Female Cat Names

329+ Female Cat Names [Unique, Cute, Exotic, with Meanings]

Female cat names are as unique as the cats themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a cute, exotic, or meaningful name for your feline fury friend, these female cat names are sure to give you some great ideas.

Here we take a look at different names for female kitties across many different categories.

These include:

  • Female Cat Names with Meaning
  • Exotic Female Cat Names
  • Fancy Female Cat Names
  • Female Cat Names – Black
  • Female Cat Names – Orange
  • Female Cat Names – Grey
  • Female Cat Names – White
  • Female Cat Names – Black and White
  • Female Cat Names – Calico
  • Cream-Colored Female Cat Names
  • Female Tabby Cat Names
  • Female Siamese Cat Names
  • Female Persian Cat Names
  • Female Tuxedo Cat Names
  • Unique Female Cat Names
  • Cute Female Cat Names
  • Feisty Girl Cat Names
  • Funny Female Cat Names
  • Japanese Female Cat Names
  • Unusual Female Cat Names
  • Powerful Female Cat Names
  • Famous Female Cat Names

Let’s take a look:

Female Cat Names with Meaning

1) Tibby – Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.

2) Arya – Meaning “noble and honorable” in Persian.

3) Kiki – A fun nickname derived from the French word “qui-qui” meaning “what? who? why?”

4) Molly – An Irish name meaning “bitter sea”.

5) Butterscotch – A sweet and sugary treat that will bring joy to your fuzzy companion!

Cleo – Meaning “glory and honor” in Greek.

Exotic Female Cat Names

1) Lola – A Mexican nickname for Dolores meaning “sorrows.”

2) Nala – An African name meaning “gift.”

3) Amaya – A Japanese name meaning ‘night rain.’

4) Uma – A Sanskrit name that means ‘flawless.’

5) Kya – An awesome name derived from the Hawaiian word “kya,” which means “like the sun.”

Top 25 Most Popular Female Cat Names

Fancy Female Cat Names

1) Duchess – Fit for a royal feline!

2) Princess – Because your cat is a furry little diva.

3) Precious – A cat that deserves the title of “precious.”

4) Bella – Meaning “beautiful” in Italian & Spanish.

5) Angelica – An angelic name for a gentle kitty!

6) Cleopatra – A name fit for a queen.

7) Aurora – The Latin word for “dawn” also known as the Goddess of Dawn in Roman Mythology.

8) Penelope – A Greek name meaning “weaver.”

9) Scarlett– An English name meaning “red-headed” or “scarlet.”

10) Ladybug – A cute name to honor your kitty’s fun and playful personality!

Female Cat Names – Black

1) Raven – A regal name for a dark and mysterious cat.

2) Ebony – A beautiful name derived from the color black.

3) Midnight – The perfect name for your nocturnal feline companion.

4) Onyx – A gemstone that is usually black in color.

5) Shadow – To match the stealthy nature of your cat!

6) Zorro – Meaning “fox” in Spanish, great for cats with a mischievous personality!

7) Panther – As powerful and graceful as the animal itself.

8) Sooty– Perfect for cats that always seem to be covered in dust!

9) Jet – A jet black cat deserves a name that stands out from the others.

10) Inky – Short for “inky-black,” perfect for cats with dark fur.

Female Cat Names – Orange

1) Ginger – For mild, orange colored fur.

2) Pumpkin – Perfect for fall and Halloween themed fun!

3) Carrot – Playful and unexpected, great for your furry little sidekick!

4) Peach – Sweet and juicy, just like your kitty!

5) Sunset – To remind you of the beauty of an orange sky at sunset.

6) Marmalade – Another delicious name to fit in with your sweetheart’s personality!

7) Butterscotch – A sugary treat to match your kitty’s sweet nature.

8) Amber – An old English name meaning “jewel.”

9) Rusty – Perfect for cats with reddish fur!

10) Honey – Sweet and warm, like your cat’s personality.

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Female Cat Names – Grey

1) Ash – A fitting name for your grey-colored companion.

