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157+ Skateboard Company Names [Skateboard Brand Names, Team Names]

Skateboard company names are used to identify skateboards and the companies that produce them.

Skateboarding has become a popular pastime for people of all ages and interests, so it’s no surprise there is an abundance of skateboard brands out there.

In this article, we cover different names across various categories.

These include:

  • Skateboard Company Names Ideas
  • Skateboard Team Names
  • Skateboard Company Name Generator
  • Skate Team Names
  • Funny Skate Company Names
  • Good Skateboard Company Names
  • Cool Skateboard Company Names
  • Skateboard Companies from the 90s and 00s
  • Skateboard Brands A-Z
  • Roller Skate Companies

First, let’s look at some tips on how to come ups with skateboard company names.

Tips for Coming Up with a Skateboard Company Name

When choosing a skateboard company name, it’s important to think of something cool and unique that will really stand out.

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect skateboard company name:

1. Use your own name

Many people use their own name as the basis for their skateboard company names.

This way, they create a personalized brand that is easy to remember and relate to.

2. Brainstorm ideas with friends or family

Get together with friends or family members who understand what you’re trying to do and brainstorm potential company names together.

It can be helpful to get an outside perspective on what could work best for your business.

3. Play with word combinations

Skateboarding is all about creativity and style, so use your imagination to come up with some unique word combinations for your company name.

Think about skateboarding lingo and how you can combine words to create an interesting phrase or name.

4. Make sure the domain name is available

Before settling on a skateboard company name, make sure that the corresponding website domain is still available.

You don’t want someone else taking advantage of a great business idea by having the same website address as yours!

5. Research competitors and other names in the industry

Research what other skateboard companies are called and consider whether there may be any trademark infringements if you choose too similar of a name.

It’s important to ensure that your name is distinct and won’t be confused with other brands in the industry.

By following these tips, you should have no trouble coming up with a great skateboard company name that really stands out!

50 Secrets & Stories Behind Skateboard Brand Names

With that said, let’s look at some lists.

Skateboard Company Names Ideas

Whether you are looking to start your own skateboard company or just searching for some inspiration, here are some cool skateboard company names to consider:

– Street Slayers

– Grind Gritters

– Board Bangers

– Hang Ten Heroes

– Rolling Rebels

– Deck Devils

– Wheels Warriors

– Trick Trappers

– Shark Shredders

– Coaster Commandos

– Xtreme Xplorers

– Trail Blazers

– Kickflip Kings

Skateboard Company Names

Skateboard Team Names

1) The Kings of the Concrete

2) The Boardwalk All-Stars

3) The Shredding Sharks

4) The Rail Riders

5) The Ramp Rats

6) The Skate Sages

7) The Street Slayers

8) The Wheel Warriors

9) The Tricksters

10)The Alley Cats

Skateboard Company Name Generator

A skateboard company name generator can be used to generate some cool, catchy and unique names for your business.

Here are a few examples:

– Rolling Renegades

– Ollie Orchestra

– Smooth Sailors

– Perfect Paddlers

– Radical Rollers

– Kick Flip

50 Skateboard Logos Explained – The Story Behind the Brands

Skate Team Names

1) The Outliers

2) The Boardriders

3) Lightning Rods

4) Steel Wheels

5) Cruise Control

6) The Sliders

7) Radical Roadies

8) Fast Forwarders

9) The Glidin’ Grizzlies

10) Crouching Tigers, Hidden Boards

Funny Skate Company Names

Funny Skate Company Names

1) Radical Ramps

2) The Slippery Sliders

3) Skate-tastrophe!

