237+ Thai Last Names [With Meanings]

Thai last names, also known as surnames or family names, have several unique characteristics.

Here are some of them:

  • Long and Complex: Thai last names are often long and complex, consisting of multiple syllables and difficult to pronounce for non-Thai speakers. This is because many Thai last names are derived from ancient Sanskrit or Pali words, which were used in Thailand’s early history.
  • No Fixed Order: Unlike many Western cultures, Thai last names do not have a fixed order. In Thailand, the family name is usually placed after the given name, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the family name can come before the given name, and sometimes it can even be placed in the middle.
  • Meaningful: Thai last names often have significant meanings related to nature, animals, objects, or virtues. For example, “Sombat” means “happiness,” “Kwankaew” means “green glass,” and “Sukhumvit” means “the land of happiness.”
  • Regional Variations: Thai last names can also vary regionally, with some names being more common in certain parts of the country. For example, the last name “Chai” is more common in the southern region of Thailand, while “Srisombat” is more common in the central region.
  • Gender-Specific: Thai last names can also be gender-specific, with some names being used only for males or females. For example, the last name “Manee” is usually given to females, while “Somchai” is more commonly given to males.
  • Family Connection: Lastly, Thai last names often reflect a family connection, such as indicating a lineage or clan name. This is particularly common in northern Thailand, where many last names begin with “Na,” indicating a lineage or clan name.

Thai Last Names and Meanings

In Thailand, surnames are relatively recent and were introduced during the reign of King Rama VI in the early 20th century as part of a modernization effort.

Most Thai surnames are derived from their family name, given name, or a combination of both.

Here are some examples of Thai last names:

  • Smith (สมิธ): This is a common last name in Thailand, and it is derived from the English surname “Smith.”
  • Wong (วงศ์): This surname is derived from the Chinese word “huang,” which means “yellow.” It is a common last name among Thai people of Chinese descent.
  • Phong (พงศ์): This surname is derived from the Thai word “phong,” which means “lineage” or “ancestry.”
  • Sombat (สมบัติ): This surname is derived from the Thai word “sombat,” which means “wealth” or “prosperity.”
  • Thong (ทอง): This surname is derived from the Thai word “thong,” which means “gold.”
  • Prasert (ประเสริฐ): This surname is derived from the Thai word “prasert,” which means “noble” or “distinguished.”
  • Chai (ชาย): This surname is derived from the Thai word “chai,” which means “male” or “man.”
  • Saeng (แสง): This surname is derived from the Thai word “saeng,” which means “light” or “brightness.”
  • Nimit (นิมิต): This surname is derived from the Thai word “nimit,” which means “friendship” or “harmony.”
  • Charoen (เจริญ): This surname is derived from the Thai word “charoen,” which means “prosperous” or “flourishing.”

Most Common Thai Last Names

Most Common Thai Last Names:

  • วิชัย (Wichai) – Victory, Triumph
  • สุข (Suk) – Happiness, Joy
  • ชัย (Chai) – Victory, Triumph
  • วิทยา (Witthaya) – Knowledge, Science
  • ศรี (Si) – Honor, Glory
  • สมชาย (Somchai) – Good person or righteous man
  • นพดล (Nopadol) – Clear mind
  • สมบูรณ์ (Sombun) – Complete, Perfect
  • สุทิน (Suthin) – Good virtue, moral
  • พงษ์ (Pong) – Lineage, Ancestry

Popular Thai Last Names

Popular Thai Last Names:

  • วรรณ (Wan) – Literature, Art
  • สวัสดี (Sawasdee) – Greeting, Welcome
  • บุญ (Boon) – Merit, Virtue
  • ศิริ (Sirirat) – Glorious, Splendid
  • นาค (Nak) – Brave, Valiant
  • สุนทร (Suntorn) – Prosperous, Wealthy
  • สุวรรณ (Suwan) – Gold, Wealth
  • จันทร์ (Chan) – Moon, Month
  • ประเสริฐ (Prasert) – Well-bred, Noble
  • สุรัตน์ (Surat) – Good, Virtuous

