Play Magnus App – Estimated ELO Ratings by Age

Play Magnus is an app where you simulate playing World Chess Champion/the world’s strong chess player Magnus Carlsen at various levels of strength based on his age.

Overall, it is a very good app that simulates playing someone very easy to someone who is the world champion and arguably the best player ever.

You can start at age 5, when the ELO is very weak all the way up to playing a world champion level player.

No matter your skill level, you’ll find a competitive matchup.

Here, we’ll look at the estimated ELO ratings for Play Magnus at each age.

Play Magnus – Estimated ELO Ratings

5 years old: 250

6 years old: 450

7 years old: 800

8 years old: 850

9 years old: 900

By the age of 9, Magnus had only his Norwegian rating.

10 years old: 1650

11 years old: 2100

First FIDE rating. Became FM at age 11.

12 years old: 2250

IM at age 12.

13 years old: 2500

GM at 13, then the second-youngest ever behind Sergey Karjakin, who Magnus beat in the 2016 World Chess Championship.

14 years old: 2600

15 years old: 2600

Magnus had similar ratings at age 15 and 16.

16 years old: 2700

Magnus started playing world-class chess by age 16 and this was around the age when he and many could see he was likely a future world champion.

He became 2700 this year.

17 years old: 2730

18 years old: 2800

Magnus was near the top player in the world by age 18. He hit 2800.

19 years old: 2820

Magnus was the top player in the world by age 19.

20 years old: 2830

21 years old: 2840

Magnus and Viswanathan Anand battled for the top spot in the FIDE rankings in classical chess. Magnus took the top spot this year and has held it ever since.

22 years old: 2850

Magnus became the strongest player ever, surpassing Kasparov’s peak rating.

23 years old: 2870

Magnus was the undisputed top player and became World Chess Champion in 2013, beating Viswanathan Anand.

24 years old: 2880

Magnus peaked at 2882 (unofficially 2889) in 2014, which is the highest rating ever.

25 years old: 2850

26 years old: 2850


Naturally the engine gets tougher up through age 24 and then plateaus from there to emulate Magnus’ rise.

It should mirror a peak playing level of about 2900.

Play Magnus was bought by in August 2022 for $83 million. Magnus owned about 10%.

How Old Is Magnus Carlsen?

Magnus was born on November 30, 1990.


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