4) Boardwalk Brawlers

5) Concrete Cowboys

6) Hang Ten Hooligans

7) Sk8r Bois

8) Wicked Wheelers

9) Thunder Riders

10) Rollin’ Rogues

Good Skateboard Company Names

1) Street Surfers

2) Deck Dynasty

3) Grind Masters

4) Board Burglars

5) Gnarly Knights

6) Coasting Commandos

7) Ace of Spades

8) Cruisin’ Crews

9) X-t

Cool Skate Company Names

1) Skate & Shake

2) Kickin’ It On Wheels

3) Roll Through the Streets

4) Sk8ters Paradise

5) OllieBoarders

6) Fire on Ice

7) Street Slayers

8) Glide and Slide

9) The Skate Yard

10) Ramp Masters

11) Boarding Buddies

12) Downhill Divas

13) Cruisin’ Crews

14) Skaterz Dreamland

15) The Sk8 Room

16) Wheels of Fortune

17) Cruising Coastlines

18) Slick City Sidewalk

Unique Skateboard Company Names

Unique Skateboard Company Names

1) Street Skaters

2) Extreme Sports Unlimited

3) Boarders United

4) Speed Roadsters

5) Radical Riders

6) The Skating Syndicate

7) Decked Out Cruisers

8) CruiseMasters

9) Boundless Boards

10) Glide & Grind

11) Rolling Rebels

12) Swift Stompers

13) Pavement Pounders

14) The Wheel Warriors

15) Street Krews

16) Skate Rockers

17) Grip & Rip Riders

18) Sky High Boards

Skateboard Companies from the 90s and 00s

1) Alien Workshop

2) Blind Skateboards

3) Birdhouse Skateboards

4) Foundation Skateboards

5) Zoo York

6) World Industries

7) Powell-Peralta

8) Plan B Skateboards

9) Santa Cruz

10) Element

11) Black Label

12) Girl Skateboards

13) Habitat

14) Enjoi

Skateboard Brands A-Z

Skateboard Brands A-Z

A – Almost Skateboards, Antihero Skateboarding

B – Blind Skateboards, Bones Wheels

C – Creature Skateboards, Cliche Skateboard

D – Deathwish Skateboarding, Dusters California

E – Element Skateboards, Enjoi Skateboards

F – Flip Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards

G – Globe Brand Footwear, Girl Skateboards

H – Habitat Skateboard Company, Hook-Ups

I– Independent Truck Company

J – Jazz Distribution

K – Krooked Skates

L – Lockwood Shop Distribution

M – Mad Circle

N – Norcal Creative Group

O – Osiris Shoes

P – Powell-Peralta

Q – Quiksilver

R – Real Skateboards

S – Santa Cruz Skateboards

T – Toy Machine Skateboards

U – UMA Skateshop

V – Venture Trucks

W – World Industries

X – X-Games 〈Skate Video Game Series〉

Y – Zoo York

Z – Zero Skateboard Company.

Roller Skate Companies

Roller Skate Companies

1) Moxi Skates

2) Riedell Skates

3) Chaya Skates

4) Crazy Skates

5) Impala Rollerskates

6) Sure-Grip International

7) Bont Quad Roller Skate

8) Vanilla Skate Company

9) Rio Roller

10) Atom Wheels

11) Antik

12) Luigino

13) Hyper Wheels

14) Radar Wheels

15) OutdoorXtreme

16) Powerslide

17) Moto Deluxe

18) Proskaters Place

19) Snyder Skates

20) MOTO Skates.

Skateboard Apparel Companies

1) Omit Apparel

2) Volcom

3) GoldCoast

4) Dusters California

5) Quiksilver

6) Neff

7) Vans Shoes

8) Spitfire Wheels

9) Nike SB

10) DC Shoes

11) RVCA

12) CCS

13) Thrasher Magazine

14) Lakai Footwear

15) Emerica Shoes

16) Independent Trucks

17) Bones Wheels

18) Toy Machine Skateboards

19) Globe Brand Footwear

20) Altamont Apparel

Skateboard Accessories Companies

1) Black Diamond Sports

2) Grizzly Griptape

3) Venture Trucks

4) Bronson Speed Co.

5) Spitfire Wheels

6) Powell-Peralta

7) Blood Orange Skateboards

FAQs – Skateboard Company Names

What should I name my skateboard?

Your skateboard name could be anything that resonates with you and your skateboarding vision.

Popular names include things like: Sk8Safe, BoardLords, Grind Nation, and SpeedRippers.

You can also choose a more creative name for your skateboard brand such as AirBurst, SlickRick’s Wheels, or Thrasherz.

No matter what you choose, make sure it conveys the message of your style and passion for skateboarding.

What are some skateboard company name ideas?

Skateboarding Companies – Name Ideas

1) Grind Nation

2) Airburst Skateboards

3) Street Kings Skateboarding

4) Board Lords

5) SlickRicks Wheels

6) SpeedRippers

7) Thrasherz

How do I start my own skateboard company?

Starting a skateboard company requires an investment of time, money and effort.

First you need to decide on the type of boards you want to produce (longboards, street decks etc).

Then create a logo and branding, source a manufacturer, set up distribution and marketing channels, design the products and start selling.

You will also need to create an online presence with social media accounts and an eCommerce website. With hard work and dedication your skateboard company can be successful.

What are the most popular skateboard brands?

The most popular skateboard brands include: Element Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, Almost Skateboards, Baker Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Primitive Skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, Spitfire Wheels and Santa Cruz Skateboards.

These companies have been creating some of the best skateboard equipment in the world for decades and continue to do so today.

What are some skateboard companies that went out of business?

Some skateboard companies that went out of business include: World Industries, Blind Skateboards, Alien Workshop, and Zoo York.

These companies had a large impact on the skateboarding industry in their time but have since ceased operations due to various reasons.

Today’s skateboarding scene is still extremely vibrant and there are many great brands creating high quality products for skaters around the world.

What are some new skateboard companies?

Newer skateboard companies include: Dusters California, Omit Apparel, Volcom, Emerica Shoes, Moto Deluxe Engage and Proskaters Place.

All of these brands offer unique products that appeal to different segments of the skateboarding community.

Catchy Skateboard Company Names

Conclusion – Skateboard Company Names

These are just some of the skateboard companies you can look into for inspiration when starting your own.

Remember to choose a name that reflects your vision and style, and create an online presence through social media and eCommerce sites.

With hard work, dedication, and a great product you can make your skateboard company successful. Good luck!


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