Tabaxi Wizard Guide (DND 5E)

The Tabaxi race in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (DND 5E) offers a unique opportunity for players to unleash the arcane prowess of feline agility. In this guide, we will explore the best way to build a Tabaxi wizard, including choosing spells, optimizing abilities, and considering multiclass options. From character creation to leveling up, this guide covers everything you need to know to master the art of Tabaxi wizardry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to harness the unique advantages of the Tabaxi race to create a powerful wizard.
  • Discover the best spells for a Tabaxi wizard to maximize their magical abilities.
  • Optimize your Tabaxi wizard character by prioritizing the right abilities and feats.
  • Explore multiclass options that can enhance your Tabaxi wizard’s capabilities.
  • Gain insights into leveling up your Tabaxi wizard to unlock their full potential.

Tabaxi Wizard Guide (DND 5E)

The Tabaxi Race and Wizardry

The Tabaxi race, known for their curiosity and feline traits, may not be the stereotypical choice for wizards, but their agility and natural abilities can greatly enhance their magical abilities. The feline agility trait, combined with darkvision, provides a mobility advantage that can be useful in both combat and exploration. Additionally, the Tabaxi’s natural curiosity and interest in stories and lore can fuel their desire to explore the arcane arts. For feats, options such as Mobile can further enhance a Tabaxi wizard’s hit-and-run tactics.

When it comes to the Tabaxi race, their quickness and agility make them an intriguing choice for wizards. While other races may focus on raw power or intellect, the Tabaxi’s innate talents lend themselves well to the intricacies of spellcasting. Their feline agility allows them to maneuver swiftly and gracefully, outmaneuvering opponents and positioning themselves strategically on the battlefield.

The Tabaxi’s darkvision is another valuable trait for a wizard. This ability to see in darkness allows them to explore dimly lit dungeons or navigate through areas with limited light sources without the need for spells or other magical aids. It also provides a tactical advantage, as a Tabaxi wizard can take advantage of the darkness to surprise foes or remain hidden while casting spells.

Tabaxi wizards also possess a natural curiosity that drives their hunger for knowledge and understanding. They are drawn to stories and lore, always seeking wisdom and secrets to enhance their magical abilities. This innate curiosity makes them excellent students of the arcane arts, constantly experimenting and exploring new spells and magical techniques to expand their repertoire.

When it comes to feats, Mobile is an excellent choice for a Tabaxi wizard. This feat not only further enhances their already impressive speed and mobility but also allows them to easily move in and out of combat range, avoiding attacks of opportunity and giving them greater flexibility in their spellcasting. Other feats that complement a Tabaxi wizard’s hit-and-run tactics, such as Alert or Skulker, can also be beneficial for their playstyle.


“The agility and curiosity of the Tabaxi race make them formidable wizards. Their feline nature enhances their mobility and allows them to explore the arcane arts with a unique perspective.” – Master Thalorn, renowned wizard

“When a Tabaxi chooses the path of wizardry, their natural instincts and agility become intertwined with their magical abilities. It’s a sight to behold.” – Elara, adventurer and former companion of a Tabaxi wizard

Tabaxi Wizard Abilities

Ability Description
Feline Agility Allows the Tabaxi to double their movement speed for a turn, making them incredibly nimble and adept at evading attacks.
Darkvision Provides the ability to see in darkness as if it were dim light, granting them a tactical advantage in low-light environments.
Curiosity Driven by an innate curiosity, Tabaxi wizards are constantly seeking knowledge and new spells to further enhance their magical abilities.

With their unique combination of agility, curiosity, and natural abilities, Tabaxi wizards offer a fresh and exciting take on the arcane arts. Their mobility, enhanced senses, and thirst for knowledge make them formidable spellcasters capable of outmaneuvering opponents and uncovering ancient arcane secrets. Embrace the power of the feline and unlock your true wizard potential as a Tabaxi!

