Thai Boy Names [With Meanings]

237+ Thai Boy Names [With Meanings]

Thai boy names often have meanings that are derived from nature, religion, or cultural beliefs.

Many Thai names are composed of two or more syllables and can be quite lengthy.

In general, Thai boy names tend to be unique and uncommon, with each name having a distinct meaning and significance.

Nature and religion are important sources of inspiration for Thai boy names.

Many Thai names are related to the natural world, including names that refer to animals, plants, and natural phenomena. For example, the name “Sakchai” means “morning glory,” and “Pachara” means “sky.”

Thai names may also be influenced by Buddhism, the predominant religion in Thailand.

Many Thai names are derived from Buddhist concepts, such as “Phra,” which means “holy,” or “Bodin,” which means “enlightenment.”

In addition to being unique, Thai boy names may also be composed of sounds that are pleasing to the ear.

Thai language has a complex system of tones, with each tone representing a different meaning. As a result, Thai names often have a particular musical quality that can be difficult for non-native speakers to replicate.

Thai boy names may also be influenced by current events or popular culture. For example, the name “Artit” became more popular after a famous Thai actor with that name gained national prominence.

Some Thai parents may also choose to give their children English names or hybrid Thai-English names to reflect global trends and cultural influences.

Overall, Thai boy names are diverse and rich in meaning, reflecting the country’s deep cultural heritage and unique linguistic traditions.

Thai Boy First Names and Meanings

Thai Boy First Names and Meanings:

  • อรรถพล (Attapol) – means “strong defender” or “powerful protector.”
  • ณัฐวุฒิ (Nattawut) – means “powerful ruler” or “great leader.”
  • พันธุ์เทพ (Phanthuthep) – means “angelic lineage” or “divine heritage.”
  • ปริญญา (Pirinya) – means “degree” or “qualification,” and is often given to boys born into academic families.
  • ปิติ (Piti) – means “peaceful” or “calm,” and is often given to boys who are born during a peaceful time.
  • ภูมิ (Phum) – means “prosperous” or “abundant,” and is often given to boys who are expected to have a successful future.
  • รัชชานนท์ (Ratchanan) – means “victorious,” and is often given to boys who are born into families that value success.
  • วิชา (Wicha) – means “knowledge” or “wisdom,” and is often given to boys born into academic families or who are expected to have a successful future.
  • สมพงษ์ (Somporn) – means “perfect” or “complete,” and is often given to boys who are born healthy and with no complications.
  • อภิชาติ (Apichat) – means “noble” or “distinguished,” and is often given to boys who are expected to achieve great things.

Thai Baby Boy Names

Thai Baby Boy Names:

  • ชัชวาล (Chatchawal) – means “one who is blessed with success.”
  • ฐิติพันธ์ (Thitiphan) – means “one who is born with good karma.”
  • ธีรศิลป์ (Thirasilp) – means “one who is gifted in the arts.”
  • พงศกร (Phongsakorn) – means “one who has great potential.”
  • มนุษย์ (Manut) – means “human” or “person.”
  • รัตนโกสินทร์ (Rattanakosin) – means “city of jewels,” and is often given to boys who are born in Bangkok.
  • วิสุทธิ์ (Wisut) – means “one who is victorious.”
  • สมชาย (Somchai) – means “good man” or “righteous man.”
  • อนุชิต (Anuchit) – means “one who is victorious in battle.”
  • เอกชัย (Ekachai) – means “one who is the champion” or “one who is victorious.”

Thai English Boy Names

Thai English Boy Names:

  • อิศรา (Isara) – means “freedom” or “liberty.”
  • ภาณุวัฒน์ (Panuwat) – means “one who is wise” or “one who has knowledge.”
  • ปาณัสสน์ (Panat) – means “one who is good” or “one who is virtuous.”
  • มณเฑียร (Monte) – means “mountain” or “high place.”
  • แพรว (Praew) – means “full of stars.”
  • อัสริยะ (Asriya) – means “beautiful” or “graceful.”
  • เมโท (Meto) – means “humble” or “respectful.”
  • ไชโย (Chayo) – means “bright star” or “shining star.”
  • เบ็น (Ben) – means “brave” or “courageous.”
  • แด่ (Dae) – means “honorable” or a person of high esteem.

