Names That Mean Small

37+ Names That Mean Small (List)

Welcome to our guide to names that mean small!

Choosing a name for your baby is a momentous task, filled with love, anticipation, and endless possibilities.

If you’re drawn to names that embody a sense of delicacy and humility, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of diminutive names from different cultures and languages, each with its own unique charm and meaning.

From names that celebrate the beauty of the newborn to those that symbolize the potential for greatness within the smallest beings, there’s a name here that is sure to captivate your heart.

Whether you’re searching for petite names, names for tiny beings, or simply names with small meanings, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways – Names That Mean Small

  • Explore a fascinating collection of names that mean small.
  • Embrace the delicate beauty and potential for greatness within the tiniest of beings.
  • Discover diminutive names from various cultures and languages.
  • Choose a name that imbues your child’s identity with humility and the remarkable journey that lies ahead.
  • Celebrate the notion that greatness can emerge from the smallest beginnings.

Names That Mean Small

Names that mean “small” or “little” can be charming and endearing.

Here’s a list of names, both for boys and girls, that carry this meaning:

Names for Boys:

  1. Adan – Means “little fire” in Spanish.
  2. Bevin – Of Welsh origin, meaning “small.”
  3. Kieran – An Irish name that can mean “little dark one.”
  4. Malcolm – Of Scottish origin, meaning “small or little servant.”
  5. Micah – A Hebrew name that can mean “who is like God?”
  6. Quentin – A Latin name that can mean “the fifth” or “small.”
  7. Renny – A diminutive of the name Renwick, meaning “small village.”
  8. Seamus – An Irish name meaning “supplanter” or “small.”
  9. Tavis – Of Scottish origin, meaning “small hill” or “small twin.”
  10. Umar – An Arabic name meaning “little poplar tree.”

Names for Girls:

  1. Zara – Of Arabic origin, meaning “small blossom.”
  2. Lila – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “night” or “dark beauty.”
  3. Mia – A popular name meaning “mine” or “bitter” in Italian.
  4. Nina – A name with various origins, including Spanish and Russian, meaning “little girl.”
  5. Chiara – An Italian name meaning “clear,” “bright,” or “light.”
  6. Tansy – A flower name that can mean “little immortal” or “small flower.”
  7. Keira – An Irish name meaning “little dark-haired one.”
  8. Elina – Of Greek origin, meaning “light” or “bright.”
  9. Carey – A unisex name that can mean “little beloved one.”
  10. Petite – A French word for “small” that can be used as a unique name.

Gender-Neutral Names:

  1. Finley – Of Scottish origin, meaning “fair-haired hero” or “small hero.”
  2. Casey – An Irish name that can mean “vigilant” or “little brave one.”
  3. Morgan – A name with Welsh and Old English origins, meaning “sea-born” or “little bright one.”
  4. Jamie – A diminutive of James or Jamie that can mean “little supplanter.”
  5. Riley – An Irish name that can mean “courageous” or “valiant.”
  6. Taylor – A name of English origin that means “cutter of cloth” or “small one.”
  7. Quinn – An Irish name meaning “counsel” or “intelligence.”

These names carry the endearing quality of being “small” or “little,” which can make them perfect choices for your child, symbolizing their unique charm and individuality.

Names That Mean Small in Japanese

When it comes to finding a name with a small and delicate meaning in the Japanese language, there are several beautiful options available. These names not only encapsulate the concept of smallness but also carry deep cultural significance. Here are a few Japanese names that embody the essence of being small:

Name Meaning Description
Ohara “Small field” Perfect for a child of Japanese-Irish heritage
Aydan “Little fiery one” Can be used as a girl’s name as well
Ohara “Small field” Could work for a blended Japanese-Irish family

These names not only sound unique and elegant but also carry a sense of cultural richness that can add depth to your child’s identity. Whether you have Japanese heritage or simply appreciate the beauty of the language, these names are a wonderful choice for your little one.

Names That Mean Small in Irish

Irish names have a rich history and deep meaning, and when it comes to names that mean small, they offer a unique and charming selection. Whether you have Irish heritage or simply love the sound and significance of Irish names, choosing a petite name from the land of leprechauns and legends can be a wonderful way to honor your little one’s small beginnings.

Popular Irish Names with Small Meanings

Here are some popular Irish names that carry the meaning of small:

  • Ossin: This variation of Ossian means “little dear” and relates to Oisin, a famous ancient Irish poet. It’s a beautiful choice for a child who is cherished and adored.
  • Renny: Meaning “little prosperous one,” Renny is an offbeat Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Rathnait. It embodies the idea of small but mighty, symbolizing growth and success.

