Top 10 Professions with the Most Narcissists (List)

The concept of narcissism in various professions is quite intriguing, and research and observations suggest that certain careers might attract individuals with narcissistic traits more than others.

Here are ten professions that are often associated with attracting narcissists:

Criminal Activities

Unlawful activities such as dealing, pimping, financial fraud, organized crime, and gang membership often put individuals in positions of power over others, appealing to narcissistic tendencies.


Roles in education, including teachers and professors, offer a sense of authority and a captive audience, which can be appealing to narcissists.


Medical professions, including doctors and surgeons, offer high respect, good pay, and a position of authority, which can be attractive to narcissists.

Sports Athletes & Coaching

Professional athletes and coaches often enjoy high status, attention, and financial rewards, making this field attractive to narcissists.

Corporate Management

Studies suggest that CEOs and other high-level corporate positions may be more likely to be occupied by narcissists due to the hierarchical structure and the opportunity for power and recognition.


The public recognition and power associated with political positions can be particularly appealing to narcissists.


Professions like investment banking, stock brokerage, and hedge fund management offer opportunities for climbing corporate ladders and achieving high financial rewards, both of which are attractive to narcissists.


The legal field, especially for trial and corporate lawyers, offers opportunities for argumentation, being right, and climbing a hierarchical structure, all of which can appeal to narcissistic traits.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment field, including acting and music, offers endless attention and praise, which can be enticing to narcissists.

Military & Law Enforcement

Positions in the military and law enforcement provide a clear hierarchy and authoritative power, which can be attractive to narcissistic individuals.

What Narcissists Look For in a Profession

Narcissists often gravitate towards professions that fulfill their unique psychological needs and desires.

Here are some key characteristics that narcissists may look for in a profession:

Authority and Power

Narcissists are drawn to roles where they can exercise control and authority over others.

They often seek positions that allow them to make important decisions, influence others, and be in a leadership role.

Recognition and Admiration

Professions that offer opportunities for public recognition, praise, and admiration are particularly appealing to narcissists.

They thrive on being in the spotlight and receiving accolades for their achievements.

Status and Prestige

High-status professions that are well-respected and admired by society can be very attractive to narcissists.

They often desire careers that confer a sense of superiority and distinction.

Financial Rewards

Narcissists may be attracted to careers that offer substantial financial benefits.

Wealth and material success are often seen as symbols of success and power, which are important to a narcissist’s self-image.

Opportunities for Self-Promotion

Narcissists prefer jobs where they can promote themselves and their abilities.

They are often attracted to roles that allow them to showcase their skills, talents, and accomplishments.

Competitive Environments

Narcissists often thrive in competitive settings where they can demonstrate their superiority over others.

They may seek professions where they can outperform and overshadow their colleagues.

Hierarchical Structures

Careers with a clear hierarchical structure can be attractive to narcissists, as they provide a pathway to climb the ranks and achieve higher levels of authority and recognition.

Low Accountability for Mistakes

Narcissists might prefer professions where they can avoid blame or accountability for failures.

They may be drawn to roles where they can shift responsibility onto others or where their actions are not closely scrutinized.

Ability to Influence or Manipulate

Professions that allow for manipulation or influence over others, either directly or indirectly, can be appealing.

Narcissists might seek roles where they can exert control over people’s perceptions, decisions, or actions.

Limited Need for Empathy

Narcissists may avoid professions that require high levels of empathy, compassion, or emotional involvement.

They often prefer roles where emotional detachment is not seen as a drawback.

Overall, narcissistic traits exist on a spectrum, and the degree to which these traits influence career choice can vary widely among individuals.


Note, however, that not everyone in these professions is a narcissist, and not all narcissists are necessarily successful or become leaders.

Narcissistic traits can vary widely among individuals, and the presence of such traits does not inherently mean that a person will be drawn to or successful in these fields.

Also, it’s crucial to consider that these observations and research findings might not apply universally and can be influenced by cultural, social, and individual factors.

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