17+ Amazon KDP Niches (List)

Niches in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) refer to specific, targeted market segments that authors choose to write for.

Selecting the right niche is crucial as it helps cater to a particular audience’s interests, increasing the potential for book sales and reader engagement.

A niche can be based on various factors such as genre, topic, demographics, or trends.

When considering niches, authors should look at areas where they have expertise or passion, as well as the market demand and competition levels.

Popular niches often have a dedicated and passionate audience, but they might also come with high competition.

In contrast, more obscure niches might have less competition but a smaller potential audience.

Let’s take a look.


The Self-Help niche in Amazon KDP encompasses books aimed at personal improvement and addressing various aspects of readers’ lives, including mental health, motivation, relationships, and career development.

Authors in this niche often share strategies, advice, and personal anecdotes to inspire and assist readers in achieving personal goals and overcoming challenges.

This niche is popular due to the universal pursuit of self-improvement and the personal nature of the content.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is a broad niche that includes books focused on physical well-being, diet, exercise routines, and mental health aspects related to physical activity.

This niche caters to individuals looking to improve their physical health, understand nutrition better, engage in specific types of workouts, or explore holistic health approaches.

With an increasing global focus on healthy living and wellness, books in this niche can target various sub-topics and trends, including yoga, weight training, vegan diets, and mindfulness practices related to physical health.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Cookbooks, Food & Wine is a highly engaging niche featuring books on cooking recipes, dietary plans, food culture, and wine pairing.

This category appeals to home cooks, culinary professionals, and food enthusiasts looking to explore new recipes, understand culinary techniques, or delve into the cultural aspects of food.

From specific diet-oriented cookbooks, like keto or vegan, to regional cuisines and thematic cooking, authors can find a wide audience by focusing on unique and niche culinary topics.


The Romance niche is one of the most popular and diverse categories in book publishing, encompassing a wide range of sub-genres including historical romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.

Romance novels focus on the romantic relationships between characters and often include themes of love, passion, and emotional conflict.

The enduring popularity of romance novels is driven by their emotional depth, escapism, and the wide variety of settings and character types they can explore.

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense novels are all about creating intrigue, excitement, and anticipation.

This niche includes a wide range of books that keep readers on the edge of their seats, from detective stories and crime investigations to psychological thrillers and espionage.

Authors in this niche are tasked with constructing tight, compelling narratives, full of twists and turns, that lead readers through a maze of clues and red herrings until the dramatic conclusion.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science Fiction and Fantasy books transport readers to other worlds, dimensions, and realities, featuring everything from futuristic technology and space exploration to magical systems and mythical creatures.

This niche appeals to readers’ imagination and desire for escapism, providing a vast playground for creativity and innovation.

Authors can explore themes like adventure, politics, philosophy, and war, all set against the backdrop of elaborately constructed worlds.

With subgenres including epic fantasy, dystopian, cyberpunk, and urban fantasy, there’s a wide array of directions for writers to take their stories.

Children’s Books

Children’s Books cover a range of formats and topics designed for different age groups, from picture books and early learning books for toddlers to middle-grade novels and young adult fiction.

This niche is crucial in fostering a love for reading and learning, addressing various aspects of a child’s life, including early concepts, adventures, friendships, and challenges.

Authors can impact young readers’ lives profoundly, making it a rewarding area to write in.

With the inclusion of illustrations and engaging storytelling, children’s books are as diverse as their audience, offering educational content, moral stories, and entertainment.

Business & Money

The Business & Money niche caters to professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to improve their financial literacy, understand market trends, or develop new skills in the business world.

Topics might include personal finance, investing, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship, among others.

As the global economy evolves and new trends emerge, this niche remains highly relevant, offering insights into the ever-changing world of business and providing readers with strategies and advice to succeed in their careers or personal financial endeavors.

Education & Teaching

Education & Teaching is a niche dedicated to instructional content and pedagogical strategies, targeting educators, students, and lifelong learners.

This category includes everything from books on specific academic subjects to methods of teaching, classroom management, and educational psychology.

With the continuous evolution of learning technologies and methodologies, authors have the opportunity to contribute to the field by offering innovative ideas, guides, and resources to improve teaching practices and learning outcomes.

