Warforged Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive Warforged Paladin Guide for DND 5E! If you’re looking to create a versatile and unique warrior, the Warforged Paladin is the perfect choice. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about building and playing a Warforged Paladin in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Warforged race in DND brings a fascinating backstory to your Paladin character. As a Warforged, you’ll have the opportunity to excel in weapon-based combat or maximize your spellcasting abilities. With racial bonuses like +2 to Constitution and +1 to either Strength or Charisma, you can strategically allocate your attributes to suit your desired build.

Whether you choose to focus on weapon-based combat or delve into the depths of Paladin spellcasting, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make the best choices for your Warforged Paladin. From abilities and subclass options to roleplaying tips and character leveling, this guide has you covered.

Warforged Paladin Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Warforged Paladins are versatile warriors with a unique backstory.
  • Decide on their role and determine their fighting style.
  • Maximize either weapon-based combat or spellcasting abilities.
  • Strategically allocate racial bonuses to optimize your build.
  • Choose from various subclass options for your Warforged Paladin.

Weapon-based Combat

If you’re looking to create a formidable Warforged Paladin build focused on weapon-based combat, then strategic attribute allocation is key. Prioritize your Strength or Dexterity scores, depending on your preferred weapon choice. The Warforged racial bonuses, such as +1 to Strength or Charisma, can further enhance your primary attribute.

To optimize your survivability in battle, consider the Defense fighting style. This style provides a +1 bonus to Armor Class when wearing armor. When combined with the Warforged Integrated Protection feature, which grants an additional +1 to Armor Class, you can maintain the same level of protection as characters wielding shields, even while wielding two-handed weapons.

“With precise strikes and unwavering defense, the Warforged Paladin wielding a two-handed weapon becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Their metallic form instills fear in their enemies while bolstering the confidence of their allies.”

Weapon-based Combat Features

Aspect Description
Attribute Focus Strength or Dexterity, depending on weapon choice.
Defense Fighting Style +1 bonus to Armor Class when wearing armor.
Warforged Integrated Protection +1 bonus to Armor Class.
Two-Handed Weapon Proficiency Wield powerful two-handed weapons without sacrificing defense.

Embrace the might of your Warforged Paladin as you dominate the battlefield with precise strikes and unwavering defense. Two-handed weapons become extensions of your strength, enabling you to overcome any adversary that stands in your way.

Spellcasting Abilities

For players who prefer to maximize the spellcasting abilities of their Warforged Paladin, prioritizing the Charisma score is crucial. The Charisma attribute directly affects the effectiveness of Paladin spells, making it an essential focus for this build. The Warforged’s racial bonuses also play a significant role in spellcasting proficiency. With a +2 bonus to Constitution, Warforged Paladins gain an advantage in maintaining concentration on spells that require it, providing increased resilience and focus.

The Blessed Warrior fighting style and the War Caster feat

The Blessed Warrior fighting style, combined with the War Caster feat, can further enhance the efficiency of Paladin spells.

The Blessed Warrior fighting style, combined with the War Caster feat, can further enhance the efficiency of Paladin spells.

With the Blessed Warrior fighting style, Warforged Paladins gain advantage on saving throws against spells they cast. This advantage can be crucial in challenging encounters, allowing for a greater chance of success. Additionally, the War Caster feat empowers Warforged Paladins to take Opportunity Attacks with spells like Sacred Flame, providing increased offensive capabilities.

Concentration spells and the Warforged’s natural Constitution bonus

Concentration spells and the Warforged’s natural Constitution bonus work in tandem to amplify the Warforged Paladin’s spellcasting potential.

Concentration spells and the Warforged’s natural Constitution bonus work in tandem to amplify the Warforged Paladin’s spellcasting potential.

Concentration spells, such as Bless and Magic Weapon, can greatly benefit from the Warforged’s natural Constitution bonus. The +2 bonus to Constitution provides increased durability, allowing Warforged Paladins to maintain concentration on these important spells even in the midst of battle.

