279+ Good Band Names [Catchy, Aesthetic, Names for Band]

Good band names are essential for a good first impression. It’s the one thing that will be with your band forever, so it better be good!

In this article, we cover hundreds of band names to help get you started.

Tips for Coming Up with Good Band Names

When brainstorming ideas for a band name, think about:

-Your musical style

-Your influences

-Your personality

-Your look

-Your fan base

-What you want your band to represent

Some other things to keep in mind when coming up with good band names:

-Avoid using inside jokes that only you and your friends will get.

-Don’t be too obscure. You want people to be able to remember your name and associate it with your music.

-Don’t make it too long. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

-Don’t use profanity or offensive language. This will turn off potential fans and limit your opportunities.

-Make sure you do a Google search and check social media to see if your desired name is already taken.

-Get feedback from friends, family, and fellow musicians to see what they think of your proposed names.

Catchy Band Names

If you’re looking for a catchy name for your band, here are some ideas:

The Struts

The 1975

All Time Low

5 Seconds of Summer

Fall Out Boy


Twenty One Pilots

Maroon 5

Imagine Dragons

Panic! at the Disco


Aesthetic Band Names

If you want something that sounds good and looks good on merch, here are some aesthetic band names for you:

The Lumineers



Beach House

The National

Fleet Foxes

The xx

Death Cab for Cutie


Bon Iver

Best Band Names

Draw inspiration from some of the best band names.

1) The Beatles

2) Led Zeppelin

3) Pink Floyd

4) The Rolling Stones

5) Nirvana

6) Pearl Jam

7) Radiohead

8) Foo Fighters

9) Muse

10) Arcade Fire

11) Queens of the Stone Age

12) The White Stripes

13) Black Keys

14) Red Hot Chili Peppers

15) Kings of Leon

16) The Strokes

17) Vampire Weekend

18) LCD Soundsystem

19) Yeah Yeah Yeahs

20) Tame Impala

Generated Band Names

These band names are auto-generated:

