Birds Nicknames

347+ Bird Names [Parrots, Cockatoos, Budgies, Dogs]

Bird names are an important part of bird ownership.

Knowing the names of your pet birds is essential for building a connection with them.

Parrots are one of the most popular types of companion birds and have many unique names that can reflect their personalities and physical features.

Some common parrot names include Macaw, Kiwi, Coco, Sunshine, Rocky, Poco, Bluebell, and Rainbow.

Cockatoos are intelligent and highly social birds that make wonderful companions. Common cockatoo names are Ziggy, Saffron, Luna, Pepo, Popcorn, Buster, Milo, and Pearl.

Budgies make excellent first-time pets for those who want an affordable bird to care for. Popular budgie names include Chirpy, Cheeky, Gizmo, Bubbles, Tweetie, Nibbles, and Sky.

No matter what kind of bird you have in your home, make sure you come up with a fitting – and fun – name for your feathered friend!

Here we take a look at different names for birds across many different categories.

These include:

  • Pet bird names
  • Bird Names for Girls (Female)
  • Bird Names for Boys (Male)
  • Bird Names Unisex
  • Bird Names for Kids
  • Bird Names List
  • Famous Bird Names
  • White Bird Names
  • Unique Bird Names with Cool Meanings
  • Bird Names for Dogs
  • Pet Names for Birds
  • Birds Nicknames
  • Bird Names in Spanish
  • Cute Bird Names
  • Unusual Bird Names
  • Cool Bird Names
  • Angry Bird Names
  • Badass Bird Names
  • Bird Species Names
  • Bird Pokemon Names
  • Bird Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s take a look.

Pet Bird Names

1) Tweety

2) Macaw

3) Kiwi

4) Coco

5) Sunshine

6) Rocky

7) Poco

8) Bluebell

9) Rainbow

10) Ziggy

11) Saffron

12) Luna

13) Pepo

14) Popcorn

15) Buster

16) Milo

17) Pearl

18) Chirpy

19) Cheeky

20) Gizmo

🦜 Pet Bird Names – 42 TOP POPULAR & BEST NAMES

Bird Names for Girls (Female)

1) Pippa

2) Iris

3) Luna

4) Aurora

5) Peaches

6) Daisy

7) Angel

8) Poppy

9) Jewel

10) Starling

11) Willow

12) Skye

13) Violet

14) Robin

15) Hazel

Bird Names for Boys (Male)

