Male Cat Names

437+ Male Cat Names [Unique, Cute, with Meaning]

Names for male cats are often chosen for their strong and masculine connotations, but there are plenty of cute and unique names available as well.

Here we take a look at different names across many different categories.

These include:

  • Male Cat Names with Meaning
  • Unique Male Cat Names
  • Male Cat Names – Black
  • Male Cat Names – Orange
  • Male Cat Names – Grey
  • Male Cat Names – White
  • Male Cat Names – Black and White
  • Male Tabby Cat Names
  • Male Siamese Cat Names
  • Male Persian Cat Names
  • Male Tuxedo Cat Names
  • Cutest Male Cat Names
  • Funny Male Cat Names
  • Strong Male Cat Names
  • Lucky Male Cat Names
  • Medieval Male Cat Names
  • Male Cat Names – Japanese
  • Unusual Male Cat Names
  • Top 100 Unique Male Cat Names
  • Male Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

Let’s look at our options:

Male Cat Names with Meaning

Here is a list of some of the most popular male cat names with meanings to help you find the perfect name for your feline friend:

1) Ace – A term used to describe someone who is excellent at something

2) Apollo – The Greek god of the sun, music, arts, and knowledge

3) Bandit – Someone who steals or commits raids; a mischievous character

4) Bear – A large mammal known for its strength and courage

5) Buster – An energetic and lively person

6) Caesar – Ruler of an empire; a powerful king-like figure

7) Chief – Leader or head honcho

8) Duke – A nobleman or aristocrat

9) Flash – Someone who is quick and fast

10) King – Ruler of a kingdom; a powerful leader

11) Leo – The fifth sign of the zodiac associated with courage, strength, and loyalty

12) Max – Short form of ‘maximum’; used to describe something at its highest level

13) Prince – The son of a monarch or king

14) Rocky – A tough and determined person who can withstand any challenge thrown their way

15) Shadow– A mysterious figure that lurks in the dark, often seen as an omen

16) Spike – A sharp pointed object or someone who is tough and aggressive

17) Tiger – A fierce and powerful animal usually associated with strength and courage

18) Zeus – The supreme ruler of the gods in Greek mythology

19) Alpha – The first letter of the Greek alphabet; a leader or dominant figure

20) Bolt – Someone who is fast and quick on their feet

21) Maverick – A rebel or independent thinker

22) Odin – Chief god in Norse mythology, known for his wisdom and knowledge

23) Ranger – An expert tracker or scout; an explorer

24) Samson – Biblical hero known for his great strength

25) Thor – Asgardian God of thunder from Marvel comics

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Unique Male Cat Names

Looking for something unique and special that perfectly captures your kitty’s personality?

Here are some of the most unique male cat names to choose from:

1) Finn – A legendary Irish mythical hero

2) Gizmo – An electronic device or gadget

3) Harley – An outlaw motorcycle club member known for their wild behavior

4) Jasper – A precious gemstone with a deep red color

5) Knight – A brave and heroic warrior in the medieval period

6) Loki – The trickster god of Norse mythology

7) Merle – French word meaning blackbird or songbird

8) Nugget – Small piece; used to describe something valuable and precious

9) Phoenix – Mythical bird associated with rebirth and immortality

10) Rogue – A mischievous person with a rebellious nature

11) Spock – Science Officer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek

12) Turbo – Someone or something that moves very quickly

13) Whiskey – A popular type of whiskey made from grains or barley

14) Yoda – Legendary Jedi Master from the Star Wars movie franchise

15) Ziggy – A nickname for someone who is unique, dynamic, and stylish

16) Astro – Astronomical object; often associated with exploration and discovery

17) Bear Claw – Something sharp or dangerous; often lethal if not handled carefully

18) Glamour – An attractive quality or charm that is captivating and alluring

19) Maverick – An independent thinker who follows their own set of rules

20) Ninja – A legendary warrior known for his stealth, speed, and agility

21) Outlaw – Someone who breaks the law; a rebel or criminal

22) Rebel – A person who opposes authority and fights against the status quo

23) Rogue Wave – A sudden powerful wave that can be very dangerous

24) Sherlock – Fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

25) Zeus Lightning Bolt – The mythological weapon of choice used by the Greek god Zeus. It symbolizes power, strength and protection.

