Names Like Luna (Alternatives)

Luna has gained popularity as a name for baby girls in recent years, capturing the hearts of parents with its celestial charm. If you’re looking for alternatives to Luna, whether it’s to find a name with a similar meaning or a name that sounds like Luna, this list will provide you with some enchanting options.

From celestial-inspired names to Luna-like alternatives, you’ll discover unique and beautiful names that hold the same sense of magic and wonder. Whether you want a name related to the moon, the stars, or a goddess associated with the celestial realm, there are plenty of choices that are just as captivating as Luna.

Explore this list of Luna alternatives and find the perfect name that resonates with you and your little one. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of celestial-inspired baby names!

Names Like Luna

Key Takeaways:

  • Names like Luna offer unique and enchanting alternatives for parents looking for a celestial-inspired name for their baby girl.
  • Consider names such as Selene, Aurora, Stella, Diana, and Lyra as Luna alternatives that capture the same magical and mystical qualities.
  • These Luna-inspired names have connections to the moon, stars, and mythical goddesses, adding a touch of enchantment to your baby girl’s name.
  • Choosing a Luna alternative allows you to have a name that is less popular while still capturing the celestial essence you love.
  • Explore the possibilities and find the perfect name that reflects your baby girl’s unique and enchanting personality.

Selene: A Greek name meaning “moon”

Selene is a Greek name that means “moon” and is a great alternative to Luna. In ancient Greece, Selene was the goddess and personification of the moon, and this name has a similar celestial and mystical feel as Luna. Choosing Selene for your baby girl gives you a name with a moon-related meaning that is less popular but equally enchanting.

Pros Cons
Has a strong connection to the moon May be less familiar compared to Luna
Evokes a sense of enchantment and mystery May require some pronunciation explanation
Sounds elegant and sophisticated May be mistaken for Selena

Selene offers a beautiful alternative to Luna for parents looking for a celestial-inspired name with a touch of Greek mythology. Its connection to the moon and its mystical qualities make it a unique and enchanting choice for a baby girl’s name.

Aurora: A Greek name meaning “dawn”

If you’re searching for a celestial-inspired name that offers a fresh alternative to Luna, consider the name Aurora. With its Greek origin, Aurora symbolizes the breathtaking beauty of dawn and the vibrant colors that illuminate the sky at the start of a new day.

Similar to Luna, Aurora carries a sense of magic and enchantment, making it a wonderful choice for parents seeking a unique and meaningful name for their baby girl. The name Aurora also has a celestial quality, capturing the essence of the heavens and all its wonders.

When it comes to choosing a name with a celestial connection, Aurora is an excellent option. Its Greek roots lend it a sense of history and mythology, adding depth and intrigue to your baby’s name. By selecting Aurora, you can give your little one an extraordinary and distinctive name.

List of Celestial-Inspired Baby Names:

Name Meaning
Selene Greek name meaning “moon”
Aurora Greek name meaning “dawn”
Stella Latin name meaning “star”
Diana Roman name meaning “divine” and associated with the moon
Lyra A whimsical name inspired by the constellations

Stella: A Latin name meaning “star”

If you love the heavenly and celestial feel of Luna but prefer a less popular name, consider Stella. This Latin name means “star” and has a similar magical and enchanting vibe. While Stella has been climbing the charts in recent years, it is still somewhat less popular than Luna, making it a great alternative for parents who want a name that captures the same heavenly essence.

Stella shines bright among celestial-inspired baby names. Its Latin origin and meaning, “star,” evoke a sense of wonder and awe. This name with a heavenly feel has a timeless appeal and a touch of mystique.

“Stella has a beautiful elegance that is celestial and ethereal. It’s a name that carries a sense of magic and stardust.”

Choosing Stella for your baby girl not only gives her a name with a strong celestial connection, but it also sets her apart with its uniqueness. While still capturing the enchantment of Luna, Stella offers a fresh take for parents seeking a celestial name that resonates.

Names Similar to Stella:

  • Aster
  • Estelle
  • Seren
  • Starla
  • Lyra

Diana: A Roman name meaning “divine” and associated with the moon

When it comes to celestial-inspired baby names, Diana is a captivating choice. Derived from Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon and held divine qualities. This Roman name, meaning “divine,” offers a mystical alternative to the popular name Luna. By naming your baby girl Diana, you not only tap into the beauty of moon goddess names but also embrace the celestial connection that parents seek in a name.

“Diana” is a Roman name with strong ties to the moon and the heavens.

Just like Luna, Diana carries an air of enchantment and grace. It’s a name that exudes strength and sophistication, making it an empowering choice for your little one. Here is a table showcasing the key attributes of Diana:

Attribute Description
Origin Roman
Meaning Divine or heavenly
Associated Symbol Moon
Celestial Connection Associated with the moon and its divine qualities

By choosing Diana for your baby girl, you honor the ancient Roman moon goddess and give your child a name with a celestial connection. The image below depicts a serene moonlit night, capturing the essence of Diana’s association with the moon.

With Diana, you embrace a name that is both timeless and magical, embodying the divine qualities of the moon. It’s a beautiful alternative to Luna that carries a rich and celestial meaning, ensuring your little one’s name shines brightly throughout her life.

Lyra: A whimsical name inspired by the constellations

If you’re searching for a name that exudes whimsy and mystique, look no further than Lyra. This enchanting name draws inspiration from both the magical world of constellations and the melodic charm of musical instruments.

Lyra can refer to the mesmerizing constellation that resembles a lyre, a stringed musical instrument with a long history dating back to ancient times. Just like the celestial Lyra, this name creates a celestial connection that captures the imagination.

Alternatively, Lyra can allude to the harmonic charm of the lyre or harp itself. These instruments have a rich musical heritage and have been associated with heavenly music, creating a beautiful and melodic connection. If you appreciate the musical arts or simply want a name with a melodic quality, Lyra offers a perfect blend of celestial and musical inspiration.

Whether you envision your little one as a star illuminating the night sky or a lyrical melody enchanting the world, Lyra is a delightful alternative to Luna. This mystical name carries an ethereal quality that is sure to captivate hearts and minds.


When it comes to naming your baby girl, there is no shortage of enchanting alternatives to the popular name Luna. Whether you’re looking for a name with a moon-related meaning or a name that sounds similar to Luna, there are plenty of celestial-inspired options to choose from.

Names like Selene, Aurora, Stella, Diana, and Lyra offer unique and beautiful alternatives with their own touch of enchantment. These names not only have a celestial connection but also provide a sense of mystery and magic.

So if you want to give your little star a name that stands out, consider one of these Luna alternatives. With their celestial-inspired origins and unique qualities, they are sure to make your baby girl shine bright from day one.


What are some alternative names to Luna?

Some alternative names to Luna include Selene, Aurora, Stella, Diana, and Lyra.

What does the name Selene mean?

Selene is a Greek name that means “moon.”

What does the name Aurora mean?

Aurora is a Greek name that means “dawn.”

What does the name Stella mean?

Stella is a Latin name that means “star.”

What does the name Diana mean?

Diana is a Roman name that means “divine” and is associated with the moon.

What does the name Lyra refer to?

Lyra can refer to the musical instrument of the lyre/harp or to the constellation shaped like a lyre.

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