Tabaxi Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive Tabaxi Paladin Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition! In this guide, we will dive into the world of divine warriors and explore the unique combination of a Tabaxi, a feline humanoid race, and a Paladin, a powerful and devout character class. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to create and play a purr-fectly powerful Tabaxi Paladin.

Tabaxi Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to effectively fulfill the role of a Paladin in DND 5E
  • Discover the optimal abilities and ability scores for your Tabaxi Paladin
  • Explore different Paladin builds and strategies for your Tabaxi character
  • Get valuable tips and tricks for playing a Tabaxi Paladin
  • Explore other recommended races for Tabaxi Paladins

The Role of a Paladin in DND 5E

Paladins in DND 5E are divine warriors who serve as righteous protectors and champions of justice. These dedicated warriors uphold their sacred oaths to embody certain ideals, wielding their powers to defend the innocent and vanquish evil. As a Tabaxi Paladin, you have the unique opportunity to combine the feline agility of your Tabaxi race with the formidable abilities of the Paladin class in Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

Paladins in DND 5E are known for their heavy armor, excellent damage output, and their roleplaying demands. They excel in both melee and ranged combat, making them versatile combatants on the battlefield. With their proficiency in weapons and divine powers, they can smite their foes with devastating strikes while also supporting their party members with healing spells and abilities.

As a Tabaxi Paladin, your agility and natural cat-like reflexes enhance your combat prowess. You can utilize your Feline Agility ability, allowing you to move with incredible speed and agility, giving you an advantage in combat situations.

Understanding the role of a Paladin is crucial for playing your Tabaxi Paladin effectively. Not only will you champion your sacred oath and uphold your chosen values, but you will also contribute significantly to your adventuring party as a versatile combatant and support character. Whether you choose to embrace your role as a frontline tank, a damage dealer, or a supportive healer, your Tabaxi Paladin can leave a lasting impact on your Dungeons and Dragons 5E campaign.

Tabaxi Paladin Abilities and Attributes

Ability Description
Divine Smite A powerful ability that allows you to expend spell slots to deal extra damage with your weapon attacks.
Lay on Hands As a Paladin, you have the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases with your touch, providing vital support to your allies.
Aura of Protection At higher levels, you gain the ability to emanate an aura that provides bonus saving throws to you and your allies within range.
Divine Sense You possess a divine sense that allows you to detect the presence of evil and celestial beings, granting you valuable insights during your adventures.

Creating a Tabaxi Paladin

When embarking on the creation of a tabaxi paladin, it is crucial to consider your ability scores and how they will enhance your character’s capabilities. Each ability score plays a vital role in shaping your tabaxi paladin’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s explore the importance of each ability score and how it contributes to the prowess of your divine warrior.

Ability Scores

Strength: Strength is a fundamental attribute for a tabaxi paladin. It determines your character’s ability to wield heavy armor and deal melee damage. A higher strength score can enhance your combat effectiveness, allowing you to deliver devastating blows to your enemies.

Dexterity: Dexterity is another essential ability for a tabaxi paladin. It not only improves your character’s reflexes but also enhances your ranged combat options. With higher dexterity, your tabaxi paladin can excel in both melee and ranged engagements, adapting to different combat situations.

Charisma: Charisma is the primary ability score for paladin spells and class features. It governs the power of your divine magic and influences your character’s compelling presence. A high charisma score is crucial for a tabaxi paladin as it enhances their spellcasting abilities and empowers their sacred oath.

Constitution: Constitution plays a crucial role in a tabaxi paladin’s resilience and durability. It affects your character’s hit points and ability to maintain concentration during spellcasting. A higher constitution score allows your tabaxi paladin to withstand enemy attacks and continue casting crucial spells in the heat of battle.

Wisdom: Wisdom enhances your tabaxi paladin’s perception and insight. It can help in detecting hidden enemies, deciphering clues, and making insightful decisions. A higher wisdom score grants your character a deeper understanding of the world around them and can be invaluable in various situations.

Intelligence: While intelligence is the least important attribute for a paladin, it should not be entirely neglected. It affects your character’s skill in learning and retaining knowledge, as well as their ability to solve complex problems. While a higher intelligence score might not be critical for a tabaxi paladin’s combat abilities, it can still contribute to their overall versatility.

Oath Selection

Aside from ability scores, choosing the right sacred oath for your tabaxi paladin is crucial. The sacred oath defines your character’s role and provides access to unique features and spells. There are several oath options available, each catering to distinct playstyles and character arcs.

“The choice of sacred oath should align with your tabaxi paladin’s backstory, motivations, and desired playstyle. Whether you seek to become a relentless avenger as an Oath of Vengeance paladin, a steadfast protector as an Oath of the Crown paladin, or a beacon of redemption as an Oath of Redemption paladin, your decision will shape the path of your divine warrior.”

Now that we have covered ability scores and oath selection, you are well on your way to creating a formidable tabaxi paladin. Remember to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each ability score, and choose the sacred oath that resonates with your character’s story and objectives.