Male Cat Names – Black

If you have a dark-furred kitty, these are some great black cat names that will suit him:

1) Ace – A skilled and talented individual; often used to describe someone as the best

2) Aramis – A musketeer from Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Three Musketeers

3) Blackbeard – Famous pirate of the Caribbean Seas

4) Coal – A type of mineral composed primarily of carbon

5) Eclipse – When the Moon passes in front of the Sun, blocking its light

6) Fang – Long pointed canine tooth; an intimidating symbol of power

7) Hades – Ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology

8) Inkblot – A spot of ink on a surface; often interpreted as an omen

9) Midnight – The darkest hour in the night

10) Ninja – Legendary warrior known for their stealthy and silent moves

11) Panther – Large black cat with a long tail and powerful jaws

12) Raven – Large black bird associated with mystery, darkness, and secrets

13) Shade – A dark area caused by something blocking light from reaching it

14) Shadow – An area or figure that appears darker than its surroundings due to the absence of light

15) Smokey – Popular nickname for a person or animal with dark fur or skin

16) Solo – Someone who is independent and likes to do things on their own

17) Storm – Powerful weather phenomenon with strong winds, rain, and lightning

18) Thunder – A sound of loud thunder that is sometimes accompanied by lightning

19) Vader – Star Wars villain known for his intimidating voice and black armor

20) Warlock – Male witch or sorcerer; associated with dark magic

21) Wolf – Wild canine predator known for its signature howl

22) Zorro – Fictional character from the novel The Curse of Capistrano; a masked vigilant who fights against injustice

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Male Cat Names – Orange

These orange male cat names are perfect for your vibrant pet:

1) Apollo – Greek god of the sun; also known as the god of light

2) Blaze – A bright flame or fire that is burning intensely

3) Copper – Element on the periodic table known for its reddish-orange hue

4) Fireball – An intense and destructive ball of fire

5) Flash – Something that moves quickly and produces a brief, bright light

6) Foxy – Someone or something with an attractive and alluring quality

7) Ginger – Reddish-orange color used to describe both people’s hair color and food spices

8) Goldie – Popular nickname suggesting gold in color or character

9) Harvest – The time of year when crops are gathered in

10) Honey – Sweet food made by bees; also used to describe something desirable

11) Marigold – A bright yellowish-orange flower that blooms in the summer

12) Ochre – A reddish-yellow pigment used in paintings and pottery

13) Paprika – Spicy red powder used as a seasoning and garnish

14) Phoenix – Mythological bird known for its ability to rise from ashes to be reborn

15) Pumpkin – Orange fruit often associated with the fall season

16) Rust – Reddish-brown corrosion on metal surfaces caused by oxidation

Male Cat Names – Grey

Need a name for your grey male cat? Look no further:

1) Ash – The powdery remains of something that has been destroyed or burnt

2) Blu – A word used to describe the color of something that is blue or grey

3) Cloud – White and fluffy mass made up of tiny water droplets in the sky

4) Dusk – The moment when day fades into night; situated between twilight and darkness

5) Foggy – A description of weather conditions with little visibility due to misty vapor

6) Ghost – Mystical creature said to haunt old buildings and forgotten places

7) Graybeard– An elderly man usually with long grey hair, beard and wrinkles

8) Haze – Suspension of fine particles in the air that diffuses and scatters light

9) Lead – A heavy metal with a dull grey color

10) Mist – Thin fog consisting of tiny water droplets that often appears in the morning or evening

11) Moonbeam – Bright ray of light from the moon

12) Moth – Nocturnal insect often found near sources of light

13) Mouse – Small rodent known for its timid behavior and gray fur

14) Pebble– Small stone usually found on beach shores; also used as a term of endearment

15) Ravenous – Aggressively hungry or insatiable appetite

16) Slate – A dark grey rock that is easily split into thin layers

17) Smoke– A visible gas or vapor with particles of carbon, usually produced by the burning of something

18) Steel – Hard metal alloy known for its silvery-grey color

19) Stormy – Describes turbulent and unsettled weather conditions

20) Shadow – Dark shape

21) Silverback – Adult male gorilla with a white or gray back; leader of a troop

22) Wolfman – Werewolf-like creature from folklore often depicted as having gray fur

Male Cat Names – White

These white male cat names are perfect for your pure-colored pet:

1) Angel – Heavenly being in many religions, often represented as human with wings

2) Arctic – The extreme north region of the world characterized by its cold climate

3) Blizzard – A heavy snowstorm accompanied by strong winds

4) Brightstar – Someone who is noticeable and stands out from the crowd

5) Crystal – Clear mineral that can be cut into shapes to create jewelry or decorations

6) Dove – Symbol of peace known for its distinctive white feathers

7) Fawn – A young deer usually with white markings on its back

8) Frosty – Covered in a layer of ice crystals; cold and icy

9) Ivory – White or off-white substance used in the making of jewelry, sculptures, and musical instruments