Roleplaying a Warforged Paladin

Roleplaying a Warforged Paladin can be a unique and intriguing experience. As a sentient construct with a sacred purpose, your character’s journey is filled with fascinating possibilities for growth and personal exploration. Here are some tips to help you bring your Warforged Paladin to life and create a memorable character:

  1. Question your Oath: Is your character’s Oath a genuine belief or a result of their programming? Explore the depth of their convictions and contemplate the reasons behind their chosen path.
  2. Embrace your Purpose: Does your Warforged Paladin fully embrace their purpose as a righteous warrior? Are they driven by a desire to continue making a positive impact, even after the war they were created for has ended?
  3. Seek Redemption: Some Warforged Paladins may carry the weight of their past actions in battle and seek redemption. They can struggle with the desire to be seen as more than mere instruments of war, striving to prove their worthiness to others or finding solace within themselves.

You can delve deep into your character’s backstory and motivations to discover unique facets of their personality. Remember that as a Warforged Paladin, you have the opportunity to explore complex themes of purpose, redemption, and personal growth.

Ultimately, the key to roleplaying a Warforged Paladin is to fully embrace their unique nature as a sentient construct infused with divine power. Let your character’s experiences, beliefs, and interactions shape their development, and watch as your Warforged Paladin becomes a truly captivating presence in your DND 5E campaign.

Oath Options for Warforged Paladins

Warforged Paladins have a range of Oath options to choose from, each offering unique abilities and thematic elements that align perfectly with their nature. The choice of Oath is crucial and should be based on the character’s backstory, personal beliefs, and desired playstyle. Let’s explore some of the most suitable Oath options for Warforged Paladins:

1. Conquest

The Conquest Oath focuses on instilling fear and commanding authority on the battlefield. Warforged Paladins who choose this path gain abilities such as Aura of Conquest, which deals extra necrotic damage, and Scornful Rebuke, which punishes enemies for striking them. This Oath is ideal for Warforged Paladins who seek to dominate and control their enemies.

2. Crown

Warforged Paladins who uphold the Crown Oath are dedicated to justice and protecting the innocent. This Oath grants them abilities such as Champion Challenge, which forces enemies to focus on the Paladin instead of their allies, and Divine Allegiance, which redirects damage to themselves. If you want to embody righteousness and defend those in need, the Crown Oath is a fitting choice.

3. Devotion

The Devotion Oath is centered around unwavering faith and commitment. Warforged Paladins who follow this path gain access to abilities like Sacred Weapon, which imbues their weapon with radiant energy, and Holy Nimbus, which emits a protective aura. Choosing the Devotion Oath showcases your steadfast dedication to your beliefs and the pursuit of good.

4. Redemption

Warforged Paladins who take the path of Redemption seek to redeem themselves and others, striving for peace and forgiveness. The Redemption Oath grants abilities such as Emissary of Peace, which allows for peaceful resolutions to conflicts, and Deadly Grasp, which immobilizes opponents without inflicting harm. If you wish to emphasize diplomacy and second chances, the Redemption Oath is an excellent choice.

As a Warforged Paladin, the choice of Oath goes beyond mere mechanics; it shapes your character’s purpose and narrative. Consider your character’s values, goals, and morality when selecting an Oath. Remember, your choice of Oath will also impact your character’s progression and abilities as you level up.

So, delve deep into your Warforged Paladin’s heart and make a choice that reflects their journey of honor and righteousness. Whether you choose the path of Conquest, Crown, Devotion, or Redemption, your Warforged Paladin will be a formidable force on the battlefield, an unwavering paragon of justice, and a beacon of hope for those in need.

Paladin Class Features for Warforged

Paladins are renowned for their durability, versatility, and self-sufficiency, making them invaluable assets in any adventuring party. With their unique abilities and powerful class features, Warforged Paladins bring an exceptional edge to the battlefield.

