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147+ Names That Mean Anger [All Categories]

Names that mean anger are usually chosen based on their connotations and associations with the emotion of anger.

These names can have different characteristics and purposes depending on the cultural and historical contexts in which they are used.

Some common characteristics of names that mean anger include:

  • Meaning: These names often have meanings that are related to anger, such as “rage,” “fury,” or “wrath.”
  • Sounds: The sounds of these names may be harsh or intense, with sharp consonants or long vowel sounds that evoke a sense of passion or aggression.
  • Origins: Names that mean anger may come from different cultures and languages, reflecting the diversity of human experience and expression.

The purposes of names that mean anger can vary depending on the context in which they are used.

In some cases, these names may be chosen to convey a sense of strength, power, or fierceness.

For example, a warrior or athlete might choose a name that means anger to represent their competitive spirit and determination.

In other cases, names that mean anger may be chosen to express a sense of rebellion or resistance.

This might be seen in names chosen by individuals or groups who feel oppressed or marginalized, as a way of asserting their identity and defiance against societal norms and expectations.

However, it’s important to note that while names that mean anger can be powerful and meaningful, they can also be stigmatizing or harmful if used in a negative way.

It’s essential to approach these names with sensitivity and respect, recognizing that they represent a complex range of emotions and experiences.

These names aren’t meant to be taken as literal names that mean anger, but could be good choices for a story or other setting.

Let’s take a look.

Names That Mean Anger

Some names that mean anger:

  • Aiden: This name is associated with Celtic and Gaelic origins, meaning “fiery” or “little fire.”
  • Flynn: From an Irish surname, it means “son of the red-haired one” or “ruddy-complexioned.”
  • Oren: Originating from Hebrew, it is a masculine given name meaning “pine tree” or “ash tree.”
  • Zafir: This Arabic and Hebrew name means “victorious” and is also known to be the name of a character in Arabian mythology who symbolizes anger and defiance.
  • Cerberus: Derived from Greek mythology, this name was used for an enormous three-headed dog who guarded the gates of the Underworld – often viewed as an example of contented wrath and anger held within boundaries and limits.
  • Darius: Meaning “rich and kingly,” this Persian name was borne by five kings of Persia between 522 BC-486 BC, making it a powerful representation for someone who knows how to control their anger in difficult situations.
  • Blaze: While this English word had various meanings in the past such as ‘torch,” today it is synonymous with ‘fierce intensity.’ It’s an apt reminder to channel your anger into productive energy rather than letting it consume you completely!

Male Names That Mean Anger

Some male names that mean anger:

  • Aodh – derived from the Irish word for “fire”. It is believed to bring strength and courage to those who bear the name.
  • Fahd – This Arabic name means “lion” and implies great strength, power, and anger.
  • Kemal – A Turkish name meaning “perfection”. It carries an implication of strong emotions such as frustration and annoyance.
  • Tristan – Of Celtic origin, this name means “outrageous”. It carries a sense of uncontrolled rage and emotionality.
  • Ryu – This Japanese name translates to “dragon”, implying a powerful force with a wild temper that can quickly turn aggressive and feisty when provoked.

Female Names That Mean Anger

Some female names that mean anger:

  • Maia – A Greek name meaning “rage”. It symbolizes a passionate nature and fierce anger that cannot be easily controlled.
  • Brynhildr – Derived from Norse mythology, this name is associated with intense emotions such as fury and wrath.
  • Verity – An English name meaning “truth”. It can represent truth in its most extreme form–anger and revenge.
  • Amaris – This Hebrew name translates to “promise of God”. It carries a suggestion of great strength, both physical and emotional, including feelings of rage when provoked.
  • Savitar – From Hindu mythology, this name means “God of Motion” and implies an unstoppable force with a wild temper that can quickly turn aggressive when provoked.

American Names That Mean Anger

Some American names that mean anger:

  • Tristan – A name derived from the Celtic word for “tumult” or “uproar”.
  • Fury – This moniker, which may surprise some, derives from Old English and means “fiery-tempered”.
  • Aiden – This name is of Irish origin and means “little fiery one”.
  • Kael – Derived from Gaelic and meaning “slender”, but with a hint of an angry personality.
  • Caleb – A Biblical name that has Hebrew origins, translating to “dog” but with the implication of being brave and fierce.
  • Marley – Meaning “sea of bitterness” in Old English, this unisex name is fitting for someone who always speaks their mind despite any consequences.
  • Rage – As expected, this moniker embodies its definition perfectly in that it means “uncontrolled anger”.
  • Spencer – Of Latin roots, this name translates to “steward” or “administrator” but can be seen as somebody who takes charge when need be due to their boldness and forceful aura during such times.

