197+ BEST Club Names Ideas [Names for a Society][Cool, SSO, Games]

In this article, we cover everything to do with club names ideas and names for a society, no matter the category.

We cover club names for:

  • book club
  • golf club
  • night club and dance club
  • motorcycle and car
  • school
  • community service
  • football
  • famous club names
  • games
  • music
  • cultural
  • and more

When considering names for a club, there are several factors to take into account.

The name should be reflective of the purpose or focus of the club, as well as the interests of its members.

Additionally, it should be unique and catchy enough to help the club stand out from others.

With that in mind, here are over 200 club names ideas to help you get started:

Book Club Names Ideas


-Page Turners

-The Reading Group

-Read Between the Lines

-Once Upon a Time Book Club

-Lost in a Good Book Club

-Book Nerds Anonymous club

-Page Turners Book club

-Chapter One

-Readers Anonymous

-(Your Favorite Book Title) Fan Club

-Lit Lovers club

-Novelty Books club

Romance Readers and Writers Association

-Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club

-Graphic Novels club

Golf Club Names Ideas



-19th Hole

-The Green

-putt putt club

-The clubhouse

Golf Club Names Ideas

Night Club and Dance Club Names Ideas

-The Nightowls

-The Partying Penguins

-Dancing Queens

-Late Nighters



Creative Night Club Dance Club Names

Motorcycle and Car Club Names Ideas

Cars and Coffee Club

2 Wheels 2 Wild Motorcycle Club

School Club Names Ideas

Art Club

Chess Club

Debate Team

Environmental Club

French Club

Key Club (service organization)

Math Team

National Honor Society

Robotics Club

Club Names SSO (Star Stable)

-The Star Stable Club

-The SSO Club

-The Star Stable Online Club

-The Star Riders Club

-The Horse Lovers Club

-The Pony Club

-The Equestrian Club

-The Riding Club

-The English Riding Club

(If you want something more creative)

The Night Riders

The Midnight Riders

The Moon Riders

The Stardust Crusaders (This one is my favorite XD )

50 CLUB NAME IDEAS For Your SSO Club! | Star Stable

Community Service Club Names Ideas

Club that Gives Back, The

Do Good Club, The

Helping Hands Club

Random Acts of Kindness Club

Service Learning Club

Football Club Names Ideas


Flag Football Frenzy

Punt, Pass, and Kick Club

Gridiron Guys and Gals


Huddle Up

Famous Club Names Ideas

The Breakfast Club

The Rat Pack

The27Club (famous musicians who died at age 27)

Games Club Names Ideas

-The Gamers’ Den

-Tabletop Titans

-Game On!

-Element Games

-Dungeon Masters

-Card Sharks Music Club Names Ideas

-The Beat goes On

-Melody Makers

-Harmony Haven

-The Rhythm Section

-The Sound of Music

Cultural Club Names Ideas

-Diversity in Unity Club

-Cultural Connections Club

-Global Citizens Club

-Multiculturalism and You!

-International Students Association

Strip Club Names


Lucky Anne’s

Deja Vu’s Love






Sports Club Names Ideas

Lacrosse Club

Soccer Club

Tennis Club

Track and Field Club

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Volleyball Club

Water Polo Club

Weight Lifting Club

Wrestling Club

Yoga Club Names Ideas

Namaste Yogis

The Zen Den

Yoga Bliss

Downward Dogs

Warrior Poses

Cool Club Names

Jericho’s Wall

The Alamo





The Dark Knight

V for Vendetta


The Maze Runner

Harry Potter

Club Names for Girls (Friends)

Pretty Little Liars Club

Fangirls Forever Club

Girl Power Club

The Sisterhood

BFF Club

Clubs Names Ideas for Guys (Friends)

“No girls allowed” club (jk don’t do this)

