Halfling Warlock Guide (DND 5E)

Welcome to our comprehensive Halfling Warlock Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (DND 5E). In this guide, we will delve into the unique combination of the Halfling race and the Warlock class, providing you with all the information you need to create a powerful spellcaster using the Halfling Warlock build. Whether you’re new to the Warlock class or a seasoned player looking to explore new possibilities, this guide is your key to unlocking the potential of the Halfling Warlock in DND 5E.

Halfling Warlock Guide (DND 5E)

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to create a Halfling Warlock character by making choices regarding race and class features.
  • Discover the unique traits and abilities of the Halfling race in DND 5E.
  • Explore the distinct features of the Warlock class, including Pact Magic and proficiency options.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different Otherworldly Patrons available to Warlocks, such as the Archfey, Celestial, Fiend, Great Old One, and Hexblade.
  • Gain insights into building a Halfling Warlock subclass that aligns with your desired playstyle and abilities.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure as a Halfling Warlock? Let’s dive into the details and unleash the arcane power that lies within.

Creating a Halfling Warlock

To create a Halfling Warlock character, you have the exciting task of selecting your character’s race and class features. The Halfling race possesses unique traits and abilities that synergize well with the spellcasting prowess of the Warlock class. By forging a pact with a powerful otherworldly being, a Halfling Warlock gains access to a wide range of arcane abilities, enabling them to conjure ethereal blasts on the battlefield.

When building your Halfling Warlock, consider the following choices:

  1. Select the Halfling race for its inherent attributes, such as the ability to Hide or Move through the spaces of larger creatures and their natural inclination towards luck and bravery.
  2. Choose the Warlock class for its distinctive spellcasting abilities and the intriguing pact with an otherworldly patron, granting you a set of unique powers and features.
  3. Customize your character by selecting the right combination of subclass, invocations, spells, and background, aiming to create a well-rounded character that reflects your playstyle and roleplaying preferences.

By carefully considering these options and making informed choices, you can create a Halfling Warlock character that embodies the perfect blend of Halfling whimsy and formidable spellcasting capabilities.


“The Halfling Warlock is a testament to the harmony between the Halfling race and the mystical influence of an otherworldly patron. Through this unique character build, players can explore the balance between the whimsical nature of the Halfling and the arcane might of a Warlock.”

Halflings in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (DND 5E), Halflings are a race known for their love of comfort and peace. They are often found in the safety of their homes, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. With their tan to pale skin, brown or sandy brown hair, and small human-like features, Halflings possess a charming and unassuming appearance.

The Halfling race in DND 5E is further divided into six subraces, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. These subraces allow players to customize their Halfling characters to suit their preferred playstyle and role within the game.

Subrace Traits
Lightfoot Halfling The most common subrace, Lightfoot Halflings are skilled at avoiding trouble and can blend seamlessly into human society. They have the ability to naturally hide and excel in the art of stealth.
Stout Halfling Stout Halflings are hardy and resilient. They have a natural resistance to poison and can endure physical hardships better than other Halfling subraces.
Ghostwise Halfling The rarest of the Halfling subraces, Ghostwise Halflings have a strong telepathic connection with other beings. They can communicate silently with others and possess a heightened awareness of their surroundings.
Rock Gnome Known for their tinkering abilities and fascination with gadgets, Rock Gnomes have a natural aptitude for creating and repairing mechanical devices. They excel in intelligence-based skills and possess a knack for illusions.
Forest Gnome Forest Gnomes have a deep connection with nature and are skilled in stealth and illusion magic. They have the ability to communicate with small woodland creatures and possess a natural affinity for druidic magic.
Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Deep Gnomes, also known as Svirfneblin, dwell deep underground and are skilled at navigating in the darkness. They have the ability to turn invisible and possess innate magical abilities that aid them in their subterranean adventures.

The Halfling race in DND 5E offers a diverse range of options for players to create unique and compelling characters. Whether you choose to play as a Lightfoot Halfling, a Stout Halfling, or one of the other subraces, embracing the traits and abilities of your chosen subrace will enhance your gameplay experience and make your Halfling character truly memorable.