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Japanese Names That Mean Anger

Below we have several Japanese names that mean anger:

  • Akira -This name is a combination of two kanji characters meaning “bright” and “anger” respectively.
  • Hinoru – A popular choice, this moniker means “ferocious” or “fierce”.
  • Kazunori – This name consists of two kanji characters that mean “harmony” and “anger” respectively, the second one implying someone who speaks up when wronged.
  • Tatsuya – Meaning “to be ambitious” in Japanese, this gender-neutral option is perfect for somebody passionate and determined to achieve their goals despite what obstacles they may face along the way.
  • Koichi – Translating to either “righteousness” or “child of strength”, it implies somebody with a strong will and temper that won’t take any nonsense from anyone else or themselves.
  • Haruka – Another gender-neutral choice, this moniker can mean either “distant” or “fragrant anger”.
  • Renzo – Consisting of two kanji characters which can be combined to mean “polite man’s anger”, this one is ideal for somebody who never lets their emotions truly show yet are still capable of expressing their feelings as required when absolutely necessary.
  • Jinzai – Derived from the words for human (jin) and anger (zai), this name implies someone whose emotional range reaches both ends of the spectrum depending on the situation at hand.

Italian Names That Mean Anger

Some Italian names that mean anger:

  • Gianfranco – Meaning “God’s anger” in Italian, this name is perfect for somebody who speaks up when necessary and is passionate about justice.
  • Giovanni – Translating to “God is gracious”, this moniker could hint at someone with a fiery temper and strong sense of loyalty who can be both gentle and assertive when needed.
  • Paolo – Derived from the Latin “Paulus”, it translates to “little” or “humble” but also implies someone who shows courage and strength during times of difficulty.
  • Sergio – The combination of two Latin words meaning “servant” and “anger”, this name implies somebody who quickly comes to their own defense if need be and stands up against those who seek to do them harm.
  • Francesco – This moniker has an Old French origin and means “free man”. It hints at somebody with a strong sense of independence that doesn’t take kindly to being controlled by anyone else’s will or rules.
  • Fabrizio – Deriving from the Latin word meaning “smith”, it can imply someone with a temperament as hot as a forge fire tempered only by their willpower which they use to turn adversity into success instead of destruction.
  • Nicolo – This name consists of two Greek roots meaning “victory” and “anger” respectively, pointing towards someone determined enough to overcome any obstacles placed in their way through sheer willpower alone if need be.
  • Alessio – A combination of two Latin words which translate to “defend” and “anger” respectively, this name implies somebody capable of protecting themselves not just physically but emotionally too if the situation calls for it.

Spanish Names That Mean Anger

Some Spanish names that mean anger:

  • Fernando – A combination of two Latin words which translate to “adventurous” and “anger”, it suggests someone with the courage to stand up against what they believe is wrong and remain firm in their conviction even when faced with adversity.
  • Pablo – Derived from “Paulus”, this name means “small” or “humble” but can also suggest someone who is willing to show both gentleness and strength in one person depending on the circumstances.
  • Ramon – Deriving from a Germanic root meaning “shield”, it implies someone who remains unperturbed by any sort of criticism or attack and chooses instead to direct their energy into defending themselves and those around them if need be.
  • Juan – Translating to either “grace” or “God’s mercy”, it could hint at an individual passionate about justice that also has a strong temper which they keep in check until absolutely necessary for them to unleash its full force.
  • Miguel – Meaning “who resembles God”, this moniker could signify somebody with a righteous attitude but also the capability to channel their anger constructively when facing difficult circumstances instead of letting it consume them entirely.
  • Manuel – Derived from two Hebrew words meaning “God is with us”, this choice implies somebody reliable yet able to quickly become enraged if provoked too far beyond what they’re willing to tolerate any further still remaining level-headed at all times as well.
  • Enrique – This name has both Arabic origins (meaning “ruler”) as well as Latin (meaning “home-ruler”), a combination that hints at an individual capable of showing great ferocity towards those that dare cross their path without ever faltering in their loyalty towards those within their own walls too.
  • Santiago – Translating to “Saint James”, this moniker implies somebody determined enough to fight for their beliefs using whatever tools or weapons necessary yet restrained enough not let any emotions cloud their judgment during battles either real or metaphorical alike.