Key highlights of the Paladin class for Warforged include:

  1. Lay on Hands: As masters of healing, Paladins can rejuvenate themselves or allies by channeling their divine energy. This ability allows Warforged Paladins to efficiently restore hit points, providing crucial support in dire situations.
  2. Fighting Style: By specializing in a specific fighting style, such as Defense, Great Weapon Fighting, or Protection, Warforged Paladins can capitalize on their combat prowess. Whether wielding a massive greatsword or defending with a shield, they can adapt their style to suit the needs of the party.
  3. Strong Saving Throws and Proficiency: Warforged Paladins possess excellent saving throw bonuses, bolstering their resilience against magical effects and other hazards. Furthermore, their proficiency in all types of weapons and armor grants them versatility in adapting to various combat situations.
  4. Channel Divinity: Channel Divinity allows Paladins to tap into their divine connection, unleashing powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle. From smiting their enemies with divine wrath to protecting their allies with an aura of courage, Warforged Paladins can use this ability to exert influence on the battlefield.
  5. Spellcasting Capabilities: Paladins have access to a limited number of spells that complement their martial prowess. They can choose from a diverse selection, including protective spells like Shield of Faith or offensive options like Wrathful Smite. This versatility allows Warforged Paladins to adapt their strategies and provide additional utility in different scenarios.

Overall, Warforged Paladins possess a unique combination of exceptional combat prowess, healing abilities, and divine magic. Their versatility and adaptability make them a force to be reckoned with in any campaign.

Table: Warforged Paladin Class Features

Class Feature Description
Lay on Hands Powerful healing ability to restore hit points
Fighting Style Choose a specialized combat style
Strong Saving Throws and Proficiency Bonus for saving throws and proficiency in all weapons and armor
Channel Divinity Tap into divine energy for impactful abilities
Spellcasting Capabilities Access to a range of spells to enhance combat and provide utility

Warforged Racial Traits for Paladins

The Warforged race offers unique racial traits that make them an ideal choice for Paladins. These traits synergize well with the Paladin class and enhance their abilities in combat and defense. Let’s explore the key racial traits of the Warforged that contribute to the strength and resilience of a Warforged Paladin:

Constructed Resilience

The Warforged’s Constructed Resilience trait grants them several notable benefits. They have resistance to poison damage and immunity to diseases, making them exceptionally resilient warriors on the battlefield. This resilience ensures that a Warforged Paladin can withstand dangerous encounters and continue fighting with unwavering resolve.

Integrated Protection

The Integrated Protection feature of the Warforged race complements the defensive capabilities of a Paladin. This feature allows a Warforged Paladin to incorporate armor into their body, granting them a +1 bonus to their Armor Class. Combined with the Defense fighting style, which grants an additional +1 bonus to Armor Class, Warforged Paladins can achieve formidable defensive capabilities, ensuring their survival in the heat of battle.

Ability Score Increase

The Warforged racial traits include a +2 increase to Constitution. This boost to Constitution enhances a Warforged Paladin’s durability, increasing their hit points and enabling them to endure more damage. Furthermore, a higher Constitution score helps them maintain concentration on spells, allowing them to cast powerful spells without interruptions.

With these racial traits, the Warforged race presents a compelling option for players looking to create a resilient and potent Warforged Paladin. Their innate resilience, ability to incorporate armor, and Constitution bonus contribute to their effectiveness in combat and spellcasting. Consider the Warforged race when building your next Paladin character for a truly unique and formidable adventuring experience.

Warforged Paladin Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing can add versatility and unique abilities to a Warforged Paladin. Depending on the desired playstyle, players can consider multiclassing into other classes such as Fighter, Artificer, Sorcerer, or Warlock. Each multiclass option offers different synergies and opportunities to enhance the character’s combat abilities or spellcasting prowess. It’s important to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of multiclassing and ensure that the chosen combination aligns with the character’s backstory and intended playstyle.