Long Thai Last Names

Long Thai Last Names:

  • อรุณพงศ์ (Arunpong) – Sunlight, Lineage
  • พันธุ์เทวา (Panthuwa) – Angelic descent, Lineage
  • จันทรเกษม (Chanthakasem) – Moon, Prosperous
  • สมบูรณ์ประเสริฐ (Sombunprasert) – Perfect, Noble
  • นิติพงศ์สกุล (Nitipongskul) – Legal, Lineage
  • ชูเดชานนท์ (Chudechana) – Revered, God’s blessings
  • อาทิตย์โอสถานุเคราะห์ (Atithosathanukroh) – Sun, Benefactor
  • บุญธรรมกุล (Bunthamkul) – Merit, Virtue, Lineage
  • สุวรรณศร (Suwannasorn) – Gold, Prosperity
  • วราพรวิทย์ (Waraphornwit) – Princess, Knowledge

Thisrupt History: Thai Last Names

Thai Last Names, A-Z

Below we have over 100 Thai last names:

  • อนันต์ (Anan) – Immortal
  • อริยะ (Ariya) – Noble
  • บุญ (Boon) – Merit, Virtue
  • บุญธรรม (Buntham) – Merit, Virtue
  • ชัย (Chai) – Victory, Triumph
  • ชุติมา (Chutima) – Long life
  • จันทร์ (Chan) – Moon, Month
  • จิรายุส (Chirayus) – Long life
  • ชู (Chu) – Honor, Glory
  • จิราวุฒิ (Chirawat) – Knowledgeable, Wise
  • เดชะ (Decha) – Victorious
  • ดำรงค์ (Damrong) – Reign, Rule
  • ธนะ (Thana) – Wealth, Treasure
  • ธีรวุฒิ (Thirawat) – Greatness, Wisdom
  • ทองดี (Thongdee) – Good gold, Wealthy
  • ทวี (Tawi) – Success, Victory
  • ทัต (Tat) – Strong, Powerful
  • ทัพพร (Tapporn) – Army, Military
  • ทิพย์ (Tip) – Heaven, Sky
  • ธนาคาร (Thanakarn) – Bank
  • ธารารัตน์ (Thararat) – Princess of water
  • พงษ์ (Pong) – Lineage, Ancestry
  • พฤกษ์ (Prak) – Month in the lunar calendar
  • พลอย (Phloi) – Diamond, Precious gem
  • พูลวิชัย (Phuwichai) – Great victory
  • ภัทรา (Pathara) – Diamond, Precious stone
  • ภูมิ (Phum) – Abundance, Prosperity
  • มณี (Manee) – Gem, Precious stone
  • มงคล (Mongkhon) – Auspicious, Lucky
  • มีนาคม (Minakorn) – March
  • ยอด (Yot) – Peak, Summit
  • ยุวดี (Yuwidee) – Youthful, Young
  • รักษ์ (Rak) – Protect, Guard
  • รังสิต (Rangsit) – Castle, Fort
  • รัตนา (Rattana) – Gem, Jewel
  • รัตน์ (Rat) – Precious stone
  • รุ่งเรือง (Rungreung) – Bright, Shining
  • ร่มเกล้า (Romklao) – Glory, Prestige
  • ลิขิต (Likhit) – Destiny, Fate
  • ลุงเนือง (Lungneung) – Glorious ancestor
  • วราวุฒิ (Warawut)
  • วรินทร์ (Warin) – Forest, Jungle
  • วิจิตร (Wichit) – Precious, Valuable
  • วิทยา (Wittaya) – Knowledge, Learning
  • วิไล (Wila) – Brilliant, Radiant
  • ศรี (Sri) – Honor, Glory
  • ศรัทธา (Saratha) – Faith, Belief
  • ศิริพงษ์ (Siripong) – Prosperous, Successful
  • สมบัติ (Sombat) – Wealth, Property
  • สมโภช (Somphot) – Wise, Intelligent
  • สมศักดิ์ (Somsak) – Prosperous, Successful
  • สุทธิ (Sutthi) – Pure, Virtuous
  • สุนทร (Sunthorn) – Goodness, Virtue
