  • Cheong: Meaning “clear” or “transparent,” it is a traditional Chinese character which has been used in Korea since ancient times
  • Chong: Originating from the Chinese characters meaning “loyalty” and “gallant,” this Korean name conveys virtue
  • Hong: Literally translates to “grandeur” or “glory”
  • Ji: A popular Korean family name meaning leader
  • Kang: This surname may indicate where an individual came from or who his ancestors were
  • Kim: One of the most common surnames in Korea – it means “gold”
  • Moon: Derived from the adjective for something round (like the moon) and peaceful (like the moon). It indicates nobility.
  • Park: Originating from Sino–Korean word for “rose” or Goryeo period title signifying high rank

Random Last Name List

Here’s a comprehensive list of some random last names with their meanings and origins.

  • Alonso: Meaning “noble and ready” in Spanish
  • Bader: Derived from an Arabic term for “bear cub”
  • Collins: Translates to mean “victory of the people” in Irish
  • Davis : Of English origin, this surname means “beloved” or “darling”
  • Evans : This Welsh surname translates to mean “son of Evan”
  • Fraiser : A French variation on Fraser, also meaning strawberry plant
  • Grant: An Anglo–Saxon name which signifies “tallest tree”
  • Hallam : An old Norse name signifying rock or stone
  • Ibrahima: An African moniker meaning “highly praised one”
  • Jackson: Originating from Middle English, it means “son of Jack”
  • Jones : Derived from the Hebrew name Jona meaning God is gracious

Last Name List for Writers

It can be helpful to have a list of the most common last names in your arsenal.

This list includes some of the most popular surnames from around the world, so you’ll always have a variety of options to choose from.

  • Baker: Translates as “the maker of bread”
  • Chandler: This surname came from the occupation of candle maker
  • Dickens : An English version of Dikkens, an old Dutch word meaning “little Dick”
  • Elkind : Meaning “God is gracious,” this Hebrew name derives from the biblical name Elijah
  • Frye: Of German origin, it signifies “free man”
  • Goldberg : Derived from the Middle High German words for “gold mountain”
  • Harper : Originally used to describe someone who plays the harp or makes harps
  • Inman: Translates to mean “friend of mankind” in Old English   `
  • Jameson: Originating from England, this moniker means son of James    `
  • King: May signify leader or ruler, derived from Old English words    `
  • Miller: Evolved out of Middle English terms miller or milne, meaning one who operates a grain mill
  • Newman : Translates to “new man” in Old English
  • Olson: Norwegian origin meaning son of Olaf
  • Petersen: This surname is derived from the personal name Peter
  • Quinn : An Irish language version of the Gaelic name Cuinn, meaning “wise”
  • Raskin : A Jewish surname derived from the term for fur hat maker or skinner
  • Smith: An occupational name for a metal worker or smith
  • Taylor: Originated from Middle English and evolved from tailleur, meaning one who cuts cloth
  • Upton : Derives from the Old English word upp, meaning “upper village”
  • Vanderbilt: Of Dutch origin, it derives from the Dutch van der bilt which literally translates to mean “from the mountain’s side”
  • Wayne : Meaning wagon maker in Middle English
  • White: This surname originates from Old English and refers to someone with white or fair hair
  • Yates : Translates as “gate” in Old English
  • Zander: Of German origin, this name is derived from a diminutive of Alexander
  • Brodsky : Russian origin, meaning “from the broad one”
  • Delgado: Spanish language term referring to someone who is thin
  • Esparza: Originated from a Spanish place name in Asturias
  • Francke: Czech version of the German surname ‘Franke’ which means “free peasant”
  • Gonzalez : Spanish origin referring to someone who was the son of Gonzalo
  • Hechter: A Germanic word for “Hawkwood” or someone who lived near a hawthorn bush
  • Ikemoto: Japanese origin meaning pond child
  • Llanos : Meaning “plains” in Spanish
  • Montes: Of Portuguese origin, it translates to “mountains”
  • Nguyen: Vietnamese surname meaning “musical instrument”
  • Ohashi : Japanese descriptor for a person living near or by a bridge
  • Park: Korean origin, meaning “forest” or one who lives near the forest
  • Qureshi: Arabic name derived from the root Q-R-SH, which means “leader”
  • Royce: English variant of the Old French word that means “king”
  • Sakai: Japanese family name indicating someone who was born and raised in the Sakai area
  • Tanaka : Japanese surname referring to someone who came from the middle of the rice field
  • Usmani: Indian Muslim origin coming from Uthman bin Affan (Uthman is a prophet)
  • Vohra : Descriptor of people living under reigns of different maharajas throughout India
  • Wei : Chinese last name originating from Wei Kingdom during the Warring States period
  • Xu: Chinese surname referring to someone who is “elegant”
  • Yousuf: Arabic origin, meaning “God increases”
  • Zabihullah: Meaning “the one chosen by Allah” in Arabic
  • Abdel: “Servant of” in Arabic
  • Blake: Old English origin meaning “fair-haired”
  • Crispin: Latin name for someone who is “curly-haired”
  • Dharma : Sanskrit meaning “law or duty”
  • Ellsworth : English occupational derived from the Old English elements ‘ellir’ and ‘sworu’which mean “elf”, and “sword” respectively.
  • Fuentes : Spanish equivalent of the word “fountains”
  • Gonzalez: Spanish surname indicating a descendant of Gonzalo, which means “battle ready”
  • Haji : Islamic title used to signify that a person has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Iqbal : Urdu origin referring to those bestowed with blessings
  • Jahan : Persian for “world”
  • Kwan : Chinese for strong, powerful
  • Lakshmi : From Hindu mythology, meaning “goddess of wealth and beauty.”
  • Mendez: Spanish origin which refers to someone who has dark hair or skin
  • Narayan: Sanskrit name signifying the “protector of mankind.”
  • Olga: Russian form of ‘Helga’ derived from Old Norse heilagr meaning “holy, blessed”
  • Pedro: Portuguese origin referring to one who is a stone like rock
  • Quon: Chinese for bright, clear
  • Rama: Sanskrit for ‘pleasing’ or ‘charming”
  • Shanti : Sanskrit for peace
  • Trudy: German origin referring to one who is “strong in faith”
  • Ursula: Latin meaning “little bear”
  • Victor: Latin meaning “victor” or “conqueror”
  • Winston : Old English origin meaning “friendly town”
  • Xavier : Basque and Spanish origin meaning “bright” or “splendid”
  • Young: Korean for greatness and longevity
  • Zola : African surname derived from the word ‘nzola’, which means “to praise”