Unique Irish Names with Small Meanings

If you’re looking for a more unique Irish name that still carries the meaning of small, consider these options:

  • Bercan: Derived from the Gaelic word for “little spear,” Bercan is an Irish saints’ name with a shortened version being Barry. It conveys strength and determination, despite its small stature.

Choosing an Irish name that means small not only gives a nod to Irish culture and tradition but also imparts a sense of resilience, humility, and potential. These names serve as a reminder that even the smallest among us can achieve greatness and leave a lasting impact.

Names That Mean Small in English

English names that mean small offer a delightful selection for parents seeking a petite and meaningful moniker for their little one. These names not only celebrate the beauty of small beginnings but also hold a sense of charm and uniqueness. Whether you are searching for a name to honor a beloved ancestor or simply drawn to the gentle nature of diminutive names, English offers a range of options that capture the essence of smallness.

Here are a few English names that convey the meaning of “small” and are perfect for your baby:

Name Origin Meaning Description
Parkin English “Little Peter” Honors an ancestral Peter
Glyn Short form of Glynis Welsh “Small glen, valley” Less common than Welsh variants Gwen and Bryn, suitable as an honor name for an ancestral Glenn

These English names bring a touch of elegance and meaning to any child’s identity. Whether you prefer the classic charm of Parkin or the subtle beauty of Glyn, these names provide a distinctive choice for your little one’s name.

Names That Mean Small in English

English names that mean small encompass a range of options that reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the English language. These names not only capture the essence of smallness but also convey a sense of endearment and uniqueness. Whether you are seeking a name that honors a family tradition or simply resonates with your personal preferences, these English names provide a beautiful choice for your baby’s name.

  • Parkin: Meaning “little Peter,” this name offers a charming tribute to an ancestral Peter.
  • Glyn: Derived from the Welsh name Glynis, meaning “small glen or valley,” this name exudes a sense of nature and tranquility.

These English names that mean small carry a sense of elegance and grace, making them perfect options for parents seeking a name that is both meaningful and distinctive.

Names That Mean Small in Spanish

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your little one, Spanish names that mean small offer a unique and meaningful choice. These names not only embody the concept of smallness but also carry a sense of endearment and charm. Whether you want to honor your Spanish heritage or simply love the beauty of the Spanish language, these petite names are sure to captivate your heart.

Here are some Spanish names that mean small:

  • Quintas: Meaning “small estate,” this name evokes a sense of elegance and refinement. It sounds similar to an Australian airline, adding a touch of international flair.
  • Chiqueta: A variant spelling of Chiquita, meaning “little one,” this name is both playful and adorable. While it may be an obscure spelling, it adds a unique twist to the popular banana girl name.

These names can be a perfect choice for parents who appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking countries or simply want a name that stands out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a name with a refined and sophisticated sound or one that exudes youthful charm, Spanish names that mean small offer a delightful range of options.

Name Origin Meaning Description
Quintas Spanish Small estate Sounds similar to an Australian airline.
Chiqueta Spanish Little one Obscure spelling of the banana girl name.


“The richness of the Spanish language is reflected in the beautiful names that mean small. They capture the essence of tenderness and evoke a sense of warmth and affection. Whether you choose a name with a classic or modern flair, Spanish names that mean small are sure to bring joy and love to your little one’s life.”

Names That Mean Small in Cherokee

Discover the beauty and cultural richness of Cherokee names that embody the concept of smallness. These names are not only linguistically fascinating but also carry deep spiritual and historical significance. Embrace the heritage and traditions of the Cherokee people with these petite names that celebrate the preciousness of life and the incredible potential within each individual.

Cherokee Names Meaning Small

Below is a list of Cherokee names that convey the idea of smallness:

  • Usdi: Meaning “baby,” this name represents the innocence and purity of a newborn.
  • Unega: Derived from the Cherokee word for “little,” this name symbolizes the potential for greatness within a small being.
  • Nanvuda: Meaning “little sister,” this name honors the bond between siblings and the importance of familial connections.

These Cherokee names that mean small capture the essence of resilience, humility, and the power of the individual within a larger community. They provide an opportunity to connect with the rich Cherokee culture and embrace the beauty of their language.

Name Meaning
Usdi Baby
Unega Little
Nanvuda Little sister

Incorporating Cherokee Names into Your Child’s Identity

Choosing a Cherokee name meaning small for your child is a meaningful way to honor their heritage and nurture a sense of cultural pride. These names carry the weight of centuries of Cherokee history and evoke a deep connection to nature, spirituality, and community.

