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41+ Words That Start with Kn- (Complete List)

Here’s a list of common English words that start with “kn”, along with some more obscure ones:

Common Words

  • knee (Body part)
  • knife (Cutting tool)
  • knight (Medieval warrior)
  • knit (To create fabric)
  • knob (Round handle)
  • knock (To strike a door)
  • know (To understand)
  • knockout (a blow that renders someone unconscious; figuratively, something stunning)

Less Common Words

  • knack (A skill or talent)
  • knarl (A knot in wood )
  • knave (Historically, a dishonest person)
  • knead (To work dough)
  • knell (The solemn sound of a bell, often for a funeral), e.g., “death knell”
  • knickers (Underwear, especially in British English)
  • knurl (A textured pattern on a metal tool or part)
  • knapsack (A bag carried on the back)
  • knave (Historically, a dishonest man or boy)
  • knawel (A type of flowering plant)
  • knickerbockers (Loose-fitting trousers gathered at the knee or calf)
  • knish (A Jewish filled pastry)
  • knoll (A small rounded hill)
  • knot (A fastening made by tying; also a measure of speed at sea)
  • knout (A type of whip used in historical punishments)
  • knickknack (a small ornament or trinket)
  • knighthood (the rank or status of a knight)
  • knowable (capable of being known)
  • knowledge (information and understanding)
  • knowledgeable (well-informed, intelligent)
  • knuckle (the joint of a finger)
  • knucklehead (slang for a foolish person)
  • knobbly (covered in knobs or bumps)
  • knocked (past tense of knock, to strike something)
  • knocker (a device on a door used for knocking)
  • knosp (a bud-like projection on a stem or branch)
  • knotted (tied with a knot; tangled)
  • knotty (full of knots; complex or difficult)
  • knavery (dishonest or deceptive behavior)
  • kneecap (the bony part in front of the knee joint)
  • kneeled (past tense of kneel, to go down on one’s knees)
  • knelt (past tense of kneel)
  • knew (past tense of know)

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