Movies About Success (List)

Movies have the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke powerful emotions, and inspire us to reach for our dreams. When it comes to success, there are countless films that tell stories of triumph, resilience, and determination. These movies not only entertain but also serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for viewers.

Movies About Success

From tales of overcoming adversity to stories of personal growth and achievement, here are some must-watch motivational movies that celebrate the theme of success:

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness, directed by Gabriele Muccino and starring Will Smith, is an inspiring film based on a true story. This movie tells the tale of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who faces homelessness with his young son. Despite the numerous challenges he encounters, Gardner’s determination and hard work propel him towards success.

“The Pursuit of Happyness is a powerful and moving film that showcases the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit. It reminds viewers that success is not merely a destination but a journey filled with obstacles to overcome.” – Director Gabriele Muccino

Chris Gardner’s story is a powerful reminder that success can be achieved even in the most challenging circumstances. Determined to create a better life for himself and his son, Gardner manages to secure an unpaid internship at a prestigious brokerage firm. Through his dedication and unwavering commitment, he eventually becomes a successful stockbroker, defying all odds.

This film is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of happiness. It portrays the reality that success often requires hard work, dedication, and the ability to persevere amidst difficult circumstances. The Pursuit of Happyness serves as a reminder that with determination and unwavering belief in oneself, anyone can reach their goals.

Key Takeaways from The Pursuit of Happyness:

  • Success can be achieved even in challenging circumstances.
  • Determination and hard work are essential ingredients for success.
  • Resilience and perseverance are crucial in overcoming obstacles.
  • Belief in oneself is a powerful catalyst for achieving goals.
Director Starring Genre Release Year
Gabriele Muccino Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Thandie Newton Drama, Biography 2006

The King’s Speech

“The King’s Speech,” directed by Tom Hooper, is a biographical drama that tells the story of King George VI of the United Kingdom and his struggle with speech impediment. The film highlights the king’s determination and perseverance as he seeks the help of a speech therapist to overcome his stammer. Through hard work and dedication, he manages to deliver a crucial speech that unites the nation during a time of crisis. This movie serves as an inspiration for those facing personal challenges and showcases the power of perseverance and self-belief.

Overcoming Adversity

In “The King’s Speech,” viewers witness the inspiring journey of King George VI as he battles his speech impediment. The film portrays the difficulties he faces, the frustrations he endures, and the overwhelming pressure to perform his royal duties with dignity. Despite the odds stacked against him, the king’s unwavering determination shines through as he confronts his insecurities head-on. This story of triumph over adversity resonates with audiences, inspiring them to push through their own obstacles and believe in their abilities.

Main Themes Key Takeaways
Perseverance The power of never giving up, even in the face of adversity
Self-belief The importance of having confidence in oneself
Determination The drive to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth

The King’s Speech serves as a reminder that success is not always easy or immediate. It requires hard work, dedication, and the courage to face one’s weaknesses. The film resonates with viewers who are navigating their own personal challenges, encouraging them to persevere and believe in their own abilities. Through the powerful portrayal of King George VI’s journey, “The King’s Speech” inspires audiences and showcases the transformative power of determination and self-belief.

Darkest Hour

Directed by Joe Wright, Darkest Hour is a historical drama that showcases the remarkable leadership of Winston Churchill during World War II. This critically acclaimed film highlights Churchill’s unwavering determination to lead the United Kingdom against the Nazis, even in the face of opposition and doubt from his own government.

Through strategic thinking and resolute decision-making, Churchill guides the nation through the darkest hours of the war, ensuring unity and inspiring the British people to fight against the impending threat. His indomitable spirit and perseverance serve as a profound example of effective leadership in the face of adversity.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

As depicted in Darkest Hour, Churchill’s success in rallying the nation and achieving goals stems from his commitment to his principles, unwavering resolve, and the ability to inspire others. This film serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and resolute leadership, inspiring viewers to face challenges head-on and overcome obstacles in their own pursuit of success.


“Secretariat,” directed by Randall Wallace, is the true story of the legendary racehorse and its owner, Penny Chenery. The film portrays Chenery’s determination and dedication to achieving greatness in the male-dominated world of horse racing. Against all odds, Secretariat becomes one of the greatest racehorses in history, winning the Triple Crown. This movie celebrates the spirit of perseverance and showcases the success that can be achieved through hard work, passion, and belief in oneself.