Thai Muslim Boy Names

  • อาหรับ (Arab) – Arabic
  • ฮามิด (Hamid) – Praiseworthy
  • ซาเลม (Salem) – Safe, Peaceful
  • ซุฟยาน (Sufyan) – Man with sharp sword
  • ตาก (Tak) – Wait, Stay
  • ธิดา (Thida) – Gift, Present
  • นักศึกษา (Naksuksa) – Student, Learner
  • บัณฑิต (Bantid) – Graduate, Scholar
  • ยุสุดา (Yusuda) – Descendant of the Prophet
  • ศึกชาติ (Sueksa) – Nation, Homeland

Thai Short Boy Names

Thai Short Boy Names:

  • กัญญา (Kanya) – Maiden
  • กัณหา (Kanha) – Beautiful forest
  • ชาตรี (Chatree) – Lord, Master
  • จันทร์ (Chanthorn) – Moon
  • ฐิติ (Thiti) – Theory, Principle
  • ณัฐ (Nat) – Diamond, Precious stone
  • ต่ำ (Tam) – Low, Humble
  • นิรันดร์ (Niran) – Eternal, Perpetual
  • พลอย (Ploy) – Gem, Jewel
  • มนต์ (Mon) – Charm, Magic

Male Names in Thailand

Male Names in Thailand:

  • อรรถพล (Arthapon) – Invincible
  • อรวรรณ (Arawan) – Paradise, Heaven
  • ศราวุธ (Sarawut) – Weapon of glory
  • พีรพล (Peerapong) – Powerful, Mighty
  • สมชาย (Somchai) – Good man, Gentleman
  • วิรัช (Wirat) – Bravery, Heroism
  • จิรพันธ์ (Chirapan) – Wisdom, Intelligence
  • ศุภชัย (Supachai) – Good fortune, Prosperity
  • รัตน์ (Rattan) – Precious gem, Jewel
  • สมเด็จ (Somdet) – Supreme, Sovereign

Male Names in Thailand

Common Thai Boy Names

Common Thai Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Nattawut – “The power of the sun”
  • Prasert – “Excellent”
  • Thanakorn – “The famous one”
  • Pongpat – “A forceful man”
  • Thawatchai – “He who has good morals”
  • Surachai – “A hero”
  • Wanchai – “To prosper”
  • Suchart – “Success”
  • Natthapong – “The strong one”
  • Arthit – “The sun”

Thai Boy Names, A-Z

Here are 100+ Thai boy names, arranged in alphabetical order:


  • อนุ (Anu) – Wise, Intelligent
  • อานนท์ (Anan) – Cloud
  • อัจฉริยะ (Achiraya) – Genius
  • อัครชัย (Akkrachai) – Great victory
  • อดุลย์ (Adun) – Noble, Outstanding
  • อภิชาติ (Apichat) – Infinite power
  • อภิรักษ์ (Apirak) – Defender, Protector
  • อรรคพล (Arkhapon) – Invincible
  • อรรถพล (Arthapon) – Invincible
  • อรวรรณ (Arawan) – Paradise, Heaven


  • บดินทร์ (Bodin) – Precious stone
  • บุญธรรม (Buntham) – Virtue, Morality
  • บุญมี (Bunmi) – Prosperous, Wealthy
  • บุญส่ง (Bunsong) – Good deeds
  • บุญเรือง (Bunreung) – Brightness, Brilliance


  • ชมพูนุท (Chomphunut) – Well-behaved, Polite
  • ชยันต์ (Chayant) – Successor
  • ชัยภูมิ (Chaiyapoom) – Victory city
  • ชาตรี (Chatree) – Lord, Master
  • ชุติ (Chut) – End, Conclusion


  • ดอกเบี้ย (Dokbia) – Interest
  • ดิศวร (Disawan) – Sun, Daylight
  • ดุจพร (Dujprah) – Unique, Special
  • ดุษฎี (Dusadee) – Scholar, Academic
  • ดุสิต (Dusit) – Happiness, Joy


  • เอก (Ek) – One, Only
  • เอื้อม (Euaem) – To support, To assist
  • เอิร์ธ (Earth) – Earth
  • เอ็นดู (Endu) – Endure, Persist
  • เอื้ออาจ (Euajat) – To help, To assist


  • กฤตยา (Gritaya) – Glorious, Splendid
  • กฤษณ์ (Kritsana) – Famous, Renowned
  • กวิน (Kawin) – Poet, Writer
  • กานดา (Kanda) – Beloved, Darling
  • ก้าวไกล (Kaowklai) – To step forward, To advance


  • หงส์ (Hong) – Swan
  • หนองนาง (Nongna) – Little girl, Young lady
  • หนุ่ม (Num) – Young man, Bachelor
  • หริภุญไชย (Rhiphunchai) – Intelligent, Clever
  • หวังเอย (Wangeua) – Hopeful
  • หวานใจ (Wanchai) – Sweetheart, Lovely
  • หอมฉ่ำ (Homcham) – Fragrant, Aromatic
  • หัสดิน (Hasdin) – Courageous, Brave