Uncommon Last Names

Some uncommon last names:

  • Ashlund: Old Norse origin meaning “ash meadow”
  • Bashford : English origin referring to one who lives near the ash tree ford
  • Carman: English surname signifying an occupation as a chorister or singer
  • Delacruz: Spanish/Portuguese origin which means “of the cross”
  • Estrada : Spanish and Portuguese origin referring to someone who lived by a road or path
  • Freneau : French origin which was derived from the word ‘frenel’, meaning “little frenzied one”
  • Galvez : Spanish and Portuguese for “foreigner”
  • Hertzog : Germanic origin meaning “leaders of an army.”
  • Ianelli: Italian origin derived from Gianello, a diminutive form of Giovanni (John)surname.
  • Jarrow : English surname derived from the Old English words ‘ger’, meaning ‘spear’, and ‘wielle, meaning ‘spring’ or ‘brook’.
  • Kincaid : Scottish origin meaning “Son of the Battle Leader”
  • Laplante: French surname derived from the word ‘la plante’, which is a nickname for someone who lived near a field of flowers
  • MacManus: Irish Gaelic origin, derived from the words ‘Mac’ meaning “son of” and ‘Mánus’, the personal name Manus
  • Nieves: Spanish for snow and frost
  • Orbik: Germanic origin which was derived from the name ‘Orbico’, which meant “little Orbi” (a diminutive form of the personal name ‘Orbio’)
  • Perez : Spanish and Portuguese derivative of an ancient Hebrew name which means “son of Pero” or “son of Peter”
  • Riggs : English surname originating from a small village in Cheshire, England. Derived from Old English words ‘ric’ and ‘hoh’ meaning “ridge hill”.
  • Saunders : English occupational name for a sergeant or servant to a lord, derived from Old French words ‘sandre’ or ‘sauncere’, meaning “servant”.
  • Tabor : Slavic surname derived from the word ‘tabir’, meaning “encampment” or “tent”.
  • Unruh: German surname derived from the word ‘unruo’, meaning “peaceful”.
  • Voorhees : Dutch surname which may have been derived from an old Dutch phrase ‘tot voorHee’, meaning “before the hill”.
  • Watts : English for “living near a well” or water source
  • Ximenes: Spanish/Portuguese name originating from iemene, an Arabic word meaning “right handed” or “fortunate”
  • Yancy: Welsh origin derived from the given name ‘John’. It is a derivative of the Irish Gaelic ‘Mac Seáin’, meaning “son of John”.
  • Zabala : Basque origin which comes from two words, ‘zabal’ (wide) and ‘aitz’ (rock).