Biography & Memoir

Biographies and memoirs are narratives of individuals’ lives, offering an in-depth look at their experiences, achievements, and the times they lived in.

This niche can cover a wide range of individuals from historical figures, celebrities, to everyday people with extraordinary stories.

Readers are drawn to these books for inspiration, learning from others’ experiences, or simply to satisfy their curiosity about a notable person’s life.

Authors in this niche often need to undertake extensive research or draw on their personal experiences to create compelling and authentic narratives.

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

The Crafts, Hobbies, and Home niche encompasses a wide array of topics aimed at enthusiasts who enjoy creative and practical activities.

This can include DIY projects, gardening, home improvement, knitting, woodworking, and other crafty interests.

Books might offer patterns, how-to guides, inspirational ideas, or tips and techniques for various hobbies.

This niche attracts readers looking to pursue their interests, learn new skills, or engage in activities for relaxation and personal satisfaction.

Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality and Religion books cover beliefs, practices, philosophies, and inspirational content across various world religions and spiritual movements.

This niche offers a wide range of topics including theological discussions, personal spiritual journeys, mindfulness, meditation, and guidance on ethical living.

Authors can deeply influence their readers’ lives by providing comfort, moral guidance, or new ways of thinking about life’s big questions.

It appeals to individuals seeking understanding, personal growth, or connection with a higher power or deeper self.


Travel books transport readers to different places around the world, offering guides, travelogues, and narratives about destinations, cultures, and experiences.

This niche can include everything from practical travel guides with tips and itineraries to personal narratives of adventure and exploration.

Authors might focus on a particular country, city, or type of travel (like backpacking, luxury, or culinary tourism).

This niche attracts readers who are planning trips, dreaming of faraway places, or simply enjoy learning about the world and its diverse cultures.


The History niche offers a broad spectrum of content covering various periods, significant events, and influential figures from the past.

It can include comprehensive overviews, focused studies on specific eras, or explorations of historical themes.

History books appeal to readers interested in learning about the past to understand the present better and often involve extensive research, analysis, and a storytelling approach to make historical events compelling and accessible.

Authors can explore a wide range of topics from ancient civilizations to modern history, providing insights into human society, cultural evolution, and significant transformations.


Horror books are designed to thrill and scare, exploring themes of fear, supernatural elements, and psychological suspense.

This niche includes a variety of sub-genres, such as ghost stories, psychological thrillers, gothic horror, and monster tales.

Authors in this category aim to evoke a sense of dread and suspense, often leading readers through dark, eerie narratives that challenge their perceptions of reality.

Horror enthusiasts enjoy the adrenaline rush and the exploration of the unknown, making this a continually popular genre for those who love a good scare.


Poetry encompasses a wide range of styles, forms, and themes, offering expressive, lyrical, and often concise perspectives on the human experience.

This niche can include everything from classical forms to contemporary free verse, exploring emotions, nature, love, loss, and social issues.

Authors in this category often use metaphor, rhythm, and other stylistic elements to convey deep emotions and ideas.

Poetry appeals to readers looking for reflective, thought-provoking, or aesthetically pleasing literature, and it offers a unique way for authors to convey profound personal and universal truths.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics and Graphic Novels combine visual art with narrative storytelling, presenting stories through sequential art panels.

This niche can include superhero tales, manga, humorous strips, and graphic non-fiction, among other forms.

It appeals to a wide audience, from young readers to adults, and covers a vast array of themes and genres.

Authors and artists in this field are tasked with creating compelling narratives and engaging visual content that work together to tell a story.

This niche’s visual nature allows for a unique and immersive storytelling experience that can convey complex stories and emotions.


It’s important to conduct thorough market research, including keyword research and analysis of top-selling books, to identify profitable niches.

Authors should aim to find a balance between their interests, market demand, and the level of competition.

Engaging with potential readers through social media and community forums can also provide insights into what specific niches might be currently underserved or trending.

By strategically selecting and focusing on a specific niche, authors can increase their visibility, connect with a target audience more effectively, and ultimately achieve better sales and success on Amazon KDP.

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