  • สุรชัย (Surasit) – Good luck, Success
  • สุวรรณ (Suwan) – Gold, Wealth
  • สุวิมล (Suwimon) – Beautiful, Radiant
  • อัครพงศ์ (Akkrarongsang) – Noble lineage
  • อดิเรก (Adirek) – Resilient, Enduring
  • อนุสรณ์ (Anusorn) – Kindness, Compassion
  • อภิชาติ (Apichart) – Rule, Authority
  • อัญชลี (Anchalee) – Younger sibling
  • อัศวิน (Asawin) – Warrior, Knight
  • อัศวี (Asawi) – Luminous, Radiant
  • อานันทม์ (Anantam) – Endless, Infinite
  • อาทิตย์ (Atit) – Sun, Day
  • เอกราช (Ekarat) – Solo ruler
  • เอื้อง (Ueng) – Support, Help
  • เกษตร (Kaset) – Agriculture, Farming
  • เกียรติ (Kiat) – Honor, Glory
  • เขมะ (Khem) – Beauty, Grace
  • เจริญ (Charoen) – Prosperous, Thriving
  • เจียม (Jiam) – Precious, Valuable
  • เฉลิม (Chalerm) – Glorious, Splendid
  • เฉียบ (Chiap) – Sharp, Quick-witted
  • เชิดชู (Cherdchu) – Praise, Admiration
  • เด่นชัย (Denchai) – Glorious victory
  • เทวดา (Thewada) – Angel, Divine being
  • เนตรนภา (Netnapha) – Melody of the heavens
  • เนื่อง (Nueang) – Calm, Serene
  • เปรมชัย (Pramchai) – Ever-victorious
  • เพชร (Phet) – Diamond, Precious stone
  • เพ็ชร์ (Petch) – Gem, Jewel
  • เมฆ (Mek) – Cloud
  • เมือง (Muang) – City, Town
  • เรืองรอง (Rueangrong) – Sublime, Magnificent
  • เลิศ (Lert) – Excellent, Superb
  • เวชชา (Wetcha) – Medicine, Healing
  • เวียง (Wiang) – Village, Hamlet
  • เสถียร (Setthi) – Wealthy, Rich
  • เสาวภา (Saowapa) – Heavenly morning
  • เอกชัย (Ekachai) – Solo victory
  • เอม (Aem) – Kindness, Generosity
  • เอิร์ธ (Earth) – Earth, Ground
  • เอื้ออาทร (Uea-atorn) – Support and protect
  • เอี่ยมสุข (Iamsuk) – Happiness, Joy
  • เหลือง (Lueang) – Yellow, Gold
  • เหลือมลอย (Lueamluai) – Floating wreckage
  • เอิร์น (Ern) – Earn, Gain
  • แสงสุวรรณ (Saengsuwan) – Radiant light
  • โฉมงาม (Chomngam) – Beautiful, Attractive
  • โชคชัย (Chokchai) – Lucky, Fortunate
  • โอภาส (Opass) – Fame, Reputation
  • ใจเย็น (Jaiyen) – Calm, Composed
  • ใจแจ้ง (Jaijaeng) – Clear, Pure-hearted
  • ใจสุข (Jaisuk) – Happy, Contented
  • ใจหมาวัน (Jaimawun) – Pure-hearted
  • ใจเหลือง (Jailueang) – Generous, Benevolent
  • ใจโต (Jaito) – Big-hearted
  • ใจหมา (Jaima) – Kind-hearted, Compassionate
  • ไชยวัฒน์ (Chaiwat) – Victory and progress
  • ไชยา (Chaiya) – Victory and success
  • ไทยอุดม (Thaiudom) – Thai wisdom, Thai civilization
  • ไทร (Sai) – Banyan tree, Ficus
  • ไทรโยค (Saiyok) – Fierce banyan tree
  • ไทรน้อย (Sainoi) – Small banyan tree
  • ไม้หมอน (Maimon) – Pillow, Cushion
  • ไร่หลวง (Railuang) – Royal estate, Palace ground
  • ไล่หลัง (Lailang) – Pursue, Chase after
  • ไวยากรณ์ (Wiyakarn) – Grammar, Syntax
  • ไอซ์ (Ice) – Ice

