157+ Rap Name Ideas [Guys, Girls, Cool, Unique, Lil]

Rap Name Ideas

Rap names ideas are used to describe a rap artist’s stage name or alias.

A rap artist often chooses a creative and unique name to captivate their audience.

It is important for the rapper to select a name that speaks to their personality and style of music.

Here we have compiled a list of cool, unique, and Lil rap names that you can use when developing your own rap persona.

In this article, we take a look at different rap names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Rap Name Ideas for Guys
  • Rap Name Ideas for Girl
  • Rap Name Ideas List
  • Unused Rap Names
  • Rap Name Generator
  • Good Rap Name Ideas
  • Cool Rap Name Ideas
  • Emo Rap Name Ideas
  • Christian Rap Name Ideas
  • Name for a Rapper
  • Unique Rapping Name Ideas
  • Nickname Rap
  • Gangsta Rap Name Ideas
  • Genius Rap Names
  • Lil Rap Name Ideas

But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to come ups with rap artist names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Rap Artist Name

When choosing a rap artist name, think of something that represents the music you want to create.

It should be unique, memorable, and conducive with the style of your genre. Here are some tips on coming up with a rap artist name:

1. Brainstorm

Before settling on a particular name for your act, try to come up with as many ideas as possible.

Try combining words or using alliteration (words that begin with the same letter).

2. Keep it simple

You don’t want an overly complicated or long-winded stage name.

Choose something short and easy to remember—it should roll right off of the tongue when someone says it.

3. Research other names

Look at what other popular rap artists have chosen for their stage names.

You don’t want to copy anyone, but this can help you get ideas on what works and what doesn’t.

4. Make it relevant

Your name should reflect the type of music you create and the message you want to convey.

Pick something that resonates with your audience and conveys the right impression about your brand.

5. Test it out

Say your rap artist name aloud a few times—is it easy to pronounce?

Does it sound catchy or memorable?

Ask some friends for feedback as well and see how they respond to different options before settling on one.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to come up with a rap artist name you love.

Finally, remember that your stage name is just one aspect of building your rap career—be sure to also focus on perfecting your sound, writing impactful lyrics, and connecting with the right people in the industry.

With dedication and hard work, you can make an impact on the music scene.

With that said, let’s take a look at some lists.

Rap Name Ideas for Guys

1) Hard Rock

2) G.O.A.T

3) Drill Sergeant

4) The Mastermind

5) Hotshot

6) Shotgun Slim

7) Powerhouse

8) Rhythm Master

9) Hitman Hustle

10) Golden Child

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Rap Name Ideas for Girls

1) Lady Luxe

2) Rhyme Queen

3) Femme Fatale

4) Empress of Flow

5) Wordsmith Princess

6) Rap Diva

7) G-Spot Goddess

8) The Prophetess

9) Diamond Lyricist

10) Vocal Vixen

Rap Name Ideas List

1) Droopy Dog

2) Big Baddie

3) The Truth

4) Machine Gun Mike

5) The Ruckus

6) Blaze the Beat

7) Rhyme Slayer

8) Street Kingpin

9) Lethal Lyricist

10) Master Blaster

Unused Rap Names

1) Velvet Voice

2) Vicious Verse

3) Boom Bap Beats

4) Phat Flow Pharaoh

5) Blunt Rapper

6) Word Wizard

7) MC Magnificent

8) Ruler of Rhymes

Choosing A Rap Name For Yourself

Rap Name Generator

These rap artist names were generated automatically.

Let’s see if they’re decent.