Wizard Class Basics

The wizard class is known for their intelligence-based spellcasting and versatility. As a Tabaxi wizard, it’s important to prioritize intelligence as your primary stat. Depending on your chosen wizard subclass, such as enchantment or war magic, you may also want to consider secondary stats like charisma for social interactions or dexterity for weapon use or armor class. The spells you choose may be influenced by your chosen subclass, so it’s important to consider both your subclass and stat priority when building a Tabaxi wizard character.

Leveraging Feline Agility in Spells and Combats

The Tabaxi’s feline agility trait, combined with their darkvision, provides them with innate advantages that can enhance their spellcasting abilities and combat effectiveness. Their unmatched mobility allows Tabaxi wizards to strategically position themselves for maximum impact.

When choosing spells, Tabaxi wizards should prioritize those that capitalize on their agility and provide movement options. Spells like Misty Step allow them to quickly teleport to strategically advantageous positions, while Longstrider boosts their already impressive speed.

Additionally, spells that enhance their natural abilities can further optimize their character. Enhance Ability can amplify their agility, granting them advantage on Dexterity-based checks and making them even more elusive in combat. Alternatively, Darkvision can enhance their night vision, allowing them to see clearly in darkness and giving them an edge during stealthy encounters.

During combat, Tabaxi wizards should utilize their feline agility to their advantage by constantly repositioning themselves. This allows them to easily move in and out of cover, avoiding direct confrontation and staying out of harm’s way.

“The Tabaxi’s feline agility empowers them to weave through opponents, striking quickly and retreating before their foes can react.” – Eldaria, master wizard

Being masters of hit-and-run tactics, Tabaxi wizards can disrupt enemy formations, distract their adversaries, and create openings for their allies. By utilizing spells like Fog Cloud or Invisibility, they can effortlessly disappear from sight, confusing their enemies and granting them the element of surprise.

Example Spells for a Tabaxi Wizard

Spell Description
Misty Step Instantly teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see.
Longstrider Increases your speed by 10 feet for 1 hour.
Enhance Ability Grants advantage on ability checks for one ability score of your choice.
Darkvision Gain the ability to see in darkness as if it were dim light, within a range of 60 feet.
Fog Cloud Creates a cloud of fog that heavily obscures an area, making it difficult for enemies to see through.
Invisibility Renders the caster invisible until they attack or cast a spell.

The spells mentioned above are just a few examples of how Tabaxi wizards can leverage their feline agility in their magical endeavors. By selecting spells that complement their natural abilities and playstyle, Tabaxi wizards can become formidable adversaries and valuable assets to any adventuring party.

Journaling and Chronicling Adventures

As a race known for their curiosity and love of stories, Tabaxi wizards have a natural inclination towards journaling and chronicling their adventures. It is through these records that they preserve the memories and knowledge gained during their magical journey.

When it comes to documenting their experiences, Tabaxi wizards can creatively approach the concept of a “spellbook,” which typically serves as a wizard’s repository of arcane knowledge. While the spellbook can traditionally be a physical tome, Tabaxi wizards might opt for more unconventional forms of recording their spells and discoveries.

One unique approach that a Tabaxi wizard might take is utilizing a finely crafted tapestry. This tapestry can serve as not only a visual representation of their spell collection but also a visual recounting of their adventures. Each spell woven into the fabric tells a story, bringing the weave of magic and the tapestry of their lives together in a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Another alternative could be a collection of scrolls, meticulously tied together with colorful ribbons, representing different spells and their associated experiences. These scrolls can be adorned with intricate drawings and detailed notes, capturing not only the magic but also the essence of the situation in which the spell was acquired.

Ultimately, the chosen form of a spellbook should reflect the individuality and personality of the Tabaxi wizard. It’s an opportunity to showcase their creativity and bring their character to life.

