Where To Donate Books (Charity)

Are you wondering where to donate books and give them a new life? Look no further! There are numerous options available for donating books across the United States. In this article, we will explore local book donation centers, book charity organizations, and online platforms where you can donate your old books for a great cause. Whether you want to support literacy programs, give books to those in need, or contribute to recycling efforts, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Where to donate Books

Key Takeaways:

  • There are numerous options available for book donation, including local book donation centers, book charity organizations, and online platforms.
  • Local book donation options include charity shops, thrift stores, libraries, literacy charities, and book drives.
  • Nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores accept book donations to support their programs.
  • Consider donating books locally to retirement homes, theaters, or through online platforms like Bookmooch or Freecycle.
  • Donating books online is also an option, with organizations like Better World Books and Amazon offering convenient ways to contribute.

Donate Books to Nonprofits and Charities

When it comes to donating books, there are various nonprofits and charities that accept book donations to support their social aid programs. By donating your old books, you can make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to important causes. Here are some organizations where you can donate your books:

  1. The Salvation Army: Accepts book donations to support their community programs and initiatives.
  2. Goodwill: Provides employment opportunities and job training programs through the sale of donated items, including books.
  3. Vietnam Veterans of America: Supports veterans and their families through charitable donations, including books.
  4. Habitat for Humanity ReStores: Accepts book donations to fund their housing projects for families in need.

If you prefer to donate to organizations that focus on literacy, there are nonprofits dedicated to expanding literacy opportunities for children and underserved communities:

  • Kids Need to Read: Aims to promote childhood literacy through book donations and literacy programs.
  • Reader to Reader: Works to increase access to books and educational resources for underserved communities.

For those interested in making a global impact, there are book drives that create libraries in African countries:

  • African Library Project: Organizes book drives to establish libraries in various African countries, fostering a love for reading.
  • Books for Africa: Collects and ships books to schools and libraries in Africa to promote literacy and education.

Additionally, there are organizations that specifically focus on providing quality reading material to prisoners and military personnel:

  • Books Through Bars: Sends free books to prisoners to foster education, self-empowerment, and connection.
  • Operation Paperback: Provides gently-used books to deployed military personnel, veterans, and their families.

By donating books to these organizations, you can help support education, literacy, and social programs that benefit individuals and communities in need.

Organization Focus
The Salvation Army Community programs and initiatives
Goodwill Employment opportunities and job training programs
Vietnam Veterans of America Support for veterans and their families
Habitat for Humanity ReStores Housing projects for families in need
Kids Need to Read Promoting childhood literacy
Reader to Reader Increased access to books for underserved communities
African Library Project Establishing libraries in African countries
Books for Africa Literacy promotion in African schools and libraries
Books Through Bars Providing books to prisoners
Operation Paperback Giving books to military personnel and their families

Donating Books Locally

When it comes to donating books, supporting local charities and organizations in your area is a fantastic way to give back to the community and make a difference. There are various options available for donating books locally, ranging from donation centers to retirement homes and theaters. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Local Book Donation Centers

If you’re looking for convenient and reliable options to donate books, local book donation centers can be a great choice. One such resource is Donation Town, which connects donors with nearby charities that offer free donation pick-up services. These organizations make it easy for you to donate your books without the hassle of dropping them off yourself.

Supporting Theaters and Museums

Many local theaters and museums are interested in acquiring books to use as props during performances or for exhibits. Donating books to these establishments not only supports their creative endeavors but also gives your beloved books a chance to be displayed and enjoyed by others. Contact your local theater or museum to inquire about their donation process and specific book preferences.

Donating Books to Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are another excellent option for donating books. Residents often appreciate having access to a variety of reading materials to keep them engaged and entertained. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the retirement home beforehand to understand their specific needs and preferences. That way, you can donate books that will bring joy and benefit the residents.

Online Platforms for Book Exchanges

If you prefer online platforms, Bookmooch offers a unique opportunity for book exchanges within a community. You can list the books you wish to donate and search for books you’d like to receive in return. This platform promotes book-sharing and encourages readers to connect with one another through the love of literature.

Another online option is Freecycle, a local online bulletin board that allows you to offer books for reuse to interested individuals within your area. This platform provides a way to connect with book lovers in your community who may be interested in the books you no longer need.

Sharing with Friends and Family

Don’t forget to reach out to your friends and family to see if they’re interested in any of the books you plan to donate. Sharing books within your social circle is a wonderful way to give them a new home while fostering connections and conversations about literature.

Remember, by donating books locally, you’re not only decluttering your space but also giving others the opportunity to enjoy reading and access to knowledge. Your contribution can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Options for Donating Books Locally Benefits
Local book donation centers Convenient and efficient donation process
Theaters and museums Supporting the arts while giving your books a new purpose
Retirement homes Bringing joy and entertainment to residents
Online platforms for book exchanges Connecting with book lovers in your community
Sharing with friends and family Fostering connections and conversations about literature

Donating Books Online

Donating books online is a convenient way to support literacy initiatives and provide financial assistance to reading programs. There are several platforms and organizations that facilitate online book donations, making it easier than ever to contribute to a worthy cause.

