237+ Syrian Names [With Meanings]

Syrian names can vary in terms of their origins and cultural influences, but here are some general characteristics:

  • Arabic origin: Many Syrian names have Arabic roots since Arabic is the primary language spoken in Syria. Arabic names often have meanings related to nature, religion, or virtues.
  • Family names: Syrian family names usually come from the father’s name, with the addition of a prefix or suffix to indicate lineage or origin.
  • Religious influence: Syria is a predominantly Muslim country, so many Syrian names have Islamic origins or references. However, some Syrian Christians also have names with biblical or Christian meanings.
  • Multicultural influences: Syria has a rich history of cultural and ethnic diversity, and this is reflected in its names. Some Syrian names have roots in Persian, Turkish, or Greek cultures.
  • Gender-specific endings: Many Syrian names have gender-specific endings, with “-ah” or “-at” for girls and “-i” or “-o” for boys.
  • Traditional names: Syrian families often choose traditional names for their children, such as Omar, Aisha, Ali, or Fatima.
  • Unique spellings: Like in many cultures, some Syrian names may have unique spellings or variations that reflect regional dialects or personal preferences.

Overall, Syrian names can be diverse and meaningful, reflecting the country’s rich cultural and historical background.

Syrian Names and Meanings

Syrian First Names and Meanings:

  • Omar – means “long-lived” or “prosperous”
  • Fatima – means “one who abstains”
  • Bilal – means “water”
  • Aisha – means “living” or “life”
  • Zainab – means “fragrant flower”
  • Ali – means “exalted” or “noble”
  • Layla – means “night”
  • Rami – means “archer”
  • Sana – means “brilliance” or “radiance”
  • Khaled – means “eternal”

Syrian Boy Names [Syrian Male Names]

Syrian Boy Names:

  • Karam: This name means “generosity” or “nobility”.
  • Samir: Samir means “entertaining companion” or “jovial”.
  • Omar: This popular Arabic name means “long-lived” or “eloquent”.
  • Nizar: This name means “radiant” or “shining”.
  • Faris: Faris means “knight” or “horseman”.
  • Tarek: This name means “morning star” or “pathfinder”.
  • Zaid: Zaid means “growth” or “abundance”.
  • Malek: This name means “king” or “ruler”.
  • Firas: Firas means “perspicacious” or “discerning”.
  • Adel: This name means “fair” or “just”.

Syrian Girl Names [Syrian Female Names]

And here are 10 Syrian girl names with their meanings:

Syrian Girl Names:

  • Amira: This name means “princess” or “commander”.
  • Nadia: Nadia means “hope” or “generous”.
  • Rania: This name means “queenly” or “a singing bird”.
  • Layla: Layla means “night” or “dark beauty”.
  • Dalia: This name means “gentle” or “gracious”.
  • Farah: Farah means “happiness” or “joy”.
  • Leila: This name means “night” or “dark beauty”.
  • Yasmin: Yasmin means “jasmine flower” or “fragrant flower”.
  • Samira: Samira means “entertaining companion” or “jovial”.
  • Sana: This name means “brilliance” or “radiance”.

Beautiful Syrian Names For Your Baby

Syrian Last Names

Syrian Last Names:

  • Al-Masri – means “the Egyptian”
  • Al-Bashir – means “the bringer of good news”
  • Al-Hakim – means “the wise”
  • Al-Mahmoud – means “the praised one”
  • Al-Abdullah – means “servant of Allah”
  • Al-Saleh – means “the righteous”
  • Al-Faris – means “the knight”
  • Al-Tawil – means “the tall”
  • Al-Qasim – means “the divider”
  • Al-Zahabi – means “the golden”

Syrian Names, A-Z

Below is a list of 100+ Syrian names, sorted alphabetically:

