Sushi Burger Recipe – Fresh Ingredients & Savory Flavors

If you’re a fan of sushi and burgers, then get ready to experience the best of both worlds with this mouthwatering Sushi Burger recipe. Imagine layers of spicy salmon, crab, and avocado, all held together with a rice bun and wrapped in nori. It’s like your favorite sushi roll in the shape of a burger!

Sushi burgers originated in Japan at the MOS burger chain and have gained popularity worldwide for their unique and innovative take on two beloved cuisines. With this easy-to-follow recipe, you can impress your friends and family with this delicious fusion dish.

Sushi Burger Recipe

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a fusion delight by combining the flavors of sushi and burgers.
  • Use fresh ingredients like spicy salmon, crab, and avocado for a flavorful filling.
  • The rice bun and nori wrap add an authentic sushi touch to the burger.
  • Customize your sushi burgers with your favorite toppings and sauces.
  • Serve sushi burgers as a fun and hand-held meal for sushi lovers.

What is a Sushi Burger?

A sushi burger is a burger-shaped dish that combines elements of sushi and traditional burgers. The bun of the sushi burger is made with sushi rice, and the filling consists of typical sushi ingredients such as seafood, avocado, and vegetables. The concept of sushi burgers originated in Japan at the MOS burger chain. These innovative and aesthetically pleasing creations offer sushi lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite flavors in a convenient hand-held format.

How to Make Sushi Burgers

Making sushi burgers is relatively simple. Follow these steps to create your own delicious sushi burger:

  1. Cook sushi rice according to the package instructions.
  2. Season the cooked rice with rice vinegar and sugar to add flavor.
  3. Prepare the fillings for the burger, such as spicy salmon, crab, or any other protein of your choice.
  4. Shape the sushi rice into a bun-like form using your hands or a mold.
  5. Place a sheet of nori on top of the rice bun to add structure and prevent it from falling apart.
  6. Add the fillings on top of the nori, creating layers of flavors and textures.
  7. Top the fillings with another sheet of nori to hold everything together.
  8. Wrap the assembled sushi burger tightly with plastic wrap to help it maintain its shape.
  9. Allow the sushi burger to rest for at least 15 minutes to ensure that the flavors meld together.
  10. Remove the plastic wrap and carefully slice the sushi burger vertically to reveal the beautiful layers.
  11. Garnish the sushi burger with green onions or other toppings of your choice.

Creating a sushi burger is a fun and interactive process that allows you to customize the flavors and fillings to your liking. The combination of sushi rice, nori, and a variety of fillings creates a unique culinary experience that sushi lovers will appreciate. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef, making sushi burgers is a great way to showcase your creativity and culinary skills.

Tips for Perfect Sushi Burgers

Creating the perfect sushi burger involves careful attention to detail and creative customization. Here are some useful tips to elevate your sushi burger game:

  1. Choose the right rice: Opt for sushi rice or short-grain rice to achieve the ideal stickiness and texture for the bun.
  2. Prep the nori sheets: Wet the edges of the nori sheets before folding to ensure they stick together, preventing any mishaps during assembly.
  3. Experiment with protein: Go beyond traditional sushi fillings and incorporate different proteins like tuna, tofu, or shrimp to add variety to your sushi burger.
  4. Get creative with veggies: Customize your burger by adding your favorite sushi veggies such as carrots, cucumber, and cabbage for added crunch and freshness.
  5. Add some crunch: Sprinkle Nori Furikake or sesame seeds on top of the finished burger to enhance the texture and bring extra flavor to the dish.
  6. Alternative to nori: If you’re not a fan of seaweed, soy paper can be used as an alternative to wrap the sushi burger.
  7. Adjust sauce levels: Tailor the amount of spicy mayo or other sauces based on your desired level of spiciness.
  8. Presentation matters: Get creative with the presentation by using a large ring mold or lining a small bowl with plastic wrap to shape the rice bun, ensuring an attractive and professional look.
  9. Experiment with toppings: Explore different toppings and condiments such as pickled ginger, wasabi mayo, or avocado slices to personalize your sushi burger and enhance the overall flavor experience.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create sushi burgers that not only taste incredible but also impress with their presentation.