  • อิทธิพล (Ittipon) – Influence, Impact
  • อินทนนท์ (Inthanon) – Mountain, Peak
  • อินทร์ (In) – Moon
  • อิ่มอร่อย (Im-a-roi) – Delicious, Appetizing
  • อิสราชัย (Issarachai) – Master of freedom


  • เจตน์ (Jed) – Determination, Willpower
  • เจริญ (Charoen) – Prosperous, Thriving
  • เจ้ากี้ (Jaokee) – Noble, Dignified
  • เจ้าชาย (Jaochai) – Prince
  • เจ้าพระยา (Chaopraya) – Lord, Nobleman


  • กษณ์ (Kasem) – Pure, Virtuous
  • กิตติ (Kittikhun) – Skillful, Talented
  • กุญชร (Kunchon) – Treasure, Wealth
  • กุลชาติ (Kulachat) – Family lineage
  • กุศล (Kusol) – Virtuous, Meritorious


  • ลักษณ์ (Lak) – Character, Quality
  • ลาภสินธุ์ (Lapasin) – Fortune, Luck
  • ลิขิต (Likhit) – Fate, Destiny
  • ลีโอ (Leo) – Lion
  • ลูกชาย (Lukchai) – Son


  • มงคล (Mongkol) – Auspicious, Lucky
  • มนัส (Manat) – Happiness, Joy
  • มณฑล (Monthon) – Province, State
  • มณี (Manee) – Precious stone, Gem
  • มานิต (Manit) – Intelligent, Clever


  • ณัฐพงศ์ (Natthapong) – Success, Achievement
  • ณัฐวัตร (Nattawat) – Strong, Powerful
  • ณรงค์ (Narong) – Courageous, Brave
  • ณิชา (Nicha) – Triumph, Victory
  • ด้วงนกยูง (Duangnokyuung) – Bird of paradise


  • โอ (O) – Fifth note of the musical scale
  • โอมา (Oma) – Good fortune, Prosperity
  • โอฬาร (Olarn) – Great power, Authority
  • โอภาส (Opas)
Metawin Opas-iamkajornเมธวิน โอภาสเอี่ยมขจร
Actor Metawin Opas-iamkajorn เมธวิน โอภาสเอี่ยมขจร


  • ประกาย (Prakai) – Sharp, Smart
  • ประเสริฐ (Prasert) – Distinguished, Excellent
  • ประเสริฐศิลป์ (Prasertsilp) – Artistic, Creative
  • ปราโมทย์ (Pramot) – Intelligent, Wise
  • ปรารถนา (Paratana) – Desire, Wish


  • รัชกาล (Ratchakan) – Reign, Sovereignty
  • รัชพล (Ratchaphon) – King’s force, Authority
  • รัฐภูมิ (Ratthapoom) – State, Nation
  • รัตนาภรณ์ (Ratthanaphon) – Precious gem, Jewel
  • ราชนาวี (Rachanawi) – Queen


  • สมชาย (Somchai) – Man of good character
  • สมบัติ (Sombat) – Wealth, Riches
  • สมศักดิ์ (Somsak) – Goodness, Virtue
  • สุขุมาล (Sukhumal) – Happy, Joyful
  • สุดารัตน์ (Sudarat) – Beautiful moon


  • ทวีศักดิ์ (Taweesak) – Glorious, Majestic
  • ทัศน์ธรรม (Thattham) – Righteousness, Justice
  • ทัศนาวดี (Thatthana) – Clever, Intelligent
  • ทิพย์พร (Tipparat) – Precious gem, Jewel
  • ทีปกร (Tibkorn) – High position, Prominence


  • อุดม (Udom) – Rich, Wealthy
  • อุทัย (Uthai) – Triumph, Victory
  • อุทิศ (Utis) – Determination, Aspiration
  • อุบล (Ubol) – Prosperous, Wealthy
  • อุรัสยา (Urasaya) – Happy, Joyful


  • วชิรพล (Wachiraphon) – Powerful, Strong
  • วิจารณ์ (Wijarn) – Critical, Analytical
  • วิทยา (Witthaya) – Knowledge, Science
  • วิโรภาส (Wirophas) – Wise, Intelligent
  • วุฒิชัย (Wuthichai) – Victorious, Triumphant
  • วิน (Win)


  • ยอด (Yod) – Peak, Summit
  • ยุติธรรม (Yuttitam) – Justice, Fairness
  • ยุพา (Yupa) – Sacred tree, Sandalwood
  • ยูริ (Yuri) – Glassy, Transparent
  • ยูเรศ (Yures) – Pleased, Content

