Fallen Aasimar Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on playing a Fallen Aasimar Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DND 5E). Aasimars, the celestial-infused descendants of humans, possess extraordinary beauty and unique traits. While most Aasimars are aligned with good, there are those who have strayed from the path and become neutral or even evil. The fallen Aasimars are shrouded in darkness, embracing their edgy persona and necrotic powers.

Fallen Aasimar Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Fallen Aasimar Paladins are dark and edgy characters, often associated with gothic aesthetics and necrotic powers.
  • Choose your Aasimar subrace wisely: Protector Aasimar, Fallen Aasimar, or Scourge Aasimar each offer unique abilities and traits to enhance your character.
  • When building a Fallen Aasimar Paladin, prioritize Strength and Charisma, and consider the Oath of Conquest subclass for a perfect fit with your character’s edgy nature.
  • Roleplay your Fallen Aasimar Paladin as a conflicted character torn between their dark side and their inherent goodness, adding depth and intrigue to the campaign.
  • In combat, leverage your necrotic powers to terrify enemies, maximize your damage output, and control the battlefield.

Aasimar Descendant Features

Aasimars, descendants of celestial beings, possess unique features that distinguish them from ordinary humans. While they appear human-like, their celestial heritage gives rise to exceptional traits and abilities.

Some common features found in Aasimars include pupilless eyes in shades of white, gray, or gold, silver hair that shimmers in the light, and delicate feathers adorning their shoulders. These characteristics contribute to their ethereal beauty and otherworldly presence.

However, it’s important to note that Aasimars’ physical attributes can vary depending on their celestial lineage. For example, those descended from Planetars may have emerald-colored skin, giving them an aura of celestial radiance. On the other hand, Aasimars with Avoral ancestry may have feathers intricately woven into their hair, symbolizing their connection to avian creatures of grace and majesty.

It is worth mentioning that while Aasimars do not inherently possess wings, they can temporarily manifest spectral wings through their racial ability. This feature enhances their mobility and grants them a mesmerizing presence on the battlefield.

Table 2: Aasimar Descendant Features

Celestial Lineage Distinctive Feature
Planetar Emerald-colored skin
Avoral Feathers in hair

It’s fascinating to explore the unique characteristics associated with each celestial subtype of Aasimar. From the radiant glow of the Planetar lineage to the graceful feathers of the Avoral heritage, Aasimars embody the diverse wonders of celestial ancestry.

Choosing Your Aasimar Subrace

When creating your Aasimar character in DND 5E, you have the option to choose from three subraces: Protector Aasimar, Fallen Aasimar, and Scourge Aasimar. Each subrace offers unique abilities and traits that can greatly impact your character’s playstyle and role within the party.

Protector Aasimar

Protector Aasimars, as the name suggests, are like guardian angels. They possess the ability to unleash radiant energy, which can be used to heal and protect their allies. With their celestial heritage, they radiate an aura of hope and light, providing a sense of comfort to those around them.

Fallen Aasimar

Fallen Aasimars have embraced their dark side, tapping into necrotic powers and ghostly wings. Their gothic aesthetics and edgy persona give them a unique presence. While their appearance may be intimidating, they still possess a desire to protect others, albeit with a touch of darkness.

Scourge Aasimar

Scourge Aasimars emanate divine energy that burns both their enemies and themselves. They can deal radiant damage to nearby foes, sacrificing their own well-being for the greater good. Their burning nature makes them fearsome adversaries, capable of immense power and destruction.

When choosing your Aasimar subrace, consider your character concept and desired playstyle. Do you want to be a healing support character? Then Protector Aasimar may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a darker, more edgy character, Fallen Aasimar would be a fitting option. And if you enjoy dealing damage and sacrificing yourself for the cause, Scourge Aasimar may be the perfect fit. Explore the subraces and select the one that resonates with your character the most.

Building Your Fallen Aasimar Paladin

When creating a Fallen Aasimar Paladin, there are several key factors to consider in order to optimize your character’s build. By focusing on specific attributes and abilities, you can develop a powerful and versatile Paladin that harnesses the dark allure of the Fallen Aasimar race.

First and foremost, prioritize Strength and Charisma in your ability score distribution. Strength is vital for excelling in melee combat, allowing you to deliver devastating blows to your foes. On the other hand, Charisma enhances your spellcasting abilities, empowering your Aasimar traits and unlocking a wider range of options for your character.

In addition to Strength and Charisma, it is also important to invest in Constitution. A higher Constitution score will bolster your Paladin’s survivability, ensuring that you can endure the rigors of combat and emerge victorious. Wisdom and Intelligence should be considered next, as they provide additional benefits such as improved perception and increased capability for knowledge-based skills.