Warlock Class Features

The Warlock class in DND 5E offers unique features and abilities that set it apart from other classes. As a Warlock, you possess both martial prowess and arcane spellcasting, making you a formidable force on the battlefield. Let’s delve into the key features that define the Warlock class:

Pact Magic

At 1st level, Warlocks gain access to Pact Magic, a form of spellcasting that sets them apart from other magic users. Unlike traditional spellcasters, Warlocks have a limited number of spell slots that recharge on a short rest. This allows them to excel in sustained combat encounters without relying solely on long rests for spell recovery.


Warlocks are proficient in light armor and simple weapons, granting them versatility in combat. This proficiency allows Warlocks to effectively adapt to different combat scenarios and choose the equipment that best suits their preferred playstyle.

Saving Throws and Skills

Warlocks possess saving throw proficiencies in Wisdom and Charisma, reflecting their innate connection to the arcane forces that fuel their magic. These saving throws can prove crucial for resisting mind-affecting spells, illusions, and other enchantments.

In addition, Warlocks can choose two skills from a wide range of options to further customize their character. These skills include Arcana, Deception, History, Intimidation, Investigation, Nature, and Religion. This selection allows Warlocks to excel in various non-combat situations, offering versatility in both roleplaying and exploration.

“Warlocks are unique spellcasters, wielding eldritch power granted by otherworldly entities. With their Pact Magic, versatile proficiencies, and diverse skill choices, Warlocks are adept at adapting to any situation they face.”

Otherworldly Patrons for Warlocks

Warlocks in DND 5E forge deep and mysterious pacts with powerful otherworldly beings known as Otherworldly Patrons. These enigmatic entities grant their Warlock followers access to extraordinary powers and abilities beyond mortal comprehension. Each Otherworldly Patron embodies a distinct source of arcane energy, providing unique thematic and mechanical benefits to the Warlock.

Let’s explore some of the prominent Otherworldly Patrons available to Warlocks:


The Archfey, beings from the fey realm, are whimsical and enigmatic patrons. They offer Warlocks the ability to manipulate nature, charm their enemies, and navigate the Feywild with ease. Warlocks who form pacts with Archfey often possess a touch of fey magic and an affinity for illusion and enchantment.


The Celestial Otherworldly Patrons are powerful entities hailing from the Upper Planes. These benevolent beings bestow Warlocks with radiant energy, healing powers, and the ability to smite their foes with celestial might. Warlocks who align with Celestial Patrons often act as protectors or champions of goodness and are motivated to bring light to the darkest corners of the world.


Fiends from the lower planes, such as demons and devils, offer Warlocks incredible infernal powers through their pacts. Warlocks who choose Fiend Patrons gain access to destructive spells, fire-based abilities, and the ability to corrupt and manipulate others. The Fiend Patron empowers Warlocks to harness the dark forces of the lower planes to serve their own ambitious goals.

Great Old One

Mysterious beings from beyond reality, the Great Old Ones grant Warlocks access to eldritch knowledge and mind-bending powers. Warlocks with a Great Old One Patron can tap into the unfathomable depths of the universe, learning secrets that mortals were never meant to know. These powers often focus on manipulating minds, unraveling sanity, and distorting reality itself.


The Hexblade Otherworldly Patron is a powerful entity originating from the Shadowfell. It offers Warlocks the ability to channel their arcane power through a sentient weapon known as a Hexblade. Warlocks with a Hexblade Patron can wield their weapon with deadly precision, smiting their enemies with eldritch might while enhancing their combat prowess.

Each Otherworldly Patron represents a unique avenue for roleplay and character development, as well as strategic choices for your Warlock’s abilities and abilities. Consider your character’s backstory and goals when selecting an Otherworldly Patron, as it will shape their journey and influence their interactions within the game world.


Otherworldly Patron Description
Archfey Beings from the fey realm, granting enchantment and nature manipulation abilities.
Celestial Powerful entities from the Upper Planes, bestowing radiant energy and healing powers.
Fiend Fiends from the lower planes, offering destructive spells and infernal powers.
Great Old One Mysterious entities from beyond reality, sharing eldritch knowledge and mind-bending abilities.
Hexblade An entity from the Shadowfell, empowering Warlocks with enhanced combat prowess through a sentient weapon.