2) Misty – To match the mysterious nature of a grey cat!

3) Steel – As tough and as strong as steel itself.

4) Silver – For an elegant, silver-colored feline.

5) Smokey– A great name for cats that appear to be made of smoke!

6) Stormy – Perfect for cats with grey fur like a storm cloud.

7) Slate – An interesting color combination, just like your cat’s unique personality!

8) Shadow – To match the stealthy nature of your kitty.

9) Pearl – The perfect name for cats with soft, grey fur.

10) Dove – A name fitting for your peaceful, grey cat.

Female Cat Names – White

1) Snow – Perfect for cats who are as pure and white as snow.

2) Daisy – A flowery name for your sweet cat.

3) Angel – A fitting name for an angelic, white-furred cat.

4) Cotton– Soft and fluffy like cotton!

5) Blanca – Meaning “white” in Spanish.

6) Lace – To match the delicate nature of your feline friend!

7) Crystal – A precious gem just like your kitty!

8) Pearl – Reminiscent of the peals of wisdom from a wise old cat.

9) Ivory – A beautiful name to fit with your cat’s stunning coat.

10) Lotus – Sanskrit name that means ‘flawless.’

Female Cat Names – Black and White

1) Oreo – Perfect for tuxedo cats like the classic cookie!

2) Domino – A fitting name for a black and white cat.

3) Checkers – As playful as your cat’s personality!

4) Yin & Yang– Two halves that make a perfect whole, just like your kitty!

5) Magpie – Meaning “black and white” in Spanish.

6) Marble – To represent their unique pattern of black and white fur.

7) Patches– To honor the unique patchwork of colors on your feline friend.

8) Blizzard – Fit for a snow-white cat with patches of black fur.

9) Salt & Pepper – Like the classic seasonings, but with cats!

10) Papillon – French for “butterfly” because of the wings-like markings on their fur.

Female Cat Names – Calico

1) Cali – To honor the unique coloring of calico cats.

2) Peppermint – Perfect for a candy-striped feline!

3) Trixie – A fitting name for a trickster with three colors!

4) Patches – To honor the unique patchwork of colors on your feline friend.

5) Polka Dot– Perfect for cats with white fur and black spots!

6) Puddles – As unique as the pattern on your beloved pet’s fur.

7) Sprinkles– Reminiscent of the colorful sprinkles on cupcakes.

8) Rainbow – For cats who are literally a rainbow of color!

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Cream-Colored Female Cat Names

1) Creamy – Perfect for cats with creamy, white fur!

2) Caramel – A sweet, sugary name to honor your furry friend.

3) Vanilla– To match their sweet and mellow personality.

4) Angel – A fitting name for an angelic, cream-furred cat.

5) Marshmallow – Soft and fluffy like marshmallows!

6) Chiffon – As delicate as the fabric, just like your kitty’s coat!

7) Blondie – To honor the golden color of your cat’s fur.

8) Buttercup– For a bright and sunny feline with cream-colored fur.

9) Daisy – A flowery name for your sweet cat.

10) Honey – Sweet and warm, like your cat’s personality.

Female Tabby Cat Names

1) Stripes – A perfect fit for cats with patterned fur.

2) Tigress – Wild and powerful, just like your kitty!

3) Macaroni – For a tabby cat who loves their food!

4) Marble – To match the unique pattern of a marble-colored tabby.

5) Spots – Perfect for cats with spotted fur!

6) Tigerlily– Cute and creative just like your cat!

7) Patches– Just like the patches on an adorable teddy bear!

8) Tabitha – A classic name for tabby cats.

9) Shadow – To match the stealthy nature of your kitty.

10) Ginger – Perfect for cats with ginger-colored fur!

Female Siamese Cat Names

1) Lotus – Sanskrit name that means ‘flawless.’

2) Leela – Meaning “playful” in Indian.

3) Saffron – A unique name for a Siamese cat with golden fur.

4) Coco – Perfect for cats with chocolate-colored points!

5) Mystique– As mysterious as the blue eyes of your Siamese kitty.

6) Sapphire – To match the beautiful color of their eyes!