10) Marshmallow – Soft white confectionary made of sugar and gelatin; often roasted over a fire

11) Pearl – Irregularly shaped hard precious gemstone with an elegant white hue

12) Phantom – An apparition or ghost that appears out of nowhere

13) Quill – Old fashioned writing instrument whose tip is usually made from a feather

14) Snowball – A round ball of snow packed together by hand

15) Starlight– The light emitted by stars in the night sky

16) Sugarplum – Small sweet candy treat flavored with sugar and spices

17) Thunder – The loudest sound of a storm, often accompanied by lightning

18) Unicorn – Mythical creature with a white horn on its forehead

19) Veil – Thin piece of cloth worn to cover the face

20) Whitecap – Small wave on the surface of water that has been disturbed or windy weather conditions

21) Winterfell– Name for a kingdom in George R. R. Martin’s fictional world of Westeros

22) Wolf – Large canine animal known for its silver-white fur and haunting howls.

Male Cat Names - Black and White

Male Cat Names – Black and White

These black and white male cat names are perfect for your bicolored pet:

1) Ash – Greyish-white powder left behind after the burning of wood

2) Bumblebee– Black and yellow striped insect known for its buzzing sound

3) Coal – A sedimentary rock composed mainly of carbon usually black in color

4) Ebony – Hard black wood used to make furniture, sculptures, and musical instruments

5) Feather – Lightweight structure covered with soft barbs that provide a bird’s body insulation

6) Ghostface – White mask worn by star characters of the horror movie franchise “Scream”

7) Harlequin – Clown character with a black and white costume

8) Inkwell – Small container used to hold liquid ink, often made from black or dark colored material

9) Licorice – Sweet sticky confectionary made from the root of a shrub with a distinct black color

10) Marble – Smooth colorful stone created by heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust; usually black and white

11) Nightblack – A very deep shade of black

12) Oreo – Popular sandwich cookie filled with cream; its exterior is brown on one side and white on the other

13) Peppercorn– Dried berry that is ground into powder for use as a spice; typically comes in both black and white

Male Tabby Cat Names

These tabby male cat names are ideal for your ginger-colored pet:

1) Ash – Greyish-white powder left behind after the burning of wood

2) Batik – Tie-dye fabric pattern made by applying wax to part of the material and then dyeing it

3) Copper – Reddish-brown metallic element used in electrical wiring, coins, and jewelry

4) Flame – Bright yellow and orange fire; often used to describe red hair

5) Gingerbread– Sweet cookie made with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and molasses that gives it a delightful reddish hue

6) Marmalade – Jam or preserve made from citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits; usually has a yellow-reddish color

7) Mustard – Strong yellow-brown condiment made from the seeds of various mustard plants

8) Orange – Round citrus fruit with a thick orange skin and juicy flesh

9) Paprika – Ground powder made from dried red pepper fruits; it comes in both mild and hot varieties

10) Pinstripe– Thin lines of alternating colors, usually black and white, used to decorate clothing

11) Rust – Brownish-red oxide formed when iron is exposed to air or water

12) Sienna – Brownish-orange pigment obtained from burning clay that can be used as a dye or paint

13) Tigerstripes– Dark brown or black stripes on a tawny yellow background, similar to those on a tiger’s coat.

14) Tomato – Red edible fruit that is often used as an ingredient in salads and sauces

15) Vermillion – Bright red pigment with orange undertones, made from cinnabar ore. It has been used since ancient times for art and decoration.

Male Kitten Names

These cute male kitten names are perfect for your young cat:

1) Ace – The highest rank in playing cards; it can also mean “expert” or “top-notch”

2) Babyface – Young looking face that belongs to someone still in childhood or youth

3) Button – Small round fastener used to hold clothing together; comes in various sizes and colors

4) Cherub – Winged angelic figure with a chubby face

5) Cupid – Roman god of desire, affection, and love; often depicted as a winged infant with a bow and arrow

6) Doodlebug– Endearing term for any insect or small animal that leaves behind trails or markings

7) Egghead – Slang term for someone who is very intelligent and studious

8) Fuzzball– A light-furred ball resembling a stuffed toy; also an affectionate nickname for cats

9) Goofball– Friendly term for someone who is silly, playful, and amusing in a loving way

10) Kitten– Young baby cat; also an endearing term for someone who is small, cute, and adorable

11) Lollipop – Round piece of hard candy on a stick; comes in various colors and flavors

12) Munchkin– Small person with a chubby face and big eyes; often used to describe kittens

13) Nibbles – Tiny bites taken from food or snacks

14) Nugget – Small bite-sized portion of food; can also be an affectionate nickname for cats

15) Pebble – Smooth, rounded stone found on beaches or in streams; usually gray or black.