Top Thai Last Names

Top Thai Last Names:

  • วิเชียร (Wichian) – meaning “progress”
  • ศรีสุข (Srisuk) – meaning “happiness”
  • สุขุมวิท (Sukhumvit) – meaning “the land of happiness”
  • อ่อนนุช (Onnuch) – meaning “gentle”
  • ทองหล่อ (Thonglao) – meaning “refined gold”
  • สุวรรณ (Suwan) – meaning “golden”
  • ชื่นชม (Cheunchom) – meaning “admiration”
  • ชูทิศ (Chutit) – meaning “respectful”
  • ประเสริฐ (Prasert) – meaning “excellent”
  • บุญเรือน (Bunruan) – meaning “good luck”

Thai-American Last Names

Thai-American Last Names:

  • Wong – meaning “yellow” or “bright”
  • Saechao – meaning “to plant” or “to sow”
  • Tran – meaning “peace” or “tranquility”
  • Kim – meaning “gold”
  • Lee – meaning “plum tree”
  • Nguyen – meaning “musical instrument”
  • Thongkham – meaning “golden pillar”
  • Phan – meaning “to divide” or “to share”
  • Patel – meaning “village chief”
  • Singh – meaning “lion”

Unique Thai Last Names (Rare Thai Last Names)

Unique Thai Last Names (Rare Thai Last Names):

  • เหล่าธงไชย (Laohathongchai) – meaning “victorious banner”
  • บุณยรัตน์ (Bunyarattan) – meaning “precious virtue”
  • ไผ่พิศ (Phaepit) – meaning “bamboo”
  • กวินธีรา (Kawintheera) – meaning “elegant”
  • รุ่งโรจน์ (Rungroj) – meaning “shining light”
  • จันทร์ทอง (Jantong) – meaning “golden moon”
  • มณีสีวัน (Maneesiwan) – meaning “jewel of the day”
  • พลับพลา (Phlapphla) – meaning “swaying”
  • พันธุ์ดี (Panthud) – meaning “good breed”
  • อำไพ (Ampai) – meaning “success” or “achievement”

Short Thai Last Names

Short Thai Last Names:

  • สว่าง (Sawang) – meaning “bright”
  • วิทยา (Wittaya) – meaning “knowledge”
  • ทวี (Tawi) – meaning “prosperity”
  • วานิช (Wanit) – meaning “art”
  • ชุติ (Chutti) – meaning “honor”
  • ประทีป (Pratip) – meaning “diamond”
  • ภูมิ (Phum) – meaning “wealth”
  • ทิพย์ (Tip) – meaning “precious stone”
  • จันทร์ (Chan) – meaning “moon”
  • ดวงใจ (Duangjai) – meaning “heart”

Pretty Thai Last Names

Pretty Thai Last Names:

  • สุริยา (Suriya) – meaning “sun”
  • อรุณรัตน์ (Arunrat) – meaning “dawn jewel”
  • สมหวัง (Somwang) – meaning “hopeful”
  • พรหมลิขิต (Phromlikhit) – meaning “destiny”
  • ปวีณา (Paweena) – meaning “beautiful flower”
  • พรพิมล (Pomphimon) – meaning “full of grace”
  • วิลาวัลย์ (Wilawan) – meaning “beautiful cloud”
  • กมลา (Kamala) – meaning “lotus”
  • รุ่งทิพย์ (Rungtip) – meaning “shining gem”
  • มนตรี (Montri) – meaning “musician”

Royal Thai Last Names

Royal Thai Last Names:

  • สุวรรณภูมิ (Suwannaphum) – meaning “golden land”
  • รัตนบัณฑิต (Rattanabandit) – meaning “jewel of the warrior”
  • พระยามโหรี (Phraya Mahori) – meaning “noble consort”
  • พระราชทาน (Phra Rachathan) – meaning “royal grant”
  • พระราชวัง (Phra Ratchawang) – meaning “royal palace”
  • พระนางเจ้า (Phra Nang Chao) – meaning “princess”
  • พระองค์เจ้า (Phra Ong Chao) – meaning “prince”
  • สมเด็จพระเจ้าลูกยาเธอ (Somdet Phra Chao Lukaya Thep) – meaning “His/Her Royal Highness”
  • พระวรชายา (Phra Worachatya) – meaning “royal consort”
  • พระราชนิเวศน์ (Phra Ratchanives) – meaning “royal residence”

FAQs – Thai Surnames

Why are Thai last names so long?

Thai last names are typically longer than Western last names because they often include multiple syllables that describe personal characteristics, qualities, or objects associated with the individual or their family.

This practice reflects the importance of language and symbolism in Thai culture, which values the meanings and associations of words and names.

Additionally, Thai people traditionally do not have middle names, so their last names may be longer to compensate for this.

The combination of multiple syllables and the absence of middle names can result in long Thai last names.

Are all Thai last names unique?

While many Thai last names are common, not all Thai last names are unique.

In fact, some Thai last names are shared by large numbers of people, similar to how many Western last names are shared by many individuals.

However, due to the complexity of the Thai language and the practice of creating unique combinations of syllables to form last names, it is rare to find two people with the exact same Thai last name.

What Thai last names mean brave?

Here are some Thai last names that have meanings related to bravery or courage:

  • กุลมาศ (Kulamas) – derived from “kulam” which means brave or courageous, and “mas” which means bright or shining.
  • สุขุมาลย์ (Sukhumal) – derived from “sukhum” which means brave, and “mal” which means flower or jasmine.
  • ประเสริฐ (Praesert) – derived from “pra” which means brave, and “sert” which means good or excellent.
  • สุรัตน์ชัย (Surachai) – derived from “sura” which means brave or heroic, and “chai” which means victory or triumph.
  • พานิชย์ (Panich) – derived from “panit” which means brave or valiant, and “chit” which means intelligent or wise.
  • สุขใจ (Sukjai) – derived from “suk” which means brave or courageous, and “jai” which means heart or spirit.
  • ศรีเทพ (Srithep) – derived from “sri” which means honorable or noble, and “thep” which means angel or deity.
  • สิทธิวัฒน์ (Sithiwat) – derived from “sit” which means brave or valiant, and “wat” which means temple or sacred place.
  • ชาญชัย (Chanchai) – derived from “chan” which means brave or valiant, and “chai” which means victory or triumph.
  • วิเชียร (Wichien) – derived from “wichai” which means brave or victorious, and “en” which means to honor or respect.

It is worth noting that Thai last names, like many other aspects of Thai culture, are complex and nuanced, and their meanings can vary depending on the specific context and interpretation.

Conclusion – Thai Last Names

Thai surnames are unique in many ways.

First, they are typically derived from the father’s first name or the clan’s name of origin. This makes them strongly bound to one’s lineage and often reflects a family’s social status.

For example, the surname “Petch” is believed to originate from the Mon clan of central Thailand and is now commonly used throughout the country.

Another distinct characteristic of Thai surnames is their length – most consist of three syllables, with certain ones containing four or more syllables.

Such lengthy names are often an indication of a noble lineage and denote prestige in Thai society.

Names such as “Siriponjanasakool” carry with them a strong sense of history and heritage, while shorter ones like “Kulap” can contain hidden meanings that reveal much about a family’s background.

Thai surnames also often show great diversity between genders.

Women typically adopt their husband’s surname after marriage, but also keep their maiden name for use in official documents or personal matters.

Similarly, children would usually use one parent’s surname for everyday purposes and another when required for legal documents – offering them increased flexibility in how they choose to identify themselves in different contexts.

Overall, regardless of their length or origin, Thai surnames remain an important part of Thai culture that reflects its rich history and diverse backgrounds.

As such, they provide valuable insight into both individual families and Thai society at large.


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