7) Kismet– Meaning “fate,” to honor the chance meeting between you and your pet!

8) Diamond – Reminiscent of the sparkle in their eyes.

9) Luna – The Latin word for “moon” to represent the blue eyes of your cat.

10) Willow – A gentle name for a graceful Siamese cat.

Female Cat Names white cat in tree

Female Persian Cat Names

1) Cleo – As sweet as the ancient goddess she’s named after.

2) Jasmine – Fresh and delicate, just like your Persian fur baby.

3) Snowflake– For cats with white fur like freshly fallen snow!

4) Sultana – Meaning a “female ruler or queen” in Turkish.

5) Velvet – Soft and smooth, just like your cat’s coat!

6) Athena– The Greek goddess of wisdom to honor this wise breed of cats.

7) Fluffy – A perfect fit for long-haired Persians!

8) Misty – To match their gentle and calming disposition.

9) Jewel – Reminiscent of the precious stone, just like your kitty!

10) Peaches – A sweet and fruity name for your furry friend.

Female Tuxedo Cat Names

1) Domino – Perfect for cats with black and white fur!

2) Tuxie – A cute, playful name just like your tuxedo cat!

3) Onyx– Reminiscent of the dark stone to match their black fur.

4) Cinder – As dark as the cinders from a fire.

5) Smudge – To honor their smudgy black and white markings.

6) Oreo– Just like the popular cookie, with its iconic black and white design.

7) Midnight – To match the darkness of their midnight-colored fur.

8) Atticus – The Latin word for “man” to represent this smart breed of cats.

9) Domino – A classic name for cats with black and white fur.

10) Panda – As unique as the panda bear, just like your tuxedo cat!

Unique Female Cat Names

1) Clementine – A sweet, citrusy name for your unique cat.

2) Abigail – Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew.

3) Mariposa– Spanish word meaning “butterfly” to represent the beauty of your cat.

4) Nibbles – Fun and playful just like your kitty!

5) Ariel – To honor their graceful and majestic air.

6) Persephone– The Greek goddess of vegetation who symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

7) Peekaboo– Perfect for cats with a mischievous nature!

8) Zelda – Reminiscent of the princess from the popular video game.

9) Freya – The Norse goddess of love and beauty to represent your cat’s charm.

10) Serendipity – Meaning “good luck” to go along with your pet!

11) Mignonette– French word meaning “cute little one” that perfectly describes your kitty.

12) Bijou – A sweet, unique name for your special furry friend.

13) Petunia – Cute and feminine, perfect for a female cat.

14) Sprinkles – Playful and cheerful just like your pet!

15) Zinnia – A colorful flowery name for your loving feline companion.

Cute Female Cat Names

Cute Female Cat Names

1) Whiskers – Playful and perfect for cats with cute whiskers!

2) Daisy – A classic name for a beloved pet.

3) Buttercup– Reminiscent of the bright yellow flower, just like your kitty!

4) Cinnamon – Perfect for cats with tawny-colored fur.

5) Bubbles – Fun and cheerful, just like your cat!

6) Angelica– Latin word meaning “angelic” to represent their heavenly nature.

7) Peanut – Sweet and small, just like your pet.

8) Puddles – To match the playfulness of their personality!

9) Cupcake – Cute and delicious, just like your cat!

10) Honey – Sweet and perfect for a beloved pet.

11) Pixie – As small and magical as a pixie!

12) Misty – For cats with gentle souls.

13) Sugarplum– A fun name for a sweet kitty.

14) Snuggles – Perfect for cats that love to cuddle.

15) Poppet – A cute, unique name for your furry friend.

Feisty Girl Cat Names

1) Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt to represent their fiercely independent nature.

2) Ninja – To honor your pet’s stealthy and speedy movements.

3) Rogue– As unpredictable as a rogue wave!

4) Boots – Playful yet feisty, just like your cat!

5) Athena – The Greek goddess of wisdom to honor this clever breed of cats.

6) Viper – Strong and powerful, just like your furry friend.