“In the vibrant tapestry of my spells lie the tales of my escapades – each thread a catalyst, each color a memory. Through this unconventional spellbook, I breathe life into the magic that courses through my feline veins.”
– Selene, the Tabaxi Wizard

The character creation process must delve into the motivations behind a Tabaxi wizard’s decision to specialize in magic. What sparked their interest in the arcane arts? Was it a longstanding curiosity, a family legacy, or a divine encounter? Answering these questions can add depth and richness to the character’s backstory and their journey into wizardry.

Character Trait Example
Curious Explorer Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the Tabaxi wizard possesses an unrelenting urge to uncover the secrets of the arcane.
Guardian of Ancient Lore Seeking to preserve the rich history and forgotten wisdom, this Tabaxi wizard harnesses magic to protect and unlock the secrets of the past.
Mystic Storyteller As a natural-born storyteller, the Tabaxi wizard weaves magic into captivating tales, breathing enchantment into every word.

Exploring the depths of their magical potential, Tabaxi wizards embark on a remarkable path. By understanding the motivations that drive their pursuit of wizardry, players can create compelling characters that are intricately woven into the tapestry of DND 5E.

Multiclass Options for Tabaxi Wizards

While the wizard class offers a vast array of magical abilities and spells, some players may wish to explore multiclass options to further enhance their character’s capabilities. As a Tabaxi wizard, there are several viable multiclass options to consider. Let’s take a closer look at some of these options:

Multiclassing into Rogue

Multiclassing into the rogue class can provide a Tabaxi wizard with additional skills, sneak attacks, and expertise. The rogue’s versatility and stealth abilities can complement the Tabaxi’s natural agility, making this a popular choice for those who want to enhance their character’s mobility and combat capabilities.

A Dip into the Sorcerer Class

Alternatively, dipping into the sorcerer class can grant a Tabaxi wizard access to metamagic, which allows them to manipulate and enhance their spells. This can be particularly useful when it comes to controlling the battlefield or maximizing the potency of their magical abilities. By combining the arcane power of a wizard with the innate spellcasting of a sorcerer, Tabaxi wizards can become even more formidable spellcasters.

Exploring the Cleric Class

An unconventional but potentially powerful multiclass option for Tabaxi wizards is a dip into the cleric class. By doing so, they can gain access to additional support spells and abilities that can aid their party. As clerics are known for their healing and protective spells, this combination can help Tabaxi wizards fulfill a more versatile role in both combat and exploration scenarios.

When deciding on multiclass options for your Tabaxi wizard, it’s important to carefully consider your character concept and goals. Think about how the chosen multiclass option aligns with your desired playstyle and enhances your character’s strengths. By making thoughtful choices, you can create a unique and powerful Tabaxi wizard that stands out in any adventuring party.

Choosing Spells for Tabaxi Wizards

Choosing spells is a crucial aspect of building an effective Tabaxi wizard. As an intelligence-based caster, you have a wide range of spells to choose from. It’s important to consider not only the spells that match your character’s theme and playstyle but also spells that complement your subclass and enhance your overall effectiveness. Prioritizing spells that provide mobility, control, and versatile utility can greatly enhance a Tabaxi wizard’s abilities in and out of combat.

If you’re looking for the best spells for a Tabaxi wizard, consider incorporating the following:

Spell Name Spell Level School Description
Shadow Blade 2nd Illusion Create a magical sword that deals psychic damage and can be used with your feline agility to strike swiftly and silently.
Misty Step 2nd Conjuration Teleport up to 30 feet as a bonus action, allowing you to quickly maneuver around the battlefield and evade enemies.
Counterspell 3rd Abjuration Interrupt and cancel another spell being cast, giving you the ability to defend against enemy spellcasters.
Telekinesis 5th Transmutation Manipulate objects and creatures at a distance, granting you additional control and tactical options during encounters.
Simulacrum 7th Illusion Create an illusionary duplicate of yourself, offering extra versatility and strategic possibilities in and out of combat.

Remember that these suggestions are just a starting point. The best spells for a Tabaxi wizard may vary depending on your playstyle, the challenges you expect to face, and your chosen subclass. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tailor your spell selection to suit your character’s needs.