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Hebrew Names That Mean Anger

Some Hebrew names that mean anger:

  • Ariel – Derived from the Hebrew “Ari-El,” this name means “lion of God” and implies somebody with a righteous attitude who won’t hesitate to rise up against any perceived injustice with ferocity and courage backed by their faith in Him.
  • Nahum – Translating to “consolation”, this moniker symbolizes someone who is strong and unafraid to stand up for the underdogs while still being able to control their temper no matter how difficult the situation may be.
  • Elijah – A combination of two Hebrew words meaning “God” and “Yahweh”, it points towards an individual both brave enough to overcome any obstacles as well as wise enough not let it consume them entirely when on the path of redemption or justice wanted by Yahweh itself.
  • Judah – Meaning “praise”, this name hints at somebody with a fiery temper but still one that can remain level-headed when needed most of all so they can put their own frustrations aside for the greater good if need be too.
  • Ezra – Deriving from an old Hebrew root meaning “helper”, it could signify someone willing to go above and beyond for those around them even if it initially illicits a fierce reaction on their behalf as well if need be too.
  • Samuel – Combining “God” and “heard” in its etymology, this moniker implies somebody capable of putting their emotions aside momentarily in order to pay attention to a voice other than their own conscience if need be during times of great stress or fear too.
  • Abraham – The name Abraham comes from Hebrew roots which mean “father of many nations”, hinting at somebody capable of showing great passion for justice without ever forgetting about loyalty towards his kin either real or metaphorical alike as well.
  • Isaiah – This name has its origin in two Hebrew words meaning “salvation” and “anger” respectively, pointing towards an individual determined enough never give up while still remaining calm under pressure no matter how intense the situation may be either way too.

African Names That Mean Anger

Below we have several African names that mean anger:

  • Fumba – Deriving from a swahili term meaning “one who has been tested by fire”, this moniker implies somebody brave enough to face every single challenge with both strength and resolution no matter how much it might cost them too.
  • Ade – Translating to “crown”, this name suggests someone capable of channeling their anger into something productive rather than letting it consume them entirely if faced with difficulty or obstacles instead.
  • Bello – This is an Arabic term meaning “handsome”, but it also hints towards someone who can turn what may seem like a disadvantage into a kind of power that gets things done even when faced with mean ones or those that have no understanding whatsoever for the cause either way.
  • Mgvozo – Meaning “warrior”, this moniker is suggestive of an individual determined to stand up against any injustice they encounter in life without ever forgetting about justice and mercy during times of conflict alike as well.
  • Yawaddu – Derived from two fulani words meaning “to help” and “anger” respectively, it implies somebody willing to help others even as they get angry at the world for its unfairness against some and privilege to others alike likewise too.
  • Danieli – A combination of two Hebrew words translating to “God is my judge”, it points towards an individual passionate towards fairness and justice yet still wise enough not let their own frustrations cloud their better judgment if need be so as not to jeopardize their goal there instead as well.
  • Kossou – Translating to “truth”, this African choice implies somebody unafraid of unleashing their true potential whenever needed most in order to put an end injustices such as those related inequality or other issues bothering the community for too long already too .
  • Dinari – Originating from Swahili words meaning “valiant” and “anger” respectively, this moniker could hint at somebody always willing enough to fight for what’s right no matter how much opposition they face but still being able to keep themselves from being consumed by hatred either way.

