147+ BEST School Names for 2023 [High School Names]

In this article, we cover the best school names, both real and fictional school names, for high schools, academies or any type of school.

Let’s take a look.

Fictional School Names

1) Beacon Hills High School (Teen Wolf)

2) William McKinley High School (Glee)

3) West Beverly Hills High School (Beverly Hills, 90210)

4) Degrassi Community School (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

5) East Side High School (The Karate Kid)

6) Rydell High School (Grease)

7) West Genuine and Original High School (Mean Girls)

8) Ridgemont High School (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

9) John Adams High School (Boy Meets World)

101+ Catchy and Unique School Academy Name ideas

Catchy School Names

1) Westminster

2) Fellow Eagles

3) The Academy

4) Pinnacle Prep

5) Liberty

6) Soaring Heights

7) scholars

8 ) Ivy League

9) Deans List

10) The Elite 11

Best School Names

1) Cloverdale Prep

2) Green Valley

3) Magnolia

4) Rosewood

5) Sunset

6) Sunrise

7) Shoreline

8 ) Skyview

9) Mountain View

10) Cloud 9

Unique High School Names

Unique High School Names

1) Westminster: A school name that denotes strength and tradition, Westminster is perfect for a private or charter school looking to show they are the best of the best.

2) Pinnacle: A name that suggests greatness and being at the top, Pinnacle would be perfect for a school that is striving to be the best.

3) Excelsior: A Latin word meaning “ever upward”, Excelsior is a great name for a school that is constantly moving forward and improving.

4) Aspire: A name that means to reach for something higher, Aspire is perfect for a school that has high expectations for its students and staff.

5) Achieve: A name that denotes success, Achievement would be perfect for a school that has a proven track record of academic excellence.

6) Endeavor: A name that suggests striving for something great, Endeavor is perfect for a school that is committed to excellence.

7) Qwest: A unique name that suggests moving forward into the future, Qwest would be perfect for a school that is innovative and cutting-edge.

8) Infinity: A name that suggests limitless potential, Infinity is perfect for a school that has high aspirations for its students.

9) Soar: A name that denotes growth and progress, Soar is perfect for a school that is committed to helping its students reach their full potential.

10) Stellar: A name that suggests greatness, Stellar is perfect for a school that strives to be the best in everything it does.

11) Summit: A name that denotes reaching the highest point, Summit is perfect for a school that has high standards and expects its students to reach their full potential.

12) Paramount: A name that suggests being the best of the best, Paramount is perfect for a school that is striving to be the top choice in education.

13) Renaissance: A name that denotes rebirth and renewal, Renaissance is perfect for a school that is committed to providing its students with a well-rounded education.

14) Odyssey: A name that suggests a journey of self-discovery, Odyssey is perfect for a school that encourages its students to explore their interests and talents.

15) Destined: A name that suggests greatness is within reach, Destined is perfect for a school that believes every student has the potential to be successful.

Anime High School Names

1) U.A. High School (My Hero Academia)

2) Hope’s Peak Academy (Danganronpa)

3) Yuei Academy (Naruto)

4) True Cross Academy (Blue Exorcist)

5) cram school (Kimi no Na Wa)

6) Gakuen Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

7) Cross Academy (Vampire Knight)

8 ) Fairy Tail Guild (Fairy Tail)

9) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter)

10) Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul)

Fake High School Names for Stories

1) West Beverly Hills High School (Beverly Hills, 90210)

2) East Los Angeles High School (East Los Angeles, CA)

3) South Central High School (South Central Los Angeles, CA)

4) Crenshaw High School (Crenshaw, CA)

5) Compton High School (Compton, CA)

6) Jefferson High School (Los Angeles, CA)

7) Bel-Air Academy (Bel Air, CA)

8) Westside Preparatory Academy (West Los Angeles, CA)

9) Pacific Coast Academy (Malibu, CA)

Abercrombie Prep (a made up school for the movie “Accepted”)

10) Lavender Heights High School (San Francisco, CA)

Boarding School Names Ideas

1) Hillcrest Preparatory School

2) Lakeview Academy

3) Pinnacle Preparatory School

4) Ridgeline Preparatory School

5) Sterling Academy

6) Sunrise Preparatory School

7) Walden Prep Academy

8) Windermere Preparatory School

Private School Names

1) Harrington Preparatory School

2) Kingsley Preparatory School

3) Montessori Academy

4) Northwood Preparatory School

5) Pine Crest Preparatory School

6) Regis High School

7) St. Marks Preparatory School

8 ) Trinity Preparatory School

Religious School Names Ideas

1) All Saints Catholic Academy

2) Blessed Sacrament Academy

3) Divine Savior Lutheran Academy

4) Immaculate Conception Academy

5) Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

6) Sacred Heart Academy

7) St. Agnes Catholic Academy

8 ) St. Ambrose

Cool School Names

1) Falcon Academy

2) Blue Valley High

3) Panther Creek

4) South Lakes

5) Heritage

6) Legacy

7) Roeper

8) Mayfield

9) Oakton

10) Thomas Jefferson

11) Bridgewater

Attractive School Names

1) Northshore Academy

2) Edenbridge Academy

3) Westminster School

4) Dulwich College

5) Cheltenham Ladies’ College

6) Headington School

7) Hampton Court Palace Grammar School

8 ) Bedales School

9) St Paul’s Girls’ School

10) Latymer Upper School

Education Institute Names

1) Harvard University

2) Yale University

3) Princeton University

4) Columbia University

5) Stanford University

6) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

7) University of Chicago

8) Duke University

9) Johns Hopkins University

10) Northwestern University

College Names

1) Brown University

2) Dartmouth College

3) Cornell University

4) Georgetown University

5) Emory University

6) Vanderbilt University

7) Rice University

8 ) Tulane University

9) Wake Forest University

10) Boston College

1) Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Penn.

2) Liberal arts colleges: Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, Wellesley, Smith, Middlebury, and Bryn Mawr.

3) Engineering schools: MIT, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, and Purdue.

4) Business schools: Wharton, Booth, Tuck, and Kellogg.

5) Law schools: Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, and Penn.

6) Medical schools: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UCSF, and Wash U.

7) Art and design schools: RISD, Pratt, Cooper Union, and Parsons.

8) Film schools: USC, NYU Tisch, UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, and AFI Conservatory.

9) Music schools: Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory of Music, and Berklee College of Music.

10) Culinary arts schools: Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and the Institute of Culinary Education.

Catchy Business School Names

Tips for Naming a New School or Fictional School

When coming up with a name for your new school or fictional school, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name:

1. Keep it short and simple.

A long or complicated name can be difficult to remember and pronounce.

2. Make sure the meaning is appropriate.

You don’t want a name that could be interpreted in a negative way.

3. Consider the location of the school.

If it’s in a specific city or region, you may want to include that in the name.

4. Avoid using numbers or symbols in the name.

They can be confusing and hard to remember.

5. Get creative!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with a name.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to come up with the perfect name for your new school or fictional school.

FAQs – School Names

What are some famous school names?

Some famous school names include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford.

What goes into naming a school?

There are a number of factors that go into naming a school, such as the mission of the school, the location, the type of institution, and the history of the area.

What are some popular naming conventions for schools?

Some popular naming conventions for schools include using the name of the founder or the principal, using the name of the city or town where the school is located, or using a combination of both.

Conclusion – School Names

These are just a few of the best names for schools out there, whether you’re looking for a real school or a fictional one.

No matter what kind of school you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a perfect name out there for you. So start your search today and find the perfect school name for your needs.


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