Cutest Cat Names

247+ Cute Cat Names [Girl, Boy, with Meanings]

Cute names for cats are as varied as the cats they are given to.

Whether you’re looking for a girl cat name, boy cat name, or something with a bit of meaning attached to it, there is sure to be one that fits the bill.

Here we take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Cute Cat Names for Females (Girl)
  • Cute Cat Names for Males (Boy)
  • Cute Cat Names – Unisex
  • Unique Cute Cat Names
  • Cute Cat Names – Orange
  • Cute Cat Names – Black
  • Cute Cat Names – Grey
  • Cute Cat Names – White
  • Cute Calico Cat Names
  • Cute Cat Names in Japanese
  • Cute Cat Names with Meanings
  • Cute Cat Nicknames
  • Cute Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Here are some of our favorite cute cat names:

Cute Cat Names for Females (Girl)

Girl Cat Names:

1) Daisy – A flowery name perfect for a gentle feline

2) Millie – Short for Miranda or Millicent and means “laborious”

3) Zoey – Signifies life and energy

4) Belle – French for beautiful

5) Angel – For your guardian angel kitty

6) Misty – Perfect for foggy morning personality

7) Lucy – Latin origin meaning “light”

8) Luna – Latin for moon and a gentle reminder of the night sky

9) Kiki – French origin meaning “little one”

10) Ivy – A type of plant that symbolizes faithfulness and eternity

Cute Cat Names for Males (Boy)

Boy Cat Names:

1) Charlie – Latin origin name meaning “free man”

2) Oscar – Norse/Teutonic origin, meaning “God spear” or God-like warrior

3) Smokey – Perfect for a grey cat with a soft personality

4) Rocky – For your ambitious kitty who loves to climb

5) Duke – German origin, meaning “leader”

6) Shadow – A perfect name for a black or dark-colored cat

7) Max – Latin origin, meaning “greatest”

8) Zeus – Greek origin, meaning “god of the sky”

9) Jack – English origin and an all-time favorite

10) Leo – Latin origin and a great fit for your lion-like kitty!

🐈 Cutest Cat Names – TOP 10 Cutest Cat Names For Male & Female!

Cute Cat Names – Unisex

Unisex Cat Names:

1) Bear – Perfect for the furry feline in your life

2) Patches – For a multi-colored kitty

3) Mochi – Japanese origin, meaning “sweet”

4) Oreo – A tasty name for any chocolate and white cat

5) Jazz – Perfect for an energetic kitty

6) Raven – Great fit if you have a raven-black cat

7) Pixie – A small and magical creature-like name

8) Coco – French origin, meaning “coconut”

9) Ashley – Popular unisex name that means “ash tree grove”

10) Tiger – To honor your brave and powerful pet

Unique Cute Cat Names

1) Pandora – Greek origin, meaning “all gifted”

2) Starlight – For a cat that lights up the night sky

3) Button – Perfect for a small, cute kitty

4) Spaghetti – A funny name for a long-haired cat

5) Churro – Spanish origin, meaning “fried dough”

6) Slinky – Perfect for an agile and graceful feline

7) Almond – Sweet like your favorite nutty snack

8) Sprinkles – Perfect for a multi-colored cat or a chocolate and white kitty

9) Trinket – A name fit for a precious gem

10) Toffee – Gooey, tasty, and sweet like your pet!

Cute Cat Names with Meanings

Cute Cat Names with Meanings

1) Hope – hope in the future

2) Faith – faith in something bigger than ourselves

3) Miracle – a wonderful blessing that should be celebrated

4) Harmony – a peaceful balance of elements

5) Bliss – contentment beyond

6) Wisdom – Perfect for an old soul kitty

7) Amara – Greek origin meaning “eternal”

8) Justice – English origin, symbolizing

9) Freedom – For a wild and free spirit

10) Joy – Perfect for the cheerful cat in your life!

Cute Cat Names – Orange

Orange Cat Names:

1) Amber – A jeweled name for a precious feline

2) Apricot – Perfect for the fruit-like color of your pet

3) Caramel – Gooey and sweet like your kitty!

4) Clementine – French origin, meaning “merciful”

5) Honey – For the color of sunshine and sweetness of your kitty!

6) Marmalade – Perfect for a citrus-colored cat

7) Mango – Sweet and tropical just like your pet

8) Paprika – Hungarian origin, meaning “red pepper”

9) Saffron – For an exotic and precious kitty

10) Sunset – Perfect for the evening kitty!