Better World Books is a leading online book donation platform that collects and sells books to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. They have a streamlined donation process that allows individuals to contribute books and make a positive impact on literacy rates globally.

The Book Bank offers an online wishlist specifically for donating new books in Spanish. By fulfilling the wishlist, you can help provide Spanish-speaking readers with access to quality literature and promote bilingual education.

Amazon also offers a unique opportunity to support independent booksellers through their curated wishlists. By purchasing and directly shipping books from these wishlists, you can help sustain small businesses and contribute to the literary community.

Online Book Donation Platforms Description
Better World Books Collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide
The Book Bank Offers an online wishlist for donating new books in Spanish
Amazon Allows for direct shipment of books from curated wishlists to support independent booksellers

In addition to these platforms, there are organizations like Book Through Bars and Books for Soldiers that facilitate the donation of books to prisoners, veterans, and military families. These initiatives provide a valuable source of educational and entertainment material to those who may be isolated from traditional resources.

For those who prefer to support reading programs financially, organizations like United Through Reading and Reading Education Assistance Dogs offer opportunities to make a difference. These programs focus on fostering a love for reading and improving literacy rates through various initiatives.

Alternative Options for Book Donations

If book donations are not possible or desired, there are alternative options for repurposing or recycling books. These alternatives provide sustainable ways to give books a new life, contributing to a circular economy and reducing waste.

Re-Book It: Connecting Books with New Homes

In Los Angeles, Re-Book It offers a free community pick-up service that ensures books find new homes instead of ending up in landfills. They believe in the importance of sharing books and making them accessible to all. By scheduling a pick-up, individuals can easily donate their unwanted books and contribute to the community’s access to literature.

Freecycle: Give Away Unwanted Books

Freecycle is a local online bulletin board that allows individuals to give away unwanted items, including books, for reuse. By joining the Freecycle community, you can connect with book enthusiasts who may be interested in the books you no longer need. It’s a great way to pass on books to someone who will appreciate them, fostering a sense of community and reducing waste.

Book Recycling Centers

In addition to donation options, some recycling centers may accept books as recyclable materials. When donating books for recycling, make sure to remove any non-paper components, such as plastic covers or bookmarks, to ensure the books can be processed efficiently. By recycling books, you can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of book production and waste. Check your local recycling centers to see if they accept books and their specific recycling guidelines.

When considering alternative options for book donations, it’s essential to prioritize sustainability and find environmentally-friendly ways to repurpose or dispose of books that are no longer needed or wanted. Whether it’s through Re-Book It, Freecycle, or book recycling centers, these options ensure that books continue to bring joy and knowledge to readers while reducing their impact on the environment.

Considerations for Donating Books

When it comes to donating books, there are several key considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and impactful donation process. Here are some tips to help you donate quality books and meet the specific requirements of organizations:

  1. Check the condition: Before donating, make sure the books are in good condition. Most organizations prefer gently-used, like-new books without any damage or markings. This ensures that the books can be enjoyed by their recipients for a long time.
  2. Sort your books: Take the time to sort through your books before donation. This allows you to separate books that are suitable for donation from ones that may need to be recycled or discarded. Consider factors such as relevancy, age, and condition to determine which books are best to donate.
  3. Contact the organization: It’s always a good idea to reach out to the organization you plan to donate to before making the donation. Inquire about their specific requirements and current needs. This communication helps ensure that your donation aligns with their objectives and helps them in the most effective way possible.

By following these considerations, you can donate books that are in excellent condition, meet the needs of the organization, and make a positive impact on readers in your community.

“Donating books is not just about quantity; it’s about ensuring quality reading experiences for others.” – Anonymous

Now let’s take a look at a table that illustrates the different aspects to consider when donating books:

Consideration Description
Book Condition Ensure the books are gently-used, like-new, and free from damage or markings.
Sorting Separate books suitable for donation from ones that may need to be recycled or discarded based on factors like relevancy, age, and condition.
Contacting Organizations Get in touch with the organization prior to donation to inquire about their specific requirements and current needs.

Benefits of Donating Books

Donating books can have a significant impact on the promotion of literacy and the access to books for individuals who may not have the means to acquire them. By donating books, you can support education initiatives, foster a love for reading, and improve literacy rates in communities.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles William Eliot

When you donate books, you contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of society. By providing access to books, you empower individuals to explore new worlds, expand their knowledge, and engage in the joy of reading. Your book donations can make a positive impact on the lives of others and help shape a brighter future.

The Impact of Book Donations

Book donations go beyond just providing reading material. They can:

  • Promote literacy by increasing the availability of books in underserved communities.
  • Enhance educational opportunities for children and adults who may not have access to libraries or bookstores.
  • Instill a love for reading and foster imagination and creativity.
  • Empower individuals to pursue lifelong learning and personal growth.