Combining the noble virtues of the Paladin class with the distinct abilities of other classes can create a truly formidable and adaptable character. Here are some potential multiclassing options for Warforged Paladins:

  1. Fighter: Multiclassing into Fighter can provide additional combat prowess, granting extra attacks, fighting styles, and the Action Surge ability. This combination is suitable for Warforged Paladins who want to focus on melee combat and excel in tactical situations.
  2. Artificer: Multiclassing into Artificer can bring unique technological abilities to the Warforged Paladin. The Artificer class offers spells, infusions, and magical item creation that can complement the Paladin’s abilities and enhance their versatility both in and out of combat.
  3. Sorcerer: Multiclassing into Sorcerer can enhance the Warforged Paladin’s spellcasting abilities. With access to Sorcerer spells and Metamagic options, this multiclass combination allows for greater flexibility and amplification of the Paladin’s divine magic.
  4. Warlock: Multiclassing into Warlock can introduce eldritch powers and invocations to the Warforged Paladin’s repertoire. The Warlock class offers unique spellcasting mechanics and invocations that can provide additional utility, damage, or even pact-based abilities.

When considering multiclassing options, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of deviating from a single-class Paladin build. Multiclass characters may experience slower progression, potentially delaying access to higher-level Paladin features. Additionally, multiclassing requires careful planning to ensure the synergy between classes is strong and aligned with the character’s narrative.

“By choosing the right multiclass combination, a Warforged Paladin can unlock a wealth of new abilities and tap into the strength of multiple classes. However, it’s important to approach multiclassing with thoughtfulness and consider how each choice enhances the character’s story and playstyle.” – Sir Roland the Resolute, renowned adventurer

Warforged Paladin Equipment and Gear

Warforged Paladins have a wide range of equipment and gear options available to them. To maximize their effectiveness in combat, they can wield various weapons, such as longswords, greatswords, or versatile weapons like warhammers. The choice of armor is crucial for a Warforged Paladin, as it determines their defense and mobility on the battlefield.

Plate armor provides the highest level of protection, granting a solid defense against physical attacks. On the other hand, half-plate armor offers a balance between defense and mobility, allowing the Warforged Paladin to maneuver more easily during combat. The choice of armor depends on the player’s preference for a tanky, heavily armored character or a more nimble and versatile warrior.

Shields can be a valuable asset for a Warforged Paladin, providing additional protection by boosting their Armor Class. By wielding a shield, a Warforged Paladin can further increase their defensive capabilities, making them more resilient against both melee and ranged attacks.

In addition to weapons and armor, accessories like holy symbols and amulets play a significant role in a Warforged Paladin’s equipment. Holy symbols are essential for practicing and channeling their divine powers, strengthening their connection to their chosen Oath. Amulets can offer additional bonuses or protections, enhancing the Warforged Paladin’s abilities in specific areas of focus.

Equipment Advantages
Longsword Versatile melee weapon with decent damage
Greatsword High damage potential with two-handed wielding
Warhammer Versatile weapon with the potential to deal bludgeoning damage
Plate Armor Highest level of protection, ideal for tanking
Half-Plate Armor Balance between defense and mobility
Shield Boosts Armor Class for increased defense
Holy Symbol Essential for channeling divine powers
Amulet Enhances specific abilities or offers additional bonuses

When selecting equipment and gear for a Warforged Paladin, it’s crucial to consider their playstyle and desired role in the party. The right combination of weapons, armor, and accessories can enhance their combat effectiveness, bolster their defensive capabilities, and align with their chosen Oath. A well-equipped and prepared Warforged Paladin is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Key Takeaways:

  • Warforged Paladins have a wide range of equipment options, including weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • The choice of weapons, such as longswords, greatswords, or warhammers, depends on the player’s preferred playstyle.
  • Plate armor offers the highest level of defense, while half-plate armor strikes a balance between defense and mobility.
  • Shields can be used to further boost a Warforged Paladin’s Armor Class for increased protection.
  • Holy symbols and amulets are essential accessories for Warforged Paladins, enhancing their divine connections and providing additional bonuses.