Cute Cat Names – Grey

Grey Cat Names:

1) Ash – English origin, meaning “ash tree”

2) Cloud – A fluffy name to your feline

3) Dove – A symbol of peace and gentleness

4) Foggy – Perfect for a grey cat with an airy personality

5) Graphite – For an enigmatic and captivating kitty

6) Haze – Unique and mysterious just like your pet

7) Mercury – An ancient Roman god who had grey wings

8) Pearl – Symbolizing beauty and rarity

9) Silver – Perfect for the color of your pet’s fur

10) Smoke – A perfect name for a grey cat with a soft personality!

Cute Cat Names

Cute Cat Names – White

White Cat Names:

1) Alpine – French origin, meaning “snowy peak”

2) Angel – Symbolizing purity and innocence

3) Blizzard – Perfect for a snow-white kitty

4) Coco – French origin, meaning “coconut”

5) Diamond – Symbolizing strength and brilliance

6) Frosty – Unique and icy just like your pet

7) Marshmallow – Soft, sweet and cuddly just like your kitty

8) Snowflake – Perfect for a unique and delicate feline

9) Sugar – Sweet and delightful like your pet

10) Vanilla – Soft, sweet and creamy like your kitty!

Cute Cat Names - White

Cute Cat Names – Black

Black Cat Names:

1) Batman – Symbolizing strength and courage

2) Coal – Perfect for the color of your pet’s fur

3) Darkness – Unique and mysterious just like your pet

4) Ebony – Symbolizing stability and strength

5) Jet – English origin, meaning “black”

6) Midnight – Perfect for a night owl kitty

7) Noir – French origin, meaning “black”

8) Onyx – Greek origin, symbolizing strength and protection

9) Panther – A fierce and powerful name for a black cat

10) Shadow – Perfect for a kitty that loves sneaking around!

Cute Cat Names – Latin Origin

Latin Cat Names:

1) Amicus – Latin origin, meaning “friendship”

2) Avis – L“bird”

3) Draco – “dragon-like”

4) Felis – “cat-like”

5) Leo – “lion-like”

6) Luna – “moonlight”

7) Nuvola – “cloud”

8) Orion – symbolizing a hunter of the night sky

9) Solis – “sun-like”

10) Stella – “star-like”!

Cute Cat Names – Multi-Colored Cats

Multi-colored Cat Names:

1) Rainbow – Symbolizing joy and happiness

2) Skittles – Perfect for a colorful kitty

3) Galaxy – A universe of color in one pet

4) Nirvana – Symbolizing enlightenment and transcendence

5) Opal – Symbolizing balance and serenity

6) Prism – Perfect for a kitty that radiates color

7) Pixie – A magical name for a multi-colored cat

8) Quasar – Perfect for the dazzling colors of your pet

9) Stardust – For a sparkly and unique feline

10) Unicorn – Symbolizing enchantment and mystery!

Cute Cat Names

Cute Cat Names from Mythology

Mythological Cat Names:

1) Apollo – Greek origin, symbolizing music, healing and light

2) Bastet – Egyptian origin, goddess of home, fertility, cats and protection

3) Fenrir – Norse origin, a monstrous wolf

4) Freya – Norse origin, goddess of love and beauty

5) Loki – Norse origin, god of mischief

6) Medusa – Greek origin, a gorgon with snakes for hair

7) Poseidon – Greek origin, god of the sea and protector of all waters

8) Thor – Norse origin, god of thunder

9) Vulcan – Roman origin, god of fire and metalworking

10) Zeus – Greek origin, king of gods!

Cute Cat Names from Nature

Nature-Inspired Cat Names:

1) Acorn – Symbolizing growth and strength

2) Blossom – Perfect for a kitty with a sweet personality

3) Cedar – Perfect for an evergreen cat

4) Dewdrop – Symbolizing freshness and renewal

5) Forest – Perfect for a wild and untamed feline

6) Glacier – Unique and icy just like your pet

7) Honey – Sweet and delightful like your pet

8) Ivy – Symbolizing friendship, loyalty and faithfulness

9) River – For the strong-willed feline

10) Willow– Graceful and elegant like your kitty!

Cute Cat Names from Food

Food-Inspired Cat Names:

1) Apple – Symbolizing nourishment

2) Basil – symbolizing best wishes

3) Caramel – Soft, sweet and cuddly just like your kitty

4) Donut – Perfect for a round and fluffy feline

5) Ginger – Symbolizing warmth and energy

6) Jellybean – For the unique and colorful pet

7) Kiwi – Symbolizing freshness and vitality

8) Latte – Unique and creamy just like your pet

9) Macaron – Soft, sweet and delicate like your kitty

10) Peanut– Adorable and yummy just like your pet!