“Our names are woven into the fabric of our identity, connecting us to our ancestors and our future generations.”

By selecting a Cherokee name that emphasizes smallness, you are celebrating the unique qualities and potential that your child possesses. These names serve as a reminder that greatness can emerge from even the smallest beginnings, and that every individual has the power to make a significant impact on the world.

Gaelic Names That Mean Small

Exploring Gaelic names that mean small allows us to delve into the rich linguistic heritage of Ireland and Scotland. These names not only carry the charming connotation of smallness but also reflect deep cultural significance. From nature-inspired names to those associated with mythology and legend, Gaelic names offer a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking petite names for their children.

In Gaelic culture, the concept of small conveys a sense of delicacy and tenderness. It is often associated with preciousness and the potential for greatness, emphasizing the idea that even the smallest individuals can achieve extraordinary things. Gaelic names that mean small are rooted in ancient traditions and carry a sense of history and storytelling, making them an intriguing choice for parents looking to honor their Celtic heritage.

Here are a few Gaelic names that embody the beauty of smallness:

Name Meaning Description
Cara Little friend A name that symbolizes the importance of close relationships and the value of friendship.
Beagán Little, small An endearing name that celebrates the uniqueness and charm of being small.
Sìleag Little snowdrop A name inspired by the delicate beauty of the snowdrop flower, symbolizing hope and new beginnings.

These Gaelic names that mean small capture the essence of youthfulness, simplicity, and resilience. Whether you have a personal connection to Gaelic heritage or simply appreciate the enchanting nature of these names, they offer a distinctive and meaningful choice for your little one.

“In every forest, there is a story. The leaves whisper tales of ancient magic and the trees stand as silent witnesses to the wonders of the world. Gaelic names that mean small are like these trees, holding within them the power of a thousand stories and the promise of greatness in the tiniest of forms.”

Names That Mean Small in Various Languages

Exploring baby names that mean small in different languages opens up a world of diverse and unique options for parents seeking a name with a petite and meaningful significance. These names reflect the beauty of language and the cultural depth behind each choice. Here are a few examples:


In Japanese, the name Ohara means “small field,” symbolizing nature’s delicate and abundant beauty. It can be a perfect choice for a child from a blended Japanese-Irish heritage.


In Irish, the name Ossin carries the meaning of “little dear” and is rooted in mythology and ancient Irish tales. Another option is Renny, meaning “little prosperous one,” offering a unique and offbeat choice for parents.


The name Parkin, with English origins, signifies “little Peter” and can be a wonderful way to honor a beloved ancestral figure. For those seeking a name inspired by nature, Glyn, meaning “small glen or valley” in Welsh, is a fitting choice.


For a touch of warmth and vibrancy, the Spanish name Quintas means “small estate,” and Chiqueta, a variant of Chiquita, translates to “little one,” making it both adorable and unique.


In Cherokee, the name Usdi signifies “baby,” embracing the innocence and wonder of early childhood.


The Gaelic name Bercan translates to “little spear” and has a rich history, often associated with Irish saints. It can be represented by the shortened version, Barry.

These are just a few glimpses into the diverse world of names that mean small in various languages. Whether you are looking for a name that represents nature, heritage, or simply want a unique choice, exploring names from different cultures can open doors to beautiful and meaningful options.


Baby girl names meaning small are currently being used widely all over the world, irrespective of the culture or traditions. These names not only describe a certain size but are very much associated with nature, spirituality, and mythology. They carry very significant meanings and have various roots, pronunciations, and cultures. These names often radiate a sense of youthfulness, simplicity, and energy. If you are interested in names with deep meanings, then baby names that mean small might just be the perfect fit for your little girl.


Are these names suitable for boys and girls?

Yes, these names can be used for both boys and girls.

Can I use these names if I come from a blended Japanese-Irish family?

Absolutely! These names are diverse and can be used in various cultural contexts.

Are there any popular variations of these names?

Yes, some names have variations or alternative spellings that you can explore.

Are there any unique or rare names in this list?

Yes, there are some lesser-known names that can make your child’s name stand out.

Can these names be used as honor names for ancestors?

Yes, some names have connections to ancestral or family names, allowing you to honor your heritage.

Are there any nature-inspired names in this list?

Yes, you can find names with meanings related to nature and natural elements.

Are these names commonly used?

Some names may be less common or declining in usage, providing a unique choice for your child.

Can I find names from different languages in this list?

Yes, this list includes names from various languages and cultures.

What are the meanings behind these names?

These names have meanings related to being small, petite, or having a sense of youthfulness and energy.

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