Uncommon American Last Names

Some uncommon American last names:

  • Austell: English surname derived from the Old English word ‘eastella’ or ‘easteall’, meaning “east hall” or residence.
  • Bohannon: Irish root derivation of the words ‘bán’ meaning ‘white’ and ‘ánán’, which meant “small bird”
  • Chappelle: French origin derived from Old French word ‘chapele’, meaning “small chapel”
  • Dignan : Irish Gaelic origin derived from the words ‘Díonnach’ and ‘Fhaeláin’, which together mean ‘faithful prince’.
  • Estrada: Spanish origin based on a topographic name for someone who lived by a road.
  • Farrelly : Irish Gaelic derivative of the name O’Fearghail, meaning “man of valour”.
  • Gates : English for someone who lived near an entranceway such as a gate or road.
  • Hilton : English occupational name for someone who managed horses or lived in residences owned by landlords called Hiltons.
  • Iovino: Italian name derived from the Latin word ‘Iovina’, which means “devoted to Jupiter”.
  • Jamison : Scottish surname derived from a pet form of James, itself derived from the Hebrew name Yaakov.
  • Kells : Irish surname originating from an anglicized form of O’Ceallaigh, meaning “descendant of Ceallach”.
  • Lorentz : German name derived from a tribal name many believe was related to the Lombards who inhabited northern Italy in ancient times.
  • Montgomery: French origin derived from two French words, ‘mont’ meaning “hill” and ‘Gomery’ meaning “valley”.
  • Nowak: Polish occupational surname for someone who made wooden shoes or vessels.
  • Overstreet: English topographic name for someone who lived near a street running over the hillside.
  • Pillow: English origin suggesting someone living in an area with pillows as landmarks or hills.
  • Quinlan: Irish origin derived from O’Cuinlean, a Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Cuinlean”.
  • Redding : English occupational name for someone who dyed cloth or sold it in the marketplace.
  • Starr : English surname derived from the Olde English words “styr” and “stor”, meaning “conflict” and “strength”.
  • Trethewey : Cornish origin derivative of the word ‘tretheway’, which meant “house on a beach”.
  • Ulibarri: Spanish root for an ancestor whose family had lived near a willow tree (‘ulivo’ in Spanish).
  • Venzke: German diminutive form of ‘Fenz’, an old Germanic personal name derived from ‘fano’ which means spear.
  • Whitefield: English surname derived from a place named with the Olde English pre 7th Century elements ‘hwaet’, meaning “white”, and ‘feld’, meaning “open country”.
  • Xifaras: Greek origin derived from the word ‘Xifara’, meaning “sword bearer”.

Beautiful Last Names

Several beautiful surnames along with more meanings:

  • Almendarez: Spanish origin derived from a place name meaning “place of almonds”.
  • Benis: French surname derived from the Latin word ‘benedictus’ meaning “blessed”.
  • Buckley: Irish origin derived from the pre-10th century Irish surname Ó Buachalla, meaning “descendant of Buachaill”.
  • Callen: Celtic origin derived from the nickname ‘Ceallach’, given to someone with a cheery disposition.
  • Dalton: English topographic name for someone who lived near a dale or valley.
  • Ellison: English patronymic form of Ellis, an old form of Elias, itself derived from the Hebrew name Eliyahu.
  • Fineberg: German occupational surname for someone who worked as a weaver.
  • Grinberg : German/Yiddish variant of ‘Grünberg’, which means “green mountain”.
  • Hyland: Irish and Scottish surname originally used to denote an inhabitant of certain islands off the coast of Scotland named after Saint Hygantius.
  • Isomura : Japanese surname deriving from the village name written with the characters for “Izu” and “Mura” (village).
  • Jefferson : English patronymic surname for a son of Jeff, itself derived from Geoffrey, a Norman French form of Gottfried (God’s peace).
  • Kennedy: Irish origin derived from the pre-10th century Irish surname O’Cinneide, meaning “descendant of Cionnaith”.
  • Lambert: Germanic name deriving from the element ‘land’, meaning “land” and ‘beraht’, meaning “bright”.
  • McKnight: Scottish surname derived from a Mikil, a Gaelic form of Michael (who is like God?).
  • Neal: English patronymic (son of Neil) surname derived from an Old Gaelic personal name Niall, meaning “champion”.
  • Ohlsen: German and Scandinavian origin derivative of Ohl, denoting a person who lived in a village called Ohl.
  • Parkinson : English habitational name for someone who originally came from Parkin’s Hill or Parkin’s Field.
  • Quinnell : Cornish variant of Quinell, which is an old form of the given name Quentin, itself derived from “quintus” – Latin for “fifth”.
  • Rogers: English and Welsh patronymic surname originating from the medieval given name Roger.
  • Stonefield : English topographic name indicating residence near a stony field.
  • Upson : English topographic name for someone living on high land or on an upland estate
  • Vanderbilt: Dutch topographic surname for someone who lived by the fork of a river.
  • Walsh: Irish Anglicized variant of Breathnach meaning ‘Briton’ or ‘Welshman’.
  • Xirasagar : Indian name from Sanskrit, composed of the elements “xira” meaning “possessing beauty” and “sagara” meaning “the ocean”.
  • Yates: English patronymic surname derived from the given name Yate which was derived from Middle English Yate meaning “gatekeeper or gate”.
  • Ziegler: German occupational name for someone who worked in a tile factory, derived from Middle High German ziegel, meaning “brick or tile”.

Surnames List A-Z

Here are some last names A to Z:

  • Aaronson: English occupational name derived from the old English personal name Eadheard, which means “rich guard”.
  • Bailey: English patronymic surname, derived from the 16th century Middle English given name Baille, meaning “Steward” or “Bailiff”.
  • Buckley; Irish Origin decedent Buachaill pre 10th Century irish
  • Carpenter: Anglo-Norman topographic and occupational surname deriving from the Old French word carpentier meaning “a worker of wood”.
  • Davies: Welsh patronymic surname derived from the given name David, itself coming from the Hebrew dawid, meaning “beloved”.
  • Edwards: Patronymic surname meaning “son of Edward”. Edward is derived from an Anglo-Saxon personal name composed of the elements ead (prosperity) and weard (guardian).
  • Foster: Occupational surname originating in England, derived from the Middle English term fosterer or forster meaning “forester” or “gamekeeper”.
  • Gonzalez: Spanish surname, popular during medieval era. Its origin is unclear but it might stem from a Basque place name or a Galician patronymic.
  • Hayes: Gaelic origin coming from O hAodha meaning descendant of Aodh (fire).
  • Irish: Name originally given to those with Gaelic origins who left Ireland to settle in other countries such as America.
  • Jones: Scottish, English and Welsh patronymic surname derived either directly or indirectly from John or its variants such as Jonathas or Jone.
  • Kelly: Irish Origin; popular form of Conall (Strong Wolf)
  • Lopez : Spanish patronymic probably derived either directly or indirectly from Laurence. It possibly also has Jewish origins dating back to Ancient Spain when Jews adopted surnames reflecting their professions.
  • Miller : Occupational surname that originated in England and Scotland and was used by someone who worked in a mill. The origin is Middle High German müller meaning “miller”.
  • Nicholas : Greek patronymic derived either directly or indirectly form Nicholas which comes from the Greek Nikolaos meaning victory of people/people’s victory .
  • O’Donnell : Irish Clan name derives either directly or indirectly form Donal which was composed of two Celtic elements meaning world power .
  • Phillips : Patronymic surname thought to be descended either directly or indirectly from Phillip which comes from Philippos a combination ancient Greek elements phil (love ) / hippos (horse ).
  • Quinn : Irish Anglicized variant of Ó Cuinn means descendent of Conn . Conn is descended form an ancient Celtic god Cynn .
  • Robinson : British habitation already established by 13th century at various locations most derivation being Rodebaston , Leicestershire across river Soar .
  • Smith : One of earliest recorded surnames coming after Schmidt , Schmid , Stryman etc deriving ultimately as blacksmith ior smith sooner/ later period Anglo Saxon word smitan referring to striking metal objects using hammer & anvil
  • Thomas : Aramaic derivative coming via Latin Thomases / Thomagem The first record Thomas patromius in 1180 AD
  • Ulrichson ; Swedish derivative Ulrik’s son Ull vichse being equivalent Vixen fox . Ulrikson related many rural regions around Scandinavia esp Gotland
  • Vansanten; Dutch habitational name where Van indicates family having owned estate located Santen village Gelderland province Netherlands
  • Walsh ; Irish anglicized variant o Breathnach literally translated Briton / welshman
  • Xirasagar ; Indian Sanskrit compound xira possesing beauty sagara ocean
  • Yates; English patronmymic derivation Yate Middle english gate keeper/ gate
  • Ziegler German occupational tile factory worker middle high german ziegel brick/tile

