Mexican Frittata

Mexican Frittata (Recipe)

Welcome to our recipe for a mouthwatering Mexican Frittata! If you’re looking for an easy frittata recipe that’s perfect for breakfast or brunch, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Mexican Frittata is packed with vibrant flavors and a perfect combination of ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds and start your day off right.

What makes this frittata so special? It’s a delightful blend of fluffy eggs, colorful bell peppers, onions, aromatic spices like cumin and black pepper, and a touch of salsa for that extra kick.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or looking for a gluten-free meal, this frittata fits the bill. It’s a healthy, flavorful, and filling dish that you can easily make at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our Mexican Frittata is an easy and delicious recipe for breakfast or brunch.
  • This frittata is packed with flavors from vegetables, spices, and a touch of salsa.
  • It’s a versatile dish that can be customized to suit your dietary preferences.
  • The Mexican Frittata is gluten-free and can be made vegetarian by omitting the meat.
  • Top it off with avocado, cilantro, or your favorite taco toppings for an extra burst of flavor.


To make a delicious Mexican Frittata, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Vegetables (bell peppers, onions)
  • Spices (cumin, black pepper)
  • Salsa
  • Optional: Cheese
  • Optional: Additional toppings

These ingredients come together to create a flavorful and nutritious frittata that can be enjoyed by vegetarians and those following a gluten-free diet. The combination of eggs, vegetables, and spices provides a healthy and satisfying meal option.

Why choose these ingredients?

The eggs form the base of the frittata, providing a protein-rich component. The vegetables give the frittata a burst of flavor and added nutrients.

Bell peppers and onions add a nice crunch and sweetness, while spices like cumin and black pepper enhance the overall taste. Salsa adds a tangy twist, complementing the other flavors perfectly.

Adding cheese is optional, but it adds a creamy texture and a rich flavor. You can choose your favorite type of cheese, such as cheddar or Monterey Jack, to personalize your frittata.

Additional toppings like avocado, cilantro, or sour cream can be added to elevate the presentation and taste of the dish.

With these ingredients, you can create a Mexican Frittata that is both delicious and packed with essential nutrients. It’s a versatile recipe that can be customized to suit your taste preferences and dietary needs.


Follow these simple steps to create a delicious Mexican Frittata for a quick and flavorful breakfast.

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. In a non-stick skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat.
  3. Once the oil is hot, add diced bell peppers and onions, and sauté until they are soft and slightly caramelized.
  4. In a mixing bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, black pepper, cumin, and any additional spices you prefer.
  5. Stir in the sautéed vegetables to the egg mixture and combine well.
  6. Lightly grease an oven-safe baking dish or cast-iron skillet.
  7. Pour the egg and vegetable mixture into the prepared dish or skillet.
  8. Bake in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes or until the frittata is set and the edges are golden brown.
  9. Remove from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes.
  10. Using a sharp knife, cut the frittata into wedges or squares.
  11. Serve warm and garnish with fresh cilantro or sliced avocado if desired.

Enjoy this easy Mexican Frittata recipe for a satisfying and flavorful breakfast option.


Make the Mexican Frittata your own by adding your favorite ingredients or trying these variations:

  • Add cooked chorizo or bacon for a meat lover’s frittata.
  • Include shredded cheese, such as cheddar or Monterey Jack, for an extra cheesy twist.
  • Experiment with different vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, or corn for unique flavor combinations.
  • Make it a vegetarian frittata by omitting the meat and adding more vegetables.
Ingredients Quantity
Eggs 6
Milk 1/4 cup
Olive oil 1 tablespoon
Bell peppers (diced) 1/2 cup
Onion (diced) 1/2 cup
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper 1/4 teaspoon
Cumin 1/2 teaspoon
Add any additional vegetables, spices, or toppings you prefer!

Nutritional Information

Knowing the nutritional content of the Mexican Frittata allows you to make informed choices about your meal.

Whether you’re focusing on a healthy diet, have specific dietary requirements, or simply curious about the stats, this section provides valuable insights.

The Mexican Frittata is not only delicious but also offers several health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the nutritional profile:


The Mexican Frittata is a satisfying and flavorful dish, with each serving containing approximately __ calories. It makes for a substantial breakfast or brunch option that will keep you energized throughout the day.

Fat Content

The Mexican Frittata is a relatively low-fat dish, allowing you to enjoy a flavorful meal without excessive fat intake. It contains approximately __ grams of fat per serving, making it a great option for those watching their fat consumption.

Carbohydrate Content

For individuals following a low-carb diet or managing their carbohydrate intake, the Mexican Frittata is a great choice.

It contains approximately __ grams of carbohydrates per serving, ensuring you can enjoy a delicious meal while keeping your carbohydrate intake in check.

Protein Content

The Mexican Frittata packs a protein punch, making it a satisfying and nutritious option for any mealtime. With approximately __ grams of protein per serving, it provides a substantial amount of this essential macronutrient to support your daily nutritional needs.

As an added bonus, the Mexican Frittata is also gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the nutritional content of the Mexican Frittata, you can make an informed decision about incorporating this delicious and healthy dish into your meal rotation.

Fuel your day with a flavorful, gluten-free frittata that is both satisfying and nutritious!


Looking to give your Mexican Frittata a personalized twist? This versatile recipe allows for endless customization, ensuring it caters to your preferences and dietary needs. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity:

Vegetarian Delight

Create a vegetarian frittata by simply omitting the meat. Load it up with an array of vibrant vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini. The result will be a healthy and flavorful dish that will delight both herbivores and omnivores alike.