When you donate your books, you contribute to these transformative experiences and create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the pages of a book.

Providing Access to Books

Book donations are a tangible way to bridge the gap between those who have access to books and those who do not. Your donated books can give individuals a chance to explore new stories, gain knowledge, and develop critical thinking skills.

Through book donations, you provide access to books for:

  • Children from low-income families who may not have books in their homes.
  • Students in underfunded schools or libraries with limited resources.
  • Individuals in correctional facilities who seek educational opportunities for personal growth.
  • Communities affected by natural disasters or socio-economic challenges.

Your book donations can uplift individuals and communities, opening doors to new opportunities and a brighter future.

Promoting Literacy and Education

One of the most significant benefits of donating books is the promotion of literacy and education. Books serve as powerful tools to ignite curiosity, expand knowledge, and inspire lifelong learning.

When you donate books, you:

  • Support literacy programs and initiatives that aim to improve reading skills and comprehension.
  • Help establish libraries or enhance existing ones in schools, community centers, and underprivileged areas.
  • Empower individuals to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Encourage a love for reading, which is essential for personal and intellectual growth.

Your book donations become catalysts for positive change, empowering individuals to overcome barriers and unlock their full potential.

By donating books, you play an active role in shaping a literate and educated society. Your contributions not only provide access to books but also promote literacy, ignite imaginations, and empower individuals to transform their lives.

Where To Start: Finding Local Book Donation Centers

If you’re looking for local book donation centers, there are several resources you can utilize to find the perfect organization to donate to. Researching online platforms like Donation Town can provide a comprehensive list of charities that offer book donation pick-up services. This makes it convenient to donate your books, especially if you have a large collection or are unable to drop them off personally.

Local libraries are also great sources of information when it comes to book donation programs in your area. They often collaborate with charities or have their own initiatives to give books a second life. Reach out to your local library and inquire about their donation programs.

Websites dedicated to promoting literacy and book donations can be valuable resources as well. Platforms like Local Book Donations provide information on various book donation centers and organizations. You can easily find local opportunities to donate books and contribute to a good cause.

Remember that each book you donate can make a difference in someone’s life. By finding local book donation centers, you’re taking the first step toward giving books a new home and supporting literacy initiatives in your community.

Resource Description
Donation Town Online platform that provides a comprehensive list of charities offering book donation pick-up services.
Local Libraries Check with your local library to find out about their book donation programs and initiatives.
Local Book Donations A website dedicated to promoting literacy and book donations, providing information on local opportunities.


Donating books is a meaningful way to give back and support various causes, from promoting literacy to providing access to books for those in need. There are numerous options available for book donations, making it easy for individuals to make a positive impact. Whether you choose to donate to nonprofit organizations, local libraries, or online platforms, every book donated contributes to fostering a love for reading and improving the lives of others.

By donating books, you can help promote education, empower underserved communities, and make a lasting difference in your community. With a wide range of book donation centers, charity organizations, and online platforms to choose from, finding the right option for your donation is simple. Consider the options presented in this article and start donating books today to make a difference in the lives of others.

Remember, book donations not only provide individuals with access to books but also contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of society. So, gather your old books, reach out to local organizations, or explore online platforms to give back through book donations. Start making a positive impact by sharing the joy of reading with those who need it most.


Where can I donate books?

There are several options for donating books. You can donate books to nonprofit organizations, charities, local book donation centers, and online platforms.

What are some nonprofits and charities that accept book donations?

Nonprofits and charities that accept book donations include The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and Kids Need to Read, among others.

Can I donate books locally?

Yes, you can donate books locally. There are local book donation centers, charity organizations, and book drops that accept book donations in your area. Some may even offer book donation pick-up services.

Can I donate books online?

Yes, there are online platforms where you can donate books. Websites like Better World Books, Bookmooch, and Freecycle allow for online book donations and exchanges.

Are there alternative options for book donations?

Yes, there are alternative options for book donations. You can consider repurposing or recycling books through services like Re-Book It in Los Angeles or local recycling centers.

What should I consider when donating books?

When donating books, it’s important to ensure they are in good condition and meet the organization’s requirements. Sorting books before donation and contacting the organization beforehand is recommended to inquire about their specific requirements and current needs.

What are the benefits of donating books?

Donating books promotes literacy, provides access to books for those in need, supports education initiatives, and helps children develop a love for reading. By donating books, you contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of society and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

How can I find local book donation centers?

You can find local book donation centers by researching online platforms like Donation Town, contacting local libraries, or visiting websites dedicated to promoting literacy and book donations, such as Local Book Donations.

Where can I start with book donations?

To start with book donations, you can research local book donation centers, charity organizations, and online platforms that accept book donations. Consider the options presented in this article and start donating books to make a difference in your community.

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