Building a Halfling Warlock Subclass

Choosing the right subclass for your Halfling Warlock is crucial for character optimization. Each subclass offers unique abilities and playstyles. Consider your desired role and abilities when selecting your Warlock subclass.

Archfey Subclass

The Archfey subclass focuses on control and utility casting. By forging a pact with an otherworldly being from the fey realm, Halfling Warlocks gain the ability to manipulate illusions, charm creatures, and even teleport through the Feywild.

Celestial Subclass

The Celestial subclass combines blasting, control, and healing abilities. By aligning with a powerful celestial entity, Halfling Warlocks become conduits of radiant energy, capable of dealing damage to enemies, healing allies, and even summoning celestial spirits to aid them in battle.

Hexblade Subclass

The Hexblade subclass is a melee-focused option for Halfling Warlocks. By forming a bond with a sentient weapon from the Shadowfell, Halfling Warlocks gain proficiency with martial weapons and can channel their eldritch powers through their chosen weapon, dealing devastating melee attacks.

Great Old One Subclass

The Great Old One subclass specializes in mind-affecting spells. By forming a pact with an ancient and mysterious entity from beyond reality, Halfling Warlocks gain psychic abilities, enabling them to read thoughts, implant suggestions, and even dominate the will of their enemies.

Consider the unique abilities and playstyles offered by each subclass when creating your Halfling Warlock character. Choose the subclass that best complements your desired role and powers, and unlock the true potential of your character.

Subclass Ability Playstyle
Archfey Control and utility casting Illusions, charm, teleportation
Celestial Blasting, control, and healing Damage dealing, healing, celestial summons
Hexblade Melee-focused combat Proficiency with martial weapons, eldritch melee attacks
Great Old One Mind-affecting spells Thought reading, suggestion implantation, mental domination

Choose your Warlock subclass wisely to optimize your Halfling Warlock’s abilities and embark on epic adventures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Halfling Subraces for Warlocks

Halflings, as a race, are diverse and have various subraces that offer unique abilities and traits. When creating a Halfling Warlock character in DND 5E, it is essential to consider the advantages of each subrace. Two popular subraces for Halfling Warlocks are the Lightfoot Halfling and the Stout Halfling.

Lightfoot Halfling

The Lightfoot Halflings are the most common subrace among Halflings. Known for their wanderlust and ability to get along with other races, Lightfoot Halflings are social and diplomatic. Their natural talents for stealth and hiding make them excellent scouts, spies, and even thieves. Their ability to blend into crowds and use their Luck trait to reroll a failed ability check or saving throw can greatly benefit a Halfling Warlock.

Ability Modifier
Dexterity +2
Charisma +1

The Lightfoot Halfling’s ability score increase in Dexterity aids their agility and reflexes, making them skilled in evading danger. Their boost in Charisma enhances their spellcasting abilities as Warlocks, empowering their magical prowess. Additionally, their Naturally Stealthy trait allows them to attempt to hide even when they are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than them.

Stout Halfling

The Stout Halflings, unlike their Lightfoot counterparts, focus on sturdiness and resilience. These Halflings exemplify exceptional endurance and resistance to toxins. Their racial traits make Stout Halflings ideal for front-line combat, providing durability in battles.

Ability Modifier
Dexterity +2
Constitution +1

The Dexterity bonus of Stout Halflings enhances their agility and reflexes, contributing to their capability in avoiding harm. The additional Constitution bonus further increases their hit points, making them hardier than the average Halfling. Stout Halflings possess the Stout Resilience trait, granting them advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance to poison damage.

When creating a Halfling Warlock, carefully consider the unique abilities and traits of each subrace to maximize the potential of your character. Whether you choose the diplomatic and stealthy Lightfoot Halfling or the sturdy and resilient Stout Halfling, your choice will impact how you navigate the adventures that lie ahead.

Halfling Warlock Background

The background of your Halfling Warlock character plays a significant role in shaping their choices, personality, and goals. When crafting your character’s backstory, consider various factors that contribute to their identity, such as their birthplace, upbringing, ideals, bonds, and flaws.

Think about how your character’s background aligns with their pact as a Warlock. Did they stumble upon a forbidden tome in their family’s attic, sparking their interest in forbidden knowledge? Or perhaps they made a pact in a moment of desperation, seeking power to protect their loved ones.