1. Phoenix

2. Hawk

3. Bruno

4. Jupiter

5. Jett

6. Finch

7. Arlo

8. Oscar

9. Ryder

10. Charlie

Bird Names Unisex

1. Birdie

2. Kiki

3. Sunny

4. Penguin

5. Breeze

6. Sailor

7. Maverick

8. Cookie

9. Jojo

10. Quack

50+ Cute Bird Name Ideas | For all types of birds

Bird Names for Kids

1) Chirp

2) Cheeky

3) Gizmo

4) Nibbles

5) Tweetie

6) Bubbles

7) Skye

8) Feathers

9) Wiggles

10) Fluffy

11) Snowball

12) Angel

13) Jem

14) Piper

15) Phoenix

16) Ducky

17) Flash

Bird Names List

1. Macaw

2. Kiwi

3. Coco

4. Sunshine

5. Rocky

6. Poco

7. Bluebell

8. Rainbow

9. Ziggy

10. Saffron

11. Luna

12. Pepo

13. Popcorn

14. Buster

15. Milo

16. Pearl

17. Chirpy

18. Cheeky

19. Gizmo

20. Nibbles

Famous Bird Names

1. Big Bird

2. Tweety

3. Roadrunner

4. Red (Angry Birds)

5. Hal (Pixar’s Up)

6. Scrat (Ice Age)

7. Rio

8. Woody Woodpecker

9. Terence (The Angry Birds Movie)

10. Blu & Jewel (Rio Movies)

11. Bullwinkle J Moose & Rocky the Flying Squirrel

12. Chuck, Bomb and Matilda (Angry Birds 2)

Max Calling Me Bad Names Again

White Bird Names

1) Snowy Owl

2) Snow Bunting

3) White Pelican

4) Great Egret

5) Snow Goose

6) Bald Eagle

7) Common Loon

8) Trumpeter Swan

9) Gyrfalcon

10) Barn Owl

11) White Ibis

12) Whooping Crane

Unique Bird Names with Cool Meanings

1. Phoenix – Resurrected from the ashes

2. Hawk – High flying messenger

3. Luna – Moon goddess

4. Aurora – Morning sunrise

5. Peaches – Sweet and juicy

6. Daisy – Flower of innocence

7. Angel – Divine messenger

8. Poppy – Opium flower

9. Jewel – Precious gemstone

10. Starling – Celestial being

11. Willow – Flexible and graceful

12. Skye – Open sky infinity

13. Violet – Royalty and wisdom

14. Robin – Small songbird

15. Hazel – Wise and discerning

25 BEST Pet Bird Names (Popular & Best Naming Ideas)

Bird Names for Dogs

Dogs are a loyal companion and many owners like to give them human-inspired names such as Buddy, Max, Lucky, or Daisy.

There are also plenty of more exotic dog name options including Kodiak, Kona, and Loki.

1) Wren

2) Thrush

3) Seagull

4) Kestrel

5) Merlin

6) Raven

7) Falcon

8) Cardinal

9) Sparrow

10) Pigeon

11) Blue Jay

12) Dove

13) Cuckoo

14) Oriole

15) Finch

Pet Names for Birds

1. Fluffy

2. Chirpy

3. Mr. Peck

4. Feathered Friend

5. Tweetie

6. Feathers

7. Sunshine

8. Beaky

9. Gizmo

10. Snuggles

11. Whistler

12. Angel

13. Kiki

14. Twinkle

15. Nibbles

pet parrot sitting on tree branch

Birds Nicknames

1. Tweety

2. Big Bird

3. Woody

4. Red

5. Hal

6. Scrat

7. Rio

8. Flapper

9. Tweeto

10. Feathered Friend

11. Mr Chirp

12. Tweetster

13. Tootsie

14. Beakybird

15. Sunshinee

Bird Names in Spanish

1. Cotorra

2. Lorito

3. Aguilucho

4. Colibrí

5. Faisán

6. Carpintero

7. Mirlo

8. Loro

9. Paloma

10. Estornino

11. Tordo

12. Pajarito

13. Halcón

14. Pájaro Loco

15. Papamoscas

Cute Bird Names

1) Fluffy

2) Chirpy

3) Nibbles

4) Cheeky

5) Sweetie

6) Gizmo

7) Tweetie

8) Sunny

9) Squawky

10) Fuzzy

11) Speedy

12) Feathers

13) Mr Peeps

14) Scooter

15) Buster

Unusual Bird Names

Unusual Bird Names

1. Ziggy

2. Quetzalcoatl

3. Kiwi

4. Dovekie

5. Nightingale

6. Uira

7. Grackle

8. Jacana

9. Ibis

10. Buckeye

11. Quail

12. Bridled

13. Siskin

14. Swallowtail

15. Ravenclaw

Cool Bird Names

1) Hawkeye

2) Phoenix

3) Skye

4) Stormy

5) Falcon

6) Gyrfalcon

7) Kestrel

8) Raven

9) Luna

10) Starling

11) Jewel

12) Aurora

13) Poppy

14) Willow

15) Peaches

Angry Bird Names

1) Grumpy

2) Screech

3) Spitfire

4) Thunder

5) Ripper

6) Tempest

7) Vengeance

8) Hades

9) Beelzebub

10) Havoc

11) Fury

12) Frenzy

13) Shockwave

14) Rage

15) Wrath

Bird Species Names

Badass Bird Names

1) Talon

2) Maverick

3) Blizzard

4) Shadow

5) Viper

6) Tempest

7) Dagger

8) Steel

9) Reaper

10) Thunderbolt

11) Lightning

12) Phoenix

13) Eagle

14) Wolf

15) Falcon

16) Athena

Bird Species Names

1) Ruby-throated Hummingbird

2) Bald Eagle

3) Great Horned Owl

4) American Kestrel

5) Pigeon

6) Woodpecker

7) Mallard

8) Yellow Warbler

9) Peregrine Falcon

10) Blue Jay

11) Common Loon

12) Red Tailed Hawk

13) Canada Goose

14) Osprey

15) White Ibis

Bird Pokemon Names

1) Pidgey

2) Fearow

3) Dodrio

4) Swanna

5) Taillow

6) Spearow

7) Wingull

8) Fletchinder

9) Starly

10) Murkrow

11) Noibat

12) Hawlucha

13) Braviary

14) Noctowl

15) Farfetch’d

16) Swallow

Bird Names from Movies and TV Shows

1) Big Bird (Sesame Street)