As a Paladin, you have access to heavy armor and shield proficiency, giving you the advantage of being a formidable front-line warrior. This allows you to protect your allies while simultaneously dealing significant damage to your enemies. To further amplify your offensive capabilities, consider adopting the Dueling fighting style. By wielding a one-handed weapon and forgoing a shield, you can maximize your damage output and swiftly overcome your foes.

When selecting spells for your Fallen Aasimar Paladin, choose those that complement your preferred combat style and provide utility or healing when needed. By carefully curating your spell choices, you can enhance your versatility and become an invaluable asset to your adventuring party.

Remember, the construction of your Fallen Aasimar Paladin build should align with your character concept and playstyle. By capitalizing on the unique attributes and abilities of both the Aasimar race and the Paladin class, you can create a formidable champion of righteousness with an alluring dash of darkness.

Oath of Conquest

The Oath of Conquest is a Paladin subclass that focuses on imposing their will through fear and force. This oath is a perfect fit for a Fallen Aasimar with its aggressive and brutal approach to combat. The tenets of this oath include Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Honor, and Duty. Oath of Conquest paladins are often known as anti-heroes, willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals.

They have access to unique abilities such as:

  • Conquering Strike
  • Guided Strike
  • Aura of Conquest

The Aura of Conquest is a particularly intimidating ability that terrifies and damages enemies. With this aura, the Oath of Conquest paladins command a fearsome presence on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of those who oppose them.

“Through fear, we conquer. Through force, we prevail. The weak shall tremble before our might, for we are the embodiment of conquest.”

The Oath of Conquest not only grants powerful combat abilities but also provides an opportunity for complex roleplay, exploring themes of power, darkness, and the limits individuals are willing to push to achieve their goals. As an anti-heroic paladin, the Fallen Aasimar can delve into the darker aspects of their nature while still harboring a desire to protect and serve.

Ability Description
Conquering Strike When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack, you can channel your divine energy into the strike. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened until the end of your next turn.
Guided Strike As a bonus action, you can guide your strike with divine energy. On your next attack roll, you gain a +10 bonus to the roll.
Aura of Conquest At 7th level, you emanate a fearsome aura while you’re not incapacitated. The aura extends 10 feet from you, and any hostile creature that starts its turn in the aura takes necrotic damage equal to half your Paladin level.

The Oath of Conquest allows Fallen Aasimars to embrace their darker side and become formidable warriors on the battlefield. With their powerful abilities and intense presence, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, leading the charge to conquer and claim victory.

Leveling Your Fallen Aasimar Paladin

As you level up your Fallen Aasimar Paladin, you unlock a range of features and abilities that enhance your combat prowess and provide utility in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. These abilities allow you to fulfill your role as a resilient and formidable warrior, while also harnessing the powers of darkness that come with being a Fallen Aasimar.

Key Leveling Features and Abilities

  • Divine Sense: At 1st level, you gain the ability to detect celestial, fiendish, or undead presences within 60 feet of you. This ability allows you to sense the presence of these creatures, helping you in your quests and battles.
  • Lay on Hands: Starting with 1st level, you can use your Lay on Hands ability to heal wounds and cure diseases. This ability grants you a pool of healing power, which you can use to restore hit points to yourself or others.
  • Extra Attack: At later levels, you gain the Extra Attack feature, allowing you to make more than one attack per turn. This feature increases your damage output and makes you a formidable force on the battlefield.
  • Divine Smite: As a Paladin, you gain the ability to channel your divine energy into your weapon strikes. This ability, known as Divine Smite, allows you to deal additional radiant damage to your enemies, making your attacks even more devastating.
  • Auras: As you progress in levels, your aura improves, granting you and nearby allies additional benefits. These auras can provide powerful bonuses to saving throws, increase your resistance to damage, or enhance your offensive capabilities.
  • Channel Divinity: At 3rd level, you unlock the power of Channel Divinity, which gives you access to unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Choose the Channel Divinity options that best suit your playstyle and the challenges you face during your adventures.
  • Spellcasting: As a Paladin, you have the ability to cast spells to aid you in combat and provide utility outside of battle. As you level up, your spellcasting capacity expands, granting you access to higher-level spells.

To optimize your gameplay experience, carefully choose spells that complement your playstyle and allow you to control the battlefield or enhance your damage output. Experiment with different combinations to find the tactics that work best for your Fallen Aasimar Paladin.

By harnessing the powers granted to you as a Fallen Aasimar Paladin and strategically selecting your leveling features and abilities, you can become a formidable champion of justice and darkness.

Roleplaying Your Fallen Aasimar Paladin

Roleplaying a Fallen Aasimar Paladin requires embracing their dark and gothic nature while still maintaining a sense of honor and a strong desire to protect others. The internal struggle between their cursed nature and their underlying goodness creates a complex and intriguing persona. To truly bring your character to life, emphasize the conflicting emotions and their jaded worldview.