  • Adel – fair or just
  • Ahmad – praised or commendable
  • Ali – exalted or noble
  • Amal – hope or aspiration
  • Amira – princess or commander
  • Anwar – bright or luminous
  • Aya – miracle or verse of the Quran
  • Ayman – blessed or lucky
  • Aziz – beloved or dear
  • Badr – full moon or brightness
  • Bahaa – splendor or magnificence
  • Bassam – smiling or cheerful
  • Bilal – water or moisture
  • Dawood – beloved or darling
  • Dina – love or affection
  • Elias – the Lord is my God
  • Emad – support or pillar
  • Fadi – redeemer or savior
  • Faisal – decisive or determined
  • Farah – happiness or joy
  • Farid – unique or precious
  • Firas – discerning or perspicacious
  • Ghassan – youth or vigor
  • Habib – beloved or dear
  • Hadi – guide or leader
  • Hakim – wise or learned
  • Hamza – lion or strong
  • Hanan – mercy or compassion
  • Hasan – handsome or good
  • Hazar – harvest or autumn
  • Ibrahim – father of many or prophet Abraham
  • Imad – pillar or support
  • Ismail – prophet Ishmael or heard by God
  • Jamal – beauty or charm
  • Jawad – generous or munificent
  • Jibril – archangel Gabriel
  • Karam – generosity or nobility
  • Karim – generous or noble
  • Khalil – friend or companion
  • Laith – lion or brave
  • Layla – night or dark beauty
  • Leila – night or dark beauty
  • Luay – flag or banner
  • Mahmoud – praised or commendable
  • Malek – king or ruler
  • Marwan – solid or stonework
  • Maysa – grace or elegance
  • Mira – ocean or peace
  • Mohamad – praised or commendable
  • Mohsen – beneficent or charitable
  • Mustafa – chosen or preferred
  • Nadia – hope or generous
  • Naim – comfort or ease
  • Naji – safe or secure
  • Nasim – breeze or fresh air
  • Nasser – victorious or triumphant
  • Nidal – struggle or effort
  • Nour – light or radiance
  • Omar – long-lived or eloquent
  • Osama – lion or powerful
  • Qasim – divider or distributor
  • Rakan – support or prop
  • Rami – archer or thrower
  • Rania – queenly or a singing bird
  • Rawad – ridge or crest
  • Rayan – watered or irrigated
  • Rima – white antelope or gazelle
  • Rula – companion or friend
  • Saad – fortunate or blessed
  • Sabah – morning or dawn
  • Sabri – patient or persevering
  • Safa – purity or clarity
  • Saja – calm or tranquil
  • Salim – safe or peaceful
  • Samer – entertaining companion or jovial
  • Sami – exalted or sublime
  • Samira – entertaining companion or jovial
  • Sara – princess
  • Sarmad – eternity or permanence
  • Sawsan – lily of the valley or jasmine
  • Selim – safe or peaceful
  • Shahd – honey or nectar
  • Shadi – happy or cheerful
  • Shaker – thankful or grateful
  • Shams – sun or shining
  • Sharif – noble or distinguished
  • Shireen – sweet or pleasant
  • Siba – youth or young animal
  • Suhail – easy or comfortable
  • Suha – star or shining
  • Sulaiman – peace or comfort
  • Taim – generous or bountiful
  • Tala – gold or rising star
  • Tarek – morning star or pathfinder
  • Thana – praise or commendation
  • Thaer – rebel or fighter
  • Usama – lion or powerful
  • Wafa – loyalty or faithfulness
  • Yahya – prophet John or God is gracious
  • Yasir – wealthy or prosperous
  • Yasmin – jasmine flower or fragrant flower
  • Yazen – proud or noble
  • Youssef – prophet Joseph or God will increase
  • Yusuf – prophet Joseph or God will increase
  • Zaid – growth or abundance
  • Zakaria – prophet Zachariah or God remembers
  • Zaki – pure or virtuous
  • Ziad – abundance or growth
  • Zuhair – radiant or shining
  • Zainab – fragrant flower or tree

Syrian Hamster Names

Syrian Hamster Names:

  • Zara – means “princess”
  • Hamoud – means “praised”
  • Faris – means “knight”
  • Maya – means “water”
  • Sami – means “elevated” or “sublime”
  • Lulu – means “pearl”
  • Malik – means “king”
  • Jazzy – means “cheerful” or “lively”
  • Nour – means “light”
  • Luna – means “moon”

Syrian Names for Babies

Syrian Names for Babies:

  • Nadia – means “hope” or “dew”
  • Waleed – means “newborn”
  • Dalia – means “gentle”
  • Karim – means “generous”
  • Leen – means “tender”
  • Noura – means “light”
  • Malek – means “king”
  • Layan – means “soft”
  • Rayan – means “watered”
  • Ziad – means “abundance”

Syrian Christian Names

Syrian Christian Names:

  • George – means “farmer” or “earth-worker”
  • Maryam – means “exalted” or “wished-for child”
  • Paul – means “small” or “humble”
  • Theresa – means “to harvest” or “summer”
  • Simon – means “he has heard”
  • Clara – means “bright” or “clear”
  • Luke – means “from Lucania”
  • Veronica – means “true image”
  • Peter – means “rock” or “stone”
  • Marcella – means “little warrior”

Syrian Jews Last Names

Syrian Jewish Last Names:

  • Sabbagh – means “dyer” or “tanner”
  • Mizrahi – means “Eastern”
  • Azoulay – means “ornamented”
  • Shohet – means “ritual slaughterer”
  • Bitton – means “in the garden”
  • Toledano – means “from Toledo”
  • Aslan – means “lion”
  • Dweck – means “doll”
  • Alhadeff – means “the pure one”
  • Cohen – means “priest”

Ancient Syrian Names

Ancient Syrian Names:

  • Adad-nirari – means “thunder god protects”
  • Shalmaneser – means “the god Shulmanu is preeminent”
  • Hadad – means “thunder” or “storm god”
  • Semiramis – means “the beloved of Ishtar”
  • Ashurbanipal – means “the god Ashur is creator of an heir”
  • Arame – means “high”
  • Barhadad – means “son of Hadad”
  • Tiglath-Pileser – means “my trust is in the son of Esharra”
  • Zenobia – means “life of Zeus”
  • Nabonidus – means “Nabu is praised”

Popular Syrian Names

Popular Syrian Names:

  • Aya – means “miracle”
  • Ali – means “exalted” or “noble”
  • Sara – means “princess”
  • Ahmad – most commendable or praiseworthy
  • Ali – elevated or exalted
  • Fatima – abstaining or one who weans
  • Hassan – handsome or good-looking
  • Jamil – beautiful or handsome
  • Khaled – eternal or immortal
  • Mohammed – praised or commendable
  • Nour – light or enlightenment
  • Omar – long-lived or flourishing
  • Rania – queen or she who gives joy
  • Samer – friend or companion
  • Sana – brilliance or radiance
  • Tarek – morning star or pathfinder
  • Waleed – newborn or infant
  • Yara – small butterfly or the hand of friendship
  • Zain – beauty or adornment

Syrian Food Names (Names for Syrian Dishes and Desserts)

Syrian Food Names (Names for Syrian Dishes and Desserts):

  • Baba ghanoush – a dip made from grilled eggplants, tahini, and olive oil
  • Baklava – a sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup
  • Fattoush – a salad made from mixed greens, vegetables, and toasted pita bread
  • Ful medames – a dish made from mashed fava beans, olive oil, and lemon juice
  • Halawa – a sweet made from sesame paste and sugar syrup
  • Hummus – a dip made from chickpeas, tahini, and olive oil
  • Kibbeh – a dish made from ground meat and cracked wheat
  • Labneh – a strained yogurt that is often served as a dip or spread
  • Maamoul – a sweet pastry filled with dates, nuts, or sweetened cheese
  • Manakeesh – a flatbread topped with various toppings such as za’atar or cheese
  • Mujadara – a dish made from lentils, rice, and caramelized onions
  • Muhammara – a dip made from roasted red peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses
  • Shawarma – a wrap made from roasted meat (often chicken or beef) and vegetables
  • Sfiha – a small pizza-like pastry topped with ground meat and spices
  • Tabouli – a salad made from parsley, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, and onions
  • Za’atar – a spice blend made from thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac

Note: The meanings listed here are the literal translations of the words or names in Arabic. Some of these meanings may not necessarily reflect the cultural or traditional significance of the names or dishes in Syrian culture.

FAQs – Syrian Names

What is the name structure and naming conventions of Syrian names?

Name Structure and Naming Conventions of Syrian Names:

Syrian names generally follow a similar structure to other Arabic names, which is comprised of a first name, a middle name, and a last name or family name.

However, it is not mandatory to have a middle name, and it is common for people to only have a first and last name.

The first name is usually chosen based on its meaning or in honor of a particular person, such as a prophet or a family member.

The last name, also known as the family name, is typically derived from the name of the person’s father or sometimes their grandfather.

For example, if a person’s father is named Khalil, their last name would be Khalili.

In Syria, it is also common for people to use their tribal or clan names as their last names. This is particularly true in rural areas where people identify strongly with their tribe or clan.

It is worth noting that some Syrian last names may also be derived from the names of professions, such as Al-Mohammad (meaning “the blacksmith”) or Al-Halabi (meaning “the person from Aleppo”).

What are some popular Syrian first and last names?

Some of the most popular first names in Syria include Ahmad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Mohammed, Omar, and Youssef.

As for last names, some of the most common ones include Al-Assad, Al-Hariri, Al-Mohammad, Al-Sayed, and Al-Turkmani.

What is the most common Syrian name?

It is difficult to determine the most common Syrian name, as there are many names that are popular and frequently used in Syria.

However, based on our research, some of the most commonly used names in Syria include Mohammed, Ahmad, Ali, Fatima, and Youssef.

It is worth noting that the popularity of certain names may vary depending on the region or community in which a person lives.

Additionally, naming trends may change over time, with certain names becoming more or less popular based on cultural and societal factors.

Conclusion – Syrian Names

Syrian names are typically constructed with three parts: a given name, followed by the father’s given name, and then ending with the family name.

This naming tradition is derived from Islamic culture and has been adopted for centuries in Syria.

It helps distinguish between family members, as well as ensure that family ties remain important throughout generations.

In addition to the three-part structure of Syrian names, they also often carry cultural or religious meanings.

Generally, Muslim names will be derived from Arabic characters while Christian names can be of Aramaic origin.

Although some parents may choose a more modern name, Syrian names still retain their traditional roots in many cases.

Finally, it is worth noting that Syrians have both feminine and masculine versions of their given and family names.

For example, there may be different spellings for each gender depending on whether or not an “a” or “i” is present at the end of the first part of a name (given name).

As such, these distinctions further help identify individual family members unique within any one clan or extended family.


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