2) Iago (Aladdin)

3) Zazu (The Lion King)

4) Falcor (Never Ending Story)

5) Red (Angry Birds Movie)

6) Tweety Bird (Looney Tunes)

7) Scrooge McDuck’s Limmerick

8) Kevin (Up)

9) Pacha’s Hummingbird (Emperor’s New Groove)

10) Mulan’s Cri-Kee

11) Nigel (Rio Movies)

12) Big Mama

Bird Names That Start With… (A-Z)

We’ll look at bird names alphabetically that start with each letter.

A – Auklet, Anhinga

B – Blue Jay, Bowerbird

C – Carolina Wren, Cockatiel

D – Duck, Dove

E – Eagle, Egret

F – Flicker, Falcon

G – Grouse, Grebe

H – Heron, Hummingbird

I – Ibis, Indigo Bunting

J – Junco, Jay

K – Kite, Kiwi

L – Lark, Longspur

M – Macaw, Mallard

N – Nuthatch, Nightingale

O – Ostrich, Oriole

P – Pigeon, Penguin

Q – Quetzal, Quelea

R – Robin, Red-tailed Hawk

S – Starling, Stork

T – Tanager, Thrush

U – Upland Sandpiper, Umbrella Bird

V – Vulture, Victoria Crowned Pigeon

X – Xantus’s Murrelet

W – Woodpecker, Waxwing

Y – Yellow Wagtail, Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Z – Zebra Finch, Zenaida Dove

FAQs – Names for Birds

What are some unique bird names?

Here are a few ideas for unique names for pet birds:

  1. Kiwi: This is a cute and quirky name for a small or unusual-looking bird.
  2. Sunny: This is a cheerful and upbeat name for a bright and energetic bird.
  3. Tweetie: This is a cute and playful name for a small or social bird.
  4. Jazzy: This is a fun and energetic name for a lively and musical bird.
  5. Maverick: This is a strong and independent name for a bird that has a bold personality.
  6. Luna: This is a unique and mysterious name for a bird with a distinctive appearance or personality.
  7. Peaches: This is a sweet and playful name for a cute and friendly bird.
  8. Kiki: This is a cute and playful name for a small or energetic bird.
  9. Wren: This is a cute and energetic name for a small or active bird.
  10. Zazu: This is a unique and playful name for a social or talkative bird.

What is the most popular bird name?

The most popular bird name is probably “Tweetie” or “Tweety”, which is a cute and playful name for any small or social bird.

Other popular bird names include “Sunny”, “Luna”, “Peaches” and “Kiki”.

These are all cheerful, sweet, and energetic names that work well with many different kinds of birds.

Are there any funny bird names?

Yes, there are plenty of funny bird names!

Here are some ideas:

Squawkalot: This is a punny and silly name for a chatty or vocal bird.

Chirpy McChirpface: This is a humorous play on the famous boat name “Boaty McBoatface”.

Tweetheart: This is a funny and cute name for a small or social bird.

Cluck Norris: This is a humorous take on the famous actor Chuck Norris.

Sir Squawkins: This is a silly and royal-sounding name for an especially feisty bird.

Mr. Peckles: This is a funny and quirky name for an unusually-colored or feathered bird.

Drumstick: This is a funny and punny name for a large or noisy bird.

Bubbles: This is a cheerful and fun name for any kind of playful or bubbly bird.

What is a beautiful bird name?

There are many beautiful names that could be used for a bird, depending on its appearance or personality.