Male Siamese Cat Names

These Siamese male cat names are perfect for your exotic feline friend:

1) Aqua – Latin word for water; typically used to describe a light shade of blue

2) Azure – Rich, deep blue hue found in the sky on a clear day

3) Ebony – Dark black wood often used to make furniture and jewelry

4) Ivory – White material made from the tusks of elephants that can be used to make sculptures and jewelry

5) Jade – Greenish-blue gemstone that has been prized since ancient times

6) Lapis Lazuli– A bright blue gemstone with gold flecks that was mined in antiquity and is still popular today

7) Midnight – Deep, dark blue-black color that often appears in the night sky

8) Onyx– Jet black gemstone with white veins; it has been prized since antiquity for its beauty and rarity

9) Orchid – Purple-pink flower known for its delicate beauty and sweet fragrance

10) Pearlescent – Iridescent sheen to a material such as pearls or mother of pearl

11) Sapphire– Brilliant blue gemstone with a deep hue; steeped in history and mythology

12) Shadow – Dark grayish shade that looks almost black when cast on a surface

13) Steel – Shiny silver-gray alloy often used to make tools and weapons

14) Turquoise – Bright blue-green stone valued for its beauty and rarity

15) Violet – Purple hue that is often associated with royalty or luxury

Male Persian Cat Names

Male Persian Cat Names

These Persian male cat names are perfect for your feline companion:

1) Aladdin – Legendary Middle Eastern hero from the folk tale

2) Apollo – Greek god of music, poetry, and healing

3) Caesar – Title used by Roman emperors; means “commander” in Latin

4) Cyrus – Founder of the Persian Empire whose name is derived from the Old Persian word meaning “king”

5) Darius– Ancient Persian king who conquered much of the known world at his time

6) Farhad– A legendary figure from Persian mythology whose name means “brave” in ancient Farsi

7) Genghis Khan– The founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire

8) Hercules – Legendary Greek hero known for his superhuman strength

9) Ivan– Russian version of John, derived from the Hebrew name Yohanan or “God is gracious”

10) Kal-El – Superman’s Kryptonian birth name; means “voice of God” in Hebrew

11) Merlin – A legendary wizard from Arthurian legend

12) Odysseus– Epic hero from Homer’s Odyssey; famous for his intelligence and cunning

13) Perseus– Hero from Greek mythology who killed the Gorgon Medusa

14) Ramayana – Ancient Hindu epic poem about a prince whose name means “charming”

15) Sargon– Ancient king of Mesopotamia who established the first world empire.

Male Ragdoll Cat Names

These Ragdoll male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Abel – Hebrew name meaning “breath,” derived from the Old Testament story about Cain and Abel

2) Ajax – Heroic warrior from Homer’s Iliad

3) Basil – Greek name meaning “king”; also an herb with a sweet aroma used in cooking

4) Casper – English version of the Aramaic name Jasper, which means “keeper of the treasure”

5) Draco – Ancient Athenian lawgiver whose name means “dragon” or “serpent” in Greek

6) Elijah – Hebrew name meaning “my god is Yahweh,” the personal name of God in the Old Testament

7) Fluffy – Term of endearment used to describe something soft and cuddly

8) Gizmo – Cute nickname for a small and lovable creature; often used as a term of affection

9) Hamlet – Main character from Shakespeare’s play; his name means “little home” in Old English

10) Indigo – Deep blue hue found in nature; traditionally associated with royalty and wealth

11) Jasper – Persian name meaning “keeper of the treasure”

12) Kodiak – Large brown bear found on Alaska’s Kodiak Island

13) Loki – Mischievous Norse god of mischief and trickery; his name means “knot” in Old Norse

14) Nimbus – Latin word for “cloud,” often associated with stormy weather or divine power

15) Oscar– Irish name derived from the Gaelic oisín meaning “deer lover.” It is also a popular movie award.