As a Fallen Aasimar Paladin, your character’s edgy style, necrotic abilities, and haunting appearance can make a lasting impression on the campaign world. Embrace the darkness within and draw upon it to fuel your righteous quests. Seek redemption for your past transgressions while understanding that your character’s inherent goodness is still present, even if it’s overshadowed by the darkness.

Explore the struggles your character faces as they battle against their cursed nature. The internal conflict between embracing their darkness and trying to hold on to their virtues can create compelling roleplaying opportunities. Show moments of vulnerability and doubt, as well as moments of triumph and heroism. Use your character’s unique backstory and experiences to shape their interactions with other party members and NPCs.

Consider how your Fallen Aasimar Paladin’s necrotic powers and gothic appearance affect their relationships with others. Some NPCs may fear or mistrust your character due to their eerie presence, while others may be drawn to their enigmatic nature. Use these dynamics to cultivate memorable interactions and subplots throughout the campaign.

Emphasizing the Roleplaying Aspect

Here are some suggestions to enhance the roleplaying experience of your Fallen Aasimar Paladin:

  1. Explore the internal struggle between darkness and light through introspective monologues or discussions with other party members.
  2. Describe your character’s haunting appearance and how it affects their interactions with NPCs.
  3. Use your character’s necrotic abilities sparingly or creatively to showcase their internal conflict.
  4. Create a distinctive personality with gothic flair and a tragic backstory that informs their worldview and motivations.
  5. Show empathy and compassion towards others despite the darkness that surrounds your character.
  6. Allow your character to experience growth and redemption through their adventures, finding ways to overcome their cursed nature while striving for righteousness.

Quotes from the Character

“I may have fallen from grace, but my desire to protect and save others still burns within me.”

“The darkness tries to consume me, but I fight to hold on to my inherent goodness. It’s a constant struggle.”

“My cursed heritage may make me an outcast, but I’ll use it to vanquish evil and prove that redemption is possible.”

Fallen Aasimar Paladin In Combat

In the heat of battle, the Fallen Aasimar Paladin proves to be a formidable force, combining devastating damage with excellent battlefield control. With their unique abilities and combat tactics, they can turn the tide of any encounter.

Maximizing Damage Output

When engaging in combat, the Fallen Aasimar Paladin can unleash a flurry of attacks. Take advantage of your Extra Attack feature to strike multiple foes in a single turn, delivering devastating blows. Combine this with the power of Divine Smite to deal massive damage and vanquish your enemies.

“With each swing of my blade, I unleash the fury of the heavens upon my foes.”

Furthermore, tap into your necrotic powers through the Necrotic Shroud ability. This chilling aura strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies and weakens their resolve, leaving them vulnerable to your onslaught.

Battlefield Control and Survivability

As a Fallen Aasimar Paladin, you possess the Aura of Conquest. This intimidating presence imposes penalties on enemies within its range, making it harder for them to resist your commands and attacks. With your high Armor Class (AC) and the ability to don heavy armor and shields, you can withstand even the fiercest onslaughts.

Additionally, prioritize your survivability by utilizing the Lay on Hands ability to heal yourself and your allies during combat. With your spellcasting abilities, choose spells that not only inflict damage but offer utility and healing to support your team’s overall efforts.

A Versatile Asset in Group Combat

The Fallen Aasimar Paladin’s diverse abilities make them a valuable asset in group combat scenarios. Your spellcasting capabilities provide additional utility, allowing you to aid your allies, control the battlefield, and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Combat Tactics Advantages
Dealing Damage Extra Attack, Divine Smite
Battlefield Control Necrotic Shroud, Aura of Conquest
Survivability High AC, Lay on Hands
Supporting Allies Spellcasting, Healing Spells

No matter the situation, the Fallen Aasimar Paladin brings a wide range of abilities to enhance the overall effectiveness of your adventuring party. Employ strategic combat tactics, coordinate with your teammates, and unleash your celestial power to achieve victory.

Embrace your divine heritage and the darkness that accompanies it. As a Fallen Aasimar Paladin, you are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, inspiring your allies and striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Fallen Aasimar Paladin Tips and Tricks

Enhance your gameplay as a Fallen Aasimar Paladin with these helpful tips and tricks:

  1. Leverage your necrotic shroud ability strategically: Use your necrotic shroud to terrify weaker enemies, gaining a significant advantage in combat.

  2. Coordinate with your party members: Maximize the effectiveness of your auras and lay on hands by coordinating with your fellow adventurers. Together, you can create a formidable force on the battlefield.

  3. Utilize your high Charisma: Make use of your high Charisma score in social encounters. Assert your presence and carry an air of authority, allowing you to navigate conversations with finesse.

  4. Choose spells that complement your playstyle: Select spells that align with your preferred combat style and provide utility or additional damage options. This will ensure you are well-equipped for any situation.

