Names Meaning Speed

137+ Names Meaning Speed (List)

Looking for the perfect name that embodies speed and agility?

We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of over 100 names that symbolize swiftness and quickness.

Whether you’re naming a character in a story, a pet, or even contemplating a name change for yourself, these names are sure to inspire and capture the essence of speed.

From mythological references to modern interpretations, these names offer a diverse range of options to suit your preferences.

So get ready to dive into the exciting world of names meaning speed!

Key Takeaways – Names Meaning Speed

  • Choose from a list of over 100 names that symbolize speed and agility.
  • Find inspiration from various mythologies and cultural references.
  • Select the perfect name for your character, pet, or even yourself.
  • Enjoy the diverse range of options to suit your preferences.
  • Embrace the exciting world of names meaning speed!

Names Meaning Speed

Here are various names that have meanings related to speed or swiftness:

  1. Speed
  2. Swift
  3. Velox (Latin for “swift”)
  4. Rapid
  5. Quick
  6. Fast
  7. Fleet
  8. Zoom
  9. Turbo
  10. Dash
  11. Velocity
  12. Accelerate
  13. Brisk
  14. Hurry
  15. Nimble
  16. Rush
  17. Lightning
  18. Bullet
  19. Sonic
  20. Mach
  21. Veloce (Italian for “fast”)
  22. Rapidus (Latin for “quick”)
  23. Flash
  24. Speedster
  25. Rapidia
  26. Celerity
  27. Haste
  28. Express
  29. Hurricane
  30. Tornado
  31. Typhoon
  32. Cyclone
  33. Whirlwind
  34. Blaze
  35. Meteor
  36. Meteorite
  37. Meteoroid
  38. Meteoric
  39. Quicksilver
  40. Zephyr (a gentle, fast wind)
  41. Aurora (after the aurora borealis, which can move rapidly)
  42. Comet
  43. Arrow
  44. Dart
  45. Sprint
  46. Skedaddle
  47. Scamper
  48. Scuttle
  49. Velocity
  50. Speedwell
  51. Rapidita (Italian for “rapidity”)
  52. Speedwell
  53. Turbocharger
  54. Supersonic
  55. Jet
  56. Machete
  57. Bolt
  58. Vroom
  59. Zip
  60. Twister
  61. Speedy
  62. Expresso (play on “express” and “espresso”)
  63. Vitesse (French for “speed”)
  64. Nascar (after the racing organization)
  65. Race
  66. Indy (after the Indianapolis 500)
  67. Velocity
  68. Charger
  69. Flashy
  70. Nitro
  71. Gusty
  72. Windy
  73. Windstorm
  74. Breeze
  75. Gusto
  76. Airspeed
  77. Hyperdrive
  78. Comet
  79. Starburst
  80. Dashel
  81. Sonicboom
  82. Propel
  83. Whirl
  84. Jetstream
  85. Spitfire
  86. Thunder
  87. Roadster
  88. Roadrunner
  89. Velocity
  90. Quicken
  91. Roadway
  92. Vortex
  93. Bulletproof
  94. Blitzen (after the reindeer)
  95. Cheetah
  96. Falcon
  97. Peregrine (after the peregrine falcon)
  98. Mongoose
  99. Swifty
  100. Sprinter
  101. Hotrod
  102. Turbocharge
  103. Velocity
  104. Hyperloop
  105. Quickstep
  106. Elara (moon of Jupiter and a fast-moving celestial object)
  107. Stardust
  108. Cyclonus
  109. Aerodynamic
  110. Aurora
  111. Velocius (Latin for “fast”)
  112. Gyrator
  113. Machinator
  114. Propulsio (Latin for “propulsion”)
  115. Hypernova
  116. Supercar
  117. Motor
  118. Twinkle
  119. Supertonic
  120. Mercury (after the swift Roman god)
  121. Expressway
  122. Aspire (to move swiftly toward a goal)
  123. Torrent
  124. Zoomie
  125. Zippy
  126. Drifter
  127. Breezy
  128. Dashell
  129. Floe (a floating ice mass can move quickly)
  130. Gustav
  131. Zephyrine
  132. Tempest
  133. Zephyrus (Greek god of the west wind)
  134. Allegro (Italian for “fast” or “lively” in musical notation)
  135. Celeritas (Latin for “swiftness”)
  136. Lancet (a swift, narrow-bladed weapon)
  137. Aurora (after the fast-moving aurora borealis)

These names draw inspiration from various sources, including nature, mythology, and the concept of speed itself.

Significance of Names That Mean Speed

Names that mean “speed” or are associated with swiftness often carry a sense of dynamism, energy, and agility. They can be found across various cultures and languages, each reflecting the value and admiration for speed and quickness in their respective societies. Here are a few examples:

  1. Mercury / Hermes: In Roman mythology, Mercury (known as Hermes in Greek mythology) is the god of speed, among other things. He is often depicted with winged sandals, symbolizing his role as the swift messenger of the gods. Names derived from Mercury or Hermes often symbolize speed, communication, and agility.
  2. Ayaan: This name, common in several cultures, including among Somali, Hindi, and Arabic speakers, often means “fast”, “swift”, or “quick”. It reflects an appreciation for speed and efficiency.
  3. Kei: A Japanese name that can mean “fast” or “quick”. In a culture that values efficiency and progress, such a name can be seen as auspicious and positive.
  4. Zephyr: Originating from Greek mythology, Zephyrus was the god of the west wind, known to be gentle but swift. The name Zephyr has come to symbolize a soft, gentle speed, like a breeze.
  5. Atalanta: In Greek mythology, Atalanta was a renowned fleet-footed huntress, known for her speed. Her name has become synonymous with swiftness and is sometimes used to denote speed and agility.
  6. Senna: This name gained fame through the Brazilian Formula One driver, Ayrton Senna, known for his exceptional speed and skill on the racing track. The name Senna, therefore, can be associated with speed, skill, and excellence in performance.
  7. Barak / Baraq: In Hebrew and Arabic, this name means “lightning”. It is often associated with speed and power, and in some traditions, it’s also the name of a mythical creature that symbolizes swiftness.
  8. Speedy: While more of a nickname or a term of endearment, “Speedy” directly conveys quickness and agility. It’s often used in a playful or affectionate manner to describe someone fast or eager.

These names, rich in cultural and historical significance, reflect the human fascination with speed, not just as a physical attribute but also as a symbol of efficiency, progress, and the ability to swiftly overcome challenges.


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