Male Tuxedo Cat Names

These Tuxedo male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Armani – Designer fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani

2) Baron – A title of nobility in many European countries; means “noble warrior” in German

3) Chester – From the Old English word ceaster, meaning “fortified town”

4) Duke – Title given to a ruler of a duchy or territory; derived from the Latin word dux, meaning “leader”

5) Ebony– Dark brown color often used to describe black cats

6) Felix – Latin name meaning “lucky” or “fortunate”

7) Garfield – Famous cartoon cat whose name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon gar feld, meaning “field of spears”

8) Humphrey– Old German name meaning “peaceful warrior”

9) Ironman – Superhero made famous by Marvel Comics; his name refers to his ability to wear a metal suit of armor

10) Jack – Derived from the Middle English personal name Jakke, which means “God is gracious”

11) King Henry – Title used by eight English kings since 1066 and derived from the Germanic heim ric, meaning “powerful ruler”

12) Licorice – Sweet snack often eaten with ice cream; also a shade of black-and-white fur found on some cats

13) Mortimer – Old French name derived from the Latin word mortuus, meaning “dead”

14) Nero– Roman emperor whose name means “black” in Italian

15) Osiris– Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld; his name means “strong and brave.”

Cutest Male Cat Names

These male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Ace – A term used to describe something as the best of its kind

2) Apollo – Greek god of light, music, and knowledge; his name means “manly” in Latin

3) Buster– Old English nickname meaning “powerful” or “strong”

4) Cotton – Soft fiber used to make fabric and clothing; also a popular pet name

5) Dexter – Latin name meaning “right-handed” or “skillful”

6) Edgar– Old English name derived from the elements ead, meaning “wealthy and happy,” and gar, meaning “spear”

7) Felix – Latin name meaning “lucky” or “fortunate”

8) Gizmo– Cute nickname for a small and lovable creature; often used as a term of affection

9) Harold – Old English name derived from the elements heorot, meaning “army,” and weald, meaning “power”

10) Izzy– Shortened version of the Hebrew name Isaac, which means “laughter”

11) Jasper – Persian name meaning “keeper of the treasure”

12) Kiki – Greek pet form of Nikolaos, which means “victory of the people”

13) Milo – Latin name meaning “soldier, beloved one”

14) Nutmeg – Aromatic spice used in baking and cooking; also a nickname for sweet cats

15) Oscar– Irish name derived from the Gaelic oisín meaning “deer lover.” It is also a popular movie award.

Funny Male Cat Names

Funny Male Cat Names

These funny male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Ace Ventura – Character in the 1994 American comedy film; his name is a pun on “ace ventilator”

2) Buffalo Bill– Fictional wild west character made famous by the movie The Silence of the Lambs

3) Chuckles – Perfect name for a highly amusing cat

4) Einstein – Popular moniker inspired by the world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein

5) Frodo – Main character from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books and movies

6) Gizmo– Cute nickname for a small and lovable creature; often used as a term of affection

7) Houdini – After the famous magician and escape artist; perfect for an escape-artist cat

8) Indiana– Iconic movie character from the 1981 American adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark

9) Jacques– Reference to the French chef in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, who sings “Les Poissons”

10) King Tut – Reference to ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun

11) Loki – God of mischief in Norse mythology; a fitting name for a mischievous kitty

12) Mastermind – Perfect moniker for a clever cat that loves puzzles and problem solving

13) Napoleon– After Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history’s most renowned military and political leaders

14) Poindexter – Reference to the nerdy character in the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland

15) Wizard– A great name for your magical and otherworldly pet cat.

Strong Male Cat Names

These strong male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Achilles – Greek hero from Homer’s Illiad; his name means “pain” or “trouble”

2) Apollo – Greek god of light, music, and knowledge; his name means “manly” in Latin

3) Brutus – Roman cognomen meaning “heavy” or “stout-hearted”

4) Caesar – Title used by eight English kings since 1066 and derived from the Germanic heim ric, meaning “powerful ruler”

5) Duke – Rank of nobility higher than a baron but lower than a monarch; also the name of a cartoon dog

6) Edward – Old English name derived from the elements ead, meaning “wealthy and happy,” and weard, meaning “guardian”

7) Fatalist – One who believes that all events are predetermined by fate; perfect for your fearless feline companion

8) Goliath – Biblical giant slain by David with a single stone; a fitting name for an enormous cat

9) Hercules – Roman adaptation of the Greek hero Heracles; his adventures included slaying several monsters

10) Ironman – Reference to Marvel comics superhero Tony Stark

11) Jax – Short form of Jackson, which means “son of Jack”

Lucky Male Cat Names

These lucky male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Ace – In card games, ace is the highest-ranking card

2) Charmed – Synonym for being fortunate or blessed with good luck

3) Davinci – Reference to Leonardo da Vinci, Italian polymath and painter of the Mona Lisa; his name means “divine one”

4) Fortune – Synonym for success and prosperity obtained through chance or luck

5) Golden – The color associated with wealth, fortune, and happiness

6) Hope – A feeling that something wished for can be realized

7) Jackpot – Slang term used to describe a large win in a game of chance

8) Karma – The law of cause and effect, often seen as divine justice

9) Lucky – Synonym for being fortunate or blessed with good luck

10) Magic – A mysterious power that can create miracles

11) Prosperity – The state of being successful in material terms

12) Rainbow – Symbol of hope, promise, and fortune

13) Riches– Wealth and abundance

14) Starlight – Reference to the twinkling stars that symbolize good luck and success

15) Wishbone – Reference to the superstition surrounding the breaking of a wishbone; said to bring good luck.