FAQs – Last Name List

What are some uncommon last names?

Uncommon surnames include:

  • Xirasagar: Indian name from Sanskrit, composed of the elements “xira” meaning “possessing beauty” and “sagara” meaning “the ocean”.
  • Kavi: Indian name derived from the Sanskrit word kavi which means ‘poet’.
  • Pokorny: Czech occupational name for someone who collected rent or taxes, derived from the Old Czech pokornu “humble”.
  • Hrozny: Czech and Slovak surname derived from the nickname hrozny meaning “terrible”.
  • Barjau: Basque surname for someone who was a mayor or leader of a village, derived from the Basque bar meaning “summit” and jau meaning “street”.

What are the most popular last names in the world?

The most popular last names in the world are:

  • Smith: One of the earliest recorded surnames, coming after Schmidt, Schmid, Stryman, etc. Deriving ultimately as a blacksmith or smith during the Anglo Saxon period, with the word “smitan” referring to striking metal objects using a hammer and anvil.
  • Wang: Chinese surname derived from the characters “wang” and “ji” which respectively mean “King” and “of”. It is the third most widespread name in China.
  • Sharma: Indian surname of Sanskrit origin meaning joy or happiness. It is also one of the four names used to refer a Brahmin caste in Hindu Society.
  • Zhang: Chinese surname meaning “archer”. It is one of the oldest surnames in China and was once used to refer to those who lived near mountain passes.
  • Li: Chinese surname derived from ancient tribal name Lǐ whose members were known for their courage and strength. It is currently ranked second commonest last name in China.
  • Garcia: Spanish patronymic surname derived either directly or indirectly from Gerald, itself coming from Germanic elements ger (spear) and wald (rule).
  • Navarro: Spanish toponymic surname that originated in either Navarre province or region known as La Rioja in Spain. Its origin might also derive from Latin words navis (ship) and arrha (payment).
  • Hussain : Arabic derivation Husain / hussayn resembling small handsome one . Due its Islamic roots much popularly among Muslims around middle east & South Asia

Why do so many African Americans have last names of old presidents?

Many African Americans adopted the last names of old presidents as a form of political protest and empowerment.

During the period of Reconstruction, African Americans were denied basic civil rights and dignity–including the right to vote, own land or property, or keep their families together.

As a way to express their dissatisfaction with this oppressive system, many African Americans chose surnames inspired by former U.S. presidents in order to reclaim some measure of control over their identities and show pride in their heritage.

The practice was intended to demonstrate that they had a stake in the country’s history and destiny and that they deserved to be treated with respect.

Conclusion – Last Name List

It is clear that the origin of last names depend on a variety of factors including culture, religion, and language.

From Chinese surnames like Li and Wang to Indian patronyms such as Sharma and Hussain, there is a wealth of diversity in global last name origins.

Although many African Americans have adopted the last names of past presidents, this is due to its status as an honorary title rather than any connection to their own personal histories.

It is important to remember that everyone’s name has its own unique story and meaning.

No matter what your last name may be, it carries within it a powerful legacy – one which must be explored and understood.

Last names are not simply labels but gateways into our collective memories – each with its own vibrant and fascinating narrative.

Control over your identity is essential, so take the time to learn about and appreciate the history behind your name.

This article has provided a comprehensive overview of last name origins and their significance in society today.

We hope that it has been a helpful resource in understanding some of the most popular last names around the world.


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