7) Blaze – Perfect for cats with fiery personalities.

8) Scrappy – A fun name that shows off your kitty’s spunky attitude.

9) Panthera – Reminiscent of the powerful and mysterious black panther.

10) Tempest – As wild and unpredictable as a stormy tempest!

11) Tabitha – Meaning “gazelle” in Aramaic, perfect for cats with fierce hunting skills.

12) Sheba – The Biblical queen of power and strength to represent your feisty feline.

13) Onyx – Dark like the stone, just like their fur coat.

14) Stormy – Perfect for cats with a wild streak!

15) Warrior – A strong name that shows off their brave spirit.

Funny Female Cat Names

1) Waffles – Perfect for cats that love to eat!

2) Fluffykins – A unique name for your beloved pet.

3) Goofy – Adorable and silly, just like your kitty!

4) Noodle– Fun and playful to match their personality.

5) Princess Peaches – To show off their royal air.

6) Marshmallow– Meaning “sweet” in French, perfect for a cuddly cat.

7) Lolly– Reminiscent of the sweet treat!

8) Kit Kat – For cats with chocolate-colored fur.

9) Pawsome – A fun way to honor your four-legged friend.

10) Pumpernickel – A silly name for a funny cat.

11) Zorro – The brave masked hero to match your pet’s bold spirit.

12) Snickers– For cats with an insatiable sweet tooth!

13) Sushi – Perfect for cats that love fish!

14) Buttons – Cute and unique, just like your pet.

15) FuzzyWuzzy– A silly name that goes along with their fluffy fur!

Japanese Female Cat Names

Japanese Female Cat Names

1) Kiyomi – Meaning “beautiful” in Japanese.

2) Sakura – The beloved cherry blossom tree, perfect for cats with pink fur.

3) Yuki – Meaning “snow” in Japanese, great for cats with white fur!

4) Kiko – Reminiscent of the Japanese word for “happiness”.

5) Miki – Meaning “beautiful tree” in Japanese.

6) Hoshi – Meaning “star” in Japanese, perfect for cats with bright eyes.

7) Sakura – Another beautiful name to honor Japan’s cherry blossom tree.

8) Namiko – Meaning “child of the wave” in Japanese.

9) Chiyo – Meaning “thousand generations” to represent their long lineage.

10) Momo – The Japanese word for “peach”, perfect for cats with peachy fur coats.

11) Kiku – A beautiful name to honor Japan’s beloved chrysanthemum flower.

12) Haru – Meaning “springtime” in Japanese, great for cats that bloom!

13) Yuzu – Reminiscent of Japan’s unique citrus fruit, perfect for cats with yellow fur coats.

14) Miku – Meaning “beautiful sky” in Japanese.

15) Hana – Meaning “flower”, great for cats with beautiful fur coats!

Unusual Female Cat Names

1) Terra – For cats that love the outdoors.

2) Luna – Meaning “moon”, perfect for cats with silver fur.

3) Starling – Reminiscent of the exotic bird, perfect for unique cats!

4) Mystique– A mysterious name to match your cat’s enigmatic personality.

5) Zeva – Hebrew for “wolf”, perfect for cats with wild dispositions.

6) Celeste– French for “heavenly”, great for cats with angelic personalities!

7) Indigo – Perfect for cats with deep blue eyes or a rich coat of fur.

8) Amethyst– A beautiful name to match their deep purple eyes.

9) Jazzy – Fun and unique, just like your pet!

10) Gypsy – For cats with wanderlust in their hearts.

11) Willow– Meaning “strong and graceful”, perfect for cats that can handle anything!

12) Cleo – Greek for “glory” to honor your cat’s marvelous spirit.

13) Juno– The Roman goddess of marriage, perfect for the loving bond between you and your kitty.

14) Phoenix– Named after the mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

15) Freya– Norse goddess of love and beauty, to honor your beloved feline companion.

Powerful Female Cat Names

1) Athena – Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

2) Hera – Greek goddess of women and marriage, great for cats with loving dispositions.

3) Gaia – The ancient Greek earth mother that represents strength and power.