Film Details Key Takeaways
Director: Randall Wallace
Release Year: 2010
Genre: Sports, Drama, Biography
Main Cast:
  • Diane Lane as Penny Chenery
  • John Malkovich as Lucien Laurin
  • Margo Martindale as Miss Ham

Through the inspiring journey of Secretariat and Penny Chenery, viewers are reminded of the power of determination and resilience. This film highlights the tenacity required to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success. Secretariat’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for individuals pursuing their dreams, proving that with unwavering belief and dedication, greatness can be achieved.


“Joy,” directed by David O. Russell, is a biographical comedy-drama that tells the story of Joy Mangano, a struggling single mother who becomes a successful entrepreneur. The film follows Joy as she invents the self-wringing Miracle Mop and overcomes numerous obstacles to bring her invention to market. Through sheer determination and resilience, Joy achieves great success and builds a thriving business empire. This movie serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the rewards that come from pursuing one’s dreams.

Key Film Details:

  • Title: Joy
  • Director: David O. Russell
  • Genre: Biographical, Comedy-drama
  • Release Year: 2015
  • Main Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper

“Fight for yourself, don’t let anyone take your joy away.”
– Joy Mangano

Why It Inspires Success:

“Joy” is a captivating film that shines a light on the journey of a determined and resilient individual. Joy Mangano’s story is a testament to the power of persistence and self-belief. Through her unwavering commitment to her vision, she overcomes obstacles and turns her invention into a thriving business. This movie exemplifies the qualities needed for success – a strong drive, creativity, and the ability to overcome challenges. It inspires viewers to pursue their dreams and embrace the opportunities that come their way.

Top Themes of “Joy”

Themes Description
Determination Joy’s unwavering resolve to turn her invention into a success despite facing numerous hurdles.
Resilience How Joy bounces back from failures, rejections, and setbacks to achieve her goals.
Entrepreneurship The entrepreneurial spirit showcased by Joy as she builds her business empire.
Belief in oneself Joy’s confidence in her abilities that fuels her drive and helps her navigate the challenges.
Family support The role of Joy’s family in providing encouragement and support throughout her journey.

Through the story of Joy Mangano, “Joy” inspires viewers to pursue their dreams and demonstrates that success is attainable with determination, resilience, and self-belief. It is a powerful reminder that embracing one’s passion and persevering through challenges can lead to fulfilling accomplishments and a joyful life.


“Whiplash,” directed by Damien Chazelle, is a gripping drama film that delves into the relentless pursuit of greatness in the world of music. This intense and captivating movie follows the story of Andrew, a young jazz drummer who enrolls in a prestigious music conservatory and crosses paths with a demanding and ruthless instructor, Terence Fletcher.

Andrew’s journey to become one of the greatest drummers of his generation is marked by sacrifice, dedication, and unwavering commitment. He faces grueling rehearsals, relentless criticism, and constant pressure to surpass his limits. The film illustrates the lengths to which individuals must go to achieve success in their chosen field, highlighting the sacrifices and hardships they must endure.

As the story unfolds, “Whiplash” showcases the complexities of the teacher-student dynamic and the psychological toll that the pursuit of excellence can take. It raises questions about the balance between pushing oneself to greatness and the toll it can have on mental and emotional well-being.

Through its intense performances, remarkable cinematography, and a powerful musical score, “Whiplash” immerses viewers in the world of jazz and underscores the dedication and discipline required to achieve greatness. This film serves as a reminder that success often comes at a price and motivates audiences to push their own limits in the pursuit of their dreams.

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job.'” – Terence Fletcher

Key Takeaways from “Whiplash”

  • The pursuit of greatness often requires sacrifice and relentless dedication.
  • Success can come at a high cost to one’s personal life and well-being.
  • The teacher-student dynamic can be complicated and demanding.
  • Pushing oneself beyond perceived limits is essential to achieve exceptional results.
  • The pursuit of excellence requires unwavering commitment and resilience.
Director Cast Genre Release Year
Damien Chazelle Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons Drama, Music 2014

The Legend of Bagger Vance

“The Legend of Bagger Vance,” directed by Robert Redford, is a sports drama that combines golf with themes of personal growth and self-discovery. The film follows the journey of a washed-up golfer who receives guidance from a mysterious caddy named Bagger Vance. With Vance’s help, the golfer learns to overcome his personal demons and rediscover his love for the game. This movie explores the power of mentorship and the pursuit of excellence.