Unique Thai Boy Names

Unique Thai Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Apichat – “Limitless power”
  • Chatchai – “Victory”
  • Chatmongkol – “A wise leader”
  • Jirapong – “A warrior”
  • Kriangsak – “The conqueror”
  • Nopparat – “The light of the diamond”
  • Phakdee – “A precious stone”
  • Puttipong – “A wealthy man”
  • Sarun – “The sun”
  • Theerapong – “The winner”

Popular Thai Boy Names

Popular Thai Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Phumin – “A wealthy man”
  • Sarawut – “The essence of the sun”
  • Kittipong – “The warrior”
  • Somsak – “Brave”
  • Anucha – “Intelligence”
  • Anuwat – “The ruler”
  • Apirak – “The great one”
  • Atthaphon – “The intelligent one”
  • Pakorn – “A hero”
  • Warut – “A hero”

Note: The popularity of Thai boy names may vary depending on the region and cultural background of the parents.

Biracial Boy Names – Thai and Black

Biracial Boy Names – Thai and Black:

  • Thaksin (Thai) and Malik (African) – “The great king” and “King”
  • Wachirawit (Thai) and Kamau (African) – “The precious one” and “Quiet warrior”
  • Anan (Thai) and Jamar (African) – “Cloud” and “Handsome”
  • Chayakorn (Thai) and Kofi (African) – “A gem” and “Born on Friday”
  • Piyapong (Thai) and Amari (African) – “The victorious one” and “Eternal”
  • Eldrick “Tiger” Woords – The famous golfer is Thai, Black, and Native American

Thai to English Baby Names

Thai to English Baby Names and Meanings:

  • Anan – “Cloud”
  • Apinya – “Gardenia”
  • Chatchai – “Victory”
  • Natthapong – “The strong one”
  • Noppadol – “A gifted man”
  • Rattana – “A gem”
  • Sarun – “The sun”
  • Sombat – “The conqueror”
  • Suchart – “Success”
  • Wipawee – “The beautiful one”

Beautiful Thai Boy Names

Beautiful Thai Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Arthit – “The sun”
  • Chalerm – “Celebrated”
  • Ittipat – “The precious one”
  • Jirasak – “A hero”
  • Kasidit – “A clever one”
  • Nopporn – “A superior man”
  • Paitoon – “A bright moon”
  • Phubet – “A diamond”
  • Prasong – “The one who is loved”
  • Vichien – “A strong man”

Cute Thai Boy Names

Cute Thai Boy Names and Meanings:

  • Anuwat – “The ruler”
  • Chawin – “A young man”
  • Kittisak – “The victorious one”
  • Natthakit – “The great warrior”
  • Phuwadol – “A precious stone”
  • Piti – “Joy”
  • Rangsiman – “The one who is peaceful”
  • Taweesak – “A worthy man”
  • Thanasak – “A courageous man”
  • Winai – “A hero”

FAQs – Thai Boy Names

What are the most popular meanings of Thai names?

The most popular meanings of Thai names include nature-related terms such as “sun”, “moon”, “star”, and “flower”; virtues such as “kindness”, “mercy”, “patience”, and “wisdom”; and historical or mythological references such as “king”, “warrior”, and “god”.

How are Thai names pronounced?

Thai names are pronounced using a tonal system in which the tone used can change the meaning of the word.

There are five different tones in Thai: high, mid, low, rising, and falling.

The pronunciation of Thai names can be challenging for non-native speakers because the tones can be difficult to distinguish.

What is a typical Thai name?

A typical Thai name consists of a given name and a family name.

The given name is chosen by the parents and often has a specific meaning.

The family name is passed down from the father and is unique to each family.

Thai people often use nicknames or informal names in addition to their given and family names.

What is the most common Thai man name?

The most common Thai man name is probably “Somchai” which means “auspicious” or “lucky”.

Other popular Thai male names include “Somsak” which means “brave”, “Prasert” which means “excellent”, “Natthapong” which means “strong”, and “Wanchai” which means “to prosper”.

Conclusion – Thai Boy Names

Thai boy names are unique and often complex, which makes them stand out from the typical Western first names.

The most common Thai boy names have different meanings associated with them that carry spiritual or cultural significance.

These names often end in “-nith” or “-porn”, indicating the blessing of prosperity and luck for a newborn baby.

Popular Thai boy names commonly include words and phrases related to spirituality, such as ‘Boonmee’ meaning ‘blessed’, ‘Krit’ meaning ‘supremely enlightened’ and ‘Somphong’ signifying ‘abundance’.

dditionally, many Thai boy names may be shortened forms of longer ones to create more poetic sound, such as Chatchawan (long form: Chakrawan) meaning ‘star in the sky’.

Lastly, unlike other cultures where two set of given names are used, Thai parents traditionally give their son just one given name at birth.


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