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Best Practices Working Group Meeting – Jan 2014

This working group session will kick off the development of the best practices that will be applied to SWID tags created by software publishers and used by tool providers and end-user organizations.  The overarching goal is to define the requirements for SWID tags that will meet specified use cases. The meeting will be held in… Read more »

Provide Direct Feedback to the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence!

The US Federal Government wants to improve the real-time management of software on computing devices used for critical projects and processes.  They are working towards solutions that can bridge the many gaps that exists today and they are working with industry to make the changes happen! The focus in this instance is on Cybersecurity, but… Read more »

Recorded Webinar – State of the SWID Market, March 2013

Software ID (SWID) tags have come a long way since the ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 standard was published.  Today, there are numerous publishers including tags in their products, tool providers that are creating or reading and using tags and sophisticated customers who’ve recognized the value of SWID tags. 

Software ID Tags Support Better Cybersecurity

It’s clear that authoritative software identification is critical to any cybersecurity efforts – after all, an organization cannot  positively secure any system that has unknown applications or utilities installed.  Today’s software discovery and identification tools use algorithmic “best guesses” for the identification of applications installed on a device and these identification tools vary significantly in… Read more » Announces Membership Restructure, the registration and certification authority for ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 Software Identification (SWID) tags, today announced that it is simplifying its membership model, expanding the number of board seats, and lowering the cost of membership. These changes are based on the interests of both commercial and governmental organizations that have recognized that a better approach to… Read more »

iQuate Joins

iQuate Joins Today iQuate, the automated IT discovery, inventory and measurement specialists for large enterprises, announced its support of and the organizational benefits enabled by ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 Software ID (SWID) tags. The movement toward industry-wide adoption of software identification (SWID) tags promises to facilitate clarity and cost savings in managing enterprise IT inventory…. Read more »

Sign the Open Letter to Software Publishers

Cicala and Associates published an open letter to software publishers. This letter allows individuals and organizations to make a clear statement to their software vendors the vendors need to work together as a community to make it easier to identify and track software for any product from any vendor on any platform in a consistent… Read more »

Announcements Usher in a New Era of Software Management

Microsoft Announces Support for SWID Tags Recent announcements regarding software identification tags provide the necessary support for software purchasing organizations to make new requirements to their software vendors: Microsoft announced support for ISO 19770-2 software identification (SWID) tags for the tools and software products Microsoft develops. is working with many other organizations including MITRE… Read more »

CPE Integration

NOTE: Document Update – now distributing V2 of this document. This article and the referenced document is provided primarily for individuals working within the US Government or related organizations and have an interest in the overall Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) standards and processes. There will be many commercial organizations that will benefit from these… Read more »