Male Cat Names

Medieval Male Cat Names

These medieval male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Basil – A royal name of Greek origin meaning “king”

2) Charlemagne – The first Holy Roman Emperor, whose empire covered much of modern-day Europe

3) Duke – Rank of nobility higher than a baron but lower than a monarch

4) Edgar – Old English name derived from the elements ead, meaning “wealthy and happy,” and gar, meaning “spear”

5) Galahad – One of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table; his name means “pure one”

6) Hector – Trojan prince from Homer’s Iliad; his name means “to detain”

7) Ivanhoe – The protagonist of Sir Walter Scott’s novel of the same name; said to represent ideal medieval chivalry

8) Lancelot – One of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table; his name means “servant”

9) Merlin – Wizard featured in Arthurian legend; he is known for his magical powers and wisdom

10) Odysseus – Hero from Homer’s Odyssey; famous for his cleverness and cunning

11) Percival – Knight of King Arthur’s court, also known as one of the Grail Knights

12) Robin Hood – Legendary outlaw from English folklore who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor

13) Thane – Anglo-Saxon title of nobility, equivalent to a lord

14) Valiant – Meaning brave and courageous; perfect for your bold cat!

15) William – Old German name derived from the elements wil, meaning “desire,” and helm, meaning “protection”.

Male Cat Names – Japanese

These Japanese male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Akio – Bright man; a fitting name for your bright and shining cat

2) Daiki – Great glory, or “great light”; the perfect name for your special feline

3) Haru – Springtime; a suitable name for cats born in spring

4) Ichiro – First son; an ideal name to celebrate the arrival of your first pet

5) Kenichi – Strong and wise one

6) Masaki – Upright tree; a strong and solid name for your beloved pet

7) Naoki – Honest tree; a suitable choice for cats with honest, good natured personalities

8) Ryo – Refreshing or invigorating

9) Satoshi – Intelligent; the perfect name for your wise and intelligent feline friend

10) Takashi – Noble and prestigious

11) Tomio – Wealthy man; a fitting name to celebrate your pet’s wealth of love and companionship

12) Ume – Plum tree; a beautiful symbol of spring, renewal, and resilience

13) Yasu – Calm one; a peaceful name for cats with calm demeanors

14) Yuki – Snow; the perfect choice for cats born in winter or blessed with snowy white fur

15) Yoshi – Respectful; a suitable choice for cats with gentle natures.

Male Cat Names – Norse

These Norse male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Baldur – God of light, beauty, and innocence

2) Bjorn – Bear; a powerful name for cats with strong personalities

3) Frigg – Goddess of marriage and motherhood

4) Frey – God of fertility, weather, and sunshine; the perfect name to evoke joy in your pet

5) Helgi – Descendant of Odin who became ruler over all kingdoms; his name means ‘lucky’

6) Loki – Trickster god known for his mischievous pranks

7) Magnus – Great; suitable for cats with a larger than life personality

8) Odin – King of the Norse gods, known for his wisdom and knowledge

9) Sigurd – Mythical hero who slew dragons and won the love of a Valkyrie

10) Thor – God of strength, thunder, and storms; perfect for your strong cat!

11) Tyr – One-handed god of law and justice

12) Ullr – God of hunting, skiing, archery, and dueling; an ideal name to celebrate your pet’s agility and skill

13) Vali – Son of Odin whose main goal was to take revenge on those who wronged him

14) Ymir – Primordial giant from whom all of the Norse gods were created; a powerful name for your special cat

15) Zisa – Goddess of fertility, who was said to be able to grant immense wealth. The perfect name for cats with bountiful love and affection!

man feeding cat on road surrounded by trees

Male Cat Names – Celtic

These Celtic male cat names are perfect for your beloved feline companion:

1) Arawn – Ruler of the underworld in Welsh folklore

2) Bran – Meaning “raven”; an ideal choice for cats with black fur

3) Cian – Ancient Irish word meaning “enduring” or “eternal”

4) Dylan – Son of the sea; a fitting name for cats with seafaring souls

5) Eoghan – Meaning “born of the yew tree”; a unique and meaningful choice for your cat

