Names Like Luca (Alternatives)

Luca is a popular name that combines Italian charm with a modern flair. If you’re seeking names similar to Luca, whether as alternatives, baby names, or options for boys, this curated list has you covered. Explore a selection of names that evoke Luca’s Italian roots and contemporary appeal.

Names Like Luca

Key Takeaways

  • Looking for names like Luca? Discover a curated selection of alternatives.
  • Explore popular boy names similar to Luca, including Lucas, Liam, and Luka.
  • Consider Italian-inspired options like Marco, Matteo, and Emilia.
  • For gender-neutral choices, explore unisex names such as Rowan, Quinn, and Jordan.
  • Uncover unique names with a similar charm, like Cian, Ivo, and Enzo.

Boy Names Like Luca

If you’re specifically looking for boy names similar to Luca, there are several options that capture the same spirit. Consider popular alternatives like Lucas and Liam, which have a similar sound and feel. Other Italian-inspired names such as Luka, Marco, and Matteo can also provide the same charm as Luca. Additional options include Noah, Asher, Leo, Oliver, Ezra, Kai, Luke, Grayson, and Theo, all of which share a modern and stylish vibe like Luca.

Boy Names Like Luca Origin Meaning
Lucas Latin Bringer of light
Liam Irish Strong-willed warrior
Luka Slavic Bringer of light
Marco Italian Warlike
Matteo Italian Gift of God
Noah Hebrew Rest, comfort
Asher Hebrew Fortunate, blessed
Leo Latin Lion
Oliver English Olive tree
Ezra Hebrew Help, helper
Kai Hawaiian Sea
Luke Greek Light-giving
Grayson English Son of the steward
Theo Greek God-given

These names offer a range of meanings and origins, ensuring you’ll find the perfect name that resonates with your preferences.

Girl Names Like Luca

While Luca is traditionally a boy’s name, it has gained popularity as a gender-neutral option. If you love the name Luca but are looking for a similar name for a baby girl, there are plenty of alternatives to consider.

Emilia is a popular choice with a similar sound and Italian heritage. Luna, Maya, and Ava also evoke the same contemporary vibe as Luca. For a unique twist, variations like Lucca or Lucinda can provide a fresh take on the name.

Girl Names Like Luca Origin
Emilia Italian
Luna Italian
Maya Hebrew
Ava English
Lucca Italian
Lucinda Latin

Explore these beautiful girl names inspired by Luca to find the perfect fit for your baby girl.

Unisex Names Like Luca

Unisex names are on-trend, and Luca is a prime example of a name that can work for both boys and girls. If you’re looking for other unisex options similar to Luca, consider names like Rowan, Quinn, or Jordan. These names are versatile and adaptable, perfect for any child regardless of gender. Choosing a unisex name can also break away from traditional gender norms and allow your child to express themselves freely.

Here are a few unisex names similar to Luca:

  • Rowan
  • Quinn
  • Jordan

“A unisex name like Luca provides a sense of inclusivity and allows children to embrace their individuality.” – Parenting Expert

Unisex names like Luca provide a wonderful opportunity to choose a name that is gender-neutral, empowering, and unique. Whether you’re looking for a modern twist on a traditional name or simply want your child to have a name that can transcend gender stereotypes, these options are perfect for both boys and girls.

Unique Names Like Luca

If you’re looking for a unique name with the same appeal as Luca, there are several options to explore. Consider Cian, a rare Irish name that shares a striking resemblance to Luca. Other options include Ivo, Enzo, and Elio, which offer a distinctive sound while still maintaining the same strong and memorable qualities as Luca. Another option is the variation Luka, which has a similar sound and feel and is popular in Eastern Europe.

Unique Names Similar to Luca Origin
Cian Irish
Ivo German, Dutch, Slavic
Enzo Italian
Elio Italian
Luka Slavic


In conclusion, if you love the name Luca but want something different, this list provides a curated selection of names with a similar charm. Whether you’re looking for boy names, girl names, unisex options, or unique alternatives, there’s something here for everyone. Explore names from different cultures, tap into the contemporary vibe, and find the perfect name that captures the Italian flair and modern spirit you love.


Are there any names similar to Luca?

Yes, there are plenty of names similar to Luca that you can consider.

What are some alternatives to Luca?

Some alternatives to Luca include Lucas, Liam, Luka, Marco, Matteo, Noah, Asher, Leo, Oliver, Ezra, Kai, Luke, Grayson, and Theo.

Can you suggest boy names similar to Luca?

Certainly! Some boy names similar to Luca are Lucas, Liam, Marco, Matteo, Luka, Noah, Asher, Leo, Oliver, Ezra, Kai, Luke, Grayson, and Theo.

Are there any names similar to Luca for girls?

Absolutely! Some names similar to Luca for girls include Emilia, Luna, Maya, Ava, Lucca, and Lucinda.

What are some unisex names similar to Luca?

If you’re looking for unisex names similar to Luca, consider options like Rowan, Quinn, and Jordan.

Can you suggest unique names similar to Luca?

Of course! Some unique names similar to Luca are Cian, Ivo, Enzo, Elio, and Luka.

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