1) Yes, No, Hello

2) Fall In

3) Brother We Are

4) Order Recubed

5) The Skunks

6) Skulduggery

7) Influence

Ideas for Band Names

1) Dazed and Confused

2) The Firm

3) White Tiger

4) Blink-182

5) Taking Back Sunday

6) Thursday

7) The Devil Wears Prada

8) Atreyu

9) A Day to Remember

10) Bring Me the Horizon

11) Pierce the Veil

12) Sleeping with Sirens

13) All Time Low

14) Dashboard Confessional

15) Mayday Parade

16) The Story So Far

17) Yellowcard

18) We Are the In Crowd

19) issues

20) Memphis May Fire

Band Names Ideas

1) Bueno Amigos

2) To the Sun

3) For the Moon

4) Riot Act

5) The Bad Decisions

6) From Here to There

7) Running on Empty

8) Chasing Ghosts

9) The Weight of the World

10) On a Prayer

11) Against the Grain

12) Swimming upstream

13) Climbing the Ladder

14) Staying afloat

15) Pushing Forward

16) Breaking through

17) Making a Name for Yourself

18) Establishing Your Place

19) Gaining Recognition

20) Going places


Good Band Names

1) Greatness

2) Pressure Cooker

3) The Unknown

4) The Underdogs

5) The Unsigned

6) Raw Talent

7) Determination

8) Perseverance

9) Passion

10) Self-Belief

11) Drive

12) Focus

13) Commitment

14) Hard Work

15) Dedication

16) Willpower

17) Resilience

18) Grit

19) Never Giving Up

20) True Potential

Rock Band Names

1) Stone Temple Pilots

2) Creed

3) 3 Doors Down

4) Nickelback

5) Godsmack

6) Seether

7) Puddle of Mudd

8) Breaking Benjamin

9) Shinedown

10) Chevelle

11) Papa Roach

12) Staind

13 )Disturbed

14 )Stereophonics

15 )Oasis

16 )Coldplay

17 )The Killers

18 )Snow Patrol

19 )Kings of Leon

20 )Foo Fighters

Alternative Band Names

1. My Chemical Romance

2. Paramore

3. Fall Out Boy

4. Panic! at the Disco

5. All Time Low

6. Mayday Parade

7. The Maine

8. We Are the In Crowd

9. Yellowcard

10. The Story So Far

11. Taking Back Sunday

12. Motion City Soundtrack

13. Brand New

14. Jimmy Eat World

15. Anberlin

16. Dashboard Confessional

17. Coheed and Cambria

18. Senses Fail

19. The Used

20. Blink-182

Famous Band Names

Famous Band Names

1) The Beatles

2) Nirvana

3) Radiohead

4) Pink Floyd

5) Led Zeppelin

6) The Rolling Stones

7) U2

8) Arcade Fire

9) The Strokes

10) The Beach Boys

11) The Kinks

12) Kings of Leon

13) Talking Heads

14) Interpol

15) Vampire Weekend

16) Grimes


18) Fleetwood Mac

19) Yeah Yeah Yeahs

20) Pixies

Bands with Numbers in Them

1) U2

2) Blink-182

3) 3 Doors Down

4) 30 Seconds to Mars

Band Names from the 80s

1) Bon Jovi

2) Guns N’ Roses

3) Def Leppard

4) AC/DC

5) Metallica

6) Iron Maiden

7) Kiss

8) Motley Crue

9) Journey

10) Van Halen

11) Queen

12) Poison

13 )Whitesnake

14 )Dokken

15 )Scorpions

16 )Twisted Sister

17 )Mötley Crüe

18 )Judas Priest

19 )Ratt

20 )Dio

Band Names from the 90s

1) Nirvana

2) Pearl Jam

3) Stone Temple Pilots

4) Soundgarden

5) Alice in Chains

6) Red Hot Chili Peppers

7) Foo Fighters

8) Green Day

9) Bush

10) Blink-182

11 )Rage Against the Machine


13 )Tool

14 )A Perfect Circle

15 )Stone Sour

16 )Puscifer

17 )Limp Bizkit

18 )Korn

19 )Deftones

20 )Coal Chamber

21st Century Band Names

21st Century Band Names

1. The Strokes

2. Arcade Fire

3. The White Stripes

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5. The Libertines

6. Interpol

7. Vampire Weekend

8. LCD Soundsystem

9. Fleet Foxes

10. Beach House

11. Arcade Fire

12. The National

13. Bon Iver

14. Tame Impala

15. Grimes


17 . Lorde

18 . Haim

19 . The xx

20 . Foster the People

Cool Band Names that Aren’t Taken

1) The Clocks

2) The Spades

3) The Hearts

4) The Diamonds

5) Jack of Clubs

6) King of Hearts

7) Ace of Spades

8 )Two of Diamonds

9 )Three of Clubs

10 )Four of Hearts

11 )Five of Spades

12 )Six of Diamonds

13 )Seven of Clubs

14 )Eight of Hearts

15 )Nine of Spades

16 )Ten of Diamonds

17 )Jack of Hearts

18 )Queen of Spades

19 )King of Clubs

20 )Ace of Hearts

Boy Band Names

1) BTS

2) One Direction

3) 5 Seconds of Summer

4) Why Don’t We


6) In Real Life

7) The Vamps

8 )The Wanted

9 )Mindless Behavior

10 )One Call


12 )IM5

13 )Super Junior

14 )Take That

15 )CNCO

16 )Why Don’t We


18 )In Real Life

19 )The Vamps


Girl Band Names

1) Spice Girls

2) Girls Aloud

3) Little Mix

4) Fifth Harmony

5) All Saints

6) Sugababes

7) Girls’ Generation

8 )Direction

9 )The Pussycat Dolls

10 )TLC

11 )Destiny’s Child

12 )3LW

13 )Danity Kane

14 )Atomic Kitten

15 )SNSD

16 f(x)

17 2NE1

18 Wonder Girls

19 Mamamoo

20 April

Weird Band Names

1) The Beach Boys

2) Nirvana

3) The White Stripes

4) Yeah Yeah Yeahs

5) The Libertines

6) Interpol

7) Vampire Weekend

8 )LCD Soundsystem

9 )Beach House

10 )Tame Impala

11 )Pond

12 )Gorillaz

13 )Modest Mouse

14 )Death Grips

15 )Crystal Castles

16 Grimes

17 Animal Collective

18 Neon Indian

19 Wavves

20 Best Coast

Worst Band Names

1) Nickelback

2) Creed

3) Godsmack

4) Papa Roach

5) Seether

6) Breaking Benjamin

7 )Three Days Grace

8 )Shinedown

9 )Hinder

10 )Staind

11 )Flyleaf

12 )Saliva

13 )Puddle of Mudd

14 )Trapt

15 )12 Stones

16 Crossfade

17 P.O.D.

18 Hoobastank

19 Buckcherry

20 Saliva

Names for Band

If you’re still stuck, here are some general ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

-Your hometown or region

-A landmark near you

-An inside joke

-A play on words

-An interesting word or phrase in another language

-A pop culture reference

-Your favorite book, movie, or TV show

-A band you love

-An object or animal

Some examples of bands who have used these techniques include:

Arcade Fire, named after a fire that burned down a video store the band’s founders used to frequent.

Radiohead, named after the song “Radio Head” by the band Talking Heads.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, named after a bowl of chili that guitarist Hillel Slovak ate before a show and then promptly threw up on stage.

The Grateful Dead, named after a dictionary entry on the word “grateful.”

So go ahead and get creative- the sky’s the limit!

FAQs – Band Names

What are some tips for coming up with a band name?

Get creative- there are no wrong answers!

Try thinking of something that represents your band’s sound or style, or that has personal meaning to you and your members.

You could also try looking to pop culture or other bands for inspiration.

Should we avoid using profanity in our band name?

That is entirely up to you and your band members.

Some people feel strongly that profanity in a band name is unprofessional, while others believe it adds an edgy flair.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with.

Is it better to have a one-word name or a multi-word name?

There is no right answer to this question- it is entirely up to you and your band members.

Some people feel that a one-word name is more powerful or easier to remember, while others believe that a multi-word name can be more descriptive or meaningful.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with.

My bandmates and I can’t agree on a name. What should we do?

If you and your bandmates are having trouble agreeing on a name, try using a voting system to narrow down the options.

You could also try brainstorming other options that incorporate elements from each of your favorite ideas.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you and your bandmates are comfortable with the name you choose.

What if we change our mind after we’ve already picked a name?

If you change your mind about your band’s name after you’ve already chosen one, don’t worry!

It is not uncommon for bands to change their names, and there is no shame in doing so.

Simply pick a new name that you and your bandmates are happy with, and start using it going forward.

Good luck, and have fun!

Conclusion – Band Names

Your band name is an important part of your identity as a musician, so it’s important to choose something that you and your bandmates are happy with.

Don’t be afraid to get creative- there are no wrong answers!

If you’re having trouble agreeing on a name, try brainstorming other options that incorporate elements from each of your favorite ideas.

And if you change your mind down the road, don’t worry- it’s not uncommon for bands to change their names.

Simply pick a new name that you and your bandmates are happy with, and start using it going forward.

Good luck, and have fun!


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