Black and White Spotted Dog Names

207+ BEST Spotted Dog Names [Male, Female, Brown, Gray, White, Tan]

Spotted dog names often reflect the colors and patterns found on a pup’s coat.

From traditional names like Blaze and Oreo to more creative options like Rorschach and Picasso, there are plenty of great names for spotted dogs to choose from.

In this article, we cover various spotted dog names across various categories.

These include:

  • Brown Spotted Dog Names
  • Gray Spotted Dog Names
  • Spotted Wiener Dog Names
  • Names for Spotted Girl Dogs
  • Spotted Dog Names (Female)
  • Spotted Dog Names (Male)
  • Black and White Spotted Dog Names
  • Names That Mean Spotted
  • Eye Patch Dog Names
  • Unique Dog Names
  • Tan Spotted Dog Names
  • African Spotted Dog Names
  • White Spotted Dog Names
  • Cute Spotted Dog Names
  • Names for Spotted Dog
  • Spotted Eye Dog Names

First, let’s look at some tips on how to name a spotted dog.

Tips for Coming Up with a Good Spotted Dog Name

When you get a new dog, one of the first things you have to do is come up with a name.

This can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

If you’re considering a spotted dog breed, there are a few things you should keep in mind when coming up with a good name.

Here are some tips for coming up with a good spotted dog name:

1. Avoid names that sound like commands

Dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement, so avoid names that could be confused with commands (e.g. “Spot,” “Buddy,” or “Killer”).

2. Stick to one or two syllables

Longer names may be confusing for your dog and make it harder for them to learn their name.

3. Consider your dog’s personality

Pick a name that fits your dog’s personality.

If they’re playful, choose a name like “Bam-Bam” or “Pogo.”

If they’re more laid-back, try “Napoleon” or “Buttercup.”

4. Have fun with it!

Remember, this is your chance to be creative.

So have fun with it and choose a name you’ll both love.

Brown Spotted Dog Names

For help finding the perfect name for your spotting dog, check out our list of dozens of the best spotted dog names below.
















Chocolate Chip





Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Cookie Dough






Graham Cracker







Peanut Butter Cup


Raspberry Ripple

Rocky Road


Swiss Chocolate

Tiger Toffee

Walnut Whip

White Chocolate

Caramel Wafer

50+ Spotted Dog Names (For Dogs With Spots & Patches)

Gray Spotted Dog Names

1) stormy

2) dusky

3) smoky

4) cloudy

5) shadow

6) sooty

7) charred

8) ashen

9) pitch black

10) inky

11) sable

12) onyx

13) raven

Names for Spotted Girl Dogs

1) Freckles

2) Dottie

3) Polka

4) Dotty

5) Daisy

6) Blossom

7) Petal

8) Tulip

9) Lotus

10) Marigold

11) Jasmine

12) Hibiscus

13) Rose

Spotted Dog Names (Female)

1. Amber

2. Apricot

3. Beige

4. Blondie

5. Brownie

6. Butterscotch

7. Cappuccino

8. Caramel Wafer

9. Cheddar

10. Cinnamon

11. Coca

12. Cookie Dough

13. Cornflower

14. Cream Puff

15. Cupcake

16. Daffodil

17. Daisy

18. Darjeeling

19. Dulce de Leche

20. Eggnog

21. Eclair

22. Fawn

23. Gingerbread

24. Goldilocks

25. Honey

26. Latte

10 SPOTTED DOG BREEDS 🐶 Popular Dogs with Spots

Spotted Dog Names (Male)

1) Ace

2) Bandit

3) Barkley

4) Benny

5) Bogart

6) Brutus

7) Caesar

8) Clancy

9) Dexter

10) Duke

11) Fido

12) Gus

13) Harvey

14) Jake

15) Jasper

16) Leo

17) Max

18) Moe

19) Otis

20) Owen

21) Rex

22) Rocky

23) Sam

24) Simon

25) Teddy

26) Winston

Choosing a name for your new dog can be a difficult task.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a list of popular spotted male dog names.