Now, let’s take a look at a comparison table showcasing different sushi burger variations:

Sushi Burger Variation Protein Veggies Sauce
Spicy Salmon Sushi Burger Spicy salmon Cucumber, avocado Spicy mayo
Tofu and Veggie Sushi Burger Tofu Carrots, radish, lettuce Ponzu sauce
Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burger Shrimp tempura Red cabbage, green onion Eel sauce

With these variations, you can explore different flavors and ingredients to match your preferences and create a sushi burger that satisfies your cravings. Enjoy the endless possibilities!

Storing and Serving Sushi Burgers

Once you’ve assembled your delicious sushi burgers, it’s best to enjoy them immediately for the optimal flavor and texture experience. However, if you need to store them for a short time, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wrap the sushi burgers tightly in plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out or absorbing unwanted odors.
  2. Place the wrapped sushi burgers in the refrigerator for up to a few hours.

If you have any leftovers, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. However, please note that the texture of the sushi burgers may become less desirable over time. It’s recommended to consume the leftovers within 2-3 days for the best taste.

Serving Suggestions

To enhance your sushi burger experience, consider serving them with various sides that complement the flavors and add extra satisfaction to your meal. Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Pair the sushi burgers with soy sauce for dipping. The savory umami flavor of the soy sauce will enhance the taste of the sushi burgers.
  • Traditional sushi sides like edamame, miso soup, or crispy air fryer fries can be great accompaniments to complete your meal.

By incorporating these sides, you can elevate your sushi burger experience and enjoy a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Serving Suggestions Description
Soy Sauce A classic choice for dipping sushi burgers, soy sauce adds a burst of umami flavor.
Edamame Enjoy these steamed soybeans as a healthy and protein-rich side dish.
Miso Soup A warming and comforting soup made from fermented soybean paste, perfect for pairing with sushi burgers.
Crispy Air Fryer Fries Add some crunch to your meal with these crispy fries cooked to perfection in an air fryer.

With these serving suggestions and sides, you can create a satisfying and well-balanced meal featuring your delicious sushi burgers.

Freezing Sushi Burgers

While sushi burgers are best enjoyed fresh to maintain their optimal taste and texture, you might be wondering if you can freeze them for later consumption. However, it is not recommended to freeze sushi burgers as the freezing process can compromise the texture of the rice and fillings. Freezing can cause the rice to become dry and brittle, while the fillings may lose their freshness and flavor.

It’s best to savor the sushi burgers immediately after assembly, allowing all the delicious flavors to come together. However, if you have leftovers, it is recommended to consume them within a few days rather than attempting to freeze them. This will ensure that you enjoy the sushi burgers at their finest and avoid any potential disappointment in their taste and texture.

To fully appreciate the fusion delight of sushi burgers, it’s worth taking the time to prepare them fresh or enjoy them shortly after assembly. Let’s not compromise the culinary experience by freezing these delectable creations.

Why should you avoid freezing sushi burgers?

“Freezing sushi burgers can significantly affect their taste and texture. The rice may lose its stickiness and become dry, while the fillings may lose their freshness and flavor. To truly experience the unique fusion of flavors that sushi burgers offer, it’s best to enjoy them fresh.”

To further illustrate why freezing sushi burgers is not advisable, let’s take a look at a comparison between freshly made sushi burgers and frozen and reheated ones:

Aspect Freshly Made Sushi Burgers Frozen and Reheated Sushi Burgers
Taste Delicious, with the perfect balance of flavors May taste bland and may lose the original flavors
Texture Soft and chewy rice with tender and fresh fillings Rice may become dry and brittle, fillings may become mushy
Appearance Visually appealing with vibrant colors Colors may fade and ingredients may lose their visual appeal

As you can see, freezing sushi burgers can have a negative impact on their taste, texture, and overall appeal. It’s always best to enjoy them fresh and appreciate their full culinary potential.

Sushi Burger Sauce

The key to elevating the flavor of sushi burgers lies in the sauce. One popular choice is the delectable spicy mayo, which adds a creamy and spicy kick to your sushi burger experience. To make spicy mayo, simply combine mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. The amount of sriracha can be adjusted to suit your preferred level of spiciness. Whether you enjoy a subtle hint of heat or crave a fiery explosion of flavors, spicy mayo allows you to customize your sushi burger to perfection.

