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Public Review of TCG Standard on SWID tags

If your organization is using Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards – especially those related to endpoint security standards, the TCG has published a new standard that defines how SWID tags will be used for endpoint protection. The review period is open until May 31st, 2015.  Download the standard provide your feedback to TCG.

Companies Supporting SWID Tags

Tool vendors are joining because they recognize that their application recognition libraries will never be completely accurate.  There are too many software publishers, too many releases and too many platforms for any tool vendor to even have a chance of getting to a reasonable level of accuracy. HP, IBM, Microsoft Symantec are all members of… Read more »

Scalable Software

 Scalable Software, Inc.     Overview of Company and Product Scalable Software, founded in 2008 provides, a unified, customizable product-set that aggregates information from a variety of sources to present a coherent view of an organizations investment in IT; including actionable intelligence, supported by industry expertise, to optimize that investment. Hundreds of enterprise-class organizations worldwide… Read more »

US Government Security Automation Conference Update

A number of US Government agencies  held a security automation conference in August to work through a variety of issues that are limiting the ability for agencies to track and compare how well they are handling security issues.  The minutes from this meeting, though long, are worth a read as they detail quite a few areas where SWID… Read more »

Open Source SWID Tag Generator for Linux

Open Source SWID Tag generator created for Linux platforms. Automatically create SWID tags from package management systems such as dpkg, rpm or pacman. See – for more information. Thanks to for the information!

19770-2 Revision sent to WG21 for review

The latest update of the ISO/IEC 19770-2 revision was sent to WG21 on May 18th for review at the ISO Plenary meeting in June in Sydney, Australia. There are a few known issues in this version of the document and we will be ensuring we address these issues at the Plenary session.  A member discussion… Read more »

IBM – A Publisher Perspective on SWID Tags – Recorded Webinar

SAM Discovery/Inventory Automation with SWID Tags A Publisher Perspective by IBM Abstract:, the leading industry trade organization promoting leading standards in Software ID information is presenting the webinar “SAM Discovery/Inventory Automation with SWID Tags” a Software Publisher perspective on SWID tagging. In this webinar, attendees will learn about the issues encountered by Software Publishers and their… Read more »

Now Available: Pre-recorded webinar on Overview of SWID Requirements

Why Software Identification is Critical for Software Automation – A Webinar Series Everyone today struggles with their software portfolio. Organizations must deal with shifting priorities, ever changing organizational structures, and changing platform requirements while being attentive to security, compliance and logistics management to support the organization. This can make IT Management difficult and costly…. Read more »