Black and White Spotted Dog Names

Black and White Spotted Dog Names

1) Oreo

2) Domino

3) Panda

4) Peanut

5) Marble

6) Oreo

7) Onyx

8) Pepper

9) Sprinkle

10) Checkers/Chess

11) Dottie/Dotty

12) Gingham

13) Dalmatian

14) Magpie

15) Panda Bear

16) Polka Dotty

17) Rorschach/Rorshach

18) Opal

19) Onyx

20) Coal

Names That Mean Spotted

1) Blotched

2) Marbled

3) Motley

4) Particolored

5) Pied

6) Spotted

7) Speckled

8) Splotched

9) Stippled

10) Variegated

11) Brindled

12) Calico

13) Tortoiseshell/Tortie

Eye Patch Dog Names

1) Lucky

2) Max

3) Bandit

4) Mia

5) Scout

6) Belle

7) Shadow

8) Murphy

9) Chief

10) Rocky

Black and White Spotted Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

1) Max

2) Bella

3) Charlie

4) Luna

5) Cooper

6) Rocky

7) Teddy

8) Jasper

9) Oliver

10) Lucy

Tan Spotted Dog Names

1) Tiger

2) Buddy

3) Bear

4) Maximus

5) Coco

6) Rambo

7) Rocky

8) Tyson

9) King

10) Prince

African Spotted Dog Names

1) Kiboko

2) Kifaru

3) Jambo

4) Bongo

5) Zambezi

6) Haraka

7) Kwena

8) Nyala

9) Simba

10) Zuri

White Spotted Dog Names

1) Dalmatian

2) Snowy

3) Vanny

4) Biscuit

5) Gizmo

6) Corky

7) Powder

8) Oreo

9) Puddles

10) Fido

11) Simon

12) Lucky

13) Noodle

14) Ollie

15) Baxter

16) Scout

17) Bandit

18) Waffles

19) Mocha

20) Zeus

Cute Spotted Dog Names

1) Scout

2) Daisy

3) Bentley

4) Marley

5) Tucker

6) Cooper

7) Charlie

8) Stella

9) Zeus

10) Apollo

Names for Spotted Dog

1) Fido

2) Rover

3) Scout

4) Max

5) Duke

6) Gus

7) Smokey

8) Bandit

9) Jake

10) Jack

11) Tyson

12) Murphy

13) Cooper

14) Bear

15) Harley

16) Baxter

Spotted Eye Dog Names

1) Lucky

2) Bandit

3) Mia

4) Scout

5) Murphy

6) Chief

7) Simon

8) Max

9) Bella

10) Charlie

Spotted Wiener Dog Names

1) Oscar

2) Gidget

3) Widget

4) Max

5) Sophie

6) Gretel

7) Hazel

8) Belle

9) Mia

10) Stella

Dappled Dog Names

1. Splash

2. Speckles

3. Spotty/Spots

4. Freckles/Freckly

5. Dapple

6. Brindle

7. Merle

8. Roan

FAQs – Spotted Dog Names

What are some names for a spotted dog?

The most popular names for spotted dogs are Oreo, Domino, and Panda.

Other popular names include Pepper, Sprinkle, and Checkers/Chess.

What are some unique names for a spotted dog?

Some unique names for spotted dogs include Max, Bella, Cooper, Rocky, Teddy, Jasper, Oliver, and Lucy.

What are some cute names for a spotted dog?

Some of the most popular cute names for spotted dogs include Scout, Daisy, Bentley, Marley, Tucker, and Charlie.

How do I choose a name for my new spotted dog?

When choosing a name for your new spotted dog, consider its personality and physical appearance.

If you want a name that is unique, you can choose a name based on the dog’s coat color or pattern.

You can also choose a name based on the dog’s country of origin, such as Kiboko for an African spotted dog.

What are some popular names for black and white spotted dogs?

Some of the most popular names for black and white spotted dogs include Oreo, Domino, Panda, and Peanut.

Other popular names include Marble, Onyx, Pepper, and Sprinkle.

Conclusion – Spotted Dog Names

Spots on a dog’s coat can come in many different colors.

Black, brown, gray, white, and even red are all possible colors for spotting.

No matter what color your dog’s spots are, there is bound to be a perfect name for them.

If you are still stuck, try thinking about your dog’s personality or physical appearance to help you choose the perfect name.


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