Cheesy Goodness

If you’re a cheese lover, go ahead and experiment with different types of cheese. Try adding crumbled feta for a tangy twist or melted Monterey Jack for extra creaminess. The ooey-gooey goodness will take your Mexican Frittata to the next level of indulgence.

Protein Power

Want to boost the protein content of your frittata? Swap out the meat and add protein-packed ingredients like black beans, chickpeas, or tofu. These additions will provide a satisfying and nutritious option that will keep you fueled throughout the day.

Spice it Up

If you’re a fan of bold flavors, play with the spices in your Mexican Frittata. Increase the heat by adding some diced jalapeños or sprinkle in some smoky paprika for a depth of flavor.

You can also experiment with different herbs like cilantro or oregano to add a fresh and aromatic touch.

Custom Combinations

Feel free to mix and match various ingredients to create your own unique frittata combination. From caramelized onions and roasted red peppers to avocado and corn, the possibilities are endless.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the delicious outcome of your culinary explorations.

With these variations, each bite of your Mexican Frittata will be a delightful surprise. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen and make this easy frittata recipe truly your own!

Serving Suggestions

Now that your Mexican Frittata is ready to be enjoyed, let’s explore some fantastic serving suggestions to elevate your breakfast or brunch experience.

Whether you prefer to savor the frittata on its own or pair it with complementary side dishes, there are plenty of options to suit your taste buds.

1. Standalone Delight

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Enjoy the Mexican Frittata as the star of the show by serving it on its own. Cut it into wedges or squares and place them on a serving platter. The vibrant colors of the vegetables and the tantalizing aroma of the spices will invite your guests to dig in and savor every bite.

2. Fresh and Flavorful

For a refreshing twist, serve the frittata with a side salad. The crispness of lettuce, the tanginess of tomatoes, and the earthiness of avocado will beautifully complement the flavors of the Mexican Frittata. Drizzle some lime vinaigrette or your favorite dressing over the salad for an extra burst of flavor.

3. Hearty and Satisfying

If you’re looking for a heartier meal, consider pairing the frittata with roasted potatoes. The crispy exterior and tender interior of the potatoes will provide a delightful contrast to the fluffy texture of the frittata.

Season the potatoes with herbs and spices like rosemary and paprika to enhance their flavor.

4. Taco-Inspired Toppings

Embrace the Mexican flavors by topping your frittata with classic taco accompaniments.

Sliced avocado, fresh cilantro, tangy salsa, and a dollop of sour cream will add a burst of vibrant flavors and textures to your frittata. Customize it further with some pickled jalapeños or a squeeze of lime juice.

Pick the serving suggestion that appeals to you the most or get creative and try a combination of these ideas. The versatility of the Mexican Frittata allows you to cater to your personal preferences and create a meal that reflects your unique taste.

Now that we’ve explored the various serving suggestions, it’s time to dive into the world of flavors and textures. Don’t resist the temptation. Enjoy your Mexican Frittata in whichever way brings you the most joy!

Serving Suggestions Description
Standalone Delight Serve the frittata on its own, allowing its flavors and aromas to shine.
Fresh and Flavorful Pair the frittata with a side salad for a refreshing combination.
Hearty and Satisfying Serve the frittata with roasted potatoes for a hearty and satisfying meal.
Taco-Inspired Toppings Top the frittata with avocado, cilantro, salsa, and sour cream for a taco-inspired twist.


What is a Mexican Frittata?

A Mexican Frittata is a delicious egg dish that combines traditional Mexican flavors with a classic frittata. It is typically made with ingredients like eggs, vegetables, spices, and salsa, giving it a unique and flavorful twist.

Is the Mexican Frittata recipe vegetarian?

Yes, the Mexican Frittata recipe is vegetarian. It does not include any meat, making it a great option for vegetarians or those who are looking for meat-free meals.

Can the Mexican Frittata be made gluten-free?

Yes, the Mexican Frittata can easily be made gluten-free. Just ensure that all the ingredients you use, including the spices and salsa, are gluten-free certified.

How long does it take to make the Mexican Frittata?

The preparation time for the Mexican Frittata is approximately 15 minutes, and the baking time is around 30 minutes, making it a quick and easy dish to prepare.

Can I customize the Mexican Frittata recipe?

Absolutely! The Mexican Frittata recipe can be easily customized to suit your taste preferences. You can add or substitute different vegetables, cheeses, or proteins to make it your own.

What are some suggested side dishes to serve with the Mexican Frittata?

The Mexican Frittata can be served on its own for a satisfying breakfast or brunch. However, you can also pair it with side dishes like a fresh salad or roasted potatoes to make it a complete meal.

Can I add additional toppings to the Mexican Frittata?

Yes! The Mexican Frittata can be topped with your favorite taco toppings such as avocado, cilantro, sour cream, or salsa to enhance its flavors and add extra appeal.


The Mexican Frittata is a versatile and delicious dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast or brunch. With its easy frittata recipe, it is a perfect choice for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal.

Preparing this breakfast frittata is a breeze, requiring simple ingredients like eggs, vegetables, and spices. The step-by-step instructions ensure a foolproof cooking process, resulting in a flavorful and fluffy frittata.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or looking for a gluten-free option, the Mexican Frittata can be easily customized to suit your preferences.

You can add a variety of vegetables and cheeses to create your own unique twist on this classic recipe.

So why not give this easy frittata recipe a try? The Mexican Frittata’s bold flavors and nutritional benefits make it a winner for any mealtime.

Surprise your family and friends with this satisfying dish, and enjoy a taste of Mexico in every bite. Buen provecho!

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