Leveling Up as a Tabaxi Wizard

Leveling up as a Tabaxi wizard requires careful consideration of your character’s progression. By paying attention to your ability score improvements and spell choices as you gain levels, you can significantly enhance your effectiveness and prowess as a spellcaster. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current build will allow you to identify areas where improvements can be made, ensuring you are always prepared for new challenges and adversaries.

As you level up, selecting new spells becomes paramount in expanding your tactical options and addressing any weaknesses you may have encountered in previous encounters. By choosing spells that complement your playstyle and align with your strengths, you can adapt and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Balancing offense and defense, utility and damage, will ensure that you are a formidable force in both combat and non-combat scenarios.

Level Ability Score Improvement New Spells Learned
1 6 level 1 spells
3 2 level 2 spells
4 +2 to Intelligence, or choose a different feat 2 level 2 spells
5 2 level 3 spells
6 1 new spell of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level
7 1 level 4 spell
8 +2 to Intelligence, or choose a different feat 1 level 4 spell
9 1 level 5 spell
10 3 new spells of any level

As you progress through the levels, your character’s power and versatility will grow exponentially. Embrace the challenges that come your way and seize the opportunity to learn new spells, develop your character’s story, and shape the fate of your adventuring party. Remember, the key to becoming a formidable Tabaxi wizard lies not only in the power of your spells but also in your ability to adapt and strategize with each level gained.

Feats for Tabaxi Wizards

Feats can provide additional enhancements to a Tabaxi wizard’s abilities and playstyle. Choosing feats that synergize with your build, such as Mobile to further enhance your mobility or War Caster to improve concentration checks, can greatly benefit your character. It’s important to consider your character’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals when selecting feats and to choose ones that align with your desired playstyle and strategic approach.


In conclusion, the Tabaxi race offers unique advantages for wizard characters in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (DND 5E). Their feline agility, curiosity, and natural abilities make them a fascinating choice for players looking to master the arcane arts. By optimizing their abilities, choosing the right spells and feats, and considering multiclass options, Tabaxi wizards can become powerful and versatile spellcasters.

With this comprehensive Tabaxi Wizard Guide (DND 5E), you now have the knowledge and tools to create and advance your own Tabaxi wizard character. From the moment you embark on your journey, you can unleash your feline prowess and embrace the magic that lies within.

Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the world of DND 5E, the Tabaxi wizard offers a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience. So dive into the world of magic and adventure, and let your Tabaxi wizard shine bright!


What are the best spells for a Tabaxi wizard?

The best spells for a Tabaxi wizard will depend on your chosen subclass and playstyle. However, spells that provide mobility, control, and versatile utility are generally beneficial for Tabaxi wizards.

How can I optimize a Tabaxi wizard character?

To optimize a Tabaxi wizard character, prioritize intelligence as your primary stat and consider secondary stats like charisma or dexterity depending on your chosen subclass. Choose spells and feats that enhance your mobility and leverage your feline agility.

What multiclass options are viable for Tabaxi wizards?

Viable multiclass options for Tabaxi wizards include rogue for additional skills and sneak attacks, sorcerer for metamagic, and cleric for support spells. Consider your character concept and goals when deciding on multiclass options.

How should I choose spells for my Tabaxi wizard?

When choosing spells for your Tabaxi wizard, consider your character’s theme, subclass, and overall playstyle. Prioritize spells that complement your abilities and provide mobility, control, and versatile utility.

What should I consider when leveling up as a Tabaxi wizard?

When leveling up as a Tabaxi wizard, pay attention to your ability score improvements and spell choices. Consider your character’s strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities to enhance your tactical options or cover any weaknesses.

What feats are recommended for Tabaxi wizards?

Recommended feats for Tabaxi wizards include Mobile, which enhances mobility, and War Caster, which improves concentration checks. Choose feats that align with your desired playstyle and strategic approach.

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