Warforged Paladins offer a unique and compelling character option in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. With their racial traits, such as the bonus to Constitution and Integrated Protection, they excel in both defensive and offensive roles. Whether players choose to focus on weapon-based combat or spellcasting, they can find a suitable path for their Warforged Paladin.

Roleplaying opportunities are rich and diverse, allowing for deep character development and storytelling. Whether grappling with their purpose or seeking redemption, Warforged Paladins have the potential for captivating narratives. Their unique perspective as constructed beings in a world of flesh and blood adds an intriguing layer to their journey.

By carefully considering the different options and making strategic choices, players can create resilient and righteous champions to embark on unforgettable adventures. Whether it’s selecting the appropriate Oath or optimizing their ability scores, each decision contributes to shaping a formidable and memorable Warforged Paladin. With their combination of mechanical strength and spiritual conviction, Warforged Paladins can inspire awe and admiration in both allies and adversaries.


What is a Warforged Paladin?

A Warforged Paladin is a versatile warrior with a unique backstory who can excel in weapon-based combat or maximize their spellcasting abilities.

How should I allocate the racial bonuses for my Warforged Paladin?

The racial bonuses of a Warforged Paladin, such as +2 to Constitution and +1 to either Strength or Charisma, can be strategically allocated depending on the build and primary attribute choice.

What fighting style is recommended for a weapon-based Warforged Paladin?

The Defense fighting style, which boosts Armor Class and allows for the use of two-handed weapons or a shield, is a popular choice for weapon-based Warforged Paladins.

How should I prioritize my ability scores for a weapon-based Warforged Paladin?

For a weapon-based Warforged Paladin, prioritize Strength or Dexterity scores, depending on the weapon choice, and augment it with the Warforged racial bonuses.

How can I maximize the spellcasting abilities of my Warforged Paladin?

To maximize spellcasting abilities, prioritize the Charisma score, as it affects the effectiveness of Paladin spells, and take advantage of the Warforged’s racial bonuses, such as +2 to Constitution for maintaining concentration on spells.

What fighting style and feat are recommended for a spellcasting Warforged Paladin?

The Blessed Warrior fighting style and the War Caster feat can enhance the efficiency of Paladin spells by granting advantage on saving throws and the ability to take Opportunity Attacks with spells.

What are some roleplaying tips for a Warforged Paladin?

Roleplay your Warforged Paladin by grappling with the question of whether their Oath is a genuine belief or simply a result of their programming and consider their purpose, redemption, and character development possibilities.

Which Oaths are well-suited for Warforged Paladins?

The Conquest, Crown, Devotion, and Redemption Oaths are well-suited for Warforged Paladins, providing unique abilities and thematic elements that align with the nature of Warforged characters.

What are the class features of a Warforged Paladin?

Warforged Paladins have class features such as Lay on Hands for healing and Fighting Style for combat specialization, making them valuable additions to any party.

What racial traits make the Warforged a good choice for Paladins?

Warforged racial traits such as the +2 to Constitution, Integrated Protection, and Constructed Resilience make them excellent choices for Paladins, enhancing their durability, defensive capabilities, and resilience.

What are some multiclassing options for a Warforged Paladin?

Warforged Paladins can consider multiclassing into other classes such as Fighter, Artificer, Sorcerer, or Warlock for added versatility and unique abilities, depending on their desired playstyle and character development.

What equipment and gear options are available for Warforged Paladins?

Warforged Paladins can wield various weapons, choose different types of armor, including plate armor or half-plate, and use shields to boost their Armor Class. Holy symbols and amulets can enhance their abilities and connections to their chosen Oath.

What makes Warforged Paladins a compelling character option in DND 5E?

Warforged Paladins are versatile and resilient warriors with unique racial traits, providing excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. They offer roleplaying opportunities for deep character development and storytelling.

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