Korean Names That Mean Anger

Several Korean names that mean anger:

  • Haerang – Translating to “thunder”, this name implies somebody with a passionate heart but still able to remain calm even in the face of a storm when it comes down to it every single time really.
  • Seonhwa – This is an old Korean word meaning “forceful” and indicates a person capable of standing up for what’s right without ever letting their anger get away from them no matter how hard things may become at any given time either way there.
  • Yujin – This moniker derives from two separate Korean words meaning “bravery” and “anger”, pointing towards someone who uses their passion as fuel in order to achieve justice if need be during times of great adversity likewise too.
  • Jeongin – Meaning “steadfastness”, this Korean choice hints at an individual brave enough to keep the fight going no matter how much they might want to give up momentarily but still wise enough not let it consume them completely instead all the same as well right there.
  • Chungha – Derived from two words translating to “righteous” and “anger”, it denotes somebody owning up courageously and invariably for their beliefs whenever needed most but never forgetting about mercy even against opponents alike as well then too.
  • Sujin –This name combines two separate terms suggesting both “constraint” and “anger” respectively, implying that the bearer is both passionate enough to stand up for those unable or unwilling to do so themselves yet wise enough not let emotions cloud his judgment either way too very easily.
  • Dahae – Deriving from a combination of words denoting both “openness” and “anger” respectively, this unique Korean name suggests somebody always willing and ready take on whatever life throws his way while also maintaining awareness over any outbursts that could potentially harm themselves or others.
  • Gyeongsu – Translating to “hero”, this moniker points towards an individual unafraid of fighting against injustice while still being able control their temper.

Names That Mean Anger in Arabic

Names that mean anger in Arabic:

  • Haroun – Translating to “Aaron”, this name implies somebody who may be angry on the outside but still wise enough to keep the intensity of such feelings under control inside so as not to jeopardize his own goal along the way there instead.
  • Tarif – Meaning “noble” or “strong” in Arabic, this moniker is suggestive of an individual brave enough to face any opposition without fear and yet also conscious enough about respectable behavior during times of intense passions as well then too no doubt here now for sure alright then now over time learn more later.
  • Suleiman – Deriving from two words meaning “peaceful” and “anger” respectively, this unique Arabic choice implies a person capable of using their own rage as fuel whenever needed most in order get things done but still wise enough not let it determine their actions entirely either way back again over there.
  • Athar – This Arabic name combines two words indicating both “knowledge” and “anger” respectively, suggesting an individual not afraid of speaking up against injustices but also possessing enough knowledge not let emotion cloud judgment.
  • Mahir – Meaning “skilled”, it implies somebody determined to fight against unfairness even when faced with great adversities but still able to remain focused on what’s important.

French Names That Mean Anger

Some French names that mean anger:

  • Angèle: This name means “angel,” but it is derived from the Greek word for “anger”.
  • Fureur: This name is derived from the Latin word for “rage” and it carries a strong meaning of anger.
  • Furie: This is another Latin-derived name meaning “fury.” It carries a heavy feeling of an intense, uncontrolled anger.
  • Éloge: The French version of Eloge means “praise”, but its Latin root, elogium, translates to “outburst of anger.”
  • Colère: A classic French name that means exactly what you would expect – anger.
  • Rune: Although this adorable Scandinavian male name has more cheerful overtones when translated in English, it still holds its origin as a Germanic word for “wrath” or “anger”.

Latin Names That Mean Anger

Some Latin names that mean anger:

  • Iracundia: This name translates to “irascible,” belonging to someone who is easily angered.
  • Ira: An old Latin name meaning “anger”, this was once seen as an unfashionable choice for a baby name but has recently been making a comeback due to its strong character.
  • Furor: Derived from the Latin word for “rage” and carrying strong implications of anger, this name is fitting for a determined or fiery individual.
  • Venusta: Although this elegant female name translates to “lovely”, it has its origins in the Latin word for “wrath”.
  • Bellona: A respected Roman goddess of war and battles, her name carries with it a sense of extreme anger.

Asian Names That Mean Anger

Some Asian names that mean anger:

  • Onikage: This Japanese name translates to “Demon Shadow” and carries the powerful meaning of great anger.
  • Tatsuo: This monosyllabic Japanese name is derived from a combination of two characters, both with strong associations of anger.
  • Yuriko: This peaceful sounding female Japanese name carries the etymology of “lily” and “anger”, making it a lovely but fierce choice for a baby girl.
  • Gao: A Chinese given name which derives from the words for “high” and “angry”, this can be used for either gender.
  • Chaoyi: A beautiful unisex Chinese name which means “One Who Is Filled With Anger”.