If you’re looking to explore different flavors, there are other sushi condiments that can be used as alternatives to spicy mayo. Soy sauce, with its savory and umami notes, can add depth to your sushi burger. Another option is ponzu sauce, a citrus-based sauce that imparts a tangy and refreshing taste. Feel free to experiment with different sauces to find the combination that delights your taste buds and complements the flavors of your sushi burger creation.

Remember, the sauce plays a vital role in enhancing the overall taste of your sushi burger. It can elevate the flavors of the fillings and bring harmony to the different components of the burger. So don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own unique twist with a sauce that truly embodies your desired flavor profile.

Bring on the Flavors: Spicy Mayo for Sushi Burgers

“The combination of creamy mayonnaise and zesty sriracha sauce gives sushi burgers an irresistible kick. Adjust the amount of sriracha to suit your personal preference for spiciness. This tantalizing sauce brings together the flavors of sushi and burgers in a delightful way.”

Adding a drizzle of spicy mayo to your sushi burger not only enhances the taste but also adds a touch of visual appeal. The creamy white sauce with streaks of vibrant red creates an enticing contrast against the colorful fillings and rice bun. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

However, if spicy mayo isn’t your cup of tea, there’s no shortage of other condiments to explore. Soy sauce, with its rich and savory flavors, adds a classic touch to sushi burgers. The salty umami taste perfectly complements the fresh seafood and vegetables. Meanwhile, ponzu sauce, with its tangy citrus notes, offers a refreshing twist that harmonizes with the delicate flavors of sushi.

The beauty of sushi burgers is the opportunity to customize and experiment. Every condiment brings its own unique character, allowing you to curate a sushi burger that reflects your personal taste. So don’t hesitate to delve into the world of sauces and discover the perfect accompaniment to your sushi burger masterpiece.

Serving Suggestions for Sushi Burgers

Sushi burgers can be enjoyed on their own as a meal or served with additional side dishes to create a more substantial and satisfying dining experience. Here are some serving suggestions to complement your sushi burgers:

1. Healthy and Refreshing

Pair your sushi burger with:

  • Edamame: Steamed and lightly salted soybean pods that make for a nutritious and protein-packed side dish.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Oven-roasted mixed vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and broccoli, seasoned with herbs and spices for a burst of flavor.

2. Indulgent and Crispy

Indulge in a more decadent experience by serving your sushi burger with:

  • Crispy Air Fryer Fries: Homemade french fries cooked in an air fryer for a lighter but equally satisfying take on classic fries.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: Baked or fried sweet potato fries, seasoned with a touch of salt and served with a tangy dipping sauce.

3. Traditional and Flavorful

Experience the traditional flavors of sushi by pairing your burger with:

  • Miso Soup: A classic Japanese soup made with miso paste, tofu, seaweed, and green onions, providing a rich and comforting broth.

Remember, these suggestions are just a starting point. Feel free to get creative and personalize your sushi burger experience by adding your own favorite sides and condiments!

Sushi Burger Recipe Variations

While the classic sushi burger recipe includes spicy salmon, crab, and avocado, there are endless variations you can try. Consider substituting the protein with other options like tuna, tofu, shrimp, or even grilled chicken. Experiment with different combinations of veggies and sauces to create unique flavor profiles. You can also try different bun options such as using lettuce wraps or even brioche buns for a twist on the traditional rice bun.

Protein Variations

Expand your sushi burger horizons by swapping out the classic ingredients for alternative proteins:

  • Tuna: Use fresh or canned tuna for a more robust and meaty flavor.
  • Tofu: For a vegetarian or vegan option, marinate and grill tofu to add a savory and protein-packed element.
  • Shrimp: Grilled or tempura-battered shrimp can add a delightful crunch to your sushi burger.
  • Grilled Chicken: Opt for grilled chicken breast seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices for a heartier sushi burger variation.

Flavorful Veggie Combinations

Experiment with different combinations of vegetables to add freshness, crunch, and vibrant colors to your sushi burgers:

  • Cucumber, Carrot, and Radish: Thinly sliced and lightly pickled, these veggies provide a refreshing contrast to the other fillings.
  • Avocado and Mango: Creamy avocado and juicy mango slices can bring a tropical twist to your sushi burger.
  • Pickled Ginger and Red Onion: Add a tangy and slightly spicy kick to your sushi burger by including pickled ginger and thinly sliced red onion.
  • Spinach and Sprouts: For a boost of green goodness, add baby spinach leaves and sprouts to your sushi burger.