Superhero Squad

Epic Failures Club

Skateboarding Club

Punk Rock Club

Booster Club Names


-Spirit Club

-Pep Club

-Cheer Club

-Mascot Club

Homecoming Committee

Business and Professional Club Names Ideas

-Entrepreneurs Anonymous

-Future Business Leaders of America

-(Your City) Young Professionals Network

-The (Your Industry) Network

-Ladies Who Lunch Club

-(Your City) Chamber of Commerce

Political Club Names Ideas

-Political Science Association

-Model United Nations

– College Democrats / College Republicans

Student Government AssociationNames Ideas

-(Your School Name)’s Student Senate

-Student Goverment

Foodie Club Names Ideas

Food Lovers Club

The Gastronomes

Eating Club

Cooking Club

Film Club Names Ideas

-Cinema Club

-Movie Buffs Club

-Action Packed Movies Club

-Comedy Nights Film Club

Fashion Club Names Ideas


Style Gurus Club

Outfit of the Day Club

Photography Club Names Ideas

Snapshotters Photo club

Through the Lens Photography club

Technology and Gaming Club Names Ideas

-The Wires (for an electric gaming club)

-Techie Titans

-Level Up! Gaming and Tech club

-The App Developers

-Future Coders

-Web Designers Unite!

Club Names for Games

-Super Mario Club

-The Legend of Zelda Club

-Pokémon Club

-Minecraft Club

-Call of Duty Club

Music Club Name Ideas

Jam Session Club

Guitar Enthusiasts Group

Rock Band Fans Unite!

Music Club Name Ideas

Traveling and Adventure Club Names Ideas

Bucket List club

Passport to the World Travel club

To the World and Back

Chess Club Names Ideas

The Knight’s Gambit Chess club

Queen’s Gambit

Young Fischers

French Defense


Improv Comedy Club Names Ideas

Laugh Out Loud improv comedy club

Comic Central

Comic Book and Graphic Novel Club Names Ideas

Superheroes and Villains Club

DC vs. Marvel Club

The League of Extraordinary Graphic Novel Readers

Drama Club Names Ideas

-Drama Queens and Kings club

-Thespian Troupe

-Stage crew club

Famous Club Names

Skull and Crossbones

The Freemasons

The Illuminati

The Mafia

Odd Fellows

Basement Brawlers

Names for a Society

A society name is based on the group’s purpose and usually has the word “society” in it.

-The High Society

-The fashion society

-The book club

-The animal welfare society

Secret societies

Some well-known secret societies are:

Skull and Bones ( Yale University)

Scroll and Key ( Yale University)

Wolf’s Head ( Yale University)

Book and Snake ( Yale University)

St. Elmo’s Fire ( Georgetown University)

Mask and Wig Club ( University of Pennsylvania)

As you can see, most of these clubs have something to do with entertainment or the arts.

Others may be more serious, like a political science association or a business club.

There are also clubs for different interests, such as a foodie club or a chess club.

Whatever you are interested in, there is probably a club for it! So go out and find your people. And don’t forget to have fun!

FAQs – Names for a Club

What are some tips for naming a club or society?

Your club or society’s name should be based on its purpose.

For example, if you are starting a book club, you could call it the “book club.”

You could also try to be creative and come up with a clever name that represents what your group is all about.

Another option is to use the name of your school or university in the name of your club or society. For example, the “College Republicans” or the “Student Government Association.”

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that everyone in your group can agree on!

What are some popular club names?

Some popular club names are:

-The High Society

-The fashion society

-The book club

-The animal welfare society

What are some tips for naming a secret society?

If you are starting a secret society, you will want to choose a name that is mysterious and represents what your group is all about.

Some well-known secret societies are:

-Skull and Bones ( Yale University)

-Scroll and Key ( Yale University)

-Wolf’s Head ( Yale University)

-Book and Snake ( Yale University)

-St. Elmo’s Fire ( Georgetown University)

-Mask and Wig Club ( University of Pennsylvania)

As you can see, most of these clubs have something to do with entertainment or the arts. Others may be more serious, like a political science association or a business club.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that everyone in your group can agree on!

Conclusion – Club Names

In this article, we covered many different club names, including:

  • Club Names Ideas
  • Club Names for Community Service
  • Club Names for School
  • Book Club Names
  • Golf Club Names
  • Motorcycle Club Names
  • Car Club Names
  • Cool Club Names
  • Dance Club Names
  • Football Club Names
  • Famous Club Names
  • Music Club Names
  • Cultural Club Names

As you can see, there are many different types of clubs that you can start or join.

No matter what your interests are, there’s sure to be a club out there for you.

So get started exploring all the different options and find the perfect fit for you.


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