Below are a few ideas:

  1. Dove: This is a graceful and peaceful bird with beautiful white feathers.
  2. Swan: This is a large and elegant bird with a regal appearance and long, graceful neck.
  3. Phoenix: This is a mythical bird that is associated with rebirth and renewal, and is often depicted with beautiful, shimmering feathers.
  4. Peacock: This is a colorful and striking bird with beautiful, iridescent feathers.
  5. Flamingo: This is a tall, elegant bird with beautiful pink feathers and long, thin legs.
  6. Robin: This is a small, cheerful bird with a beautiful red breast and a sweet, melodic song.
  7. Goldy: This is a small, energetic bird with a beautiful yellow breast and wings.
  8. Blue: This is a striking bird with beautiful blue feathers and a bold personality.
  9. Oriole: This is a beautiful and colorful bird with bright orange feathers and a sweet, melodic song.
  10. Humming: This is a small and graceful bird with a beautiful iridescent appearance and the ability to hover in mid-air.

What are some names for budgies?

Here are some ideas for names for pet budgies:

Tweety: This is a cute and playful name inspired by the famous cartoon character.

Buttercup: This is a cheerful and sweet name for a small or yellow-feathered bird.

Fluffy: This is a cute and cuddly name for a soft or gentle bird.

Chirp: This is an upbeat and energetic name for an active or vocal bird.

Skye: This is a fun and adventurous name for any kind of small, colorful bird.

Wingspan: This is an unusual but charming name for any large, flighty bird.

Sunny Birdy: This is a cheerful and upbeat name for a happy, social bird.

Percy: This is an elegant and dignified name for a regal or distinguished budgie.

Coco: This is a cute and playful name for any small or friendly bird.

Tiny: This is an affectionate name for a small or delicate pet budgie.

What are some names for parrots?

Here are a few suggestions for names for pet parrots:

  1. Sunny
  2. Kiwi
  3. Blue
  4. Coco
  5. Mango
  6. Luna
  7. Zazu
  8. Jasper
  9. Peaches
  10. Coco

Keep in mind that the name you choose for your pet parrot should be easy for the bird to learn and recognize.

You may also want to consider the personality and characteristics of your parrot when choosing a name.

Some people like to choose names that reflect the color of their parrot’s feathers or the species of the bird.

What are some names for cockatoos?

Here are a few ideas for names for pet cockatoos:

  1. Coco
  2. Kiwi
  3. Luna
  4. Sunny
  5. Peaches
  6. Sam
  7. Charlie
  8. Milo
  9. Ziggy
  10. Rosie

Keep in mind that the best name for your pet cockatoo will depend on its personality and characteristics.

What is the rarest bird called?

There are many rare birds in the world, and it can be difficult to determine which is the rarest.

Some of the rarest birds in the world include the kakapo, a flightless parrot found only in New Zealand, and the kiwi, another flightless bird also native to New Zealand.

The kakapo is one of the rarest birds in the world, with fewer than 200 individuals remaining.

Other rare birds include the Maui’s dolphin, the Socorro dove, the Spix’s macaw, and the poo-uli, which is native to Hawaii.

What is the most unique bird?

It can be difficult to determine which bird is the most unique, as there are many unique birds in the world.

Some birds have unique physical features, such as the colorful plumage of the peacock or the elongated beak of the toucan.

Others have unique behaviors, such as the courtship dance of the male dance, or the ability of some species of woodpeckers to drum on trees to communicate with other woodpeckers.

One bird that is often considered unique is the kiwi, a flightless bird native to New Zealand.

The kiwi has a long, slender beak, short legs, and powerful claws, which it uses to forage for food in the ground. It is also nocturnal, making it one of the few birds that is active at night.

The kakapo, another flightless parrot found only in New Zealand, is also considered a unique bird due to its large size and ability to climb trees.

What is the oldest bird name?

It is difficult to determine the oldest bird name for pets, as birds have been kept as pets for thousands of years and different cultures have had their own names for pet birds.

Some ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, kept birds as pets and gave them names, although these names are not necessarily the same as the names used for pet birds today.

In modern times, some common names for pet birds that have been used for many years include Coco, Charlie, and Sam.

These names have been popular for pets for many years and are still widely used today.

It is possible that some of the oldest names for pet birds are those that have been used for many generations and have stood the test of time.

Conclusion – Bird Nicknames

This list of bird names should provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to naming your pet birds or finding a unique and special name for a friend’s feathered companion.

Whether you’re looking for classic, cute, cool, or even ancient names, there is something for everyone.

Regardless of the name you choose, remember that it should reflect your bird’s personality and characteristics.

Good luck and have fun choosing a special name for your feathered friend!


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