Bun Alternatives

Switch up the bun to create unique sushi burger experiences:

  • Lettuce Wraps: Embrace the low-carb option with large, sturdy lettuce leaves as a lighter alternative to the rice bun.
  • Brioche Buns: For a touch of sweetness, substitute the rice bun with toasted brioche buns for a decadent sushi burger twist.
Sushi Burger Variation Protein Veggies Bun
Spicy Tuna Sushi Burger Tuna Cucumber, Radish Rice Bun
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Burger Grilled Chicken Avocado, Spinach Brioche Bun
Tempura Shrimp Sushi Burger Shrimp Cucumber, Sprouts Rice Bun
Mango Avocado Sushi Burger No Protein Mango, Avocado Lettuce Wrap

Let your creativity run wild with these sushi burger recipe variations. Mix and match proteins, veggies, and buns to create your own unique and flavorful combinations. Whether you prefer a spicy tuna sushi burger with a rice bun or a refreshing mango avocado sushi burger in a lettuce wrap, there’s a variation to suit every palate. Enjoy the fusion delight of sushi burgers with endless possibilities!


Sushi burgers are a delightful fusion of sushi and burgers that offer a creative and convenient way to enjoy your favorite flavors. With a rice bun, a variety of fillings, and customizable toppings, sushi burgers can be tailored to suit your preferences and create a unique dining experience.

Whether you’re a sushi lover looking for a new twist or simply want to try something different, this sushi burger recipe is a must-try. The combination of fresh ingredients and savory flavors makes these burgers a satisfying and delicious meal option.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different flavors and fillings. From classic combinations like spicy salmon, crab, and avocado to unique variations using tuna, tofu, or grilled chicken, the possibilities are endless. Customize your sushi burger with your favorite sauces, veggies, and condiments for a personalized taste sensation.

Bring the flavors of Japan and the convenience of burgers together with sushi burgers. Experience the best of both worlds in a single bite. So why wait? Try this amazing sushi burger recipe and embark on a culinary adventure that will surely leave your taste buds craving more!


What ingredients are needed for a sushi burger?

The main ingredients for a sushi burger include sushi rice, nori sheets, and fillings such as seafood, avocado, and vegetables. The rice bun can be flavored with rice vinegar and sugar.

How did sushi burgers originate?

Sushi burgers originated in Japan at the MOS burger chain. They combine elements of sushi and traditional burgers, offering a unique and aesthetically pleasing dining experience.

How can I make sushi burgers?

To make sushi burgers, cook sushi rice and season it with rice vinegar and sugar. Prepare fillings such as spicy salmon or crab, layer them on top of the rice bun, and use nori sheets to hold everything together. Wrap the sushi burger tightly and allow it to rest before slicing and garnishing.

Do you have any tips for making perfect sushi burgers?

Some tips for making perfect sushi burgers include using sushi rice or short-grain rice for the bun, wetting the edges of nori sheets before folding, customizing the fillings and toppings, and getting creative with the presentation.

How should I store and serve sushi burgers?

Sushi burgers are best enjoyed immediately after assembly. If needed, they can be wrapped tightly in plastic and refrigerated for a few hours. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, although the texture may become less desirable. Serve sushi burgers with soy sauce and consider pairing them with traditional sushi sides.

Can sushi burgers be frozen?

Freezing sushi burgers is not recommended as the texture of the rice and fillings may become compromised. It is best to enjoy sushi burgers fresh for optimal taste and texture.

What sauce goes well with sushi burgers?

A popular sauce choice for sushi burgers is spicy mayo, which combines mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. Other sushi condiments like soy sauce or ponzu sauce can also be used for added flavor. Feel free to experiment with different sauces to find your perfect combination.

What are some serving suggestions for sushi burgers?

Sushi burgers can be enjoyed on their own as a meal or served with side dishes such as edamame, roasted vegetables, or crispy air fryer fries. Miso soup is also a traditional accompaniment to sushi burgers.

Are there variations of the sushi burger recipe?

Absolutely! While the classic sushi burger includes spicy salmon, crab, and avocado, you can try different proteins like tuna, tofu, or shrimp. Experiment with various combinations of veggies and sauces to create unique flavor profiles. You can even try different bun options like lettuce wraps or brioche buns for a twist on the traditional rice bun.

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