Ability Score Enhanced Capabilities
Strength Wielding heavy armor, dealing melee damage
Dexterity Improved reflexes, enhanced ranged combat options
Charisma Paladin spellcasting, compelling presence
Constitution Resilience, maintaining spell concentration
Wisdom Perception, insight, decision-making
Intelligence Problem-solving, knowledge retention

Tabaxi Paladin Builds and Strategies

Creating a powerful and versatile tabaxi paladin requires careful consideration of build options and strategies that align with your desired playstyle. Whether you prefer to dominate in melee combat, rain down ranged attacks, or serve as a reliable tank and support, there are various paths you can take to enhance your tabaxi paladin’s abilities. Let’s explore some effective builds and strategies that will make your tabaxi paladin a force to be reckoned with.

Strength-Based Builds

A strength-based build is ideal for tabaxi paladins who seek to excel in heavy armor and fierce melee combat. By prioritizing strength, you can maximize your damage potential and wield powerful weapons with ease. The tabaxi’s natural agility, enhanced by Feline Agility, grants you excellent battlefield control. This build is perfect for those who enjoy charging into the midst of battle, dealing devastating blows while maintaining a solid defense.

Dexterity-Based Builds

For tabaxi paladins who prefer a more agile and ranged approach, a dexterity-based build is highly recommended. By emphasizing dexterity, you can capitalize on the tabaxi’s inherent agility and combine it with the paladin’s divine smite spells. This allows you to rain down precise and potent ranged attacks on your enemies, providing support from a distance while still inflicting significant damage. With this build, you can combine speed, finesse, and divine powers to become a formidable force in any combat situation.

Playing as a Tank

With their high armor class and natural durability, tabaxi paladins are also well-suited for tanking. By focusing on defensive abilities and gear, such as heavy armor and shields, you can soak up damage and protect your party members effectively. Combine this with your divine smite abilities and healing spells, and you become a reliable anchor for your adventuring party. Your ability to draw enemy attention and withstand punishment makes you an invaluable asset in challenging encounters.

Support Strategies

Tabaxi paladins also have the ability to provide valuable support to their party members. By utilizing your paladin spells, such as healing spells and protective auras, you can bolster your allies’ defenses and provide healing when it’s needed most. Additionally, your ability to detect evil and turn undead can make a significant difference in encounters against supernatural opponents. With your divine powers and unwavering dedication, you can ensure the success and survival of your entire party.

When creating your tabaxi paladin, consider the build and strategy that aligns best with your preferred playstyle. Whether you choose to be a formidable melee combatant, a skilled ranged attacker, a reliable tank, or a supportive ally, your tabaxi paladin will bring a unique blend of agility, divine powers, and feline grace to the forefront of your DND 5E adventures.

Tabaxi Paladin Tips and Tricks

Playing a tabaxi paladin effectively requires some tips and tricks. Roleplaying your tabaxi’s unique backstory and personality can enhance your gaming experience. Utilizing the paladin’s divine smite ability in combination with melee or ranged attacks can maximize your damage output. Managing your lay on hands feature is essential for healing yourself or reviving fallen allies. Additionally, being mindful of concentration spells and their impact on your gameplay is crucial for maintaining spellcasting effectiveness.

Roleplaying your Tabaxi Paladin

When playing a tabaxi paladin, embrace your character’s feline nature and unique background. Whether it’s a swift and agile hunter or a wise and knowledgeable sage, infuse these traits into your roleplaying. Showcasing your tabaxi’s curiosity, playfulness, or stoic nature can make your character come alive at the gaming table.

Divine Smite: Unleashing Devastating Attacks

The divine smite feature allows paladins to channel their divine energy into their attacks, dealing extra damage. As a tabaxi paladin, you can combine this ability with your feline agility and natural speed to deliver devastating blows. Use it strategically to maximize damage against powerful foes or critical moments in combat.

Lay on Hands: Healing and Resurrection

Your lay on hands feature gives you the ability to heal yourself and your allies. It can be a valuable resource in keeping your party members alive. Use it wisely to restore hit points during combat or to revive fallen comrades. Prioritize healing based on the urgency of the situation and the needs of your party.

Maintaining Concentration Spells

Concentration spells can provide significant advantages in battle, but they require your focus to be maintained. As a tabaxi paladin, it’s important to be mindful of your concentration spells and avoid activities that may break your concentration. Plan your actions carefully to ensure the spells stay active, providing ongoing benefits to your party.

By following these tips and tricks, you can become a formidable tabaxi paladin on your Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventures.

Recommended Races for Tabaxi Paladins

While the tabaxi race is a natural choice for a tabaxi paladin, there are other races in Dungeons and Dragons 5E that can complement the paladin class. Let’s explore some of the recommended races for tabaxi paladins:


Dragonborn characters, with their strength and resistance abilities, can make formidable tabaxi paladins. Their dragon ancestry grants them innate power, making them fierce warriors on the battlefield. With their dragon breath weapon and the tabaxi’s agility, Dragonborn tabaxi paladins can deliver both physical and elemental damage to their enemies.


Aasimars, with their celestial heritage, can bring divine power to their tabaxi paladin character. These celestial beings possess radiant abilities that align perfectly with the holy nature of the paladin class. The Aasimar’s radiant soul ability provides them with extra damage and healing capabilities, enhancing the tabaxi paladin’s overall versatility and support potential.