This image captures the essence of the film, showcasing the main characters and the golf course backdrop that sets the stage for the story. It serves as a visual representation of the themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the pursuit of excellence that “The Legend of Bagger Vance” portrays.

Coco Before Chanel

“Coco Before Chanel,” directed by Anne Fontaine, is a biographical drama that portrays the early life of iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel. The film showcases Chanel’s journey from a humble background to becoming a symbol of elegance and success in the fashion world. Through hard work, determination, and unconventional choices, Chanel sets herself apart and builds a fashion empire. This movie celebrates the power of individuality and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Elegance in Every Stitch

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

– Coco Chanel

In “Coco Before Chanel,” viewers are treated to a glimpse of the fashion icon’s early life. From her humble beginnings as an orphan in a French countryside convent, Coco Chanel defies societal norms and forges her own path in the world of fashion. This biographical drama captures Chanel’s unwavering determination and her relentless pursuit of her goals.

The movie portrays Coco Chanel’s unique style and approach to fashion, highlighting her iconic designs and revolutionary ideas that continue to shape the industry to this day. Through sheer talent and a strong belief in her vision, Chanel creates a fashion empire that stands the test of time.

Through her story, “Coco Before Chanel” inspires and encourages viewers to follow their own dreams and embrace their individuality. Chanel’s success is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and the courage to challenge conventions.

Key Takeaways from “Coco Before Chanel”

  • Embrace your individuality: Chanel’s journey is a testament to the power of being true to oneself and expressing one’s unique vision.
  • Hard work pays off: Chanel’s success was not handed to her on a silver platter. She worked tirelessly to build her fashion empire, facing numerous challenges along the way.
  • Challenge the status quo: Chanel’s unconventional choices and revolutionary designs challenged the norms of her time, redefining the boundaries of fashion.
Movie Director Main Cast
Coco Before Chanel Anne Fontaine Audrey Tautou, Benoît Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola

“Coco Before Chanel” stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Coco Chanel and her influence on the world of fashion. This movie inspires individuals to pursue their dreams, embrace their uniqueness, and strive for success, no matter their background or circumstances.


The movies listed above offer inspiring stories of success and serve as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and resilience, anyone can achieve their goals. These films provide valuable life lessons and demonstrate the power of perseverance, self-belief, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Whether it be overcoming personal challenges, achieving greatness in a chosen field, or making a difference in the world, these movies inspire and motivate viewers to embrace their own journey towards success.

From the true story of Chris Gardner in “The Pursuit of Happyness,” to the perseverance and leadership of Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour,” each of these films captivates audiences and highlights the triumphs of individuals in the face of adversity.

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and let these top movies on success whisk you away into a world of inspiration and motivate you to pursue your dreams.


Are these movies based on true stories?

Yes, several of the movies on this list are based on true stories.

What life lessons can I learn from these movies?

These movies offer valuable lessons on perseverance, hard work, determination, and self-belief.

Can these movies inspire me to achieve my goals?

Absolutely! These films are designed to inspire and motivate viewers to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges.

Are these movies suitable for all ages?

While most of the movies on this list are suitable for a general audience, it’s always a good idea to check the ratings and content warnings beforehand.

Can I watch these movies with my family?

Yes, many of these movies are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

Where can I watch these movies?

These movies can be rented or purchased from various online platforms or DVD retailers. They may also be available for streaming on certain subscription-based services.

Are these movies in English?

Most of the movies on this list are in English, but some may have subtitles available in other languages.

Can I find these movies on streaming platforms?

Yes, some of these movies may be available for streaming on popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. However, availability may vary depending on your location and subscription.

Are these movies suitable for educational purposes?

Definitely! Many of these movies can be used in educational settings to inspire discussions and teach important life lessons.

Can these movies inspire me in my professional life?

Absolutely! These films showcase the journey to success and can provide valuable inspiration for achieving one’s professional goals.

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