Use these details to flesh out your character’s personality and motivations. Consider their fears, dreams, and what inspires them. Use their background to introduce unique quirks or beliefs that inform their roleplaying and decision-making.

Sample Halfling Warlock Background Ideas:

  • Birthplace: A small village nestled in the rolling hills, where the character grew up surrounded by the magical essence of nature.
  • Upbringing: Raised in a family of scholars, the character developed a thirst for knowledge from a young age.
  • Ideals: Driven by a desire for justice, the character made a pact with their otherworldly patron to gain the power necessary to right the wrongs of the world.
  • Bonds: The character has a strong bond with their fellow adventurers, relying on their support and trust in the face of danger.
  • Flaws: The character is haunted by a dark secret from their past that they are desperate to keep hidden.

“My pact with the otherworldly being came about as a desperate attempt to save my village from a rampaging monster. Now, I wield its eldritch power to protect those I hold dear.” – Halfling Warlock

By considering these elements, you can create a rich and engaging backstory for your Halfling Warlock character. This background will not only add depth to your roleplaying but also provide opportunities for character growth and development throughout your Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (DND 5E) campaign.

Gear and Invocations for Halfling Warlocks

When it comes to gear, Halfling Warlocks have relatively simple requirements. While light armor and a backup melee weapon can provide some utility in certain situations, the true power of a Halfling Warlock lies in their spellcasting abilities, particularly the potent Eldritch Blast cantrip for ranged damage.

However, where Halfling Warlocks truly shine is in their customization options through Eldritch Invocations. These invocations grant a wide variety of abilities and benefits, allowing Halfling Warlocks to tailor their character to fit their playstyle and desired role.

Some Eldritch Invocations offer additional skill proficiencies, enhancing a Halfling Warlock’s versatility outside of spellcasting. Others provide spellcasting enhancements, allowing for increased spell range or potency. Furthermore, certain invocations improve the benefits gained from a Halfling Warlock’s pact boon, further augmenting their pact-based abilities.

Here are a few examples of Eldritch Invocations available to Halfling Warlocks:

  1. Agonizing Blast: This invocation adds your Charisma modifier to the damage roll of your Eldritch Blast cantrip, making it even more deadly.
  2. Mask of Many Faces: With this invocation, you gain the ability to cast Disguise Self at will, allowing you to assume different identities and deceive others.
  3. Devil’s Sight: This invocation grants you the ability to see normally in both magical and non-magical darkness, giving you a tactical advantage in dimly lit environments.

Remember, the choice of invocations should be based on your desired playstyle and the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Experiment with different combinations to discover what works best for your Halfling Warlock.

Spells and Abilities for Halfling Warlocks

As a Halfling Warlock, your spellcasting abilities are unique and powerful. The Warlock class relies on a limited number of spell slots that recharge on a short rest, allowing you to cast spells more frequently than other spellcasters. When choosing spells for your Halfling Warlock, it’s important to consider their utility and how they complement your playstyle and desired role in the party.

Eldritch Blast is a cornerstone cantrip for Halfling Warlocks, offering reliable and consistent damage-dealing potential. Additionally, there are a variety of spells that can enhance your control over the battlefield, provide utility to your party, or offer healing options when needed. Choose spells that align with your Pact Boon and subclass abilities, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness in combat and other encounters.

To help you make informed spell choices, here are some examples of utility spells that can be valuable additions to your spell list as a Halfling Warlock:

  • Misty Step: This spell allows you to teleport up to 30 feet, providing unparalleled mobility in both combat and exploration.
  • Counterspell: With this spell, you can disrupt enemy spellcasters and prevent them from unleashing their magic.
  • Invisibility: This spell can grant you temporary invisibility, allowing you to slip past enemies or set up powerful sneak attacks.
  • Hex: By cursing your enemies with this spell, you can deal additional damage to them and hinder their abilities.
  • Darkness: This spell creates an area of magical darkness, granting you an advantage against enemies who rely on sight.

These are just a few examples, and there is a wide range of spells available for Halfling Warlocks. Consider the specific needs of your party and the challenges you anticipate facing when selecting your spells. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt your spell choices as you progress in your adventures.