6) Finn – Fair one in Irish mythology, associated with wisdom and knowledge

7) Gwyn – White or blessed; an appropriate name for cats with snowy white fur

8) Lugh – Celtic god of the sun, arts, crafts, and warfare; a strong name befitting your mighty pet

9) Nuada – Chief god of the Tuatha De Danann in Irish mythology; a powerful moniker to honor your special feline

10) Ogma – God of eloquence and language; perfect for cats who communicate their feelings by meowing or purring

11) Padraig – Noble and wise in Irish Gaelic; an ideal name to celebrate your cat’s intelligence

12) Ruadh – Red-haired one, suitable for cats with auburn fur

13) Sinann – River goddess of the Boyne river; a beautiful name capturing the power and beauty of nature

14) Taliesin – Welsh poet and musician renowned for his eloquence and skill; an appropriate choice for cats with musical talents

15) Uisnech – One of the five royal sites of Ireland, associated with knowledge and wisdom. An ideal name to celebrate your pet’s special gifts!

Unusual Male Cat Names

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, consider one of these unusual male cat names:

1) Azazel – A fallen angel from Jewish mythology, known for his creative and rebellious spirit

2) Bruiser – Perfect for cats with larger than life personalities

3) Charon – Ferryman from Greek mythology who transported souls to the underworld; an unusual choice for your pet

4) Darwin – An homage to Charles Darwin, renowned naturalist and founder of evolutionary theory

5) Elegba – West African trickster god associated with chaos, mischief and confusion; a fitting name for cats with a mischievous streak!

6) Fluffy – Comical name perfect for cats who resemble the giant dog from Harry Potter

7) Geppetto – After Pinocchio’s maker; a great choice for cats with larger than life personalities

8) Houdini – After the legendary escape artist; an apt name for cats who are always trying to outwit their owners!

9) Ichabod – Meaning “ no glory,” this biblical name is perfect for cats with humble dispositions

10) Jareth – Goblin king from Labyrinth; a fun and whimsical choice for your pet

11) Kaa – The snake-like character from The Jungle Book; ideal for cats who love to slither around the house

12) Lucifer – Misunderstood fallen angel in Judeo-Christian mythology; an interesting and out of the ordinary choice for your pet

13) Mirage – A cool and mysterious name perfect for cats who always seem to be playing hide and seek

14) Nero – After the infamous Roman Emperor; a fitting moniker for cats with regal dispositions

15) Oberon – The King of Fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream; an unusual and unique name for your beloved feline companion.

Top 100 Unique Male Cat Names

1) Wilbur

2) Fonzie

3) Gizmo

4) Taz

5) Quigley

6) Marlowe

7) Rufus

8) Watson

9) Elvis

10) Oscar

11) Ollie

12) Hank

13) Baxter

14) Simba

15) Bentley

16) Milo

17) Chester

18) Zeus

19) Fender

20) Boomer

21) Gatsby

22) Apollo

23) Marley

24) Atticus

25) Lumos

26) Leo

27) Hunter

28) Garfield

29) Sully

30) Winston

31) Smokey

32) Bandit

33) Samson

34) Shadow

35) Keegan

36) Murphy

37) Tigger

38) Toby

39) Yoshi

40) Simón

41) Teddy

42) Gulliver

43) Zorro

44) Finn

45) Salem

46) Chance

47) Gilgamesh

48) Oliver

49) Emery

50) Bebop

51) Diesel

52) Scout

53) Jax

54) Gizmo

55) Cash

56) Spike

57) Drake

58) Flash

59) Felix

60) Gus

61) Louie

62) Rocky

63) Rusty

64) Bandit

65) Zeus

66) Crockett

67) Loki

68) Jasper

69) Boo

70) Bear

71) Homer

72) Bruno

73) Odin

74) Apollo

75) Bentley

76) Baloo

77) Henri

78) MacGyver

79) Groucho

80) Zephyr

81) Jareth

82) Houdini

83) Ichabod

84) Kaa

85) Lucifer

86) Mirage

87) Nero

88) Oberon

89) Logan

90) Diesel

91) Simón

92) Shadow

93) Keegan

94) Murphy

95) Tigger

96) Toby

97) Yoshi

98) Teddy

99) Gulliver

100) Lionel

Male Cat Names – Mythology

If you’re looking for something inspired by mythology and folklore, these are some great male cat name options:

1) Apollo – The Greek god of the sun

2) Odin – The chief Norse deity

3) Hermes – Messenger of the gods in ancient Greece

4) Thor – The Norse God of thunder and lightning

5) Zeus – Ruler of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology

6) Loki – Scandinavian trickster god

7) Jareth – Goblin King from Labyrinth movie

8) Baloo – Friendly bear from Disney’s animated version of The Jungle Book

9) Oberon – King of Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

10) Lucifer – Fallen angel and ruler of Hell in Abrahamic religions.