  5. Embrace the darkness of your character’s backstory: Roleplay moments of internal struggle to add depth and intrigue to your campaign. Explore the conflicts and complexities that arise from your character’s cursed nature, creating a compelling narrative.

Fallen Aasimar Paladin Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Leverage your necrotic shroud ability strategically to terrify weaker enemies and gain an advantage.
Coordinate with your party members to maximize the effectiveness of your auras and lay on hands.
Use your high Charisma to your advantage in social encounters, asserting your presence and carrying an air of authority.
Choose spells that complement your playstyle and provide utility or additional damage options.
Embrace the darkness of your character’s backstory and roleplay moments of internal struggle to add depth and intrigue to your campaign.

Implement these tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of your Fallen Aasimar Paladin character, enhancing both your combat effectiveness and roleplaying experience.

Fallen Aasimar Paladin Race Options

While Fallen Aasimar make excellent Paladins, there are other race options that are worth considering when building your character. Each race brings unique traits and abilities that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some race options to consider:

  • Human: Humans are known for their adaptability, making them versatile choices for Paladins. Their flexible ability score increase allows you to customize your character to fit your desired playstyle.
  • Half-Elf: Half-Elves offer a well-rounded selection of abilities, making them great all-rounders for Paladins. In addition to having increased Charisma, they also gain bonuses in two other ability scores of your choice, allowing for customization.
  • Dragonborn: Dragonborns bring a touch of elemental essence to the Paladin class. Their resistance to a chosen elemental damage type, along with a powerful breath weapon, adds a unique flavor to your character.
  • Tiefling: Tieflings possess innate spellcasting abilities and resistance to fire damage. Their dark and infernal heritage can add depth and complexity to your Fallen Aasimar Paladin, creating an intriguing narrative.

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each race when creating your Fallen Aasimar Paladin character. Choose a race that aligns with your character concept and enhances your desired playstyle. Remember, the most important aspect of your character is the story you weave with them.

Quote: “Diversity in race options allows players to explore a wide range of character concepts and playstyles, ensuring a rich and vibrant gaming experience.” – Player One


In conclusion, the Fallen Aasimar Paladin is a unique and intriguing character option in DND 5E. Embrace the darkness within and use your necrotic powers to your advantage as you strive for honor and protection. The Oath of Conquest subclass fits perfectly with the edgy and gothic nature of the Fallen Aasimar, allowing you to be a formidable force on the battlefield. Remember to roleplay the internal struggle and jaded worldview of your character for a compelling and memorable gaming experience.


What is an Aasimar?

Aasimars are children of humans whose blood is blessed by celestial power or descended from divine beings. They have the appearance of humans but with extraordinary beauty and unique traits.

What are the common features of an Aasimar?

Aasimars have pupilless eyes (white/gray/gold), silver hair, and light feathers on the shoulder. However, specific features can vary based on their celestial heritage.

What are the subraces of Aasimar in DND 5E?

The subraces of Aasimar in DND 5E are Protector Aasimar, Fallen Aasimar, and Scourge Aasimar.

How should I build my Fallen Aasimar Paladin?

Prioritize Strength and Charisma for your Fallen Aasimar Paladin. Strength is crucial for melee combat, while Charisma enhances your spellcasting abilities and Aasimar traits.

What is the Oath of Conquest?

The Oath of Conquest is a Paladin subclass that focuses on imposing their will through fear and force. It is a perfect fit for a Fallen Aasimar Paladin with its aggressive and brutal approach to combat.

What abilities do Fallen Aasimar Paladins have?

Fallen Aasimar Paladins have abilities such as Divine Sense, Lay on Hands, Extra Attack, Divine Smite, and Aura of Conquest.

How should I roleplay my Fallen Aasimar Paladin?

Embrace the dark and gothic nature of your character and emphasize their internal struggle between their cursed nature and inherent goodness. Use their edgy style, necrotic abilities, and haunting appearance to leave a lasting impression on the campaign world.

How does a Fallen Aasimar Paladin perform in combat?

Fallen Aasimar Paladins excel at dealing damage and controlling the battlefield. They can utilize their necrotic shroud ability, extra attack feature, Divine Smite, and aura of conquest to maximize their damage output and terrify enemies.

What are some tips and tricks for playing a Fallen Aasimar Paladin?

Leverage your necrotic shroud ability strategically, coordinate with your party members to maximize the effectiveness of your auras and lay on hands, use your high Charisma in social encounters, choose spells that complement your playstyle, and embrace the darkness of your character’s backstory for compelling roleplay moments.

What are the race options for a Fallen Aasimar Paladin?

In addition to the Fallen Aasimar, other race options worth considering for a Paladin include Human, Half-Elf, Dragonborn, and Tiefling.

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