Cute Calico Cat Names

Cute Calico Cat Names

Calico Cat Names:

1) Aurora – Symbolizing new beginnings

2) Butterscotch – Perfect for a caramel-colored kitty

3) Cinnamon – Perfect for your delightful pet

4) Fawn – Subtle and elegant like your calico cat

5) Honeycomb – A sweet name for a unique pet

6) Ivory– Symbolizing innocence and purity

7) Marmalade – A sweet name for an orange-y kitty

8) Nutmeg – For the spicy cuddly pet

9) Tangerine– Unique and tangy just like your cat

10) Truffle – Rich, creamy, and luxurious like your pet!

Cute Cat Names in Japanese

Japanese Cat Names:

1) Akane – Japanese origin, meaning “deep red”

2) Hana – “flower”

3) Inari – god of foxes and fertility

4) Kaze – “wind”

5) Nezumi – “mouse”

6) Sakura – symbolizing the beauty of nature

7) Tama – a name for cats in Japan

8) Ume – meaning “plum blossom”

9) Yuki – Japanese origin, meaning “snow”

10) Zen – symbolizing harmony, peace and balance!

Cute Cat Names from Movies

Movie-Inspired Cat Names:

1) Aslan – From The Chronicles of Narnia

2) Bagheera – From The Jungle Book

3) Cheshire – From Alice in Wonderland

4) Gimli – From Lord of the Rings

5) Hobbes – From Calvin and Hobbes

6) Luna – From Harry Potter

7) Mr. Bigglesworth – From Austin Powers

8) Salem – From Sabrina the Teenage Witch

9) Simba – From The Lion King

Cute Cat Nicknames

Cat Nicknames:

1) Biscuit – For the sweet and yummy kitty

2) Buttons – Perfect for a small and round pet

3) Fluffball – For the soft and fluffy feline

4) Honeybun – A sweet name for a cuddly pet

5) Kitten– Sweet and innocent like your cat

6) Munchkin – Perfect for a short-legged kitty

7) Nutter Butter – For the silly and goofy pet

8) Popcorn – Unique and crunchy just like your cat

9) Sunshine – Symbolizing hope, happiness, and joy!

10) Waffles – A unique name for a fluffy pet!

Cute Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s look at some cute names for cats going alphabetically from A to Z:

A – Ash, Addie

B – Buttons, Boots

C – Cupcake, Crumpet

D – Daisy, Diva

E – Ember, Eris

F – Fluffy, Fuzzy

G – Galaxy, Gizmo

H – Honeycomb, Hazel

I – Ivy, Iris

J – Jaxx, Jazz

K– Karma, Kiki

L– Luna, Latte

M – Marshmallow, Macaron

N – Nutmeg, Noodle

O – Oreo, Olive

P – Poppy, Peanut

Q – Quill, Queenie

R – River, Rose

S – Sasha, Snowflake

T – Tigerlily, Treacle

U – Una, Unity

V – Velvet, Vesta

W – Willow, Waffles

X – Xena, Xylophone

Y – Yarrow, Yuki

Z – Zelda , Zipper

FAQs – Cute Cat Names

What are some cute cat names?

Here are some ideas for cute cat names:

  1. Fluffy
  2. Luna
  3. Coco
  4. Cleo
  5. Whiskers
  6. Mr. Bigglesworth
  7. Salem
  8. Garfield
  9. Socks
  10. Mittens
  11. Peanut
  12. Oliver
  13. Jasper
  14. Simba
  15. Charlie

You can also consider naming your cat after a favorite movie or book character, or after a favorite food or drink.

What are the cutest cat names?

The cutest cat names are subjective, as different people will have different opinions on what is cute.

Some people might think that names like Fluffy, Luna, Coco, Cleo, and Whiskers are cute, while others might prefer more unusual or unique names like Mr. Bigglesworth, Salem, Garfield, Socks, or Mittens.

Ultimately, the cutest cat name is the one that you and your cat love the most.

Consider your cat’s personality, appearance, and any other factors that might influence your choice of name.

What are the characteristics of a cute cat name?

There is no one set of characteristics that makes a cat name cute.

What is considered cute can vary widely from person to person and can depend on factors such as personal preference, cultural background, and individual experiences.

Some people might think that names with soft, gentle sounds are cute, while others might prefer names with a bit of spunk or quirkiness.

In the end, the most important thing is to choose a name that reflects your cat’s personality and unique qualities.

Conclusion – Cute Cat Names

All of these names are sure to fit your feline companion perfectly!

No matter what type of cute cat name you’re looking for, we hope this list has helped you come up with the perfect one.

With so many options to choose from, you should have no problem finding a unique and meaningful name for your feline friend.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy every step of the process. Have fun picking out the perfect name for your furry friend.


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