Symbolic Names That Mean Anger

Some symbolic names that mean anger:

  • Efreet: A mythical creature from Arabic folklore, an efreet is a powerful entity of smoke and fire that is known to display fierce anger.
  • Vastus: This Latin given name carries the powerful meaning of “ferocious” or “fierce anger”.
  • Typhon: A mythical Greek monster, Typhon was known for having an uncontrollable rage that led him to wreak havoc wherever he went.
  • Fury: This English given name evokes the image of an angry goddess with a spiked whip in hand.
  • Hades: The ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology, Hades is surrounded by dark forces and carried with it connotations of wrathful anger.

Last Names That Mean Anger

Some surnames that mean anger:

  • Drayton: This English surname has Germanic origins and means ‘valley of anger’.
  • McQuillan: This Irish last name is derived from Mac Uilliam, meaning “son of William” and has been said to mean “willful or hot-tempered”.
  • Worcester: An Anglo-Saxon origin last name which means “dangerous anger”
  • Harkness: A Scottish locational name with the meaning of “harshness” or “outspoken in anger”.
  • Ragevald: A Scandinavian last name which translates to “power of rage”.

Mean Names

A few mean names:

  • Agamemnon: This Greek name was given to the mythological King of Mycenae who sacrificed Iphigenia, resulting in his former wife’s wrath.
  • Loki: In Norse mythology, Loki is a trickster god known for stirring up trouble and trickery.
  • Orinoco: A Spanish-Indian word for “angry river”, it has come to encompass feelings of frustration and anger.
  • Balthasar: Derived from Babylonian origins, this name means “God protects the king” but often carries the meaning of deep displeasure or annoyance.
  • Agrotera: This Greek goddess of hunting embodies nature’s fury, passion, and relentless anger.

Cursed Names

Some cursed names:

  • Sadhbh: This Irish name translates to “she who brings sorrow” or “cursed”.
  • Maledictus: An old Latin term meaning one cursed or damned by the gods.
  • Pandora: In Greek mythology, Pandora was given a box containing all of humankind’s troubles and sorrows.
  • Nimrod: The biblical figure of Nimrod is most often associated as a wicked, tyrant ruler who acted against God’s will.
  • Gaia: Also known as Ge, this deity in Ancient Greece was said to be the original being that caused death and destruction on earth.

FAQs – Names That Mean Anger

What are some psycho names?

Below are some psycho names:

  • Narcissus: Named after the Greek mythological figure of narcissism, this name carries a connotation of self-importance and vanity.
  • Lavinia: The Roman female heroine cursed to become an ogress due to her mother’s jealous rage.
  • Medea: This well-known character from Greek mythology killed her own children in order to hurt their father.
  • Oberon: King of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon was portrayed as being unpredictable and manipulative.
  • Caliban: From William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Caliban is a creature that many describe as having animalistic behaviors which make him prone to violence.

What are the scariest names?

The scariest names might include:

  • Lilith: In Jewish folktales and mythology, Lilith is a dangerous female demon who preys upon newborn infants.
  • Abaddon: An angel of death and destruction in the Hebrew Bible, Abaddon’s name is often associated with terror.
  • Tituba: An infamous figure from the Salem witch trials, Tituba has become synonymous with evil witchcraft.
  • Beelzebub: The name ‘Beelzebub’ translates to ‘Lord of Flies’ and is a term which can be used to refer to Satan himself.
  • Belial: An ancient creature featured in Jewish texts, Belial is said to be an incarnation of ultimate wickedness.

Conclusion – Names That Mean Anger

Names that mean anger can be evocative, representing a strong emotion and feeling.

They often have strong connotations of power and intensity, implying feelings of wrath or fury.

In addition, these names may be associated with iconic figures from mythology or literature who are known for their rage.

Generally, they are monosyllabic words, often starting with the letter “A” and having hard consonant sounds such as “g” and “k” to emphasize the sense of ferocity.

Examples of such names include Ares, Aten, Brimstone, Fenrir, and Kali.

These names often carry historical significance and represent a strong symbol of strength and resoluteness.

Furthermore, since anger is an intense emotion that encompasses various aspects of life – from love to hatred to passion – these names tend to evoke a variety of emotions in those who encounter them.

Finally, due to their dark connotations, these names can be seen as ominous and powerful when used in stories or other forms of media.


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