1. Yung Shaolin

2. Swift Flowz

3. Flawless Finesse

4. Brown Beatboxer

5. OG Hustla

6. The Chorus Lord

7. Rock Solid Rhymes

8. Golden Gloze

Good Rap Name Ideas

1) Mic Maestro

2) Hip-Hop Hooligan

3) The Don of the Booth

4) Ill Slang Scholar

5) Street Savvy Scientist

6) Boom Bap Prodigy

7) Lyric Legend

8) Fire Spitter

Cool Rap Name Ideas

1) The Invincible

2) Bad Boy Banger

3) Rap Lord Supreme

4) Rhyme Rebel

5) The Maestro Magician

6) Urban Poet

7) Rhythm & Rhyme Guru

8) Street Scholar

Emo Rap Name Ideas

1) Emo Rockstar

2) Verse Mastermind

3) Melodic Messiah

4) Tragic Troubadour

5) Dark Knight Mic Murderer

6) Broken Beat Poet

7) Soulful Siren of the Streets

8) Rapping Reaper

9) Rhyme Assassin

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Christian Rap Name Ideas

1) Soul Seminar

2) Gospel Guru

3) Pious Prophet

4) Beat-Laden Believer

5) Holy Hype Man

6) Worship Warrior

7) Heavenly Hip Hop Heirophant

8) Praise Performer

9) Holy Flow

10) Biblical Word Warrior

11) Altar Boy Blaze

Name for a Rapper

1) The Infamous Illiterati

2) Street Scholar Supreme

3) Lyric Magician

4) Hip-Hop Hippie

5) Beat Maven

6) Freestyle Finesse

7) Street Swagger Specialist

8) Rap Renegade

9) Word Warrior

10) Mic Mastermind

11) Rapping Visionary

12) Rhyme Wizard

Unique Rapping Name Ideas

Unique Rapping Name Ideas

1) Voice of the Streets

2) Urban Poet Laureate

3) Verbal Assassin

4) Lyricist Architect

5) Boom Bap Blaster

6) Rhyme Robber

7) Motivational Melodist

8) Beat-Laden Brawler

9) Mic Mechanic

10) Rap Rockstar

11) Tongue Twister

12) Word Wizard

13) Crowd Crusher

14) Cipher Conqueror

Nickname Rap

1) Big Daddy Boom

2) Punchline Prince

3) Lethal Lyricist Leeroy

4) Hip Hop Harry

5) Hotshot Heistman

6) Kool Kid Kryptonite

7) Rapping Rhino

8) Mastermind Maestro

9) Mista Machismo

10) The Devil’s Disciple

Gangsta Rap Name Ideas

1) Pistol Pete

2) Shotgun Slim

3) Automatic Ammo

4) G.O.A.T Gunner

5) 9mm MC

6) The Don of Clicks

7) Gangsta Groove Master

8) Rough Rhyme Rider

9) Kingpin Killa

10) Street Savvy Sniper

Genius Rap Names

Genius Rap Names

1) Verbal Alchemist

2) Poetic Professor

3) Supreme Scientist

4) Lyrical Lab Rat

5) Word Wizard

6) Hip-Hop Hypnotist

7) Boom Bap Brainiac

8) Theorist of the Booth

9) Melodic Mathematician

10) Lyric Lexicographer

11) Genie No Bottle

Lil Rap Name Ideas

1) Lil’ Boom Bap

2) Lil Hip Hop Hooligan

3) Lil Rhyme Rebel

4) Lil Word Wizard

5) Lil Street Scholar

6) Lil Flow Finesse

7) Little Lyric Legend

8) Tiny Tongue Twister

9) Baby Beatboxer

10) Kid Cipher Conqueror

11) Rapping Renegade Raptor

12) Infamous Illiterati Inventor

13) The Maestro Mystique Miracle Maker

14) Beat Maven Blaze Blaster

15) Fire Spitting Fre

Lil Rap Name Ideas

FAQs – Rap Name Ideas

What rap names are not taken?

Cool: Iceman, The Chill King, Cool Breeze, Blue Flamez, Flash Freestyle, Firestarter

Unique: Gifted Souljahs, Mic Magicians, Word Warriors, Voice Of Reason, Rhymestorm, Wise Wordsmith

Lil: Lil Drillz, Lil Hustler, Lil Flowmaster, Little Monster, Lil Spitfire, Lil Street Scholar

Emo: Emo Rapper, Dark Knight Mic Murderer, Melancholy Maestro, Tragic Troubadour, Verse Mastermind.

What is a good rap name?

A good rap name should be unique and memorable while also reflecting your style or persona.

Some good examples include Iceman, The Chill King, Cool Breeze, Blue Flamez, Flash Freestyle, Firestarter, Gifted Souljahs, Mic Magicians, Word Warriors, and The Voice Of Reason.

Depending on the type of rapper you are looking to become you could choose names such as Rhymestorm for an aggressive rapper or Wise Wordsmith for a more lyrical approach.

How do you pick a rap name?

Choosing a rap name can be an important part of creating your own unique identity as an artist. The first step is to brainstorm words and ideas that reflect you and your style of music.

Think about what kind of image or impression you want to convey with your stage name, and think of words that best describe this.

Once you have narrowed down the list, consider how they sound together when spoken aloud.

It’s also important to pick a name that reflects who you are as an artist and is memorable for your listeners.

After settling on a few potential rap names, research them online to make sure no one else has already claimed them for their own use.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a rap name is to go with something that feels right for you and your music.

It should be something that you are comfortable with and proud to call yourself.

What is a good rapper name for a girl?

When choosing a rap name for a girl, it can be helpful to think about what kind of image you want to portray.

Consider words that evoke strength and power, such as Queen, Empress, or Warrior.

You can also play with words which have personal meaning to you – like your real name or nickname.

When deciding on the perfect rap name for a girl, pick something that is unique and memorable!

What should I avoid when picking a rap name?

Some considerations when coming up with a rap name are important in order to make sure it fits your music and identity as an artist.

Avoid names that are too long or difficult to pronounce.

Also stay away from names that are overly common, as this can make it difficult for people to remember or connect with you. Lil Dogg might be a bit too conventional.

It is important to also be mindful of any connotations that could come with your rap name – negative words and stereotypes should be avoided.

Finally, make sure the name that you choose has not already been claimed by someone else.

Researching online before settling on a rap name is important in order to avoid confusion.

Additionally, use caution when considering any type of wordplay or parody; this may seem creative and clever at first, but it can quickly become off-putting or difficult to interpret.

Ultimately, try to find something unique yet memorable which reflects who you are as an artist.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect rap name that both fits your music and resonates with your audience.

Conclusion – Rap Name Ideas

Creating a rap name is an important part of any rapper’s identity.

It can be a reflection of your style or persona, and it should be memorable and unique.

Ultimately it depends on what kind of rapper you are going for and the image you want to portray.

Just remember that whatever name you pick needs to stand out and make a great impression for your audience.


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