4) Artemis – Greek goddess of hunting, perfect for cats with strong predatory instincts!

5) Electra – Nodded to the beautiful daughter of Agamemnon who was fiercely loyal to her family.

6) Aphrodite – The classic love goddess, great for cats with a passion for life!

7) Freya – Norse goddess of love and fertility, perfect for your beloved pet companion.

8) Kali – Hindu goddess of destruction and protection, great for cats that are strong protectors.

9) Athena – Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy, perfect for cats with sharp minds.

10) Demeter – Greek goddess of harvest, to honor your cat’s rich and bountiful spirit.

11) Isis – The Egyptian goddess of magic, great for cats with mystical personalities!

12) Hecate – Greek goddess of witchcraft and necromancy, perfect for cats who are mysterious by nature.

13) Morrigan – Celtic goddess of war and death, great for cats with a bold personality!

14) Hel – Norse queen of the underworld and ruler of the dead. Perfect for cats that have a dark side.

15) Freya – The Norse goddess of love, to honor your feline friend’s undying loyalty and affection.

Famous Female Cat Names

Famous Female Cat Names

1) Bella – Short for Isabella, inspired by the Twilight series.

2) Hermione – Inspired by the Harry Potter franchise.

3) Leia – Named after Princess Leia from Star Wars.

4) Snow White – From the classic Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

5) Calico – Inspired by the character of a pack of cats in Disney’s “The Aristocats”.

6) Tiger Lily– The fairy-tale cat from Pixar’s “Brave”.

7) Scarlet – Inspired by the feisty character Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”.

8) Tinker Bell – Inspired by the Disney movie “Peter Pan”.

9) Alice – Named after Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, “Alice in Wonderland”.

10) Aurora– The princess from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”.

11) Esmerelda – Named after the gypsy character from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

12) Nala– From Disney’s “The Lion King”.

13) Sassy – The funny cat sidekick from the movie “Homeward Bound”.

14) Mia – Named after Mia Wallace, Uma Thurman’s character in Quentin Tarantino

FAQs – Female Cat Names

What are the top female cat names?

Some popular female cat names include:

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Chloe
  6. Sadie
  7. Sophie
  8. Lulu
  9. Molly
  10. Tilly

Of course, you can choose any name that you like for your cat, whether it is traditionally a male or female name.

What’s a good name for a girl cat?

There are many great names that would be suitable for a girl cat.

Some options could include:

  1. Mia
  2. Zoe
  3. Ava
  4. Nala
  5. Cleo
  6. Willow
  7. Ruby
  8. Coco
  9. Pepper
  10. Salem

When choosing a name for your cat, you may want to consider your cat’s personality, appearance, and any unique characteristics that she has.

You could also consider naming your cat after a favorite movie character, book character, or even a celebrity.

In the end, the most important thing is to choose a name that you love and that will be easy for your cat to recognize and respond to.

What is the rarest name for a girl cat?

The rarest name for a girl cat can depend on various factors.

Some uncommon names you could choose include:

  • Hera
  • Gaia
  • Artemis
  • Electra
  • Aphrodite
  • Freya
  • Kali
  • Athena
  • Demeter
  • Isis
  • Hecate
  • Morrigan
  • Hel

These names are inspired by goddesses from mythology, but you may also want to consider more unique and unusual names that are not as common.

Some options could include Diva, Cleopatra, or even something like Luna-Sage or Ginger-Belle.

What are some badass girl cat names?

Here are a few ideas for badass girl cat names:

  1. Dakota
  2. Phoenix
  3. Raven
  4. Xena
  5. Willow
  6. Astrid
  7. Electra
  8. Nova
  9. Koda
  10. Onyx

You may want to choose a name that reflects your cat’s tough or independent personality, or a name that simply sounds strong and confident.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you love and that you feel reflects your cat’s unique personality.

Conclusion – Female Cat Names

These are just some examples of female cat names to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to naming your new pet.

With so many options, you’re sure to find one that fits the personality and character of your beloved feline friend!

Have fun with the process! Good luck!


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