Deep Gnome

Deep gnomes, also known as svirfneblin, offer unique abilities that can enhance a tabaxi paladin’s skills. With their innate spellcasting abilities and innate spell resistance, deep gnomes can combine offensive and defensive magic with the tabaxi’s agility. Their darkvision also makes them an excellent choice for exploring the depths of dungeons and other dark environments.

These races provide interesting combinations when paired with the paladin class, allowing players to customize their tabaxi paladin characters to suit their preferred playstyle. Whether you choose the strength and resilience of a Dragonborn, the celestial grace of an Aasimar, or the spellcasting capabilities of a Deep Gnome, each race adds unique flavor and abilities to your tabaxi paladin, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Power Spikes and Level Progression for Tabaxi Paladins

Tabaxi paladins in Dungeons and Dragons 5E experience significant power spikes at various levels, allowing them to reach new heights of strength and combat prowess. Understanding the level progression of a tabaxi paladin is crucial for optimizing their capabilities and planning their character’s growth. Let’s take a closer look at the key milestones that mark these power spikes:

Level 2: Divine Smite Unleashed

At level 2, tabaxi paladins unlock the powerful ability known as divine smite. This feature allows them to expend spell slots to deal additional damage with their melee or ranged attacks. By channeling the divine energy bestowed upon them, they can unleash devastating smites against their foes, turning the tide of battle in their favor. Divine smite is a cornerstone ability for tabaxi paladins and significantly raises their damage output.

Higher Levels: Extra Attack and New Abilities

As tabaxi paladins advance to higher levels, their combat abilities become even more formidable. At level 5, they gain the Extra Attack feature, enabling them to make two attacks in a single action. This allows them to strike down enemies with greater efficiency and versatility.

Moreover, at levels 9, 13, and 17, tabaxi paladins unlock new high-level spell slots and gain access to powerful abilities associated with their chosen sacred oath. These abilities vary depending on the specific oath and can range from damage-boosting features to potent defensive and support capabilities. Each new ability obtained further enhances a tabaxi paladin’s effectiveness in combat and contributes to their overall power progression.

Understanding these power spikes and level progression is essential for building an effective tabaxi paladin. By strategically planning your character’s growth and optimizing their abilities, you can harness the full potential of a tabaxi paladin and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

Level Ability
2 Divine Smite
5 Extra Attack
9, 13, 17 New high-level spell slots and sacred oath abilities


Building and playing a tabaxi paladin in DND 5E opens up unique possibilities for roleplaying and combat. With their agility and divine powers, tabaxi paladins can be versatile fighters, capable of excelling in both melee and ranged combat.

By carefully selecting abilities, choosing the right sacred oath, and utilizing various strategies, you can create a powerful tabaxi paladin that contributes effectively to your adventuring party. Whether you fight to uphold justice, protect your companions, or redeem those on the brink of darkness, your tabaxi paladin is sure to leave a lasting impact on your DND 5E campaign.


What is a tabaxi paladin?

A tabaxi paladin is a unique character combination in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, where a feline humanoid race known as a tabaxi takes on the divine warrior role of a paladin.

What are the main characteristics of a paladin in DND 5E?

Paladins in DND 5E are known for their heavy armor, damage output, and roleplaying demands. They are righteous warriors dedicated to upholding certain ideals through their sacred oath.

How can a tabaxi paladin excel in combat?

A tabaxi paladin can excel in both melee and ranged combat, thanks to the tabaxi’s agility and the paladin’s proficiency with weapons.

What ability scores should I prioritize when creating a tabaxi paladin?

Strength is important for wielding heavy armor and dealing melee damage. Dexterity can improve ranged combat options. Charisma is the primary ability for paladin spells and class features. Constitution is crucial for maintaining concentration, and Wisdom can enhance perception and insight. Intelligence is less important for a paladin.

What build options are available for tabaxi paladins?

Tabaxi paladins can choose between strength-based builds that prioritize heavy armor and melee combat, or dexterity-based builds that focus on ranged combat. They can also make effective tanks due to their high armor class and durability.

What tips and tricks should I know when playing a tabaxi paladin?

Roleplaying your tabaxi’s unique backstory and personality can enhance your gaming experience. Utilizing the paladin’s divine smite ability in combination with melee or ranged attacks can maximize your damage output. Managing your lay on hands feature is essential for healing yourself or reviving fallen allies. Being mindful of concentration spells and their impact on gameplay is crucial for maintaining spellcasting effectiveness.

Can other races complement the paladin class?

Yes, other races such as Dragonborn, Aasimar, and Deep Gnome can complement the paladin class and create formidable characters.

At what levels do tabaxi paladins experience power spikes?

Tabaxi paladins experience power spikes at different levels. At level 2, they gain access to divine smite and can deal additional damage. The extra attack feature at higher levels enhances combat abilities. At 9th, 13th, and 17th levels, tabaxi paladins unlock high-level spell slots and gain new powerful abilities from their chosen sacred oath.

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