Remember that the versatility of your spellcasting abilities as a Halfling Warlock allows you to be an asset to your party in many different situations. Choose spells that align with your desired role and playstyle, and don’t underestimate the power of utility spells in enhancing your overall effectiveness in and out of combat.

Next, let’s take a look at some tips for playing a Halfling Warlock and how to embrace the unique combination of the Halfling race’s whimsical nature and the Warlock class’s arcane power.

Tips for Playing a Halfling Warlock

Playing a Halfling Warlock allows you to fully embrace the unique combination of the Halfling race’s whimsical nature and the Warlock class’s arcane power. Here are some tips to enhance your gameplay and roleplaying experience:

  1. Strategic Abilities: Make the most of your Eldritch Blast and spellcasting abilities by using them strategically in combat. Consider the range, damage, and effects of your spells to effectively control the battlefield and support your party.
  2. Roleplaying the Pact: Embrace your character’s pact with an otherworldly being by incorporating their motivations and goals into your interactions with NPCs and the world. Explore the relationship between your Halfling Warlock and their patron, and let it shape your character’s decisions and actions.
  3. Utilize Halfling Traits: Leverage the unique traits of the Halfling race in your roleplaying. Tap into their natural luck, resourcefulness, and agility to navigate challenges and contribute to the party’s success. Use your Halfling’s small size to your advantage, utilizing stealth and nimbleness in both combat and non-combat situations.
  4. Playful Personality: Embrace the whimsical nature of the Halfling race by infusing your character with a playful and light-hearted personality. Incorporate humor, curiosity, and a sense of wonder into your roleplaying, creating memorable interactions with other characters in the game.


Congratulations! You have now completed our comprehensive guide on creating and playing a Halfling Warlock in DND 5E. By carefully selecting your subclass, invocations, and spells, you can optimize your character’s abilities and create a powerful spellcaster.

As a Halfling Warlock, you have the unique opportunity to embrace the whimsical nature of the Halfling race while wielding the arcane power of the Warlock class. In combat, strategically use your Eldritch Blast and spells to dominate the battlefield. But remember, being a Halfling Warlock is not just about the mechanics – it’s about the roleplaying opportunities that come with forging a pact with an otherworldly being.

Explore the boundless possibilities of this character build and let your imagination run wild. Engage in meaningful interactions with NPCs, drawing inspiration from your character’s pact and motivations. As you embark on your adventures, remember to have fun and enjoy the immersive world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. With your Halfling Warlock, anything is possible!


What is a Halfling Warlock?

A Halfling Warlock is a character in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition (DND 5E) that combines the Halfling race with the Warlock class, creating a spellcaster with unique abilities and arcane powers.

What are the subraces of Halflings in DND 5E?

The Halfling race has six subraces: Lightfoot Halflings, Stout Halflings, Ghostwise Halflings, Deep Halflings, Waterdeep Halflings, and Lotusden Halflings.

What are the features of the Warlock class in DND 5E?

The Warlock class in DND 5E has features like Pact Magic, proficiency in light armor and simple weapons, and saving throws in Wisdom and Charisma.

What are the options for Otherworldly Patrons for Warlocks?

The options for Otherworldly Patrons for Warlocks include the Archfey, Celestial, Fiend, Great Old One, and Hexblade.

How do I choose the right subclass for my Halfling Warlock?

Consider your desired role and abilities when selecting your Warlock subclass. Options include Archfey, Celestial, Hexblade, Fiend, and Great Old One.

What are the gear and invocations recommended for Halfling Warlocks?

Light armor and a backup melee weapon are useful, but the focus is on using the powerful Eldritch Blast cantrip. Invocations allow customization, granting various abilities such as skill proficiencies and spellcasting enhancements.

How do Warlock spellcasting and spell choices work for Halfling Warlocks?

Warlocks have a unique spellcasting system with a limited number of spell slots that recharge on a short rest. Eldritch Blast is the main damage-dealing cantrip, and other spells can offer control, utility, or healing options. Consider your Pact Boon and subclass abilities when selecting spells.

What tips do you have for playing a Halfling Warlock?

Embrace the whimsical nature of Halflings and combine it with the arcane power of the Warlock class. Use your abilities strategically in combat, roleplay your pact with an otherworldly being, and enjoy exploring the possibilities of this powerful spellcaster build.

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