Names Like Blake (Alternatives)

Are you drawn to the name Blake but want to explore other options with a similar feel? Look no further! Whether you’re expecting a baby boy, girl, or prefer a gender-neutral name, there are plenty of trendy and modern alternatives that capture the same stylish essence as Blake.

Names Like Blake

Originating from Old English, Blake signifies “black,” “dark,” or “pale.” With its gender-neutral appeal, this name has gained popularity, making it a favorite choice for parents looking for a contemporary moniker.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blake is a versatile name of British origin that can work well for both boys and girls.
  • There are numerous trendy and modern alternatives similar to Blake.
  • For girls, consider names like Ava, Brooke, Emily, and Olivia.
  • If you’re looking for boy names similar to Blake, explore options such as Carter, Logan, and Liam.
  • If you prefer gender-neutral names, unisex options like Avery, Riley, and Parker can be excellent choices.

Whether you want a gender-specific name or a gender-neutral option, these alternatives to Blake offer a diverse range of stylish and contemporary options. From traditional names to unique choices, you’re sure to find the perfect name that resonates with your personal taste and captures the same vibe as Blake.

Girl Names Similar to Blake

If you like the name Blake for a girl, there are plenty of similar and trendy options to consider. These names have a modern and stylish feel, just like Blake:

  • Ava
  • Brooke
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Chloe
  • Brooklyn
  • Grace
  • Olivia
  • Madison
  • Bailey
  • Hailey
  • Hannah

These names capture the same modernity and trendy appeal as Blake. Consider them when searching for a name that perfectly embodies the contemporary vibe you desire for your daughter.

Emphasizing Modernity and Style

Blake is known for its modern and stylish nature, and these girl names similar to Blake beautifully reflect those qualities:

“Ava and Emma are timeless choices that never go out of style. Olivia and Madison have a trendy sound with a touch of sophistication. Brooklyn and Bailey offer a fresh and cool vibe, while Hailey and Hannah exude a sense of timeless charm. No matter which name you choose, your daughter is sure to make a stylish statement with a name like Blake!”

Whether you prefer traditional elegance or contemporary flair, these girl names offer a range of options to suit your taste. They are the perfect alternatives to Blake, providing a similar sense of style and modernity for your little one.

Boy Names Similar to Blake

If you prefer the name Blake for a boy, there are several other names that share a similar modern and cool vibe. Consider these trendy alternatives:

  • Carter
  • Logan
  • Liam
  • Grayson
  • Mason
  • Parker
  • Cole
  • Chase
  • Landon
  • Hunter
  • Owen
  • Luke

These names are popular choices for parents looking for a modern and stylish name for their baby boy. Each of these names has its own unique charm and pairs well with a variety of middle and last names. Whether you’re drawn to the strong and classic sound of Carter or the trendy and edgy feel of Grayson, there’s sure to be a name on this list that resonates with you.

“Choosing the perfect name for your child is an important decision that can shape their identity. When considering boy names similar to Blake, think about the meaning, sound, and overall feel of the name. You want a name that not only sounds good but also represents the qualities and values you hope to instill in your child.”

If you’re still unsure which name is right for your little one, consider making a list of your favorite options and saying them out loud. Pay attention to how they sound when combined with your last name and consider the potential nicknames that may arise. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your partner love and that will bring joy to your child for years to come.

Boy Names Similar to Blake

Name Meaning Origin
Carter Driver of a cart English
Logan Small hollow Scottish
Liam Determined protector Irish
Grayson Son of a steward English
Mason Stone worker English
Parker Park keeper English
Cole Coal black English
Chase Huntsman English
Landon Long hill English
Hunter One who hunts English
Owen Well-born or noble Welsh
Luke Light-giving English

Unisex Names Like Blake

If you’re searching for a gender-neutral name similar to Blake, you’re in luck. Here are some trendy unisex options that capture the same modern appeal:

  • Avery
  • Riley
  • Quinn
  • Parker
  • Harper
  • Reese
  • Cameron
  • Elliot
  • Jordan
  • Taylor
  • Morgan

These names encompass the latest trends and are suitable for boys or girls. Whether you’re looking for a name that exudes strength, sophistication, or uniqueness, these gender-neutral options offer a perfect blend of style and versatility.


In summary, the name Blake is a versatile choice that can suit both boys and girls. Whether you prefer a gender-specific name or a gender-neutral option, there are numerous trendy and modern alternatives similar to Blake. From classic names to unique options, you can find the perfect name that embodies the same stylishness and contemporary appeal as Blake.


What does the name Blake mean?

The name Blake is of British origin and means “black,” “dark,” or “pale.”

Is Blake a gender-neutral name?

Yes, Blake is a gender-neutral name that can be used for both boys and girls.

What are some similar names to Blake for girls?

Some similar and trendy names to consider for girls are Ava, Brooke, Emily, Emma, Chloe, Brooklyn, Grace, Olivia, Madison, Bailey, Hailey, and Hannah, among others.

What are some similar names to Blake for boys?

Some similar and trendy names to consider for boys are Carter, Logan, Liam, Grayson, Mason, Parker, Cole, Chase, Landon, Hunter, Owen, and Luke, among others.

Can you suggest some gender-neutral names similar to Blake?

Yes, some gender-neutral names with a similar vibe to Blake are Avery, Riley, Quinn, Parker, Harper, Reese, Cameron, Elliot, Jordan, Taylor, and Morgan, to name a few.

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