Male Cat Names from Literarature

For those who are fans of books, here are some literary male cat names you might want to consider:

1) Simón – protagonist in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies

2) Gilgamesh – legendary ruler from Epic of Gilgamesh

3) Oliver – beloved street-cat in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist

4) Emery – main character in T.H. White’s The Sword In The Stone

5) Bebop – Jazz musician from Pat Conroy’s novel South Of Broad

6) Drake – Character from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

7) Felix – Cat in P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves novels

8) Gulliver – protagonist in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

9) Lionel – Cat from the children’s book, The Cricket In Times Square

10) Murphy – Cat from the novel The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.   ​

Male Cat Names That Start With… (A-Z)

We look alphabetically at the top names for male cats:

A – Apollo, Achilles

B – Baloo, Boo

C – Crockett, Clyde

D – Diesel, Drake

E– Emery, Elvis

F – Felix, Finn

G – Gulliver, Gilgamesh

H – Houdini, Homer

I – Ichabod

J – Jareth

K – Keegan , Kaa

L – Lucifer, Lionel

M – MacGyver, Murphy

N – Nero, Nole

O – Odin, Oberon

P – Pluto

Q – Quigley

R – Rocky

S – Simón, Shadow

T – Tigger, Toby

U – Uriah

V – Vito

W – Waldo

X – Xavier

Y – Yoshi

Z – Zephyr, Zeus

FAQs – Male Cat Names

What’s a good cat name for a boy?

Here are some ideas for boy cat names:

  1. Simba
  2. Oliver
  3. Charlie
  4. Jasper
  5. Milo
  6. Leo
  7. Max
  8. Bear
  9. Zeus
  10. Apollo
  11. Thor
  12. Odin
  13. Loki
  14. Jasper
  15. Rocky

These names are just a few suggestions, and you don’t have to feel limited to traditional “boy” names.

You can also consider naming your cat after a favorite movie or book character, or after a favorite food or drink.

What are some unique male cat names?

Here are some unique male cat names that you might consider:

  1. Ace
  2. Apollo
  3. Archie
  4. Asher
  5. Atlas
  6. Atticus
  7. Axel
  8. Bentley
  9. Blue
  10. Bo
  11. Boris
  12. Calvin
  13. Chester
  14. Coco
  15. Cosmo
  16. Dexter
  17. Diesel
  18. Digger
  19. Django
  20. Elvis
  21. Finn
  22. Floyd
  23. Gizmo
  24. Graham
  25. Jasper
  26. Jett
  27. Leo
  28. Milo
  29. Mochi
  30. Oscar

What are clever male cat names?

Here are some clever male cat names that you might consider:

  1. Albert
  2. Archie
  3. Atticus
  4. Augustus
  5. Benjamin
  6. Boris
  7. Chester
  8. Cosmo
  9. Darwin
  10. Einstein
  11. Felix
  12. Galileo
  13. Graham
  14. Harrison
  15. Jasper
  16. Leonardo
  17. Lincoln
  18. Newton
  19. Oscar
  20. Plato
  21. Sherlock
  22. Simon
  23. Socrates
  24. Theo
  25. Vincent

These names are all inspired by famous scientists, philosophers, and other intelligent figures.

You can also come up with your own clever name for your male cat by thinking about his personality and what makes him unique.

What is the coolest male cat name?

The coolest male cat name will depend on your individual taste and what you think is unique and special. Some of the most popular cool names for cats include:

  • Ace
  • Baron
  • Drake
  • Emery
  • Gizmo
  • Jasper
  • Kane
  • Lucifer
  • Maverick
  • Odin
  • Rex
  • Thor
  • X-Ray
  • Yoshi
  • Zeus

These names are all inspired by mythology, literature, history, or pop-culture characters.

Conclusion – Male Cat Names

We hope that this guide to male cat names has been helpful in finding the perfect name for your feline friend.

No matter what personality your cat has, there is a name out there that will fit him perfectly!

When picking a name for your cat, make sure it’s something you and your family are comfortable with.

A good rule of thumb is to choose something short, simple, and easy to remember so that everyone can use the same name when calling or talking about your pet.

Remember: The right name should reflect the unique personality of your furry companion! Good luck!


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